Has Yet Another Fraud Been Perpetrated By BP & The US Government Against We The People?!

Diagrams of the Sinking of the Deepwater Horizon (Macondo Prospect) Proposed by BK Lim

And What They Represent Concerning The Well In Question & BP Narrative

BK Lim has done it again. He presents here an alarming analysis of the events prior to and after the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon on top of the Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico. We very much appreciate this great revelatory work by BK Lim.

As always, we leave it to our readership to continue to ferret out the real story behind this Crime and Coverup of the Millennium. Our challenge, clearly, is that BP and the US Federal Government have locked down the crime scene known as the Gulf of Mexico with extraordinary police powers. How so? The US appointed BP, a foreign, multi-national corporation, as the lead entity in a unified command structure which was created as the official and legal response to the BP Gulf Oil Spill. Therefore, BP was empowered by our government to effectively enforce martial law in US territorial waters in the wake of BP’s perpetration (with US Federal Government aid and assistance) of an unprecedented series of crimes. Can it get any more bizarre and kafkaesque than this?! We certainly hope not.

What has really gone on here?!

In fact, the US Federal Government, a full-blown accomplice, has enabled BP – the perpetrator of a Crime against Humanity, a Crime against the Planet, a Crime against a Nation (USA), a Crime against a Major Body of Water – to completely control its own crime scene. What we have, therefore, are psychopaths, who are in control of the US Government, giving powers to criminally insane sociopaths who are in control of the corporate entity known as BP. Such powers both permit and encourage the criminals to tell (and in many cases order) the innumerable victims of these many crimes, how to cleanup the criminal’s own crime scene.

Are these statements overly harsh or unwarranted in any way?

You be the judge after viewing the following set of diagrams which depict a very likely scenario of what may have transpired before and after of the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon. Of course, please bear in mind what the Gulf of Mexico has already sustained throughout this saga of environmental terrorism, ecological genocide and disaster capitalism. Add to this mix a PR Campaign by BP that represents the COREXIT dispersant as clean & green, much of the 8.7 million barrels of hydrocarbon effluent as having disappeared, and methane gas concentrations up to 1,000,000 times normal as non-existent.

On the other side of this counterfeit coin we have a National Government which essentially set up this crime scene inasmuch as they are the biggest player in the Oil & Gas game. Gotta have it to fuel perpetual war, especially when they’re being waged halfway around the world. It is the Military Industrial Complex that really eats up the stuff – like up to 50% of the hydrocarbons coming from the Gulf of Mexico. How can you possibly shut down that spicket without first terminating a foreign policy that thrives on war first, diplomacy second? Should there be a genuine shift to seeking political solutions to international disagreements by our government, there will follow a dramatic and immediate decrease in oil and gas requirements for the nation. It’s that simple.

In the meantime, we must contend with a federal bureaucracy that is hardwired to make decisions that seek to please the corporate lobbyist. Whether these decisions come from the Departments of Interior, Energy, Justice, Homeland Security or the EPA, these agencies know they have to deal with corporate influence regardless of who’s in power. Taking the path of least resistance is always operative in the DC culture, and therefore the interests of We The People are always, always, subordinated to those who contribute to the campaigns of the elective office-holders. Let’s count the many and diverse ways that politicians and regulators at both federal and state levels just about guaranteed such an oil and gas catastrophe would occur. BP was given a free pass by all, especially because they are a foreign entity without conscience or loyalty to anything American. Who else would be given the task to DRILL BABY DRILL in the most vulnerable, risky and dangerous places on planet Earth?!

Fools and Frauds

Let’s take this line of inquiry one step further. We now have a President who is taking a vacation on a Florida beach that has been airbrushed clean and nice to present the return to normalcy to the rest of the vacationing public. And a Governor who made commercials about himself and the first lady taking dips in the Gulf because the waters were now fit and safe for children, the air was free of VOC’s and the sand has nary a drop of oil on it (Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there).

Is there any legitimate scientific basis for such purposeful and deliberate statements (both verbal and actions) from our political leaders. Let’s consider the following points of information, and then decide.

I. No testing of the water for COREXIT chemical constituents, petrochemical derivatives, methane gas concentrations, toxic drilling residues etc. has been conducted by BP or US Gov’t as far as we know.

II. Proliferation of various algae blooms and unfriendly anaerobic microbials due to oxygen depletion caused by the hydrocarbon effluent, especially during the summer months (warmer water inherently holds less oxygen) is not even on anyone’s radar screen.

III. Sand testing, a hugely needed procedure along the entire Gulf Coast, has not even been mentioned in the MSM, except for those isolated cases where gobs of oil and mousse showed up on the beach. Prince William Sound, Alaska showed us that the petroleum will be drawn down into the layers of beach just below the top surface due to sun, heat and gravity. There, it will sit in much greater concentration than oil in an aquatic environment, only to be seen and felt when setting the foundation for a sand castle or digging your feet in the nice, warm sand.

IV. The Gulf Coast Fisheries have somehow been exempted from any kind of testing which might prove the seafood’s fitness for human consumption. The marketing campaign to jumpstart this industry has gone into full tilt and really presents much cognitive dissonance for the seafood-eating public. What you can’t see or taste or smell, unfortunately, is usually the most dangerous form of any contaminant or toxin. We’re afraid that OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND will win the day where it concerns people’s palates. And you can be sure that this is just what they’re (BP & US Gov’t) betting on!

V. The ENERGETICS of the entire Gulf have profoundly changed. We know that we’ll lose a lot of you on this one but it must be said. Just as the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus is now a dead petrochemical cesspool, and therefore possesses a completely different bioenergetic field, so has the Gulf of Mexico. Likewise, its normal bio-electrical grid has been radically transformed due to the addition of so much chemical contamination, much of it on a greatly dispersed and smaller unit basis. The greater the total mass and volume (and therefore density) of non-aqueous constituents in water, the more conductivity it will possess. How this translates, particularly for the marine life, is not yet known. However, we can say that these two gentlemen were greatly affected during the recent Chinese Oil Spill.


