The Case of the Flying Oil Rigs

BP continues to dazzle us with their unlimited magic

Update on BP Rigs location & Fault Connection – 10 Nov 2010

– BK Lim
10 Nov 2010.

Figure 134-1 shows the satellite image with the location of the four drilling rigs at the Macondo Site. West Sirius moved out on the morning of 2 Nov 2010 to park at the edge of the Mississippi Canyon, south of Grande Isle. But the position track for the last week, after our articles on the mysteries of the “flying drilling rigs” were out, had been anomalous. West Sirius has been flying all over the place as shown in figure 134-2. The position has been obtained from Perhaps this website, which receives the vessel update information from BP, is not aware of the position discrepancies.

Click on the diagrams to enlarge.

So, just as the BP’s ROVs can “magic marine travel” by flying all over the place, from the Macondo site to the Atlantis site (240 km distance), BP has also come out with the “same advanced technology” of transporting the massive drilling rigs weighing over 20,000 tons over thousands of km within seconds. BP is truly now way beyond petroleum. This travel and transport at the speed of BP’s imagination is clearly evidence of the game of mass deception which BP has played with the public since the early days of this catatrophe.

So now, we have to take the position of the “flying drilling rigs” with a pinch of salt. Occasionally, we are able to acquire a reasonable position. How do we verify the rig position? Well, we cannot tell at the moment, but let’s just say there are enough people with conscience to feed us.

The updates on 10 Nov 2010 tell us a scary picture. BP appears to have abandoned the triple wells location (Well A, Well B and S20BC) completely. Discoverer Enterprise (DE) is still working at a location that it has been sitting on for the last 2 months. Notice the red line passing thru this location to the triple well location. That is the deep major NW-SE strike-slip fault we had been talking about for the last 3 months or so.

Development Driller 2 (DD2) has moved from Well A location, after removing the expensive BOP and replacing it with a memorial cap – In Memory of the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) and the 11 personnel killed there. This is a new location after DD2 had flown thousands of miles (twice) to the South Pacific. Simply amazing this new transport technology BP has. We do not know what DD2 is doing or even if this location is accurate. We just have to take BP’s word for it (tongue in cheek).

DD3 is still around the location it was sitting at since moving from Relief Well C in mid Sept.

It is scary to note that the three rigs positions are 6.3 miles (DD3), 7.4 miles (DE) and 8.8 miles (DD2) from well A. DD3 and DE are both at the toe of the shelf slope (escarpment), while DD2 is on the mid-slope. So was the late Matt Simmons right about the massive leaks 7 miles from the blown out well on 20 April 2010? It would not be surprising to have oil and gas leaking out here at the toe of these huge escarpments, which are many times larger than the escarpment at the Macondo well location. Is the 22 Mile River of Oil 5-7 Miles Sw Of Well A as reported by WHOI associated with the leak from BP’s broken oil reservoir?

Scientists from WHOI, along with the Coast Guard and other institutions, used an array of high-tech gadgets — including an autonomous unmanned vehicle (AUV) named the Sentry—along with mass spectrometers, to find and track the plume.

Dr. Richard Camilli of WHOI had this to say: “We’ve shown conclusively, not only that a plume exists, but also defined its origin and near-field structure.”

That certainly runs counter to most of the reports we’ve seen so far.

Dr.Samantha Joye a marine science professor at the University of Georgia, told The New York Times: “The idea that 75% of the oil is gone and is of no further concern to the environment is just incorrect.”

