Coalition Of Enviro, Citizens And Political Groups Demand COREXIT Use Be Stopped

COREXIT is supposed to make you think it “Corrects It!”

Did you ever wonder how they came up with the name COREXIT?  We did … and it was recently brought to our attention that COREXIT is most probably based on the meme*, “Corrects It!”

We are sure that BP, Halliburton, Transocean, Anadarko, US Coast Guard, EPA, et al. had very high hopes that COREXIT would correct it in the minds of the broad public by making them think that the oil is gone.  And, that for those who rely on the mainstream media for their information concerning the status of the BP Gulf oil spill, they probably believe that COREXIT has corrected it, all right.

We might also surmise that BP et al. never anticipated that COREXIT would only correct it for a limited period of time before people would start to catch on.  That limited period of time has now expired.

The people who live, work and play on and near the Gulf of Mexico coasline now demand the following:

I.   That the US Federal Government issue a cease and desist order to BP concerning the use of the highly toxic dispersant, COREXIT, anywhere in, on or near the Gulf of Mexico. This non-negotiable demand is based on the extraordinary harm/injury to human, animal and plant life, which COREXIT has been scientifically shown to cause. Non-compliance with this demand will eventually result in formal criminal charges being filed against each and every decision-maker responsible for knowingly poisoning the Gulf and the human population that resides there.

II.  That the US Federal Government commence the utilization of non-toxic, bio-remediation products on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan list which do not introduce new micro-organisms into the waters. Especially in those coastal areas of LA, AL, MS, FL and TX, which have been determined to require immediate oil spill intervention, and which have been despoiled through the use of unprecedented volumes of COREXIT, the use of these EPA-approved and proven products (one bio-remediation agent has been used successfully 14 times on this spill) must be implemented immediately.

III.  That Nalco Holding Company, the producer and distributor of COREXIT, be barred from doing business within the United States of America.  That a restraining order will be enforced so as to lawfully preclude COREXIT from being dispensed into any and all USA territorial waters, as well as all water bodies which are contiguous to or flow into those of the USA. The US Attorney’s office will also proceed with revoking the corporate charter of the incorporated entity known as Nalco Holding Company.  

The following informative video offers a compelling and irrefutable case for these three demands to be acted on with all deliberate speed.  This documentary also provides an objective and authoritative assessment supporting our official recommendation from the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (GOSRC).  The GOSRC is at the hub of a growing number of  environmental health advocacies, citizens’ groups and political activist organizations involved with the BP Gulf oil spill, all of which have demanded the immediate discontinuation of COREXIT in the Gulf of Mexico.

We sincerely invite anyone who views this video to join the ever-increasing and urgent demand that a safe, healthy and effective alternative to COREXIT be co-instituted by the US Coast Guard, the EPA and BP.  The very life of the Gulf of Mexico greatly depends upon it.

Tom Termotto, National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)
Tallahassee, FL
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

*COREXIT does not equal “Corrects it.” – Subliminal advertising has been a standard operating technique of Madison Avenue as long as there has been a Madison Ave.  Subtly and surreptitiously implanting memes, ideas, and emotions is what marketing manipulation is all about.  Using subtle word plays is a very clever and purposeful way of moving a lot of people in a pre-determined direction with ease and efficiency.

GOSRC Note: We think it is time to re-label the dispersant known as COREXIT in light of what we now know, and in view of what the EPA, Coast Guard and BP knew when they unlawfully dispensed it throughout the Gulf (See EPA test results below).

National Contingency Plan Product Schedule Toxicity and Effectiveness Summaries

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9 Responses to Coalition Of Enviro, Citizens And Political Groups Demand COREXIT Use Be Stopped

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  2. Fantastic, all of this. We could offer a secure way to take away the oils pill, and we where offering BP this our solutions but NO ONE ever made contact with us, NO ONE.
    Our stuff is healthy for the water and picking up the oil secure and real.
    Ok, to sit here and inform and no one will ever be in touch with us, is to spill our time again. Be silent and wait for the next oil spill, it WILL COME, and do not make contact with us, who really could take care of all oil spilt. Energy Architect Leopold MakEnder.