The problem will not go away until BP completely relinquishes its role in the Gulf, and it is brought to justice by all the appropriate jurisdictions that has been violated by this Oil & Gas Industry “supermajor”. Corporate behemoths of this size and power ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and held up as the poster child of global serial criminals so that others are kept in check. Otherwise, the corporate impulse will be to get away with as much as can be gotten away with, especially when the bottom line can be unconscionably enriched.

The real issue here is the shield of LIMITED LIABILITY. This clause has conferred upon corporate entities everywhere the power to wreak havoc wherever they wish with virtual impunity. This Limited Liability shield is effectively granted by the issuing state through the articles of incorporation. It permits a corporation to hide behind this legal, but highly dubious clause, after crimes are committed against a nation, a person, another company, an indigenous tribe, a city, a family, a state or, in this case, an entire region of the USA.

Just What Legal Remedies and Compensatory/Punitive Damages Do We Seek?

#1 An immediate and permanent termination of all BP oil and gas exploration, drilling and extraction within these United States of America (to include all US territories).

#2 An immediate seizure of all BP corporate assets worldwide to be set aside in a humanitarian trust fund to ensure the payment of all present and future legals claims, as well as court-awarded judgements.

#3 An immediate arrest and prosecution of all BP officers and directors who participated in these crimes through acts of commission or omission.

#4 An immediate arrest and prosecution of all US Federal Government employees from those departments/agencies that were tasked with the direct oversight regimes concerning BP’s US Operations.

#5 A permanent moratorium on all oil and gas drilling within US territorial waters, as well as an authentic and comprehensive review of all current oil and gas activities within the same jurisdiction.

#6 A serious audit and remediation of all abandoned wells within US territorial waters. A presidentially-appointed and congressionally-mandated US Commission to study the risks associated with the current 4000 oil and gas platforms currently in operation in the Hurricane Alley region of the Northern Gulf Coast of Mexico.

The Final End Of The Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm

Many of us have seen the movie, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST. We are now witnessing what can occur when the craziest among the crazies are running the asylum.
Many have also seen the movie AVATAR and now understand that Planet Earth has become Pandora. That most of us who live here are the Na’vi. And that oil and gas are the unobtanium that is being stolen from Mother Earth, which is putting Her at great risk.

Very few truly understand that, where it concerns the continuation of the HYDROCARBON FUEL PARADIGM, the fate of humankind now lies precariously in the balance. That’s correct – the future of the planet is in jeopardy where it concerns GAIA’s ability to maintain a necessary biosphere that is fit for human life to live and prosper. We already know that the quality of life all over this once pristine and beautiful orb has deteriorated beyond thresholds which will ensure the premature death for millions of inhabitants. As it will also promote an exponential proliferation of disease and illness, epidemics and syndromes, debility and ailments of every kind throughout the global population.

While there is no disputing that we have chosen this path collectively, it does not mean we cannot change our course. In fact, WE MUST CHANGE OUR COURSE. And WE MUST DO IT SOON. By thoughtfully transitioning away from this inherently destructive energy platform, and over to some of the truly clean and green energy sources and technologies which have been suppressed for decades.

Do we get it yet?! We certainly hope and pray that we have made ourselves perfectly clear in this regard. And we invite everyone to join this “cause of the millennium” —> Let’s SAVE THE PLANET by HEALING MOTHER EARTH.

All of what follows is the work of BK Lim. Any permission to post or publish should be sought from him directly.


Dr. Tom Termotto, BCIM
National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)

Tallahassee, FL
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

Click on the links below to view enlarged diagrams of those above:

DWH Blowout CSI – How it happenned (dragged) 1

DWH Blowout CSI – How it happenned (dragged) 2

DWH Blowout CSI – How it happenned (dragged) 3

DWH Blowout CSI – How it happenned (dragged) 4

DWH Blowout CSI – How it happenned (dragged) 5

DWH Blowout CSI – How it happenned (dragged) 6

DWH Blowout CSI – How it happenned (dragged) 7

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72 Responses to Has Yet Another Fraud Been Perpetrated By BP & The US Government Against We The People?!

  1. Brigitte in Paris says:

    Did I get this straight, that the disaster happened on a well that was “unreported” i.e. an illegally drilled well adjacent to well A? If so this is a scandal of huge proportions and all the federal agencies are helping covering it up instead of holding BP accountable. And this is not even speaking about the ecological consequences. What more do you need for a revolution?

  2. Commander Z says:

    So is Well B still gushing and where is the oil going now?

  3. Rich says:

    to: Brigitte in Paris ,,,,,,It was not an illegally drilled 2nd well. They have two wells very close to each other.
    see this document. http://www.gomr.mms.gov/PI/PDFImages/PLANS/29/29977.pdf
    That is exactly what BP filed with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE). Well_A was in 2009 and that is the well we see on the rover cameras. Well_B was in 2010. That is the well that blew out and also caused Well_A to leak again. Watch this also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nddz3vb30aU

  4. Brigitte Picart says:

    So what does the “unreported” mean in the pdf whose name ends in “dragged” with no number after it? I saved it this morning to my HD but can’t find it on this site now.

    • Unreported means the well was never reported by BP or the Media or the US Government, when in fact they had full knowledge of its existence.

      2nd well location
      drilled after
      17 March 2010”

      What you see within the quotation marks is what you saw on the original posting.

  5. Brigitte says:

    Yes Concernedcitizensof florida, this is what I meant. So “unreported” means that this is the well they are covering up, trying to make us believe that the well they are showing us with the BOP on top is the well that blew out. Do we know why they gave up on well A?

