Oil And Gas Leaks Continue Unabated At Macondo: Photos document oily fluid all over the seafloor

Secret Chemical Spraying at Macondo has not ceased since official well shutdown on 15 July.

– BK Lim

13 Nov 2010

The MC 252 well has been officially shut since 15 July (BP’s press release and website announcement). As late as Sept 2010, the world was still publicly assured that the bottom kill by the relief wells was the surest and most reliable way of permanently killing the oil leak from the reservoir. BP and Thad Alan publicly declared the rogue well was “successfully and permanently” cemented at 18,000 ft below mudline (bml) by the relief wells that started unannounced on 15 Sept 2010. Is this just empty rhetoric and part of BP’s elaborate Mass Deception Act?

First of all, please be informed that the oil leak from the reservoir was never killed and could never be killed. The late Matt Simmons paid with his life to bring us that message. And the world repaid him with words of ridicule in technical blogs around the world.



Peak oiler, energy blogger, and chemical engineer Robert Rapier has published a series of critical evaluations of Simmons’ work, the most recent of which was published — of all places (!) — inThe Oil Drum website. The TOD article takes a close look at some of Simmons’ recent statements about the oil spill in the Gulf. A careful reader will come away with the clear conclusion that Simmons’ credibility is in tatters, blowing in the breeze. Only the truest of Simmons true believers in TOD comments persists in defending the recent incredible and fantastic statements that Simmons had made to the press.


~~~~end of quote ~~~~~~~~

We have been lied to, through and through. It is very obvious why the activities (besides ramming up the recovery costs to capitalize on the idling rigs) did not decrease after the official “shut down date of 15 July”. The gas-oil spill continues unabated till this day. The capping of well A was just a “dog & pony show” to fool the world. There is a constant need to spray chemicals to disperse and to coagulate the oil and methane leaking into the gulf, to cover up the magnitude of the disaster.

The deception is obvious when BP had to disguise the chemical spraying operations as “Cement OPS” and “Rig Move”; inspection of the grouted seafloor as “biological survey” and intended explosion operations as “gooseneck ops” just to name a few. Any seasoned viwer can tell that these ROV videos are not recording what the label says. Why is the US government still in denial and the main media completely silent? The official spin is that we do not need anymore bad news to derail the financial recovery. This is just as bad as Burma’s Generals with their chests full of fake medals. (See  Burma Bummer – by Dean Johns). Would a few more disasters spur the economy?

Admittedly, one crow does not make a new sun rise. But tens of concrete evidences of criminality and still no prosecution? People of the humane First World were shocked by the immense sufferings and atrocities committed by the authoritarian regimes of Burma, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Somalia and many other 3rd world countries. Powerful first world countries are unwilling to act for various political and economic reasons. But genocide being carried by a foreign multi-national corporation right in the backyard of the world’s most powerful nation and blatantly ignored by the world’s mainstream media? What the heck is going on? Does the world not care a single bit on the mass destruction of the marine life and condemnation of whole coastal communities to a future life of pain and suffering? And we call ourselves civilized?

Capping the well and bottom-killing it with relief wells were the wrong moves. See The High Risk Of Capping BP’s Gushing Well. Despite sending them all the emails and copies of my articles, BP and those in control never responded and never listened. Now we are living out a mega-disaster with urgency as the worst is yet to come.

The evidences at hand clearly debunk that hollow premature victory cry on 19 Sept10. Would BP admit defeat at the hands of Mother Nature? No. Keeping with the same reckless spirit that drove the Macondo Wells to destruction and disaster, BP is now speeding the world into an irreversible ecological catastrophe; one that will start us on the express highway to the eventual destruction of world civilization. Not the planet itself, as Mother Earth is more resilient than the human beings renting the living accommodation on its land surface.

The images of mass destruction and deception in the Gulf are brought to you by concerned citizens of the world. See for yourself, the future of this planet flashing before your eyes in the comfort of your living room. You have been forewarned. In generations to come, you have to answer to your children why nothing had been done to avert their untold miseries.

(Pictures are updated from time to time in no particular order …last update 13 Nov 2010).

9 Nov10


9 Nov10


9 Nov 10














Click on each picture to enlarge:

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17 Responses to Oil And Gas Leaks Continue Unabated At Macondo: Photos document oily fluid all over the seafloor

  1. Concrete man says:

    Just a quick post to highlight the Shell to Sea factsheet, that there is €420 billion worth of natural gas of the coast of Ireland – all of which has been given for free to Royal Dutch Shell, Statoil, Exxon Mobil.

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  4. hiuiu says:

    you asked “what in the world is going on?”

    you didn’t know USA is merely just one of the colonies of the British? That Obama was born as and remains a British SUBJECT? That in Britain profits have ALWAYS come before people?

  5. GM says:

    @Concrete man

    Germany has to bail out Ireland! Why? It was in a Swiss newspaper, the German banks have an exposure of 430-450 billion Euro in the so called P-I-G-S zone.

    IMF isn’t going to happen in the Euro zone.

