SOS May Explain Five SERIOUS Unanswered Gulf Oil Spill Questions – We Do Not Know?

SOS Line of Inquiry Requires Input from the Best and the Brightest Among Us

The Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (GOSRC) has been ongoing for over 9 months now. We have received oil spill remediation proposals, implementation plans, and mitigation propositions from all over the world. After working with CBS 60 Minutes in the wake of their Special Program entitled Blowout: The Deepwater Horizon Disaster, we interviewed numerous whistleblowers and insiders throughout the Oil & Gas Industry, as well as from various contractors and consultants who, by virtue of their specialties, possessed intimate knowledge of offshore drilling operations. We were also fortunate to speak with many retired, fired and disillusioned personnel from the assorted US Government Agencies and Departments which were involved, either directly or indirectly, with “setting up” the greatest manmade disaster in US history.

This is the context within which we have also received and gathered a plethora of data and information regarding a specific aspect of this spill, which almost always stayed under the radar … until now. We are compelled by the sheer profundity and far-reaching ramifications of this matter to offer this short paper. And, we thank that very narrow niche of geology researchers, oil spill investigators and armchair detectives who have become increasingly vocal about a potentially catastrophic occurrence in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). It is clear that the very SOP’s (standard operating procedures) of the entire Oil & Gas Industry have greatly contributed to this devolving situation, and therefore this global enterprise must be seriously re-considered.

The specialty areas known as geohazards assessment, geophysics study and geotechnical analysis concern themselves with the rather arcane discipline of seafloor topography, sub-seafloor geology, among many others when applied within the realm of offshore drilling. Given the relentless transformation of the sub-seafloor geological formations and stratification at the Macondo Prospect in the GOM (as evidenced by the dramatic changes on the seafloor), a very serious and highly consequential set of questions has repeatedly surfaced. As follows:

1. Why did BP, knowingly and purposefully, drill in such close proximity to a salt formation/mud volcano as well as into a HUGE batholith, which they knew would have disastrous consequences while a stream of red flags were systematically ignored?

2. Why did BP, with the full blessing of the US Coast Guard, execute not one, but two, failed attempts to cap the gushing well, knowing that the frozen hydrates would guarantee the failure of both containment domes?

3. Why did BP create a transparently false narrative for public consumption around the drilling of the two relief wells… with virtually no follow-up?

4. Why was BP so determined to disappear the oil as quickly as possible in the face of fierce public opposition to the highly toxic and essentially ineffective dispersant COREXIT, and in blatant violation of EPA directives to discontinue its use?

5. Why was BP, a foreign transnational corporation, given the lead position in the unified command structure established by the Federal Government, to effectively enforce martial law in U.S. territorial waters, even to the extent that the five concerned sovereign states have been held hostage throughout the entire crisis? Bear in mind that this unlawful, unconstitutional, and treasonous conduct on the part of the US Government is unprecedented in American history, as is the lawless and criminal behavior of BP et al.  

Please be aware that we could offer a more comprehensive list of critical questions about this oil spill. However, our intention here is not to ascertain good answers to each individual question, as there are no reasonable or rational explanations. Rather, our goal is to more fully understand, from a broader perspective, what in the world is really going on here?

We have thoroughly dissected the corpse of the Macondo Well, as well as the seafloor and sub-seafloor geology of the surrounding area, at this site for months. We are now obligated to direct your attention to a recent revelation, which demands the collective attention of all of us who reside on the GOM coastline.

In the interest of acquiring as much high integrity input and feedback concerning this situation, we encourage any correspondence to be sent to the following email address. If the essential thesis is correct as stated in the post below, we may have before us an unparalleled challenge. We repeat that we do not know the true status of the ongoing geological changes at these great depths in the Earth; especially with regard to the deep core, mantle and lithospheric crustal regions.

Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference


Unedited Post by John Dinardo

Date: Wednesday, 26-Jan-2011 14:32:27

Please stay with me on this scientific analysis of the mechanism which will cause land masses to arise out of the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico. The conclusion of my theory:

Land masses will arise out of the Gulf of Mexico,”
was related, three to four years ago, to Mark, my acquaintance who received this information from his geologist friend who works for the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The resultant tsunamis and methane gas bursts will annihilate many millions of unsuspecting residents within miles of the coast, all the way around, from Mexico to Florida, to Cuba, Haiti, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico.

I hope to inspire you to relay this analysis to concerned people everywhere. I plead with you to study this analysis and pass it on, in order to spark public action movements to save lives, for these seabed upheavals can occur any day from now. – John DiNardo

~~ Why Gulf of Mexico Land Masses Must Arise ~~

Gulf of Mexico effluents display a mysterious white substance, yellow sulfur, and red iron, probably from the Earth’s molten iron “outer core,” plus other substances from the “lower mantle,” which is right above the outer core. At the core/mantle boundary (CMB), large avalanches of the quasi-solid mantle edge of the CMB break off, due to heating, by electromagnetic induction, of both the molten iron outer core and the solid iron inner core, the latter being Earth’s innermost mass, residing at the center of the Earth. The heating of the outer core is also intensified by the long period cyclical buildup of thermally insulative mantle magma, solidifying along the edge of the lower mantle, bounding the upper edge of the outer core, this margin being the CMB. Hence, this solidifying magma margin acts as a thickening insulation blanket, further heating the molten iron outer core. However, it is important to realize that most of the heating of the outer core is now being generated by the well known phenomenon of “electromagnetic induction,” now generated by plasma-saturated comets which have been observed by scientists over the past five to ten years.

So now, Earth’s CMB has these prolific avalanches of loosened magma, sloughing off from the lower mantle margin into the molten iron outer core, and the obvious effect is that this mantle erosion proceeds like a drill bit, boring tunnels up through the very thick viscous mantle, all the way up until the tunnel eventually reaches a blockage presented by the lithosphere, which is the rigid crust of Earth’s surface, overlaying the less rigid uppermost mantle margin.

Understandably, molten iron from the outer core, plus newly molten magma encircling this hot newly drilled tunnel, flows like a slow oozing fountain, all the way up to the blockage at the lithospheric crust, and eventually the super heated liquefied column of magma rock and iron mixture melts the solid lithospheric crust like a gushing hot spring would melt a surface layer of ice.

This rising hot fountain is called a “mantle plume,” or “thermal plume,” one of which also exists at the eastern tip of Indonesia, showing that mantle plumes are prevalent worldwide. A mantle plume is similar to the lava plume that you see within a common household lava lamp, wherein an electric heating element at the base of the lamp heats up a puddle of lava, causing the puddle to rise up toward the surface in a plume of lava.

When this iron/magma column rises as a mantle plume, from the outer core/lower mantle boundary (CMB) to the uppermost edge of the upper mantle, the plume is initially blocked by the thin crustal layer, the “lithosphere,” at the Gulf of Mexico seabed. Eventually, the molten mantle plume dissolves or liquefies the thin lithospheric crust, effectively punching a hole in the seabed. This is the hole in the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico, which British Petroleum deliberately drilled into! Why deliberately?? I have testified to you that, THREE TO FOUR YEARS AGO, a U.S. Geological Survey informant relayed to me, through Mark, that they expect land masses to arise out of the Gulf of Mexico.

The reason why they drilled into the volcano was to TEMPORARILY PREVENT THE PEOPLE FROM REALIZING that this is actually a burgeoning catastrophic worldwide oil bursting phenomenon, and the powers-that-be are now in great fear that inevitable public realization will awaken the peoples of the World to the evidence that exists (if they are willing to examine it) that this is just one of many types of natural disasters which are now about to break out in a growing drum beat. The powers-that-be want you to think that BP caused these globally bursting natural oil gushers, with just a puny seven-inch drill pipe.

How gullible do they think we are? The ruling elite would rather have you believe that man caused this disaster, because when the people find out that they are in a game of natural disaster dodge-ball, they will break free from their psychological matrix cage of obedience to the tyrannical illegitimate imposters raping them from the power stage of central government. These ruling rapists are afraid that we may no longer be forcibly obedient to them, and that we may not pay our taxes, because, when people realize that these are natural disasters, and NOT just one BP disaster, the people will then fear a greater master than the ruling elite, the people will then fear the Master in the heavens, because that is the source of the electromagnetic heating of Earth’s core. This electromagnetic source is plasma engulfed comets being drawn into our Solar System by the immense gravitational pull of our incredibly massive Sun.