  6. cornelius says:

    pale skin speak with forked tongue

  7. Revealer says:

    The first well was dug a year before the explosion well… it was dug halfway and abandoned because bp forced them to destory the walls by bumping up the speed of the drill. That well was intentionally capped and abandoned and is about 1 football field away from the oil spill blowout well. BP did this on purpose so they would have another fixed well in macando area they could videotape and show instead of the destroyed well “I.E the big HOLE in the earth that is getting bigger. BTW the oil disappeared because they flooded the areas with dispersant and i hear u can go into some parts and take out water and poor oil in and it instantly mixes with the water meaning the water is FULL OF DISPERSANT! The oil didnt diseappear there is so much dispersant in the ocean is just comes out of the hole dispersed is all. Expect the WORST people….

    • Brigitte says:

      Are you suggesting well A and the way it was destroyed was Phase I of the big plan to destroy all life on earth while fooling the population into believing the blow-out well is capped?

      • ducq says:

        Well there’s the rub. While there is abundant evidence that this was planned, what we lack is clear information regarding scope and schedule. Yes, it could have been to eliminate the mostly private fishing companies in the Gulf so that the larger corporations can rule. Yes, it could have been to cripple America in preparation for the same events that the financial meltdown serves. Or… or… or…

        There are dozens of scenarios, and they all work. This is what makes our job so interesting and their disinformation so effective. The fact that there was massive incompetence need not distract us from the fact that there was massive intentionality.

        I doubt if they’re ready to destroy most life on earth just yet, though I wouldn’t put it past them. The Corexit angle seems to be our biggest clue regarding scope, and the timing of the intentional destruction of the rig on Hitler’s birthday seems to be our biggest clue as to how quickly we can expect this disaster to develop into the next planned stage. I had initially pegged the next stage to manifest itself in October, and as this has unfolded I’ve seen no reason to abandon that estimate.

        So it’s not over. Wisdom, common sense, and the ability to research are valuable right now.

      • For a friend in hiding says:

        It all started with a plan to bypass the administrative red tapes and to save some costs by skipping safety procedures. It got worse, so the little Dutch Boy had to stick all five fingers in. As the hole in the dyke gets bigger, both his hands went in. Pretty soon ….
        well you know how the story goes.

        I am not sure if there had been planned phases to destroy all life on earth but I am pretty sure, BP reads all these feedbacks and adjust accordingly. BK’s rendition of BP’s magic show on capping the well is one example.

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  9. Anadianant says:

    So interesting. Such a simple pictoral telling.
    Is it true though? So hard to tell in the current mess of lies, obfuscation and outright criminality.

    Interesting how the first decade of this new century has book-ends of major disasters (9/11 Air Disaster and now GOM Water Disaster).

    I suppose the wise should get a hint eh?


  10. concievable…yes…but how do we verify?

  11. hybridrogue1 says:


    Sounds insane donut? But if you’ve read some of the inside boojie that I have, there are demons running the world.
    I don’t mean that in a metaphysical way either…I mean the ponerists and their agenda for the New World Order. They are total whack-jobs.

  12. Carl Forsberg says:

    Everything that this report says above could be true or it is pure fantasy. How am I to know anything abut this oil tragedy? However, there are very important cosmic sources that do know every detail of this whole ordeal and it is to those forces that I will let pass judgement on this problem. I can assure you of one thing. I would not want to be a part of any group that is responsible for this disaster. For those who are truly to blame for all of this there truly will be HELL to pay. You say that this is just Phase 1 to destroy all life on earth. This earth is not theirs to destroy. The only thing they will end up destroying is themselves. This earth is a living entity and it is quite able to take care of itself. These microscopic specks of Dark Human Energy are like a disease, And like the virus they are they can and will be annihilated if they become a real problem. That I am very sure of. Let them test that if they want – at their own peril.

  13. Revealer says:

    Not all life on earth… If you want to see what will eventually happen google a story… 6 kids died in lousiana not far from the gulf when a sinkhole sucked then all 20ft into the earth in the river. Not long after oil geysers are erupting in lousiana right out of the ground. This can be verifed easily by searching i would imagine something huge along the lines of a MASSIVE version of the Lake Peigneur sinkhole disaster where a 14inch wide oil drill penetrated a salt mine and ended up sucking in 8 barge ships and pover 70 acres of land… this was in a SMALL lake and small underground cave compared to whats under the macando well area.

  14. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    The second well lost all semblance of legallity when it was used to destroy as much as possible through systematic incompetence or by striving to attain progressively more out of control conditions while knowing the inevitability of catastrophic environmental damage, as well as first degree murder of the men on board the DH. No known technology can control a 70,000 to 100,000 p.s.i.flow. They knew what the pressure levels were. They knew they would not be able to control the flow. They continued.
    Our pres. WHATSISNAME can take it, but he will not fight for anyone, especially Americans. This is what he was trained to do.
    BK Lim is a hero to us all. Please tell me great one, any sign of the Mud Logs? Seriously, thank you very much for your work.

  15. Ged says:

    Your Wall Street rulers will dump you with a National Debt of $ 13 Trillion and rising, plus $ 67 Trillion of toxic derivatives, then build new slave empires in India and the rest of South Asia. They`ve already stashed their loot in off- shore tax havens.

  16. Journeyman says:

    The question that I have is how come no one is talking about the huge rectangular hole burned through the heli-pad. I know for a fact that high quality aluminium does not melt that easily, espescially from a flame derived from crude oil 1oo or 200 feet below. Does anybody have a perspective on this muted point ?

  17. Brigitte in Paris says:

    Maybe there is no connection but here in France the weather is unseasonably cold and rainy while July was normal. Just look at the animations showing the progress of the oil in the Atlantic, it shows that by mid August the oil was reaching the west coast of Europe.

    Please consider that the Gulf Stream goes up warm and higher North ig turns down and returns cold to its Southern end to rise up again and warm up along the coast of South America to the GOM. Now think about the oil and dispersant pollution following the same circuit. This is scary as hell.
    If the BP disaster is responsible for the cold weather in western Europe, then this is gonna get very, very, very ugly. I see widespread crop destruction and famine. Russia is stopping its wheat exports because of the fires, there are floods and crop destruction in many parts of the world including so far Eastern Europe, Pakistan, China, and droughts in other parts (Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria).