For now, we don’t know if more plumes are lurking out there. The ocean currents at these depths are still somewhat of a mystery, even to scientists who study them for a living.
~~~end of quote ~~~~~~~

Many bloggers had reported that skimmer-vessels had been busy there in the last few months and the Coast Guard had noted in their logs that an Orange Spill was noted on 22 April 2010 on the day of the second explosion which brought the DWH down. It gets even scarier if you follow the fault line 56 miles NW from well A and the “giant gas bubble” noted by the Coast Guard on their return (to base) hours after the 22 April 2nd explosion. Follow the adjacent NW-SE fault line another 158 miles 316º NW you get to the epicentre of the 2 Aug earthquake, magnitude 3 on the Richter scale. See figure 134-3.

Are all these “oil events” and the earthquake connected to the Macondo broken reservoir unleashed by the 20 and 22 April 2010 blowouts? Looking at figure 134-4 it would be hard to dismiss the connection. These ancient deep-seated faults beneath the Quaternary Sediment are believed to have been formed when the Gulf of Mexico was tectonically active. The fractured underlying geology as confirmed by Dr. Bea in his Interview With The Georgewashington2.Blogspot.Com could be the main reason why BP’s broken Macondo reservoir was so difficult to patch up.

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38 Responses to The Case of the Flying Oil Rigs

  1. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    What do you mean “was”, BK? Look again.
    The 90-100,000 psi seepage can be likened to a deep puncture hitting an artery and a DAP Contact Cement bandage being slapped over it. Where are the Mud logs and other records? This patch of unstable seafloor does not contain pressure at all. It delaminates and channels it. This is obvious without reading your diagrams which further clarify this hazard. Why follow Butt Plug’s lead and cause a total wipe-out disaster? It should be clear to all, as it is to the U.S.Congress, myself, yourself and others that the sharpest minds are not running the show. A bunch of spoiled brats are.
    If you feel like you are being followed around, you probably are. Been there. Was shot at. They missed. Was brutally attacked another time. They were lucky to escape with their life. The Sissys of America (SoA) need to resign from the SoA group and help out. Likewise, the Couch Potato League (CPL) needs to go on-line and get the word. I have seen and heard W.Cronkite, Carl Bernstein and Dan Rather all independently say that online news and other information is the most up-to-date and accurate available. I will further say “after the research is complete” as they did in their separate comments.

    The Royalty of Europe needs to make payroll and overhead on a regular basis. They lack empire without killing us. Running the U.S. into the ground economically than having the president handing the keys to Europe is what is going on. Read about what the federal reserve is. Ask that Bernanke piece of dung. Arrest a Rothchild. Haul in the Queen of England. Ask them. Under oath. Their shit stinks. That is what our military and legal system is for. And was for.

  2. ducq says:

    I’ve been watching carefully all the information that i can ferret out. Your articles are most refreshing, as you’re one of the few who do their homework.

    From all i’ve seen, the oil volcano is still spewing as it ever was from even before Hitler’s birthday when they had the dog-and-pony show and sunk their rig. Short of making my own ROV and sending it down there, i have to rely on judgment, which can be frustrating. The evidence points towards no slowing of the leak. Since i don’t know, i have to be satisfied with this opinion for now.

    Question: Would this then be your opinion also?


    • BK Lim says:

      The evidence points towards no slowing of the leak. Since i don’t know, i have to be satisfied with this opinion for now.

      Ducq, I have just seen a set of videos that looked like a thick layer of tar. So I would have to agree with your opinion.

      • ducq says:

        thank you. You have a place that is protected, should the shit hit the fan in an unanticipated manner. What is so evil about thanking God for his mercy? (no religious overtures intended; just.. well… what is so wrong about admitting what is, and always has been?)



  3. Jack says:

    the leak continues

  4. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Somebody get Prof. Bea on the line. If he is sworn to secrecy by the Village People Meets Chucky government, we will just have to unswear him. God, Mohammad, and the people would approve. Confucius and Lao-tzu and Mencius would commend Prof. Bea on the wisdom of his decision in coming forth. Santa Claus would roar. Pele could sleep. The police departments and U.S. Marshall’s offices would then know who to arrest so we can stop this government-by-psychosis rubbish that has infected the minds of TV America and destroys the value of clear thought. The hour is getting late.