It is strikingly obvious: the apple fell down from the tree, and hit Sir Isaac Newton on the head, due to the mutual pulling force of gravity, which universally exists between two or more masses. Likewise, comets are being drawn in from deep space by the tremendous pulling force of gravity between these comets and
our Sun.

Getting back to the subject of Gulf of Mexico land masses arising, the consequences of a mantle plume punching through the
lithosphere, at the Gulf of Mexico seabed and elsewhere, are two-fold:

1) undersea volcanoes erupt, and indeed, oceanographers and volcanologists are now expressing alarm over the drastic increase in undersea volcanic eruptions, all over the World;

2) seabeds begin to bulge upward, due to the profusion of gases, such as methane, into newly formed pockets where the uppermost mantle margin meets the lithospheric crust, both at surfaces of seabeds and at crustal surfaces of land areas. There are now many reports of methane gas coming out of the ground, in Texas, in Colorado, in Pennsylvania, etc. There is a recent report of methane gas shooting out of a home water faucet, being fed from a private well. These newly formed pockets of rising gases strikingly explain the recent avalanche of reports of seabeds bulging all over the World, as indicated by drastically diminishing footage readings transmitted by ocean buoys, worldwide.

Notice, that the powers-that-be will never tell you what the day-by-day buoy depth readings are in the Gulf of Mexico. Notice, that Keith Olbermann of MSNBC-TV reported that the Corexit was promptly laid down to mask the depths of the entire Gulf of Mexico. If we were permitted to view that seabed, we would notice bulging and major fissures, from the Texas coast to the Florida coast. Notice that methane gas has been reported to be rising to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. This is an ominous sign, since any spark from a boat’s ignition or such will cause the greatest surface fire cloud explosion ever witnessed, as well as a catastrophic coast-gobbling tsunami, if the concentration of methane gas builds to high enough levels. Such a catastrophic sea surface methane explosion has already occurred in 1998, and has been reported by Steve Quayle on his web site,

The ruling elite have been as suppressive of the science community as of the mass news media. Hence, the people of the World remain unaware until mega disasters send them suddenly reeling in fearful panic. You and I, therefore, have a humanitarian responsibility to disseminate this analysis and to urge others to examine it, and to promote a growing public study of this and so many other alarming meteorological and geological events, which have transpired from the unusual to the commonplace over the past six years.

In a forthcoming message, I will email you a photocopy of the actual New York Times newspaper report, from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, stating that the reason why they launched the Infrared Astronomical Satellite was to detect the infrared light images emitting from this approaching brown dwarf star, this celestial dodge ball (of a mass estimated to be at least 1,000 Earth masses), which is now in our Solar System, menacing Earth, both electromagnetically and

Finally, see the .jpg photo, attached above, displaying my photocopy of the actual Washington Post front page newspaper report, heralding the discovery of this giant brown dwarf star, on a cometary orbit into our Solar System.

John DiNardo

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45 Responses to SOS May Explain Five SERIOUS Unanswered Gulf Oil Spill Questions – We Do Not Know?

  1. Tom,
    I went to the US Geological Website, I entered in what we are seeing in the Gulf.
    The USG site, analyzed my Questions. I never asked about anything, except if they could help us, as people are dying. When I hit send, mind you, I never said the word Tsunami and look what I got from the Data submitted:


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  4. Andy Martin says:

    I apologise for some written errors (have been writing very late at night!) – the seafloor has been rising by 13 feet per day, and my spell checker seems to have missed one or two typos – I repost my corrected article as follows:

    This is a remarkably timely article and I concur absolutely with the overall view given. The IRAS satellite did detect a massive body at the furthest reaches of the known solar system beyond the Oort Cloud. This may indeed be a binary star of our sun – a brown dwarf with planets of its own. The Sumerian astronomers knew already about this super massive body as Alexander Sitchin has been pointing out in his hugely important writings concerning the planet Nibiru. Apparently, the ancient Sumerians were very well learned on this matter and had no doubts about there being a 12th planet that passed through our own solar system every 3,500 years, and in so doing, causes catastrophic consequences to our own planet. FACT: We are experiencing at this very time undeniable and rapid magnetic pole shift. FACT: The seabed adjacent to Australia is rising at the astonishing rate of 13 feet per day. As there seems to be a blanket of silence by world governments, as well as a series of denials and disinformation by the scientific community by and large, the individual is left with the responsibility of intelligence gathering and little by little, arriving at the inescapable facts for him/herself. Without wishing to sound like a crank, there is also the UFO question that needs to be brought into the open. It seems we are living at a time of crisis – some of which are man-made – and others which are definitely not of our making. The ancients were not fools, nor were they ignorant as some would suggest. In fact, the ingenuity of mankind is a marvel and all that separates us from the ancients is our technology. The ancients did not have this, but they had enquiring minds, and came to conclusions and startling discoveries by the appliance of intelligent thought and clever use of what tools they did have. Witness the Pyramids, the building of the Pantheon, the construction of the Circus Maximus, the Pyramids in Bosnia (only recently discovered!), the Colossus of Rhodes, Alexandria, Stonehenge, Solomon’s Temple, the Mayan cities, the massive standing stone figures on Easter Island etc etc etc – and those are comparatively recent accomplishments in the history of human kind. We do not know what has been lost. And the King James version of the Bible has been expurgated for mass consumption with the deliberate removal of many books which, had they been left in, would have made the Bible a contiguous work! What we have now in modern times due to decisions made by the Catholic Church at the Council of Nycea, has resulted in a heinous piece of trickery and incomplete historical fact. Knowledge is power. And in Genesis, it plainly states that in the time of Adam, there were giants on Earth called Nephilim. Goliath was one of them. And do not forget that the book of Ezekiel describes a flying machine and the throne of ‘God’. Why is this book never discussed in Church or by the Church? And what of the ‘Ark’ of the covenant? Who are the Nephilim and where did they come from? What is this massive body at the furthest reaches of the solar system? What is in the ‘lost’ books of the Bible that the public has not been able to read – and why not? And what would the real and complete Bible tell us? These books are not ‘lost’ in any case – they have merely been removed. Why? What have we not been allowed to read? There has been very dirty work done and great deeds of deception and censorship. We the people have been deceived. Again – WHY? For what reason? I fear that the answer is because the truth is of such consequence that it may be hard to accept as far as the global consciousness is concerned. The truth must be of such staggering consequence and import that we would question the validity or authority of our Governments and of individuals we currently hold as being sacrosanct. But whatever the truth is, we must know it. We must have the veils lifted from our eyes. Our very survival may depend on it. And no man should be permitted to raise himself higher than another or declare himself of more import. We all came from the same mold. The mind itself has caused the changes and racial distinctions that we call ‘evolution’, be they animal, insect or plant derived. There is a hidden consciousness or matrix that causes things to evolve by will – not by accident. And so the organism adapts and changes itself because it must to survive. These are all digressions I know, but visionary thinking is required to advance our perceptions and some of these things can be derived by thought and the outreaches of our mental processes – however, other matters cannot be considerations if they are not already presented to us as ‘givens’. We cannot arrive at correct conclusions if we are not given access to the facts, be these recent enlightenments, or the writings of our ancestors in Biblical times, or of the ‘now’. And right now, we need to know the truth, upalatable as it might be to comprehend. The internet is our hope because by this means, we can learn the truth and share it. My own personal view is that we must be open minded to what lies ahead and to move as one united humanity regardless of creed or culture with the sole objective of guaranteeing our survival. Our tools must be courage, tolerance, generosity, acts of selflessness and of caring and love for one another because what may be coming is sure to rend humanity into fragments otherwise. Only by loving our fellow man, and uniting in the face of terrifying events, can we hope to survive. And love is the engine of survival, not greed, not big business – purely and simply, unfailing love for our fellow man and for every other living thing we share our planet earth with. It cannot be every man for himself, because such thinking can only result in total chaos and a hastening of certain doom. Humanity can rise and survive but to do so, it must shake off the mantles of fear and distrust or religious division. We should demand the truth from our Governments – at the very least, we are owed the truth: “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth” – Mahatma Gandhi

  5. William J. Connerty says:

    Well Tom, Having just got off the phone with you it look like it’s gone live having arrived here from Rense’s site. I’ll put together my reactions and observations on the above information. I have to spend some time collecting my thoughts to respond appropriately. I will say though you are spot on. I can help put together the dots and take other collaborative steps as we discussed.