    • Sarah says:

      Did you see the information that the Gulf Current has stopped… and that is probably what is responsible for the temperature changes? Whoa, I just read the article this morning, looked in my computer “history” to find it, and it is unavailable. I betcha the powers that be are making sure this news doesn’t get out. What I remember was that it was a top researcher in Italy that had done the investigations based on satellite data, and had determined the loop current had actually stopped.

  18. billy jack says:

    After reading the article and multiple comments, it is apparent that this comment will be the only one with technical merit based upon the fact that I am a petroleum engineer and have drilled oil and gas wells for over 30 years.

    1) the diagrams are complete nonsense & have no bearing on the disaster or subsequent actions. If Mr. Lim would like to debate please be my guest, I surmise he doesn’t know any physics or math beyond algebra, much less knows anything about controlling a “kick” or drilling oil wells.
    2)The blowout occurred because unfortunately we have a whole generation of petroleum engineers that have been managed by accountants. When all of your bonuses, promotions and salaries are based upon how much money you saved instead of producing oil without killing people the Macondo is what happens. In short, this was about cutting costs, not a planned disaster.
    3)I am more concerned about why the well was allowed to blow out for 3 months before putting on the new BOP. BP did not know anymore about the wellbore condition in 3 months than they knew in the first week, so why did they piddle around for 3 months? This really befuddles me, because I know there is at least one engineer at BP that learned his trade before the accountants took over that would have proposed nippling up a new BOP on top of the old one in the first week.
    4) Rather than listen to some “glue head that has gone organic” like Mr. Lim, let’s deal with a few facts.
    a) Volume of the escape is based upon Darcy’s equation that defines the flow from porous media. Oil flows from the microscopic spaces between sand grains not a vast cavern of oil. Darcy’s equation with reasonable estimates make the blowout around 40,000 to 80,000 bopd regardeless of the size of the hole.
    b)The Gulf Stream flows .6 million cubic meters per second. Coverting to barrels per day with 6.28 bbls/cubic meter is 8.254 billion bbls per day. Assuming that none of the oil was recovered from the ocean and that no biodegrading occurred and using a flow rate based upon the most hysterical estimate of 120,000 bopd then the ratio of oil to water in the gulf stream is .00001454 to 1. The amount of natural gas again using the most hysterical estimates represents less than .01% of the methane released to the atmosphere by existing manmade and natural sources.
    c) There are natural seeps into the Gulf estimated as around 500,000 bbls/year. Roberto Debaca reported in his log that he recaulked his ship with tarballs from the beaches at Port Isabelle, Texas in 1519.
    d) There have been over 35,000 wells drilled in the US Gulf of Mexico with one major disaster. Cutting through all the hysterical bullshit, that’s pretty good track record.
    e)As soon as everyone stops eating(fertilizers), taking warm showers(electricity), driving cars(gasoline), taking medicine(multiple drugs), quits drinking bottled water(plastics) then I’ll quit drilling for oil for oil and gas.

    There are no simple solutions.

    • Commander Z says:

      The BP shills like Billy Jack are already at it. trying to poke holes in this theory. Never does Billy Boy mention the Global positioning data nor the holes that were cut in the pontoons of the Deepwater Horizon Rig. Never has one frame of the sunken rig been shown for this simple reason. Just like 911 cutting charges were used to sink the rig by allowing the fake fire boats fill the pontoons with water so no evidence of what really happed would be found for years. The same “creatures” responsible for 911 are responsible for the BP disaster also. If this gets past the moderator’s PC filters you may infer what I am saying.

      • Grady in Tennessee says:

        I have been researching this from day one and could not for the life of me figure out why the rig just up and sank….You stated that holes were cut in the pontoons,have you anything to back that up as I feel like the fire did not sink it because it would be above the floats and not underwater…Any links etc. that you have would be most helpful with my research.Thanks much !!!

      • Brigitte says:

        Yes, filling the pontoons, or flaters, with water was the only way to sink the rig. This might explain the hole in the helipad, through which the water could flow and fill the floater under it. I have read about a lawsuit filed by BP against the fire-boats claiming they are responsible for sinking the rig.

        As to the fact of everything being staged, sometimes unwanted facts slip through the filters, and all the PTB can do is hope we’re too stupid to notice or too lazy to search for an explanation.

    • Brigitte says:

      Sorry, I meant “floaters”, not “flaters”.

  19. Ged says:

    Oceanographic satellite data now shows that the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has stalled as a consequence of the BP oil disaster. This according to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian physicist, and systems analyst at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy.
    He further notes that the effects of this stall have also begun to spread to the Gulf Stream. This is because the Loop Current is a crucial element and driver of the Gulf Stream itself, and has been referred to as the “main engine” of the Atlantic current.
    The concern now, is whether or not natural processes can re-establish the stalled Loop Current or further leaks will exacerbate the stalling effect. If so, we could begin to see winter temperatures plummet in Europe global crop failures as early as 2011.

  20. Brigitte in Paris says:

    Another thing is the fact that Corexit is like antifreeze and when it reaches the poles it may worsen the problem of melting ice and prevent the formation of new ice despite lowering the temperature because of the stalled Gulf Stream.

  21. hybridrogue1 says:

    Like Commander Z remarks…

    Let me say this as far as “technical expertise” ala Billy jack.
    Perhaps I am “the only one” with the 40 plus years of expertise in intelligence analysis and social engeneering to see the obvious agenteur line expounded by such as our self proclaimed “oil expert”.
    As true as this is, there are many here with the hightened intuition to see this as well. Much due to the blooming consciousness brought on by the Internet–which is now the target of the panoptic maximum security state we all inhabit ala Brave New World. \\ll//

  22. Dave says:

    If the BOP and the entire riser package were wrecked as this drawing claims,there would be much more oil (100X) on all beaches and on the surface as well.
    Haven’t we heard enough horseshit from people like the late Matt Simmons to keep falling for this unsubstantiated nonsense?