  5. Prosecute the BP execs. Mass Murder used to be prosecuted before these Nazis took over. Incarcerate these Nazis and we may save the US

  6. mike says:

    check out billy meier at billy meier .com he has some pretty interesting things to say about this collosal f#$k up. by the way howard i really liked your 1rst post. it pretty much reflects the same way i feel about the situation in this world.

    • Howard T. Lewis III says:

      Too many American citizens lack sufficient mental development to care beyond their own personal appetites.
      Jesus saves. And he will save you, brother. WRONG
      I pay Benny the Rat big money to get me out of scrapes like this. WRONG
      I guess this means my taxes will go up this year. WRONG
      What’s on the TV? WRONG
      I don’t involve myself in politics. It’s Sooo… common and does little good.
      Huh? WRONG
      Who do I sign a check to? WRONG
      The adults used to take care of things like this. I wonder where they are…
      What the %$#@ do you know? WRONG
      BlackRock investment has been paying handsome dividends!! WRONG

      Being satisfied with the wrong answer is the most disgusting part of a person’s psyche when so much is at stake. This mess was intentional. And most of America just grunts and gets back to the business of consuming and breeding in their wallow.

      It’s hard to be humble. Even harder to accept being murdered. Where are the mud logs? Why are they not public information? We won freedom from these pigs long ago and they have sneaked in the door as rescuers. And continue the gassing . Out of revenge and hate, or fiscal necessity? Or all three?

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  12. ghana serapis says:

    Familiarize yourself with 2 critical pieces of current machinations occurring with the world’s “chosen”; UN Agenda 21 and The Rewilding of America. If you practice due diligence and research each program the picture is clear; population down to below Industrial Age (2 billion or less or 4 to 5 billion “peasants”) and 50% of planet’s land mass returned to it’s original wild form before the conquering white-man came. If “I” could have found this link first it would have provided an introduction to clarify what is down the rabbit hole:

    Click to access The%20Ultimate%20War-San%20Antonio%20TX-Michael%20Shaw%2010-25-2010.pdf

    My sister worked for the Fed’s in their “land grab” headquarters in Albuquerque, NM for 6 years. They were/are booting ranchers and their livestock, farmers (SB 510 is about private land use & ownership, not food safety) and industrial complexes swiftly away from the areas outlined in the Rewilding of America Maps. The catalyst for the hardest endeavors of the plans; depopulation and relocation will be created by ENVIRONMENTAL, MILITARY, & FINANCIAL catastrophes. Problem, Reaction, Solution. It is the oldest card they have ever had and it still works like 3 card Monty on the masses!–SxDA&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=2&ved=0CCkQsAQwAQ&biw=1329&bih=449

    China is the new model for ALL countries. It is Commulism; a hybrid of Communism, Socialism and Fascism. As the laboratory in depopulation and relocation experimentation, China has tweaked it to a “science” and it is becoming the new religion, new order, new age, change, sustainability, green, etc.

    There is no reason for us to run around like chickens with our heads cut off and yes I admit I have been a headless chicken! There intentions are clear, to “them” the means justified because in their eyes the “end game” is their Nirvana, Utopia, Heaven on Earth, New Order, Rewilding, etc. When the fog is lifted and the intention exposed the illusions deployed become discernible to your heart and mind. Once the revelation catches breath the new lungs of aptitude will not deflate. A choice will be set before you and a decision imposed; for or against the New Intentions. The whole purpose of the oil eruption was to “stop” the loop. The ongoing “catastrophes” are the wanted by product of the original intention; UN AGENDA 21.

    • ducq says:

      Intelligent. And unto where do you go from here?

      • ghana serapis says:

        There are city, county and state NGO’s (Non-Government-Organizations) in ever state under pretty names like; The Council for Sustainability and other fancy names like that. They work hand in hand with local, state and federal thieves to issue new zoning, planning, water shed use, etc., type ordinances to make it impossible for you to use your land and for them to take it if you don’t use it. Much like the Hemp Tax of 1937 where you had to have a stamp to have hemp, but it was illegal to have the hemp first without the stamp. You couldn’t go get a stamp without the hemp, but if you had the hemp without the stamp it was confiscated and you were arrested or fined. This is an example of the crap they use. You need to attend the meetings in your city and county, then form a group to attend that will oppose and stop the measures brought by these so-called neighbors in your area. If you don’t stop them at the point of their attack the game’s over.

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