  6. kingfish33919 says:

    Gut reaction – maybe the science is correct – I will wait for someone with credentials to comment – but the politics suggest a benevolence on the part of the PTB which I believe to be totally absurd.

    • What evidence do you need to understand that these people are in a horribly quandry and they have children.
      This country will only listen to the “EDUCATED PEOPLE.” I have some news buddy, I am and RN with a Masters in Biological Science, I have some friends
      willing to show you the truth…….Question is, “Are You Ready to Handle it?”
      The Biker, blue collar worker, people who talk in the bars and resturants, are smart enough to know something is very wrong. One guy said “In World War 4 we will be killing on another with sticks and stones.”
      The Sidewalk Scientists IMHO are more tied to the land than any company will ever own, or see.
      Talk to one of the workers, it was totally against OSHA regulations that they wanted the workers to wear the gear provided.
      You can learn from Paupers and Kings and the persons who are peacmakers who for generations have lived on that land.
      Send your Phone Number, better yet. I have a bunch of them ready to Speak truth to power.


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  8. ducq iapetus says:

    Gentlemen. I was going to express my disappointment with your 5 points, and suggest an alternative way of considering the problem, then i read John Dinardo’s analysis.

    I am forced to concur. I do not agree with all the science, but the conclusions, i believe, are going to be increasingly undeniable.



  9. TSGordon says:

    The Washington Post announcement appears to be dated, 1983 or 1985. Sometime shortly thereafter I was on assignment at Falcon Air Base when I was made aware of a sudden shift of attention and money to a new top secret project at the South Pole.

    My employeer, Holmes & Narver, of Orange County, CA. were said to be involved in moving all of their work force to attend to this project, which probably entailed around $100, Billion. more in expenses than was reportedly required to simply “upgrade and restore” the USAF underground base and telescope(s) kept there.

    The precise date of that announcement can be discerned by researching this headline which appeared on that very day in the Denver Post, Page 1: “President Selects Site for Star Wars.”

    …full spectrum dominance anyone?

  10. Dean Philpot says:

    You can’t make excuses, pretending this was some type of greedy accident. This is a planned kill off of the gulf and its people. It’s part of Agenda 21 and UN plan to rewild North America. This is sheer evil. I detox every day and I’m 90 miles from the Gulf. I have smelled burning oil and can still see evidence of the surfactants in the rain. I plan to move west as soon as I can.

  11. Tony says:

    Thank you for confirming what I have come to understand as well. These monsters wholeheartedly believe in their mantra “Out of chaos comes order.”

    If one looks at certain aspects of Revelations, you can determine that certain events are clear as day. For example, “The woman dressed in the sun,” is the Venus in transit that is to occur in 2012. 2012, it so happens is the “Year of the Dragon. ” The beast gets his power from the dragon. I’ve come to surmise that this approaching object is the “Son.” Some ancient artifacts allude to this. The Sumerian planisphere dated around 3300 b.c. mentions it as Enlil. Enlil was the son of Anu, the creator god. 3300 b.c. happened to be the beginning of our current “Age” as well.

    In Norse mythology Odin has one eye. Sounds like someone we know. Well anyway his one eye is always fixed on the horizon. He is looking for Ragnarök. This is the “final destiny of the gods” or Armageddon for all intensive purposes. The only clue he has is the Fimbulvetr or “long winter”. This is three successive winters with no summer. I believe this Gulf Spill has unleashed the “long winter.” I believe it was coming anyway but the book “Petrol, Petrol” lays out their intentions in 1903 what is to occur in the Gulf.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    May our Father watch over and protect us.

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  13. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Thank-you, Mr. Philpot. I thought this mess would have had a new repair management team by now. TV is killing America. Your comments remind of a manifest problem not requiring excessive speculation to to realize and understand the parameters within which we are forced by nature and the mobster-psychopath government holding us at gunpoint. Or at least TRYING TO hold us at gunpoint to facilitate some of their less than acceptable personal ambitions of desire.
    I, as well as thousands, if not hundreds of millions of others can attest to the madness of the greed pushing for “the mother-lode” by the royal families of Europe and the Rckefellers and Bushes and all. Read the history of it anywhere along with GW Bush’s self-evaluation report cards from Yale. The fool was not even worth grading. I hear a huge contribution from dad got his sorry ass in. He gave himself mid 70%s to high 70%s on EVERY CATEGORY THROUGHOUT. Yale can verify how many years this policy worked for a grading standard.
    It is less than curious that serious efforts would be made to protect the maggot ridden reputations of the Halliburton crowd and BP. These entities have shown themselves to be the most irresponsible non-cognizant self centered pigs in the history of industrial resource procurement going back to the annhilation of anti-pretorians since day 1. That the geologists and other scientists of the world would miss a bulging GOM floor or be too paralized with fear to tell any other oil industry scientists of their observations defies the imagination. Throw in some crystals and the only location on earth tourists could not go to not find a secret UFO base and the true picture is revealed.
    If you want to worship the dirtiest joke in the world (Read The Aristocrats. A story Gilbert Godfried relates from time to time.) and maybe get in the pile with Bush, Gannon, Chaallz and Tony Blair, it is not up to me to judge you and your choices. But trying to say this is because of a planet somewhere and proclaim genius and courage on the part of Halliburton and BP is to put lipstick on a pig. After the dreaming stops, you will see this situation as desperation from a part of humanity that must be relieved of their ‘heavy burden’.
    Y’all ever been on a snipe hunt?

    Mr. BKLim, if you see this, best wishes and please continue pressing for any curiosity the suckers in Congress can muster up. The public’s trust is misplaced and the CFR controlled media is milking it for all it is worth. Even the simplest of citizens deserves the truth instead of the garbage they broadcast, which need not be accurate anymore. Congress can only mewl to the tune of the cash register. Please stay out of small planes or helicoptors. Take a boat.

  14. Fred says:

    Good lord… how did you make the jump from covering the oil spill to brown dwarf stars headed for earth?

    You were doing such good work. Now… I’m not so sure. Have you lost your mind?

    • Fred,

      If in the course of your investigation and research, you became privy to information which may point to something much BIGGER than what you thought… and the implications were potentially staggering – truly staggering –
      What would you do?!

      Our title says, “We Do Not Know”. And that we need assistance in understanding a matter of GREAT consequence to us who live on and near the GOM.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  15. Andy Martin says:

