Mounting Evidence Points To 2 Wellheads at Macondo

Deciphering the Da Vinci Code of BP’s Well Deception.

-BK Lim

11 Nov 2010 – dedicated to Sharyn Burley & Gary Simmons for their efforts to spread the truth.

There have been consistent rumors since the disaster broke out that BP had drilled two wells. Figure 135-1 shows 2 different well heads placed side by side. Lately we have also seen the corrosive effects of the “potent mixture” that is pouring out not only from the broken wells but also through the crevices in the seafloor. Naturally the vessels working the longest would suffer the most corrosion. See the many you-tube video postings on the “rumors” of hull corrosion. The difference in the “age” of the two wells is most telling if you examine in close up view the yellow marker band. Test your observation and investigative skills on the number of differences between these two well heads.

Naturally 2 well heads means 2 well locations which also mean at least 2 wells were drilled, right? However, it might be difficult for some to grasp this obvious logic.  See figure 135-2 on the official email reply from BP Press office in UK.

“There was only ever one well drilled on the MC252 lease”….. BP Press Office, London

In case there are doubts the “newer and less corroded” well head at well B location is real, figure 135-3 gives the full details of the well location complete with the signature deceptive movement of the well head. If these videos are fakes or video of other well heads in other parts of the world (not from the Macondo Lease itself as asserted by BP) then the many people who recorded and posted these videos independently on the you-tube, must have been robotically controlled and synchronized within seconds to come out with amazingly identical adulteration.


Just as in genetic decoding in DNA analyses, all mutations leave a pattern of coding errors; a distinct departure from any random errors. We have seen the “flying ROVs”, “time-travel drilling rigs” and many wonderful “time-space magic” technology introduced by BP and company.  But can you actually transport a well-head embedded in the seabed through 557ft in less than 16 seconds? We must ask BP to reveal this important technology. If the world is going to be destroyed by all these senseless mass destructive activities, we may need to transport the White House to a safer location. Or we may need to transport ourselves out of this world to another planet. So BP please help, in the name of HUMANITY!

01-Aug-10..….Well A Inspection,

03-Sep-10………..BOP Recovery,

02-Nov-10.Well Head Inspection,

26-Oct-10……Well A Inspection,

29-Oct-10……Well A Inspection,

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11 Responses to Mounting Evidence Points To 2 Wellheads at Macondo

  1. Rupert Tiger says:

    You might be right; you probably are, but what can I do about it, what can you do about it? Even if everybody in the world knew about it, it doesn’t make any difference.

    • Suzanne says:


      You missed a great opportunity to say nothing.

    • BK Lim says:

      Tiger, the crimes of mass destruction can only operate under the cloak of secrecy. The fact that a mega disaster like this can happen only means that the stringent check and balance controls that were in place to prevent the disaster from happening, had been corrupted and rendered ineffective.

      If the truth had been known much earlier, the disaster could have been averted as the multitude of financial disasters like Enron, Madoff, financial meltdowns and the impending Financial Tsunami coming your way.

      Please, if we continue to close our eyes, the disasters will happen at higher frequency. Make the difference by knowing the truth. Just as Vampires are afraid of light, the criminals behind all these scams operate under the darkness of secrecy. Don’t be the willing victims by willful ignorance.

  2. anadianant says:

    Round and round and round. Case closed Mr. Lim. White House has absolved BP. In fact, their take on BP’s role is almost laudatory. Shocking.
    As the commentator above says, now what? Sitting here, in India, remembering Bhopal, remembering countless other run-away industrial accidents, I only wonder about our state of inuredness to collateral damage when it comes to our petroleum driven world.
    As you might have seen on my blog, I have a design vision I call Oilternative engineering ( that I have shown to captains of industry, men of means, Vulture capitalists…. the works.
    It leaves them agape and frozen because it attacks the very root of their “system”.

    From Dune:

    In all of my universe I have seen no law of nature, unchanging and inexorable. This universe presents only changing relationships which are sometimes seen as laws by short-lived awareness. These fleshy sensoria which we call self are ephemera withering in the blaze of infinity, fleeting aware of temporary conditions which confine our activities and change as our activities change. If you must label the absolute, use its proper name: Temporary.
    The Stolen Journals

    We can hope, eh?


    • Concrete man says:

      FANTASTIC. Anadianant, years ago I heard about The Natural Step and Zero Pollution and From Cradle to Grave production systems. Amory Lovins, etc.
      But then years went by and the same old corrupt systems were still being used!
      In Japan for twenty years they still put every single thing you buy (each toothpick) into a PLASTIC BAG!!! Arg.

      Vested interests, as they say. So called capitalism forgoes capital accumulation for other power considerations in the short term. Killing the golden goose.

      Your website is fantastic, wonderful. I will spread the word.

      • anadianant says:

        Hi Concrete Man, thanks for taking the time to delve and appreciate.
        Like all things, we need critical mass, but it is so hard to fight perceptions and conditioning.
        Feel free to get in touch via the mail address on the site.
        Mr. Lim, thanks again for the un-fearing work and allowing for synchronicities such as this to unfold.


  3. Jimmy says:

    It’s easy to be a defeatist, this is what these global maniacs want. “Oh well, not much I can do about it. I might get disappeared if’n I speak up about it”. I have been down that road myself but you know what? The anger inside me has trumped the defeatist attitude completely. I seriously want to choke these monsters. (by that I mean I want to kill them with kindness) wink wink. Something has got to give here. It’s like they take things to the next level when the last atrocity failed to spark any violence. Yes, these are some seemingly omnipotent adversaries we have here. The only thing that makes us weak is our inability to all think along the same lines and move in unison. What we have to realize is this: These divisions that the citizens have are in a great many cases manufactured to keep us from thinking alike. We are trapped by this tactic and oh has it worked so well. Under the cloak of “equality” or “fairness” or “diversity”, they work at just the opposite. These people are experts at manipulating human nature to make us think that what we are thinking is natural and unassisted. I hope this made sense but I’ve woken up from my slumber and trust me, if you educate YOURSELVES by turning off the tv, you are going to realize that things are not even close to what they seem. Forget our petty differences, drop our engineered squabbles. It’s all a HOAX! We must become neighbors and move as a force, not a farce. Right now, when a person gets singled out for acting up or saying something anti gov., the rest of us just allow it with no sense of that instinct to protect your own. Too many different nationalities means communication gaps. and it just keeps getting better. I pray we can all realize we have been duped equally and become Americans and not a prefix in front of Americans. God bless and guide us.

  4. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Mud logs. Repair records. Impeachments. Locally owned banks. Britain produces practically nothing and Obama wants to hang around with them and get a cool official family Coat of Arms like Bush did for selling out. Our country is being murdered and the TV set drowns out truth more efficiently than firing squads and creepy hit men.
    Denial and wanting to hang loose like reptilians drooling at the gore (pun not intended)
    is the stuff of swine. I am glad I didn’t marry one.
    We must party louder and more successfully to provide a brighter light. Clear thinking is not the stuff of swine. It is a waste of time and it annoys the pig.

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