    • A Renshaw says:

      Your ignorance is obvious. Why bother to comment if you nothing about this disaster other than what you regurgitate after watching Fox and CNN.
      Wake up my freind and smell the coffee or in this case, benzene and methane..!!

  23. hybridrogue1 says:

    Dave says: Yada yada “idiots like [dead for what reasons now?] Matt Simmons…

    And the reality of COREXIT seems to have exited his consciousness…if he has a consciousness.
    And you pulled this 100x number out of which orifice?
    Oh it was on your BP teleprompter…I see.

    • A Renshaw says:

      When confronting ignorance such Dave above..it is easy to ridicule and throw snide comments his way. But understand he is a part of the larger majority of the great brainwashed and is to be pitied. It can be said that it’s not really his fault he is ignorant and misinformed. If anything this guy should be gently encouraged to escape the ‘cognitive dissonance’ he suffers from. God knows that if the present situation is to be changed…all the Daves out there are going to be needed. Consider that less than 2 percent and likely only 1 percent of the general populace have any real idea on what is really going on…!!!

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  25. Mr. Dickie Pope says:

    Does anyone think this is any different than : 1.Battleship Maine 2.Lusitania 3.Federal Reserve Act 4.Pearl Harbor 5. Roswell crash and coverup 6.President Kennedy assasination- coup d ‘etat 7.Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 8.9-11- triple building destruction & murder9. Banking scandals(including S&L scandal,TARP ,bailing out banks worldwide-using us as collateral) and their congressional henchman benefiting corporations and companies? Do you really think these PIGS in congress have’ we the people’ in mind or heart when they vote for the evil executive laws,Health care bill,Cap and trade,Wars in the mideast,NAFTA ,GATT,CAFTA,increase in spending for the CIA ,NSA &FBI?Recall both federal judges Susan Illston and Reggie Walton stated the federal government doesn’t have to answer for 9/11 to ‘we the people'(paraphrasing) as just one primary example.Try to push the issue more than that and you’ll be suicided.

    To think that the PLUTOCRATIC OLIGARCHIC BANKING SYNDICATE is going to allow one of their own i.e. a FEDERAL JUDGE to come to ‘we the peoples aid’ is naivette in the extreme and historically absent minded.Each and everyone of the investigations(when allowed) to above stated CONSPIRACIES were at best an official rubber stamping and the show goes on as before.But don’t worry…we can vote them out of office! Is’n’t this the sacred mantra?God bless the United States and _uck the rest of the world!

    We’re being played to the sound of ‘Exterminans’-Revelation 9/11-opera! Recall here Satan quoted Psalm 90/11 to Jesus in the desert.
    It is my humle opinion that until “WE THE PEOPLE” find the ‘STRAIGHTWAY to RESURRECT the courage, convictions,arguments,justification,resolve of both the southern anti-bellum state right advocates and some of the founding Fathers of the Constitution nullification principles alongside our ‘FAITH OF OUR FATHERS’ in Almighty God we shall find ourselves in the continuing death grip of this leviathin federal and global banking beast.The top of their pyramid is POPULATION CONTROL.

  26. Commander Z says:

    The Great Leader was photographed in the Gulf (Yeah, right) but without a panoramic sweep of the Gulf and the horizon and shore and a still photo yet.
    Meanwhile the gases are still being recorded spewing all over the seabed in embarrassing shots that BP quickly pans away from.
    Methinks there is a Potential Pompeii type of event horizon going on here and it may be being coordinated with the attack on Iran.

  27. hybridrogue1 says:

    Mr. Pope says, and I agree, that all of the incedents he mentions in his post are historical evidences of and the BP fiasco is a continuation of the more than OBVIOUS reality that the so-called “federal government” is nothing but a criminal syndicate fronting for the global oligarchy.
    I just want to know how long Americans are going to remain on their knees? How long they are going to believe such fairy tale mythology as spewed from the mainstream press. How many of their sons, and now daughters are going to continue to be sacrificed to the Zionist god Molach in forcing wars?????


  28. A Renshaw says:

    I really need some clarification…!!
    BP drills two wells, A & B a year apart. They have problems with well A and seal it. Well B blows out and we have a gusher. They go through the motions of trying a fix but stop during an incoming storm. After the storm, the ROV shows co-ordinates and a 30 story Cap that miraculously appears that match Well A’s location. BP and US Govt. claim leak is sealed. So….What about Well B..??? Is it still gushing, leaking, sealed or what..?? Does anyone know..??
    I really would like to know….thks

    • ducq says:

      Yes, we’d all like to know that. And we likely will as soon as it’s too late to (a) responsibly remedy the problem, and (b) identify the perpetuators and follow the trail back to the initial purpose behind this.

      Yet many have applied common sense and research to the situation, and have come up with scenarios which, while unverified, fit the circumstances with far more accuracy than what is reported, as seen in the comments above.

      It has been clearly demonstrated that well A became the focus in a ‘bait-and-switch’ move. It has been clearly demonstrated that all this has been planned. It has been clearly demonstrated that Corexit is deadly, and that enough of it has been applied to make its deadliness as critical a factor as the indication that all this is on some master plan.

      It has not been demonstrated that anything whatsoever has been done to stem the flow from well B. If something has been done, there would be evidence. It has not been demonstrated that there is any interest in the problem itself, but a great deal of interest in public spin. If there were any parties working on the problem itself, we would know. The problem is too large to hide an actual working solution. There is no evidence of one.

      It is remarkable how well one can anticipate these effects if one does a little research. In the first month, I wrote up a schedule of expected events, based loosely on 400 hours of research. So far, despite the media’s histrionics, things are unfolding right on schedule, and my friends, especially those in that immediate area, who don’t have the research time are appropriately grateful, .