    Further to my post last night, I would like to come back to the tragedy of the Gulf Spill itself. There appears to be some permanent damage to the Gulf Stream as a result. This is an added colossal burden to a currentflow already under huge strain from man-made global warming! Even without throwing in the catastrophic Gulf spill, the ‘great conveyor’ has been slowing & changing thanks to ice-melt & other atmospheric changes. We are in the throes of climate change & the machinations of this are not fully understood! However, the world has to get hotter before the pendulum swings again in favour of a ‘mini’ ice age. The work & research done by Art Bell & Whitley Strieber needs to be re-evaluated in light of the present events & manifestations of cyclones/hurricanes etc such as Katrina. The remarkable book by Bell & Strieber predicts all of this & draws its conclusions based on attentive & painstaking research: ‘The Coming Global Superstorm’. To add further grist to the mill, we ought to throw in HAARP as well as chemtrails – & indeed changes in the activity of the sun as it is now entering a highly active phase after an 11 year period of relative calm. A Brown dwarf star & attendent planets or not (!) at the outermost reaches of the Oort Cloud, (& there IS something!) there are observable events right here in our solar backyard. The global vandalism of companies like BP are a shocking inditement of vested interests & Governmental mis-management. Greed & stupidity which twinned, can only sum to tragic consequences for the planet & humanity. You cannot throw that amount of oil or Corexit into the oceans without serious after effects. It is not just the worst spill in US history – such an assumption somehow localises the issue & diminishes it’s scale – it is the worst single event in human history for the oceans & aquatic realms. Period. I would venture to say that we have yet to see the full scope of it all. The news carriers might have conveniently overlooked it but the problem – as the informed will all know -has not gone away. We will reap what we sow. I only wish I could say something more positive but this mess is one I doubt we can extricate ourselves from. My heart goes out to the people in the Gulf & beyond, not to mention the creatures who’s habitat has been poisoned beyond repair. We elected the Governments – or thought we did. Al Gore never made it to the White House because of some meddling with the votes counted & the machinations of Daddy Bush. Bosom pals like Tony ‘Line My Own Nest’ Blair made everything far worse & that man in particular was a self seeking liar. Blair & Bush locked arms & policies by & large – don’t heap unfair blame onto Obama. He inherited the worst scenario imagineable. Give the guy a chance to rectify years of vicious mismanagement! Yet events taking place right now are not likely to be solved on Capitol Hill no matter who might be willing to shoulder the weight of the problems. You can’t unfix the Gulf, nor the course of the Gulf Stream. Canute couldn’t command the tide either! All we can do now is to attempt to cope with what is coming our way. We have Yellowstone waiting in the wings, as well as the San Andreas faultline! Not a pretty picture. And before we know it we’ll soon probably be seeing a 2nd sun & earth will be floodlit for some months when the star Betelguese reaches it’s nuclear threshold. We live in times of incredible change & as I said in my original posting, many of these have been ushered in by mankind, yet others are beyond our scope of influence, as we will all too clearly see in the very near future. All eyes on the sun, the planets & farther afield. We already have pole shift under way! Massive events are taking place. Thank you all for reading & your consideration of the facts:–Tampa-airport.html#ixzz1ANJpqG00

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    Phoenix Rising from the Gulf

  17. warbaby says: Take a look at this! To think what is going on out in the cosmos is not effecting us, you better think again. Your loyalties to a govt that has consistently screws you is your own fault. Wake up people and at least face the facts time is short!!!

  18. Chang says:


    I was unable to find the book you mentioned (Petrol, Petrol) was wondering if you could mention the author.



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  20. Sheila Robbins says:

    Hi, does anyone know, if also Panama will be affected by tsunamis etc…. on the carribean side as well as the Panama Canal?

  21. dude1 says:

    @Andy Martin: If what I have read from “Andy Martins” post is correct, and the seafloor is bursting with methane gas, once we reach a critical saturation point of methane gas in our atmosphere, one spark should set it off. If this happens, all of the oxygen in the world would be consumed in less than a few hours maybe a day. The sky would become one giant fireball, and as oxygen is displaced, extremely high winds should usher in fire from the methane, and heat the Earth to a point where all living carbon life forms would combust spontaneously. From space the once blue Earth would look like a fireball, our atmosphere would change forever.

    So the only way I can see anyone surviving this would be to dig a huge bunker, stock it with seeds, water and food, have enough oxygen to last a thousands of years, and hope that the rising temp of the Earth would eventually drop, which it should after the smoke from all of the combustion and ash fallout would cause a nuclear winter type of effect. This would usher in an ice age. Of course then mankind would have to farm in a decade or so with respirators hooked up to a source of oxygen, and pray that they could last for a million years, which would be about the amount of time it may take plants to regenerate oxygen in the atmosphere.
    The chances of survival would be virtually zero. Unless of course some govt. has already begun underground farming with grow lights hooked up to a power source like a nuclear generator which could last for thousands of years. So why panic? Enjoy it while you can. Your other option is to pray for rapture or get shuttled off of the planet by some friendly aliens. If they exist. I can’t tell if I sound logical or crazy! hahaha

    I’m cuious though…If there is a big brown dwarf star in our Solar System with enough mass to cause our seafloor to rise by up to 13 feet in some areas, why have we not seen tides and a huge swing in the corresponding sea level rise? Beaches all over the world should be experiencing massive sealevel rise, beaches should be disappearing, waterfront properties should be gone soon. Last I checked the sea level was only rising by 2 cm per year. We should see 2-3 feet per year, no?

    Here is the best solution. Build a 500 or so giant straws about 7 miles in diameter. Make it so big that it extends out to space. Poke it in the seafloor at some choice locations and let it be a pressure relief for the methane. Just like a fruit jucie box under pressure, the methane will blast out into space saving our atmosphere. Problem solved. Now go get some bankers, engineers and geologists to make it happen.

  22. Elijah says:

    Velikovsky, Al DeGrazia, and other writers have postulated histories
    wherein Venus is a latecomer to the system, collisions which left the Asteroid belt
    also resulted in moons being swapped, captured, smashed into multiple killer
    meteors on radical eccentric orbits.
    I read a lotta this stuff. We have huge chunks of very ignorant populations. We have
    poor, illiterate tribal primitives who know more astronomy than University
    propagandized professionals.
    Within humankind’s memories, and mythology, many diverse heavenly bodies
    have passed close enough to be obviously visible in the sky, like maybe Jupiter
    and Saturn and Mars only settled into their harmonious orbits AFTER some
    great combination of planetary/moon collisions sent everything “Topsy Turvy”
    for some spell of time.
    These close-passages can result in huge gravity-electromagnetic interactions
    between the spinning electrical planets in thrall to old Sol.
    Water can be ATTRACTED and RELEASED by these HUGE forces, one writer
    predicting the geophysics of one possible Cometary near-miss thusly:
    the Oceans could respond to this new gravity-electric suction by swelling up
    along the Nadir-point, rising up to a MILE above normal sea-level, then
    releasing the energy as unbelievable tsunamis and reverberations and perturbations.

  23. jw broun says:

    To ccoff. Phoenix rising from the gulf. From cc of s.ala. I, am not a scientist, or geologist or from the schools of higher learning, but i, am a watcher, listener, reader. I have watched world events unfold for over 30 years, their have been and is frightening scenarios playing out on planet earth. Do not be shocked by what I am going to tell you, believe it or not. I am not a bible thumper, but am a bible believer. I am not a christian and never will be, but i,am a worshiper of YHVH the almighty one of the ancient hebrews. According to the scriptures these things are going to happen, i,am not a fear monger, in the near future planet earth is going to be turned upside down slow motion, every island in the sea is going to disappear, every mountian is going to be laid flat along with all the tall towers, every living creature in the sea is going to die, every foul that flies in skys is going to die, possiblely 90% of mankind will die, planet earth {WILL] be hit with a huge meotorite. Not good news is it? That is if you believe the prophets, believe me they all agree. Everything I’ve said are in the scriptures with awhole lot more. Above all, we have to prepare our minds with faith in our creater YHVH the almighty one, and second for our physical well being, such as food and water, medicine, clothing, etc. This time is called Jacobs Trouble, also the great tribulation. Mount St. Helens is growing in the gulf. Hell is coming to America; get ready it will not fail. jw broun

  24. Trib says:

    I live in Mississippi, about 200 miles north of the GOM. I have friends in Gulfport, so I have been interested and following the discussion here.
    I am a Christian an am appalled by the use of scripture to further the fearmongering… especially the Book of Revelation (not Revelations). Revelation is a book written in symbols, as it says in the very first verse; it was sent and SIGNIFIED (sign-i-fied) put into signs and symbols. For more see

    Remember, the earth abideth forever (Eccl. 1:4) it was not formed in vain, but to be inhabited (Isa. 45:18) and Christ taught us to pray for ‘thy kingdom come’ on EARTH as it is in Heaven. As bad as it is, and it will probably get worse, believers should encourage one another and other people. If one believes in God, then rest assured He created the race because ‘God is Love’ and He will cause the war-mongers and those who try to destroy the earth to fail, and the earth will once again someday become a Paradise, as it was originally intended to be.

    Be of good cheer. Wrongs will be righted and equality and justice shall one day reign over all the earth. Don’t give up.

    • Tony says:

      Not trying go frighten, only enlighten.

      “We are in this world, but not of this world.”
      “Fast from this world to know thy Father’s kingdom.”


