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BP NUCLEAR OPTION Spells Mega-Disaster For Gulf Of Mexico

By Dr. Tom Termotto, BCIM There has been much speculation lately about a nuclear device being planned for closing in the BP Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico. The consequences of exercising this option go well beyond killing the … Continue reading

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PRESSURE At The Wellhead And What It Really Means

By Dr. Tom Termotto A CLOSER LOOK AT METHANE SEEPS AND SIGNATURES BP and the Coast Guard are watching the pressure at the wellhead very, very closely because of what it will mean for the future prospects of this well. … Continue reading

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Methane Gas, Methane Hydrate & Methane Clathrate Formations and Behavior There has been a spate of articles recently throughout the MSM and alternative media depicting the methane gas predicament associated with the BP Gulf Oil Spill. Many of these perspectives … Continue reading

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“OPERATE TO FAILURE”: How BP’s MO & The US Addiction To Oil Caused The Catastrophe Of The Millennium

And Why It Is So Difficult To Put This Genie Back In The Bottle Really, why has it been so difficult to put this GENIE (Oil & Gas) back into the bottle (Macondo Prospect, Gulf of Mexico)? Or at least … Continue reading

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