West Sirius Drilling Rig: The Mystery Deepens

The mystery deepens – West Sirius moved out of Macondo Site

BK Lim
Fri Nov 5, 2010

West Sirius drilling rig

Three days after posting the “A New Drilling Rig At Macondo Site” on 31 Oct 2010, the West Sirius moved out of the Macondo Site on the morning of 2 Nov 2010. See figure 131-a. West Sirius is currently sitting at location Lon/Lat: -90.022827 / 28.582331 on 11/5/2010 3:07:39 AM (UTC). Why would BP move the West Sirius to the Macondo site in late October only to move out a week later to a location 165 km away? This is not normal. A multimillion dollar rig does not just drop by at the site just to say “hello” to the DD2.

Even stranger, DD3 is no longer in existence. Three days ago, you can still search for DD3’s location http://www.marinetraffic.com but not any more. DD3’s position seems to have gone “under cover”. However, it seems that DD3 has gone back to Relief Well C position.

As at 4th Nov 2010, DD2 is at Well A with the Hos Iron Horse nearby. Discoverer Enterprise is still at the foothill of the shelf edge, 7 miles NW of well A where DD3 was working since leaving Relief Well C in late Sept.

So what is going on at the Macondo’s site?

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18 Responses to West Sirius Drilling Rig: The Mystery Deepens

  1. C.Dodds says:

    BK Lim,
    Thanks for your research and information. Please keep us posted.

    Would there be any connection between the synthetic bacteria in which BP has allegedly heavily invested and the movements of the rig?

    • BK Lim says:

      C. Dodds,
      I have no idea whether BP is doing anything with the synthetic bacteria (I suppose you are referring to the Blue Plague article).
      If their solution was to drill a well to pump in the synthetic bateria, they could have done so with the other rigs at site.

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  3. My dad used to say, “sometimes the deeper the look, the more crap you will find.
    Good Job,

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  5. anadianant says:

    Seems to me like a lining up of the ducks for whatever si coming within the next week.
    OBama in India (where I live), with one of the largest retinues ever, purpottedly costing in the region $200 million per day. Indonesia is going through volcanic hell.
    The boosting fo the fleet in the gulf. China/Japan?russia fighting over territory.
    Like a stage is being set for something.
    No little surprise Sirius is moving!
    I’m sirius and so should you be!
    Mr. Lim, we are watching moves on a giaant chess game perhaps?

    • BK Lim says:

      Anadianant, I suppose they could move the West Sirius just to play games with us, but moving the rig itself is costly. They would not want to gamble using the rig unless they had intention of using it.

      BP has been reading and responding in some ways to our blogs. It is a chess game where we are the guessing party.

  6. BK,

    Thanks for all your research. Have you seen this article from Rueters? It looks like Exxon might be going to buy BP. Once all the assets are divided up, there will be no restitution for the damage they’ve done!

    Also, I saw that Exxon was announcing its alliance with Synthetic Genome Inc. on CNN commercials all last week. They are going to produce green algae with the company, which is the same company that created the synthetic oil-eating microbes for BP. This is all very curious. I think the GOM is destined to become a giant algae pond!


    • BK Lim says:

      No I have not been keeping track of the business side of things. Thanks for the info. Corporations are only the shells. It is the directors and exploration managers that are hiding their misdeeds and misconduct behind these shells. We have to hold these people accountable otherwise there will be others to fill in the void. Who would not want to skip on a few corners to save a few millions here and there.
      I was told it is only a crime if you are caught with your pants down.

  7. QuantumUS says:

    ROV spots a crater on the seafloor near the wellhead and stuff starts happening.
    The BOP is pulled and the well is filled full of cement.

    ROV Spots Crater on seafloor near wellhead


    DD3 Pulls the BOP


    BP lowers a cement drill pipe into the well about a thousand feet and starts pumping cement into it. It over flows the cement for about 2 hours off and on.