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  26. Andy Martin says:

    Since posting my article in support (and further to) the original article by Tom Termotto, I was absolutely amazed to read the following article only moments ago which more or less mirrors my own postings here! Please read this:

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011
    8 Strange Earth Changes That May Threaten Civilization

    Say what, two suns may be visible from Earth in 2012? Everyday we seem to be getting bombarded with warning signs that our planet is changing rapidly.  In fact, many of the changes are occurring for the first time in modern recorded history and all seem to indicate a need for civilization to adapt.

    Record-breaking heat and cold are striking all corners of the globe; earthquake activity has spiked, even in places thought not to have active fault lines; birds, bees, fish, and other animals are dropping dead with no coherent cause, and there is a flurry of talk about galactic anomalies beginning to happen.

    Since the man-made global warming theory has simmered down from a boil, many other concerns have surfaced that appear to minimize possible effects of CO2 concentrations as our greatest concern. Sure, many of these changes may be connected in some way, but the idea that there is a silver bullet to stop this train of collective events is unlikely.

    One thing we can say is that we live in very interesting times.  These unprecedented events are accelerating at a blistering pace, as we hurl through space on this ball we call Earth. It seems this turbulent cycle is going to continue to manifest despite our best human efforts to stop it.  The only thing we can hope to do is digest the available information and plan for the worst, while hoping for the best.  Assuredly, humans possess a far greater ability to adapt through technology than the animal kingdom, yet we certainly can’t thrive without protecting the entire biosphere.

    Here are 8 strange Earth changes that should demand our attention:

    1. Environmental collapse
    2. Record tectonic activity:
    3. Magnetic Pole Shift:  
    4. Volcanic Activity
    Aussie Floods
    5. Extreme Weather
    6. Weakening Ocean Currents
    7. Galactic Anomalies
    8. Solar Activity
    There’s no saying for sure what ramifications, if any, these anomalies will cause, but they should be investigated in a serious manner.  The challenges facing humanity are difficult enough without constant deceptions and distractions. Collectively, we should demand clear answers about the real threats that are obviously beginning to affect our civilization. Adaptation will be much less painful if we are armed with knowledge and resources. The best thing we can do, individually, is to get educated and become as self-sufficient as possible.
    The above article hardly differs from my own in the salient points. I would also add that I am not an oceanogropher & cannot explain why the effects of the rise in the seafloor have not been felt on the coastlines of the Australian Northern Territory or on coastlines around the Pacific rim. Perhaps someone with the answer would share it with us? Regarding the IRAS infra-red deep field imaging & the discovery of a super-large mass beyond the Oort Cloud, these findings were reported by the media – I merely drew attention to the work of Alexander Sitchin & what he has managed to surmise from his copius studies of the ancient Sumerian texts. We cannot ignore either the references made to the Nephilim in the book of Genesis. Apparantly, these Nephelim had a great deal more written about them in consequent books of the Bible but the council of Nicea decided to remove/purge more than 40 books from the sanitised/censored version that has been the ‘accepted’ Bible ever since. At time of Constantine, there may have been up to 600 books in the Bible, of which only a paltry 80 remain today in the ‘authorised’ King James version! We ‘the sheeple’ (ha ha – how unpleasantly accurate that is!) – have never questioned why this is so! Isn’t it time we did? Some wise people are trying to uncover this very matter – & as our very constitutions & societies in the West are by & large based on the Holy Book – we ought to all be looking at what the complete works of the Bible really had to say. It’s a long time since we left kindergarten & the classrooms where we were all, to a degree, brainwashed. We the sheeple indeed! Further reading here:

  27. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Go ahead and put your hands up to the heavens, but please don’t interfere with those evaluating the DH site for possible strategies for repair. Don’t expect the source of the problem to be the remedy. Einstein said that too. And this BP/Halliburton group fits in to this scene worse than a tribe of chimps throwing poop. Deal with reality before it deals with you. Some problems require more study than others. Right? Let’s get it done.
    First, Newton’s law of Universal gravitation. And unless flying discs actually flew out of ancient Sumerians’ butts. it is not likely they had them at their disposal. They did a lot of induced hallucinating back then. Fasting with sleep deprivation causes as vivid hallucinations as mushrooms or LSD. But religious enlightenment can be found with a pick and shovel with rest and food as well. Till the soil and stop the leak.

  28. Andy Martin says:

    Would Dr. Tom Termotto or any other contributors to the discussion give their opinions & thoughts about why BP or any other individual or quango would deliberately cause such a catastrophe to occur in the Gulf of Mexico? I personally cannot believe that to be true, broadminded as I am. What possible evidence could there be for such a claim? A series of mistakes begetting further mistakes can be put down to human mis-judgement & human mis-management all along the chain. This was a disaster waiting to happen. Consider the same convolutions with regard to the O rings in the rocket boosters of the Space Shuttle Challenger for example. Enough prior research was done to illuminate the real possibility of failure & in spite of this knowledge, the launch went ahead! No-one would say this was a ‘planned’ failure. But the same machinations behind that disaster contributed in the same way to the failure of the Macondo well – human errors & a heady mixture of vested interests overtaking common sense. The severity of the consequences rack up when the sheer enormity of the projects themselves over-reach our abilities to remedy them should they fail. In this same can of worms, the CERN partical accelerator has to be included. The truth is that when the first A-bomb tests were made, none of the scientists involved could absolutely gurantee that the atmosphere wouldn’t ignite in a runaway chain reaction. Yet the bomb was exploded anyway. Make of that what you will. It is recorded fact. It is also recorded fact that the IRAS infra-red deep field scan revealed a massive gravitational influence in the region of the Oort cloud. No matter what you may think of Alexander Sitchin & his research into the ancient Sumerian texts, no matter which religion you may subscribe to, you cannot discount or heap scorn on the findings of the IRAS mission. Apparantly, the Sumerians believed this body existed, around +/- 5000 years before Christ. No-one, especially me, is invoking the Holy Bible or subscribing to the tin foil hat brigade. However, the full scope of matters evidencial cannot be left out of any serious discussion & as we all know, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence (Carl Sagan).

    Planet X: Is a Runaway Wrecking Ball Part of Our Solar System?

    by Joan d’Arc

    Ancient Sumerian texts indicate that the Earth (“Tiamat”) was struck by a large planet, which moved it into its present orbit, and created the Moon and the Asteroid Belt. In his books, The Twelfth Planet and The Cosmic Code, Zecharia Sitchin outlines this “celestial battle”, as described in the Babylonian text, the Enuma Elish [“Epic of Creation”].

    The planet “Marduk” (the Sumerian “Nibiru”), as it came into the solar system on its clockwise elliptical course, struck Tiamat, which was moving in a counterclockwise orbit. One of Marduk’s satellites struck Tiamat first, followed by two more of Marduk’s moons. Then Marduk itself, an enormous planetary body, struck Tiamat, smashing one half of the planet into pieces, which became the Earth’s Moon and the “Great Band” (Asteroid Belt). The other half of the planet, which was struck by a smaller moon of Marduk, was moved into a new orbit, along with a chunk of material which became its moon. The new planet was then called “KI,” meaning “cleaved one.” The Earth’s original moons were dispersed, many changing the direction of their orbits. [more information in Annals of Earth]

    Sitchin has also written in Divine Encounters, about the planet where God the creator resides and which is referred to in the Bible as Olamin, the plural of Olam. The meaning of “olam” in the ancient world was a measure of a really long time, specifically related to the span of time between the periodic disappearance and reappearance of the planet Marduk/Nibiru on its vast 3,600 year elliptical orbit. The domain of Olamin was described as a kingdom which encompasses many worlds.

    According to Robert Temple, in The Sirius Mystery, the Dogon tribe of Mali call this planet “the egg of the world,” and they say it is the origin of all things. They say of this planet that it is “the center of all things and without its movement no other star could hold its course.” They say it is made of a heavy metallic compound called “sagala.” The Sumerians also wrote that this planetary “god,” Nibiru, “remade our solar system and remakes the Earth on its near passages.”

    According to the web site, the 12th Planet’s periodic appearance and disappearance from Earth’s view confirms the assumption of its permanence in solar orbit. In this it acts like many comets. The writers then ask, why are our astronomers not aware of the existence of this planet? The answer is that even an orbit half as long as that of the comet Kohoutek (7,500 years) would take the 12th Planet about 6 times further away from us than Pluto. At this distance, the planet would not be visible from Earth. [See also, the Nibiru Cycle.] [You might also want to take a quick gander at, if only because of its very busy, artistic presentation!]