      Yet I don’t feel that blogs are the best forum for some of these considerations, as the trolls thereby get too many clues as to who is clued in, and who is clueless, and how. Having the opposing side appraised as to your intelligence is not the best course of action in what is, after all, a war.

  29. A Renshaw says:

    Another comment…
    I would like to point out to all those speculating as to why BP and TPTB either allowed this disaster to happen or even caused it, that the desire for simple explanations as to motives must be carefully moderated. In otherwords, it is very unlikely that there is a simple explanation such as profits, support for oil prices etc.
    These people think and plan years, if not decades ahead, taking into acct. every foreseeable and anticipated variable. Think ‘Big Picture’ and effects that may be felt months and years from now. Not easy to do.
    I will say this…If BP is allowed to escape justice and prosecution, it will be said that this event was the pivotal point at which the US of A formally was recognized as being a ‘Fascist State’ subservient only to the needs and desires of Corporations much in the same way as Italy and Germany in the 30’s and 40’s..!!!!

  30. Enough of the ‘gloom and doom’ stuff.

    Let’s have some fun!

    Everyone in the water!!

    Last one in is a rotten egg!!!

    or worse…


  31. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    To Rich, as soon as they were reckless in their drilling procedures, in such dangerous conditions, that they knew for a fact they were getting more catastrophic in potential for every foot they drilled, without the means to control it, and watching the rig break down, and did it all without industry standard safety equipment, and continued, and without any clean up gear, provides an open-and-shut-case of multiple first-degree murder, genocide, widespread environmental destruction, and a mile high stack of other torts. This was no accident. This was an attack. Carried out with the most damage with the least effort possible from all approaches considered.
    Who did it? Was it Brown Bros.-Walker? Nope. Was it Brown Bros.-Harriman? Nope. Was it Kellogg Brown and Root? Nope. Was it Halliburton? They only drilled it and did the final trip-set before buying the major disaster repair team. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE????? I can’t say, I might muss up my hair. Or be sued for all my riches. Or even worse, disagree with Tom Brokaw!! Or George Will. Or those wedding Cake figures on Faux News. I could not handle the disgrace and SHAME of disagreeing with the Chair of the Committee. They would cancel my subscription to the olive-oil table at Bohemia Grove. I would lose my place in the cave. With all the new world figures, chosen for their sexual attractiveness,,and skills of obedience. Of course the ratio of,….. MINE FUHRER, I can WALK AGAIN!!!
    COMPETENT ENGINEERS ARE STANDING BY. BP DID NOT USE COMPETENT ENGINEERS TO DIG THIS WELL. Competent engineers would have walked off the job long before this disaster came to fruition. GET BP AND HALLIBURTON OUT OF THERE. To hell with your retirement.

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  34. hybridrogue1 says:

    “Having the opposing side appraised as to your intelligence is not the best course of action in what is, after all, a war.”-ducq

    A precient observation–BUT, lets face it, ‘they’ already know out rectal temperature on a moment to moment basis. It is long past time worrying about being on some ‘list’. You would have to have been slick enough to play dummy for the last ten years.
    I know someone who has…a real sleeper, she even fooled me for a time. The most of the rest of us have tatoo targets on our backs already. I have gotten used to it. It is what it is.
    Look at it this way, when the shit really hits the fan it will be mayham–“the best laid plans”…and all that.

  35. Commander Z says:

    The essence of this whole BP deal is the same as the WTC 911 deal. On 911 there were NO planes. This was a media/government/Mossad Psyops event. Planes were photoshopped in over a mysterious ball like object that was photographed going in to the Second Bldg and most likely the first WTC BLDG was the same. THERE WERE CUTTING CHARGES AND POSSIBLY MINI-NUKES INVOLVED.
    What do we know of the Well operations under the sea but WHAT THEY HAVE ALLOWED US TO SEE. EVERY FRAME IS A SCRIPTED AND COORDINATED EVENT. What we saw on the sea was RED Stuff FROM A MUD VOLCANO. Black oil could have been pumped out of any number of tankers for the marshland effects.
    It will take many years to get to the bottom of this BP deal. It has taken 9 years to understand the trick they played on us on 911 to get us into wars of profit.
    What you have seen is ONLY WHAT THEY HAVE WANTED YOU TO SEE.

    • JKnTX says:

      All too true.
      Most have never heard of “The night that panicked America” aka October 31, 1938 either, nor do they try to learn history.
      Dear old Orson was such a pioneer!

  36. Pingback: media / today « Within This Shell

  37. WRAY EDWARDS says:

    Talk about being bracketed…many Israeli embassies test positive for nuclear weapons which has our “president” bowing and scraping to the slightest whim of BiBi on the one hand, while the petroleum barons play ecological chess games with their fire water to keep their wells, tanker fleets, truck fleets, “convenience stores” and 80 story office buildings perking right along on the other.

    As our soldiers are being used as mercenaries to execute Zionist tactical and strategic designs in the middle east, the oil of Iraq is laundered through China and the opium of Afghanistan is shipped to the west so that people can get high while they watch a one man star chamber (Dexter) murder perps for the greater good of the community.

    America has outlived its usefulness, and this humorous gambit in the gulf is a perfect measure of the psychopathic mentality of Rothschild and his lackeys at the FED and Goldman Sachs which are involved in this mess right up to their hegemonic chins.

    The Aztec, Incan, Mayan and Hopi Gods must be laughing their asses off as America is, finally, going to pay the price for its impudent, white European genocides in the “new world” and present one. As the gulf gushes oil and the American border with Mexico gushes … …, “what goes around, most assuredly comes around.” As the line goes in some long ago movie, “Gentlemen, may we be truly be grateful for what we are about to receive.”

    • JKnTX says:

      Doubtdful, since they will go down the same way. I hate to hurt your feelings, but the “Indians” are in no way sacrosanct, and before you accuse me of racism, my great-grandparents on my mother’s side were full blood Choctaw.