    ROV Showing Moving Rig and BOP to a Safe Zone.

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  9. citnos says:

    BK Lim – Skandi Neptune is redeployed today for some reason…

    Any thoughts?

    • BK Lim says:

      No idea but I saw the video after a long time of absence. I was told there were working but not broadcasting. Isn’t this a direct disobedience of the congressional order to broadcast the ROV videos.

      Since the day they capped the well I have said this disaster is not over yet. After their hollow victory cry on 19th Sept, the activities are just as intense.

  10. BK Lim says:

    It seems a bit of coincidence to move off after the article was published. I think there were 2 camps. One was to drill another relief well secretly to kill the well which they had pretended to kill before the Nov Elections. Now that the election is over, they moved in for the “kill”. Obviously the other camp of “sane” geologists who had argued that doing another relief well would be suicidal won when the article came out. So now West Sirius is siting at the edge of Mississippi Canyon.

    They are obviously having problems. As QuantumUS pointed out, the crater must be one of the earlier blows in May where a video showed gas & oil gushing out less than 25ft from the well. The ROV on this video moved around this distance I reckon. The crater just confirms what we had been saying all along.

    You notice the thin sharp crust (well thin with respect to the crater). That is the cement or grout layer. Beneath must be mainly drilling mud I suppose. Natural blow crater would be more V shape than this. If we can get an engineer to calculate the strength we can estimate the pressure that had built up below the blow.

    Grouting as what BP has been doing all this while would not hold. Did you see the big cracks around the wellhead? The problem is deep, real deep. Not sure if BP really knows they are in deep trouble. There is a major NW-SE fault passing through the Macondo wells to the present location of Discoverer Enterprise and to the location of the giant gas bubble on the 2nd day pf the second explosion that brought the DWH down. This is only one of the several major faults I discovered here. The Gulf is not tectonically quiet as previously thought.

    Anyway it is difficult for anyone to seal of the leaking fault. If it was leaking hydrocarbon before, the last 6 months had probably eroded even more pathways and increased the permeability to the more fragile surface. This can only be bad; leading to a possible tsunami if a major landslide were to occur at the shelf edge; like Whiting Dome.

    Only way is to leak and deplete not block. Question is the timing. Will be writing on this and the evidence of the 3rd hole (S20BC) soon (in prep).

    The disaster is not over yet. Grave danger may be looming ahead with BP do not get this right. Judging by what they did and the mixed signals we have been getting, I think the GOVT should take over the disaster recovery works and get independent experts to look over the data and recommend some

  11. citnos says:

    Sorry for those who cannot see the photo I posted earlier. It was posted specifically for the coordinates on it: http://i56.tinypic.com/f9nuxk.jpg

    Now there is this from the DD2 ROV1, pulling something up from the wellhead. Earlier they pumped cementing into the wellhead (after retrieving the BOP and riser package). I bellieve this is what pumped the cementing? Now they’re off to some “safe zone”, as acknowledged by The Sirius Oil Rig: http://i56.tinypic.com/16iczd3.jpg

  12. citnos says:

    BK Lim…

    What the heck is going on on the Skandi ROV this morning??? I wish I could record instead of just take screen shots, but it crashes my computer!! But whatever this is, it has just been pouring from the left side not only over the pipeline(?), but also up and around it. It’s been a constant, slow flow for at least a half-hour now…

    • BK Lim says:

      They just put the “in Memory …..” cap on. See

      So I think this is the end of it. BP is cutting and running away. Coincide with the Presidential Investigation Panel results – 90% agree with BP. No safety compromises. Money rules over professional ethics. And the faults lies with the field personnel and the 11 paid with their lives for BP’s follies. Tony Hayward would get back his life but not the American people. Sorry.

  13. Quantum,
    Great catch! Now it all makes sense. I noticed not one of those jokers at the Oil Drum could say a word to protest this evidence that you made.

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