    The ancient tale of Nibiru’s Celestial Battle is actually scientifically sophisticated, and current advances in astronomy have recently corroborated certain aspects of the Sumerian cosmogony, among them the following:

    • The March 16, 1999 announcement by NASA at the 30th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston of the theory of the origin of Earth’s Moon as a catastrophic collision with a “Mars-size planet.”

    • Hubble’s recent discovery of 18 (at last count) stars, and numerous Jupiter-size planets (last count 9) with highly elliptical and retrograde (counterclockwise) orbits. Such orbits are now understood to be quite the norm in nearby solar systems, although they are considered peculiar in our own.

    • The 1994 announcement by NASA of a one-mile wide moon orbiting the 33-mile wide asteroid Ida, which follows the expectation that if a planetary body in this solar system exploded (or collided), the debris will be gravitationally bound in orbits around a primary body.

    • The discovery of water, atmosphere and perhaps previous life on Mars, the Moon and Europa.

    • Why there is a strange gravitational “pull” on Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which indicates there is another body of significant size beyond it. Planet X – Myth or Fact?

    In an article entitled “A History of Planet X – From the Present Day Search to the Seeding of Life on Earth” [1] Alan Alford writes that the discovery of new planets in the last two hundred years owes more to mathematics than to bigger telescopes. Mathematical irregularities in the orbits of the outer planets, in particular, strange wobbles and gravitational anomalies noted in the orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, have prompted astronomers over the past hundred years to search for a large planetary body in the outer solar system. Based on this mathematical evidence, astronomers have been so sure of the reality of this planet that they named it Planet X. The name stands for the tenth planet, as well as the symbol for an unknown quantity. [His article at — planetx.html –is apparently no longer available! In fact there seems to be a definite trend on websites on this subject disappearing off the Inter Net. On June 17, 1982, a NASA press release from Ames Research Center officially recognized the possibility of “some kind of mystery object” beyond the outermost planets. Various press releases around this time confirmed that scientists were indeed looking for the infamous Planet X. For instance, Astronomy Magazine published an article in December of 1981 entitled “Search for the Tenth Planet,” and another article in October of 1982 entitled “Searching for a Tenth Planet.”

    In addition, Newsweek covered the story of Planet X on June 28, 1982 in an article entitled “Does the Sun Have a Dark Companion?” This article implied that a tenth planet actually orbits a two sun (binary star) system, but we cannot see the other sun because it is a “dark” star. The article stated:

    “A ‘dark companion’ could produce the unseen force that seems to tug at Uranus and Neptune, speeding them up at one point in their orbits and holding them back as they pass. …the best bet is a dark star orbiting at least 50 billion miles beyond Pluto… It is most likely either a brown dwarf, or a neutron star. Others suggest it is a tenth planet… since a companion star would tug at the other planets, not just Uranus and Neptune.”

    The Washington Post covered the story of Planet X on the front page on December 31, 1983 called “Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered.” This story reported that the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) detected heat from an object about fifty billion miles away. A report of an interview with chief scientist Gerry Neugebauer from Jet Propulsion Laboratories appeared in the story. The article stated:

    “A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite.… ‘All I can tell you is that we don’t know what it is,’ said Gerry Neugebauer, chief IRAS scientist.”

    The Post article went on to explain that this mysterious object has never been seen by optical telescopes on Earth or in space, but its infrared heat signature was detected twice by IRAS as it scanned the northern sky between January and November of 1983. The second infrared observation of the body, which is so cold it casts no light, noted that the body appeared not to have moved in six months. This suggested that the object is not a comet, since it probably would have moved. The article also explained that the infrared telescope aboard IRAS, which is able to detect very cold objects, calculated that the heavenly body was so cold that its temperature is about 459°F below zero.

    Astronomers suggested it was a “giant gaseous planet, as large as Jupiter,” and is so close that “it would be the nearest heavenly body to Earth beyond the outermost planet Pluto.” This would make it part of our solar system. The article explained that there had been some speculation that the object “might be moving toward Earth.” However, Cal Tech’s Neugebauer was careful to “douse that idea with as much cold water as I can.” He pronounced with certainty that this object “is not incoming mail.”

    The US News World Report on September 10, 1984 published an article called “Planet X – Is it Really Out There?” This article had the following to say about Planet X:

    “Shrouded from the sun’s light, mysteriously tugging at the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, is an unseen force that astronomers suspect may be Planet X – a 10th resident of the Earth’s celestial neighborhood. Last year, the infrared astronomical satellite (IRAS), circling in a polar orbit 560 miles from the Earth, detected heat from an object about 50 billion miles away that is now the subject of intense speculation.”

    The article went on to say that scientists are hopeful that the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes will locate the object, which they noted was possibly a “brown dwarf,” a protostar that never got hot enough to become a star. Others astronomers, however, argue that the object is a “dark, gaseous mass that is slowly evolving into a planet.” The article quoted Neugebauer as stating: “If we can show that our solar system is still creating planets, we’ll know that it’s happening around other stars, too.”

    Contrary to this information, according to the ancient Sumerian texts, our solar system is not still creating planets, and this planet has been with us all along. It would appear that the media spin being put on Planet X is a clear attempt to call it something else besides “incoming mail.”

    The media was quiet on the subject of Planet X for the next few years. Finally, an article by R. Harrington in The Astronomical Journal dated October 1988 supplied the details of continuing mathematical modeling of this planet. The article suggested the mysterious planet was three to four times the size of Earth, and its position was three times further from the Sun than Pluto. Mathematical modeling also suggested that Planet X had an extreme elliptical orbit [tilted at about] 30 degrees.

    A NASA/ARC press release published in Newsweek on July 13, 1987 disclosed that “an eccentric 10th planet may – or may not – be orbiting the Sun.” The article stated that NASA research scientist John Anderson “has a hunch Planet X is out there, though nowhere near the other nine.” The article concluded, “if he is right, two of the most intriguing puzzles of space science might be solved: what caused mysterious irregularities in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune during the 19th Century? And what killed off the dinosaurs 26 million years ago.”

    The reference to killing off the dinosaurs seems to indicate that something more is known about this planet than NASA is letting on. Is this in fact a reference to the planet Nibiru of ancient infamy, the planet which, according to ancient sources, did in fact strike the Earth (Tiamat) in ancient times, and gave us a moon for a thank you? Regardless of what NASA really knows, silence is golden, and, for the most part, mum was the word on the issue of Planet X during the 1990s. Instead, scientific journals began to debunk the issue of a tenth solar system planet.

    In the 1990s, news stories began to dwell on “runaway planets” and “rebel planets” discovered in other solar systems. The issue of Planet X has now become entirely befuddled with recent discoveries of 18 nearby stars with Jupiter-class planets orbiting them (last count as of October, 1999). Locating any new developments regarding a tenth solar system planet is akin to finding a needle in a haystack, since it’s difficult to know which “new planet” they are talking about.

    For instance, an October 23, 1996 AP article entitled “New rebel planet found outside the solar system,” disclosed the following:

    “A new planet that breaks all the rules about how and where planets form has been identified in orbit of a twin star about 70 light years from Earth in a constellation commonly known as the Northern Cross. The new planet has a roller coaster like orbit that swoops down close to its central star and then swings far out into frigid fringes, following a strange egg-shaped orbit that is unlike that of any other known planet.”

    Thus, the issue of Planet X became lost in the information shuffle. Due to the Hubble space probe, many distant galaxies, stars, planets and brown dwarfs are suddenly being discovered all at once. This situation affords NASA the opportunity to attempt to avoid the societal chaos that will surely ensue once everybody realizes that a sizable planet somewhere out there is actually destined to circle our own sun in the next couple of years (2003 according to one web site). After all, who would bother to go to work, go to school, pay their bills, play the stock market, be a loyal, taxpaying John and Jane “Doe,” if they thought the end of civilization was near?

    Planet X – The Cover-Up

    Contrary to what happens in Hollywood movies, where the government comes clean about comets (actually, in Deep Impact they waited almost a year after official knowledge to announce it to the public), wouldn’t it rather make sense that such an announcement would not be made public, at least too far in advance of D-day?