  38. stonecatcher says:

    Read the blog below and check out blog utubes for conformation on coordinates [Wells A & B] http://www.examiner.com/x-10438-Human-Rights-Examiner~y2010m8d6-Breaking-Gulf-news-LandSurveyor-proves-Simmons-right-TV-well-sham

    Then watch the following utube [A tale of two wells]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oaf998FwQVI

    The blog/videos are self-explanatory with recorded evidence [video] of BP replacing Well A for Well B in media propoganda: Evidence of the crime is in plain view!

  39. hybridrogue1 says:

    “Planes were photoshopped in over a mysterious ball like object that was photographed going in to the Second Bldg and most likely the first WTC BLDG was the same. “–Com-Z

    Just the newest fad of 9/11 twirlybird BS to discredit real scientific inquiry. Those Youtube special effects tricks aren’t hard to spot, as a special effects cinima veteran of many years. The likelyhood is that THEY are from the intel community.

    Be careful of ‘the newest thang’ till you get some more verifiable evidence than Youtube UFO tricks.

  40. Many have speculated on what really happened, and just who is it that is doing the “happening”……
    There are entirely different lines of inquiry – around this matter – which can greatly expedite one’s journey to the TRUTH.
    Here is a personal reply to one of our esteemed commentators, which may trigger some insights for the sincere truthseeker. As follows:

    #1 Surely you can tell from our many articles that we are not oblivious to the truth.

    #2 We know much more than most can even imagine about how the world is really run. For example:
    (i) True worldly power during the Kali Yuga never, ever reveals itself. It always stays hidden from view. If you see it or hear it or feel it, then it is not real power. This is how it stays in the ascendant position and continues to accrue even more power unto itself.

    (ii) True worldly power never changes hands during the Kali Yuga. It appears to, but never, ever really does.

    (iii) The deeper we plunge into the Kali Yuga, and the darker and denser that things get, the more layers and levels of deception are employed by those who exercise true worldly power. They do so for their own protection, and out of raw fear. For it is only fear that drives their many misguided agendas.

    (iv) At the end of the day – every day – whoever it is that runs the world answers to the same Highest Power that you and I do. In fact, it is only through the Will of this Highest Power that these controllers control anything at all.

    We offer these statements not as unsolicited advice; only for your serious consideration as you contemplate how the world works, who runs it and how we can break free from the control matrix.

    With every good wish,

    The Blogmaster

  41. Gary says:

    Day 3 I said it was war with Britain
    Forget it now you are genocided
    Al Bushommas relationship with BP is not yours
    Kiss your kids and your a— goodbye
    Britain won that 1814 thingie, NOW

  42. Gary says:

    Comment deleted due to disrespectful and inappropriate language.

  43. Commander Z says:


    To Whom It May Concern: If you have anything to contravene these videos please let us know. The conspiracy to fool the sheeple has worked well and the name of the enemy is always censored and disappeared. Being politically correct will cost us our lives and our fortunes.

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  45. The Art of Mass Deception – Part 1 Ballistic Analysis of DWH & Riser wreck.

    @ http://bklim.newsvine.com/_news/2010/08/17/4913304-the-art-of-mass-deception-part-1-ballistic-analysis-of-dwh-riser-wreck

    News Type: Other — Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:26 PM EDT

    by BK LIM

    Coincidence is the word we often use when we want to hide the truth. The oil spill disaster has more than its fair share of coincidences. Matt Simmons’s death 4 days ago, is a great loss to all of us seeking the truth. In one of his final interviews, Matt Simmons said, “It was painful as can be… to be the only person in the industry that was willing to speak out.” This article is dedicated to him, all those (animals included) killed and those continuing to suffer from this mega disaster.

    Despite BP’s numerous delay tactics, improprieties, inconsistencies and contradictions; the mainstream media, BP’s paid Bogus Press and “Oilmen Expert” bloggers never commented on the obvious flaws in BP’s rendition of the mega disaster. But the same Devil’s Advocates were so quick to bark and maul on articles or postings that disputed BP’s version of events. It was painful indeed to read these biased blogs hammering and mauling Matt Simmons’s character, professionalism and sanity, just because he had disputed BP’s claims and version of events. Many of Matt Simmons’s accounts have since been vindicated by recent whistleblowers’ accounts, evidence of previously undetected oil spill and gas seeps, and health hazards due to extensive usage of Corexit.

    BP’s attempts to spin the disaster into an art form through the mass media and paid advertisement are all part of BP’s Charade. The failing Static Kill on the “wrongly” capped well (Macondo A) is just one of the “broken steps”. The return of BP Zombie Well by Fintan Dunne aptly described the multiple failures in trying to kill the wild well. Is there more to it? Did BP drill one or two wells? Apparently the wells were drilled outside their approved period of exploration. Despite what it seems Well B was not drilled at its proposed location. Instead after plugging well A, DWH drilled on an unreported location which blew on 20th April 2010. Were regulations contravened?

    This article is the first of several series which will present evidence of mass deception for public discussion. Without doubt, underhanded tactics and adulterated data would be used to discredit me and my articles as they had done to Matt Simmons. Bloggers would be employed to disseminate distorted facts and to confuse the general public, under the guise of technical discussions. Do not be intimidated by technical jargons meant to confuse, for the truth is always simple and logical. Judge what I have presented here for its true academic values and not from any political or vested perspective. There are no hidden motives in my series of articles other than to educate, disseminate the truth and point out the obvious flaws in the accounts of the disaster. My expertise in the field of geohazards geophysics is given here on a pro-bono basis as part of my contribution to speak up for Mother Earth so that we need not live in constant fear of another mega man-made disaster.