  3. Ektar says:

    Dr Tom
    Great Article, Video, & Interview on Jeff Rense! I was so glad you mentioned BK Lim. We need you guys to be in the media as much as possible, not just for your valuable information, but to help keep you safe.

  4. Nobu + says:

    Awesome stuff! Of which I love to see – I feel these companies require of a good shuv in the correct direction. Just because they are rich does not give them the right to be wantonly destructive and lie for the sake of public face.
    Most folks here know of the spill and believe it is finished and cleared up!
    Total media black out! So these companies are paying off someone to keep the media off their backs. Even when BBC2 interviewd BP, they got shut down after 2 questions! Also, BP lied on the tape. Said the oil slick is getting smaller.
    To add to this’ “What about all of the bactera they have been pumping into the waters of the Gulf in an effort to get the bacteria to break down the crude oil?”
    Surely introducing a life form into the ocean shall have a devastating effect upon nature!
    How is BP able to get away with this?
    Why is it only ever mentioned about the oil?
    What about the bacteria?
    I have mentioned this many times, but get no takers.
    BK Lim’ “What about the tons of bacteria that has been pumped into the ocean?”
    How is BP going to clear all of this from the waters?
    COREXIT was used in thousands upon thousands of gallons; how many tons of bacteria were also dumped in the waters? Is this bacteria safe for carbon-based life forms? Reports say it has mutated! The Blue Gulf Plague on the horizon?
    I understand the damage of what crude oil and COREXIT can do to the environment’
    What about all the bacteria being dumped? What effect is this having upon the environment?
    Thank you BK Lim for all your work.
    Nobunoni +

    • Nobunoni,

      You pose many good questions which we are currently researching. A paper will be published in the near future addressing all of these points.

      We also encourage you to forward any hard data, or new science, or exposes, regarding the micro-organisms which have been used on this spill. There is a dearth of information, except for World Vision Portal which has done an outstanding job of bringing this matter to the forefront.

      Tom T

  5. Nobu + says:

    The reason BP used COREXIT would be!

    To break the crude oil down into smaller droplets, so that the “Bacteria” BP introduced into the waters would be able to break down the oil easier.

    This is, of course, why they used COREXIT!
    So they could run their experiements with altered bacteria in the ocean.
    Now there are lakes in deep water-laden COREXIT swarms of BACTERIA and lakes of CRUDE OIL. Also to add, they have been dumping TONS of nutrients into the ocean (metals and mineral, fertilizers) TO FEED their bacterial creation.

    It is very good finally to see folks waking up!

    Is there a way we can make some more noise? People in general need to know what is really happening in the Gulf (there would seem to be an apathy among the general public who think BP knows what they are doing… leave it to the experts, has no effects on us or on our daily lives. Okay, I say, the GOM is connected to all the oceans of the world therefore this mass pollution gets across the Atlantic Ocean and the whole world shall feel the effects in a very short time. Quite possibly Europe felt the effects this winter of the oil mixed into the Gulf Stream mixing the warm and cold waters and stopping its normal flow –> 17-25 is not a normal winter! What shall happen next year?!
    Thank You,
    Nobunoni +

  6. Nobu + says:

    Much appreciated Tom for all the work. There is an abundance of info on these micro-organisms which were created firstly to aid in faster oil recovery.
    Of what I have seen, the world has no clue that this technology is being used, or that it has been adapted to’ supposedly’ break down spilt crude oil in open ocean waters.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    Nobunoni +

  7. Playing God….J Craig Vinter getting funds from our government, created synthia,
    now Obama after this spill lets him move forward.
    This is Criminal. I googled BP+Obama+Syntheic Genomics. BP is in the Vaccine Business, Vinter Creates Synthia, the Vaccine and PS he needs a certain form of algae in order to create algae fuel. Ya think there is a hint of blatant corruption here.

    Obama gives him a Medal??? I want to vomit.

  8. Publius says:

    Just how is it that a single corporation has the right to knowingly poison an entire ocean and the government knowingly aids and abets?

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