    Tom van Flandern of the U.S. Naval Observatory, who was quoted in the 1982 Newsweek article, admits that a tenth planet is possible, but argues that it would have to be so huge that it should have been observed by now. We must admit there is a serious possibility that more details regarding Planet X are in fact known, but we are not being informed. Is there a major cover-up of Planet X?

    This possibility was actually discussed in an article in the CCNet Digest on May 18, 1998 entitled “The Secrets of Asteroid Peril, British Media Smells a Rat.” This article claimed that a report in the London Daily Mail accused US astronomers of trying to cover up scientific data until NASA has a chance to look at the information. The report indicated that “earth-shattering” information, such as the discovery of incoming comets or asteroids, has been ordered to go through NASA first. The Daily Mail report of May 15, 1998 entitled “Delayed Impact, or the Secrets of Asteroid Peril,” stated the following:

    “If a giant asteroid is hurtling in the general direction of our planet, we will be the last to know about it. For astronomers have decided that the news would be too earth shattering for ordinary mortals to handle, and would likely cause widespread panic. In a week that sees the release of the film Deep Impact, a fictional account of just such a catastrophe, astronomers funded by the American space agency NASA have now agreed to keep asteroid and comet discoveries to themselves for 48 hours while more detailed calculations are made. The findings would then go to NASA, which would wait another 24 hours before going public.”

    A Los Angeles AP article on May 19, 1998 also reported on this 72 hour delay rule imposed by NASA on announcements to the public of asteroids or comets by astronomers. The report indicated that these measures were undertaken to avoid the “doomsday alert” which occurred in March of 1998 with regard to an asteroid which was due to collide with Earth in 2028, and which was “soon found to be a mistake.” These new procedures, the article stated, are “not an attempt to hide anything but to make sure the information is accurate.” How can we be sure that if the information is found to be accurate, NASA will not (a) find it to be a “mistake,” or (b) withhold the message for a longer period of time?

    X Marks the Spot

    In February, 1999, J.B. Murray presented a paper to the Royal Astronomical Society entitled “Arguments for the Presence of a Distant Large Undiscovered Solar System Planet.” ( Murray’s paper explored various explanations for what he called a “non-random clustering of long-period comets,” which his research concluded are “aligned along a great circle inclined to both the elliptic and the Galactic plane.” His paper examined the possibility that this non-random clustering was due to “orbital perturbations by an undiscovered object orbiting within the… distances of 30,000 to 50,000 au from the Sun.” Murray’s mathematical modeling predicted that the object would have a retrograde orbit inclined at 120 degrees.

    In an October 16, 1999 Economist article entitled “X Marks the Spot,” Drs. Murray and Matese, after looking at the orbits of approximately 300 long-period comets, have separately concluded that too many of them are coming from the same regions of space. They suggest that the galaxy’s “tidal wobble” is “being modulated by the gravity of something big within the Oort Cloud itself.”

    The new object must be very faint, these astronomers suggest, or it would have been spotted. This means it’s not a star. They predict that the object is three times the size of Jupiter. They also suggest that the object is not a “proper planet,” because, take note: “its orbit appears to run in the opposite direction from those of the nine known planets.”

    This is another factoid we can add to the above “anomalous” findings regarding the existence of Marduk/Nibiru. As the Enuma Elish tells us, the planet Marduk entered the solar system on its “clockwise, elliptical orbit,” and struck the Earth, which was moving in its “ordained counterclockwise orbit.” So the planet we are looking for will have an orbit which runs in the opposite direction from those of the nine known planets in our solar system. (Chalk another one up for Sitchin.)

    According to the above Economist article, the orbit of this object also appears to be so unstable that it is unlikely that it could have maintained this orbit for the 4.5 billion year history of the solar system. Therefore, these astronomers suggest, it is more likely that the object is an extra-solar body that was captured by our sun’s gravity only “recently,” in astronomical terms. (Otherwise, it would have wreaked virtual havoc throughout the history of the solar system. Of course, we are presuming that our neck of the galactic woods is serene because we’ve been left here in peace to “evolve” for so long that Planet X would have to be a relative newcomer to fit into this preconceived scenario.) In any case, these astronomers predict we should be detecting Planet X soon, even if we have to wait for the next generation of infra-red space telescopes.

    It’s interesting to note that many of the newly discovered extra-solar planets recently discovered have extremely “eccentric” orbits. It is suggested in “New Discoveries, A Planetary Mystery” that circular orbits may actually not be the rule in nearby solar systems. Nine of the extra-solar objects recently discovered travel in unusually elliptical orbits, “several of them plunging in relatively close to their stars and then swinging far out again.” Several of these planets may be three times as massive as Jupiter, and one is estimated at eleven times the mass of Jupiter.

    What these new discoveries are teaching us is that our own solar system may be very unlike others. Even considering our catastrophic past, we may inhabit a relatively peaceful end of the cosmos, as far as galaxies go. As Dr. Geoffrey Marcy explains, powerful gravitational forces exerted over smaller planets by huge planets or passing stars are capable of upsetting their orbits. Likewise, two or more huge planets orbiting in close proximity can generate a “gravitational slingshot” effect, which could fling one of the objects off on an elongated orbit into the inner planetary system, while the other could at the same time fly off in the other direction, perhaps escaping into interstellar space. In another possible scenario, the planet’s own star (sun) could be part of a binary star system, locked in a gravitational embrace.

    Although this discussion is being avoided in what little news there is on Planet X, the existence of a mysterious outer solar system planet suggests that we could be living in a two star solar system. What distant gravitational body is causing this planet to make such an enormous wayward loop? One thing is sure, such a companion star would be very capable of exerting a catastrophic influence on the orbits of the outer solar system planets.

    As Dr. Marcy writes: “We are realizing that most of the Jupiter-like planets far from their stars tool around in elliptical orbits, not circular orbits, which are the rule in our solar system.” Why our largest planets remain in circular orbits is, therefore, a mystery. As Dr. Marcy notes:

    “Jupiter sized bodies plunging toward and away from their stars are likely to sweep aside smaller worlds, sending them crashing into their star or flying out of orbit into interstellar space. Current technology is incapable of detecting Earth-size planets around other stars, but they almost certainly could not exist near their star’s warmth in a system so unsettled by large planets in wrecking orbits.”

    A huge planet on an elliptical orbit would probably scatter or destroy smaller planets as it crosses their paths time and again. As Dr. Marcy writes, “if our Jupiter were in an eccentric orbit, the Earth and Mars would likely be gravitationally scattered out of the solar system.” Therefore, our very existence, he writes, is dependent upon both Jupiter and Earth being in mutually stable and circular orbits. Lucky for us, we have no big bullies, no freewheeling wrecking balls, in our solar system. Or do we?

    Enter Planet X

    Interestingly, astronomer Tom Van Flandern wonders if Planet X has actually exploded. In his book, Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets, Van Flandern wonders if this planet was responsible for disruption to the moons of Neptune. In his 1995 paper entitled “Origins of Trans-Neptunian Asteroids,” Van Flandern notes that a new asteroid belt has been discovered beyond Neptune, suggesting that Planet X may have exploded. (On the other hand, why wouldn’t this be the result of one of Planet X’s fly-bys?)

    In his book, The Phoenix Solution, Alan Alford asks, if Planet X has exploded, why do the Mesopotamian texts imply that it was seen by the Sumerians during the 4th-3rd millennia BC? Alford suggests that the planet Nibiru was not actually seen, and is a “metaphysical” planet. He believes that the descent and ascent of the Egyptian ‘gods’ was metaphysical, and that the Egyptian religion was “an exploded planet cult.” The story of Osiris was based on this exploded planet; the deity Osiris had been mythologically “dismembered” and his body distributed among the other gods in the solar system. The resurrection of Osiris [continued in the Jesus myth] was based on his metaphysical journey to the stars, which restored the exploded planets to their primeval and pristine form; essentially a metaphysical trip back to “The First Time.”