  6. Gary says:

    Thad Alvin the chipmunk traitor?

    Him and Hayward are yauhting away in the sunset.


    Gulf War II and we lost to the queen.

    That fucken yello and green should be red,white and blue.

    All BP employees workers, execs, stations should be deported to gitmo for oil boarding and then sent back to Britain

    Did you know Britain owns the US?

  7. Patton says:

    We are in Arkansas, roughly 5-6 hrs drive away from the coastline. Every now and then we get a mild streak of acid rain. It burns the skin lightly and hurts your eyes. Mostly it comes in at twilight as the dew settles, which suggests it really is now a part of the latest chemtrail program.

    Over these past 10 years most of the world has come to realize that neither the EU nor the UN were an all together good idea. Just as our News media has worked hard to meet the British Petroleum / City of London propaganda expectations, they have gone equally out on a limb to conceal the truth about the hostilities that have arisen throughout Europe, -baring a few burnt police cars in the ghettos of france, et. all…

    Those who STILL seek to ‘consolidate all the power’ should all be proud to ‘hang out’ together at the Bastille, just like they did in days of old!

  8. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    These Federal Reserve banker and royalty oriented folks see sickness when they look in the mirror and they ARE obsolete and too expensive to carry. Herein lies the dilemma. What do we do with them? They are so mean and dishonest and utilize every psychopath they can get their hands on to do evil. They control the White House and the television news. Peace and economic continuity must be maintained while the change takes place. First we must get this poison gas generator turned off. Has our military leadership all lost their minds? They should give up this pillaging-genocide business and clean up in Washington D.C. so we can try to regain the honor which has been so squandered Are they holding out for dibs on White House antiques? Are they waiting for orders?
    I think we need to advance on Washington D.C. to redress our grievances and tell why this GOM mess must be stopped. By telephone and personal visits.

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  10. Gary says:

    If you are down there you better get out


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  12. David Howard says:

    Everyone needs to learn that 9/11 was the American regime nuking its own largest city, and it created the China Syndrome which then poisoned thousands of responders and millions of NY residents.

    Google “9/11 Cancers”

  13. summerburkes says:

    ENTHUSIASTIC GOLF CLAPS to yall. Telling it like you see it and catching what others don’t. May I repost?

  14. gutsgirl says:

    This was never just “Well 252.” It was TWO wells, Well A and Well B at Block 252. With longitudes and latitudes clearly marked on the original paperwork submitted by BP to MMS. But Well A was already capped and abandoned in 2009! Well B they didn’t cap at all. Apparently they can’t. They just switched it out in the video cams. So God only knows how much more oil has “leaked” between now and then.


  15. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    The nukes were bult into the WTC’s I, II, and 7 and the Chicago Sears Tower. The respective Chicago, N.J. and N.Y. Port Authorities knew it and knew they had a $4.5 to $5 billion liability in the WTC”s that were losing over $11million a year. An insurance company covered the WTC’s purchase for $4 billion knowing demolition by 2008 was required due to structural failure. BlackStone Investments and Larry Silverstein paid $166 million and collected $7billion on the insurance 6 weeks or so later. The computer operated demolition using different thermite and thermate compounds worked perfectly after the surreptitiously installed trigger charges were placed in the core recently before 9-11 on the same floors that the 2 jets homed in on, also computer guided. Numerous witnesses complained of cement dust all over their desks from the ventilation ducts after hearing loud noises directly above in the weeks before 9-11. Those core columns could not have been destroyed by a 737 or 757 jet engine traveling at any operating speed. The thought that all 280 floors of WTC I, II, and 7 were set to blow at night while office workers slept is way too far out of the realm of possibility. Especially since no damage to any walls floors or ceilings drew anyone’s attention.

    Insane, you say? Quite right. But they did it anyway. Read war history. Watch the D-Day scenes in the movie Saving Private Ryan. Men who were really there say it was that bad and worse, it had feeling. See the photos being sent back resulting from Americans’ violating every word of Christ against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. And now adults and even 3 year old children are being sexually molested at gun-point by our perverted government officials. THAT is NOT looking for weapons. I have it documented. That is sexual molestation. As soon as our pussy-assed mewling lanolin-lipped congress can quit peeing themselves long enough to yell OUT-LOUD WHO DID 9-11 and REPEAT IN PUBLIC THE FINDING THAT THE SAME GROUP IS DOING THE GOM disaster with Pres. Obama willingly in full regalia bent over a stump advertising for curb-service we may return to civility and realize the debt in blood due to our transgressions in the middle east over the past 20 years at least. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. And the bankers are waiting like vultures to swoop in and do a proper repair on the DH mess before feeding off the corpse. Turn off your TV set. Kill it. The queen of England and Rothchild bankers’ ponzi schemes are no longer of use and they know it. The Bush and Rockefeller clans openly claim desire to rule the world or own it in silver. Sit back and watch at your own peril.

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