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Conclusive evidence Macondo well casing was damaged by gas blowout on April 20th

A Disaster Movie that would not play to script despite the smoking guns – BK Lim 30 Nov 2010 The biggest deception in the BP’s Mega Oil Spill disaster has been the existence of the third well (S20BC); the only … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Double Standard: The US Federal Government persecution of fishermen vs. kid-glove treatment of Big Oil (BP)

The hole truth, nothing but the truth on the 3rd hole. – dedicated to Borehead, Fishwarrior and others fighting for the oppressed “small people” fishing businesses. -BK Lim 15 Nov 2010 A crime is not a crime unless you are … Continue reading

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Oil And Gas Leaks Continue Unabated At Macondo: Photos document oily fluid all over the seafloor

Secret Chemical Spraying at Macondo has not ceased since official well shutdown on 15 July. – BK Lim 13 Nov 2010 The MC 252 well has been officially shut since 15 July (BP’s press release and website announcement). As late … Continue reading

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Clear evidence that BP has failed to contain the leaks at the Macondo well site

The real picture must be really bad if they have to use a 157-day old wrong image. – BK Lim 12 Nov 2010 On the 204th day of the continuing BP’s Oil Spill disaster, BP quietly informed through a teleconference … Continue reading

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Mounting Evidence Points To 2 Wellheads at Macondo

Deciphering the Da Vinci Code of BP’s Well Deception. -BK Lim 11 Nov 2010 – dedicated to Sharyn Burley & Gary Simmons for their efforts to spread the truth. There have been consistent rumors since the disaster broke out that … Continue reading

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The Case of the Flying Oil Rigs

BP continues to dazzle us with their unlimited magic Update on BP Rigs location & Fault Connection – 10 Nov 2010 – BK Lim 10 Nov 2010. Figure 134-1 shows the satellite image with the location of the four drilling … Continue reading

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BP Oil Spill Cover-up & “Cleanup”: Disaster Capitalism At Its Worst

Has the Post-Disaster Recovery Program become a profitable scam? – Part IIIc of Root Causes. – BK Lim 9 Nov 2010 As we have seen in many cases, disasters can be highly profitable for those who know in advance or … Continue reading

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It appears the Macondo Well has had a hasty funeral

. Is the last rite for the Macondo Well for real? – BK Lim – 8 Nov 2010. After the flurry of activities at the Macondo site in the last week of October until today at 2am, the Macondo Well … Continue reading

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Siesta Key GOM beach sample with 173 ppm of BP’s Oil (Macondo Prospect)

Testing the Waters reports that a GOM beach sample from Siesta Key, FL  contains 173 ppm of BP’s oil from the Macondo Prospect.  A fingerprint match was identified by the testing laboratory. What makes this finding so extraordinary is that … Continue reading

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West Sirius Drilling Rig: The Mystery Deepens

The mystery deepens – West Sirius moved out of Macondo Site BK Lim Fri Nov 5, 2010 West Sirius drilling rig Three days after posting the “A New Drilling Rig At Macondo Site” on 31 Oct 2010, the West Sirius … Continue reading

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