LAEO Issues ‘A CALL TO ACTION’ Regarding Sound Oil Spill Remediation And Response Plans


Issued by: Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

Date: April 20th, 2015 (5th Anniversary of the BP Gulf Oil Spill)

Re: Taking Action to Protect & Preserve Earth’s Waters


“A CALL TO ACTION” is the product of a 5 year investigation by the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) of oil spill response both within the United States and throughout its territorial waters.  The LAEO also took into consideration research conducted on oil spill response programs and protocols in other countries around the world.

Their extensive examination of the predominant oil spill response techniques and technologies, remediation agents and materials presents a much needed assessment of the state of the art.  Particularly in the wake of the BP Gulf oil spill has the LAEO’s non-profit endeavor proven to be quite valuable for oil-producing nations large and small.

Because of the serious mistakes made by BP and the U.S. Federal Government during the 87-day gushing oil well in the GOM’s Macondo Prospect, much has been learned about what not to do.  As a result, there has been a sea change in oil spill response planning and implementation throughout the worldwide Oil & Gas Industry.  Curiously, the USA is still one of a few nations which has chosen to continue with the same ineffective technologies and polluting agents to address oil spills both on land and in the waters.

It is with great hope that the vitally important and substantive content of LAEO’s
A CALL TO ACTION” be reviewed by the EPA, NOAA, Department of Interior and the Coast Guard.  The supermajor oil companies, wildcat oil drillers, as well as oil and gas rig operators would also be well served by reading and taking to heart this highly authoritative report.

Incorporating the many excellent recommendations and common sense suggestions contained in the LAEO report into current oil spill response plans would make a huge difference for American coastal waters.  Reflexively executing those vastly improved plans would guarantee cleaner waters wherever oil spills occur.

Oil spill response experts know that every oil spill is different from the previous one, and that no two are alike.  Therefore, it would seem imperative that, given the dramatic expansion of oil and gas drilling throughout the USA, the sensible SOP’s (standard operating procedures) proposed in the document linked below ought to be firmly in place.

Only by taking “A CALL TO ACTION” seriously will future generations be assured cleaner waters and a substantially less polluted environment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 3.09.38 PM

LAEO Reference Site For Taking Action:

Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference

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