    Alford charges that Sitchin has misinterpreted the gods as interplanetary astronauts, and that Planet X actually did not come into the Earth vicinity, but was essentially a “play” or metaphysical replay of an even more ancient event. He also tries to incorrectly establish a Darwinian evolutionary trajectory that implies human evolution was “quickened” by this explosion of planets. This is in fact an anti-Darwinian thesis.

    More importantly at this juncture, do I understand correctly that what IRAS spotted in 1983 was a metaphysical planet? So that means that what NASA officials mistook as a heavenly body in the direction of the constellation Orion, which they claimed was possibly as large as Jupiter, and close enough to Earth to be part of this solar system, was a mythological planet? And so the mysterious heavenly orb which mathematicians now predict may be three times the size of Jupiter, with a highly elliptical orbit that runs opposite the other nine planets in the solar system, and a retrograde orbit inclined at 120 degrees, is just the replay of an ancient event in the solar system? As the famous line in Oliver Stone’s JFK goes, “people, we’re through the looking glass here.”

  29. I have sent your work to UF, the Professor I spoke to hung up on me. She is only a shoreline Geologist. I have contacted these guys and I just saw their website.
    These are the ones you want to look at your work. I know enough of Geology to be dangerous. LOL I told her I had a concern that if the Gulf Blows it will blow gasses and dangerous methane blah, blah, blah. She Said, “The Gulf has always been seeping Methane.”, I said “OH Really?” “Then what are we going to do in the event that that dangerous water blows onto land within 20 miles, affecting Hispaniola, Cuba, all of the Gulf Region including Puerto Rico and Haiti, “Your a professor, who do I speak to in regard to this?” and she hung up on me. Jeez, I am only the messenger.

  30. Kevin says:

    Ok folks,

    I managed to get into the NOA Buoy monitor site, just for a little bit before they attacked my computer causing my browser to constantly shut down. There are currently 3 buoys that are “flashing” an event. That’s nothing spectacular, but I’ll tell you what IS.

    The Australian buoy 55012, which I did a query on for one year ago to date, shows that either the floor has risen OR the water has gone down by 145 feet. I then went to the buoy off the coast of South America, queried from Jan 2008 to present. It gave me the same result. I then went to Buoy 51425 which is near Japan or around there, and that is when I got shut down. I received masssive packet dumps that froze my CPU up. I did everything I could for a work around, but they would not let up. Now they have my “number” aka, my IP address and I doubt they will be letting me check depths from here on out.

    I’m not sure what is going on, because 145 plus feet of LESS depth, would translate to either exposed shoreline OR massive Ice build up in the poles. It does not compute in my head.

    Any ideas ????????

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  32. jw broun says:

    To whom this might concern, i ran across this post on a website a while back while i was surfing the web, if you’re interrested go to home page, click on va youtube, then click on gulf of mexico oil disaster, read the story, zoom on the picture, check out the huge hole in the helipad. Probably nothing, but interesting. jw broun

  33. Elijah says:

    I bet the buoys rely upon GPS telemetry for their position-location.
    It is possible that we are in the midst of SpaceWar right now, with active electronic battles between satellite forces. On the other hand, equilibrium of seafloor has a lot of relative yin-and-yang, Horst-and-Graben, elasticity possibly unknown before the modern advent of so much data. We know about the magnetic-reversals of minerals in seafloor basalts spreading outward from Rift zones.
    We know about Subduction of one plate under the other, like down in the Marianas trench. So, it’s like Les Mc Cann says: “Compared to What?”. Dynamic planet.
    There is a report, I think linking from Rense, claiming a finding of a lotta New Ice at the North Pole, but also another report saying seawater flows into Polar region are at 2000-year record high temperatures?
    Wadin’ in the water
    wadin’ in the Water, children…
    Way-din in da water-
    God’s gonna trouble
    de wah-ter.

  34. Elijah says:

    Yes JW Broun,
    there was a picture/video presentation going around which proposed
    that the big pontoons floating the rig were intentionally blown open,
    and strange, un-Christened, unnamed Fire-boats appeared to “help
    put out the Fire” while actually filling the pontoons with water as fast as possible
    to intentionally SINK the rig. One of the images seemed to show this, with a big
    gouge out of the side of one pontoon, the UNNAMED “Fire-boats” blasting away
    at the hole.

  35. Elijah says:

    God Bless all you tough Nurses.
    Some science people are under political pressure to shut up. Some science and
    academic people are in their positions precisely because they are NOT interested
    in rocking any boats, pursuing any controversial crises, nor in EDUCATING anyone
    in the case of actually discovering some troubling fact or conspiracy.
    If I knew anybody living in Flaw-Duh….
    I would try to get them to leave, to go to Canada, or at least Iowa.
    Just to clarify, Trisha,
    We who have followed from the beginning with BK Lim’s work, murder of Matt
    Simmons, etc. need to remind everybody that THE FLOW IS NOT STOPPED.
    There are multiple sources of gushing oil-gas.
    Right NOW, and not when planet X- December 2012 happens, Methane will be
    bubbling up from time to time.
    If there comes the Big Earthquake on the New Madrid Fault, a whole lotta Gas
    could easily be shaken loose from hidey-holes.
    This Storm blowing directly onshore yesterday and today is probably poisoning
    Atlanta. Where’s the Air Quality Management people? Where’s the Colleges with
    their grant-funded environmental missions? I bet the beaches are under extra
    double-secret-probation-wackenhut-security after these tides and winds.
    The National News satellite shots look like prob’ly you’re getting re-oiled by
    the waves, possibly pushing new levels of contamination into inlets and bays.
    When the Big News about Big Planet X starts getting Hotter, we will see the
    Gravity/Electromagnetic effects upon winds, waters, and Underground fluids
    such as Oil-Gas and Magma bodies. Places already volcanically Active become more
    pressurized, dynamic. Big warnings about massive Yellowstone volcano about to
    Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah!

  36. May we remind everyone that, regardless of the impacts from within the solar system (especially the sun itself), as well as the greater influences coming from the galactic core of the Milky Way), or forces at work deep within the earth… we currently have a Gulf Of Mexico full of:
    dispersed oil,
    methane gas,
    bio-engineered micro-organisms,
    radioactive effluent,
    dead marine life of every size and kind.

    Then we have the continuous vaporization of methane hydrates causing the worsening of natural seeps and leaks, in addition to the new ones created by the invasive drilling and intrusive techniques (fracking, grouting). Thus, more dissolved methane in the GOM, as well as methane escaping through the water column and into the atmosphere.

    Plus we are witnessing the uptick in seismic activity (earthquakes along the New Madrid fault line through the Mississippi River Basin and to the Mississippi Canyon – site of the Macondo well) and undersea volcanoes providing more opportunity for hydrocarbons to find their way to the seafloor surface, especially via all the old drilling sites.

    We also see the enormous amount of dumping of radioactive wastewater (esp. Radium 226) into the GOM by the Oil & Gas Industry, so much so that the radioactive baseline has been totally skewed and therefore more easily manipulated by regulators and industry alike to allow even more dumping.

    Not to mention what the mighty Mississippi drains into the toilet bowl known as the GOM – runoff from the heartland containing everything from chemical fertilizers to pesti/herbi/fungi/mosquito/insecticides, bovine growth hormones to poultry antibiotics, industrial wastes to raw sewage, urinated pharmaceuticals to undigested nutraceuticals, etc., etc., etc.

    When the toilet bowl ceases to flush because the Loop Current has stalled….

    Any one of these pollution sources/peripheral problems alone presents a formidable challenge.

    Where are we all going with this, we do wonder?

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  38. dublinmick says:

    Another person paralyzed from swimming in the Gulf near Navarre Beach.

    The brown dwarf is something I have been talking about for years. It is nothing new if you have ever taken a look into the Sumerian tablets and what information is available. It comes periodically and caused the deluge of Noah last time around. Much of our modern scholastic efforts make a conscious effort to ignore it. It however is a central tenet of native American history, they are quite aware of it. The Cheyenne symbol is a circle with a balanced cross inside it, signifying the planet of the crossing. It was known as the winged globe in Greek literature and is highly recognized by Greek historians. It is also the reason for the Chinese symbol of the dragon taking the earth in his paw and shaking it. Mother Shipton referred to it as the dragon’s tail 500 years ago. She was burned at the stake however by the learned masters of the church for heresy.

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