    1 Was the wrong well capped?
    As the list of things that do not add up, continues to grow longer and longer, it is becoming more obvious the cover-ups are as elaborate and extensive as the disaster itself. One has to wonder why would there be a need for such a colossal cover-up. The truth then must be more devastating than the disaster itself. It is always easier to tell the truth as the truth will not contradict any facts that are revealed over time. The bigger the lie the more elaborate is the effort needed to cover it. But all deception no matter how perfectly planned cannot cover all tracks. After all, Man proposes but God Disposes.

    The starting point of contention has to be Well A (E 1,202,803.88, N 10,431,617.00) which was supposed to be the seabed location drilled when the disastrous blowout occurred on 20th April 2010. Is it a mere coincidence Well A is located outside the blowout circle drawn to connect the major debris from DWH? The source of any unconstrained explosion will always lie close to the “epicenter” of the blowout. While it is possible to have a skewed ellipsoid (as in explosions from directional charges), the debris field will be similarly skewed and not be a symmetrical circle. See figure 1 of DWH blowout CSI which was reproduced from the Macondo ROV Map Ver 1.0 compiled by Fintan Dunne on 9th Aug 2010. Tuttlet must be commended for compiling the original map showing the ROVs’ position in early August.

    It is only logical that DWH would be drilling directly above the well’s seabed location within tolerance limits of a couple of percentage error. DWH being the “state of the art” drilling rig, was definitely capable of maintaining dynamic position accurate to 50ft or 1% of water depth. For all practical purposes, 3% or 150 ft would be the position tolerance limit at that depth. It is therefore intriguing that Well A should be more than 520ft SSE of DWH’s surface location. If this was true, then DWH was drilling with the riser string at an angle of almost 6º. Given the dynamic positioning capability of DWH, there should be no reason for DWH’s surface location to be so far away from well A; if indeed the seabed location was Well A when the blowout occurred on 20th April 2010.

    2 Did Well A blow out on 20th April 2010?
    BP in their press conferences gave the impression that the riser string was largely intact and still connected to the BOP on top of Well A’s well-head, albeit badly twisted and bent. The figures at 7a to 7e (DWH blowout CSI) by Al Jazeera illustrate the simplistic but illogical rendition of how DWH could have sunk to the present wreck position on the seabed with 3 leaks on the punctured riser.

    Doubts that the capped well (Well A) may not be the actual well that blew on 20th April, is further fueled by the early video footage available to public in May. The videos showed oil gushing out of a partially buried, severed casing with several broken debris obviously associated with a catastrophic event. The oil gush seems to be flowing out of a sub-horizontal pipe (casing?) which apparently dips into the seabed within an “unnatural” seabed crater. This location referred to as S20BC, is approximately (estimated from the scatter plots of ROV coordinates) 720 ft NNW of Well A and just 120ft NW of DWH’s surface location. The water depth of 4960-4970 ft is consistent with the depth shown on the bathymetric chart. Figure 3 shows the charted location of these images presented in figures 3a -3d. Water depth at Well A is generally more than 4990 ft.

    This is strange as in all past blowout investigations, the primary focus of attention should be the blown-out well (Well A?) and not any one of the three “secondary leaks” on the riser. Why the intense activities focusing on S20BC (supposedly the most serious of the 3 leaks on the riser) instead of Well A? Does action speak louder than words? Could S20BC be the real blowout well but misled as just a “secondary” leak on the riser? Another piece of Mass Deception?

    Video footage of the faulty BOP on top of Well A was only widely available to the public from June onwards. In a video dated 4 June 2010, an apparent “Dispersant Ops” Rov showed the BOP at 61.8 ft above seabed level, at 221.5 ft WNW of Well A location. Figure 3d confirmed our suspicion that the BOP had been “busily travelling” around instead of being Static at Well A as we had been led to believe.

    Stranger still, why does the partially buried, severed casing (at S20BC) with gushing oil and gas appear to resemble more of a broken well-head casing than a twisted or flattened riser? Why would the ROV video show the oil to be flowing from north to south? If the oil and gas were to flow from Well A to S20BC in the north through the “riser”, the flow direction should be south to north. This confirms that Well A could not be the source of the leaking oil and gas.

    It was crucial to keep this key discrepancy secret initially to avoid adulteration of the ROV data. As expected, the recent video footage appears to have unreliable coordinates or had missing information; eg sudden jumps of several hundred feet in ROV position. While “jumps” in navigation or position can be due to a variety of instrumental errors or data lapses, it is more difficult to explain jumps that seem to converge to Well A location. Is this another evidence of “tampering with the data”?

    3 The mystery of the Twisted Riser wreck standing 1500 ft above seabed
    Figure 2 (DWH blowout CSI) illustrates that it would not be possible for the DWH wreck to have landed just 1,100 ft from Well A if the riser string was largely intact with the base attached to the BOP (BP’s official version).

    Even if the riser string were to detach from DWH as it was sinking, the wrecks (both DWH and riser) would continue their motion northwards. By the time the riser string had tilted to 12.5º from the vertical, the burning DWH would be already 1082 ft from Well A and it would have sunk by 118 ft. It is also possible that DWH could have fallen apart much earlier at 6º tilt angle. In which case, the centre of the fallout circle would be very close to the observed surface location of DWH but the WDH wreck would have to sink by 27 ft. Thus while the WDH wreck could still land at the observed seabed location, the unbroken long riser string would not be so twisted and definitely not bent backwards at such an acute angle. It is only logical for a free-falling rigid string (anchored at the base to the BOP) to fall straight through the water column; thus ruling out such pronounced bending.

    It is almost impossible to explain how the riser could have bent backwards at such an acute angle and landed at a standing position 1500 ft above the seabed, with the lower end of the riser still attached to the BOP. Either the mainstream media were totally misled or NOAA debris chart as shown in figure 2a is totally inaccurate. Surely the Press could not have been so meek, not to question the improbability of the twisted riser standing 1500 ft above the seafloor without breaking. Obviously BP was given a lot of leeway to cover its own charade with a “No Tough Questions” policy. This is BP’s Art of Mass Deception in action.

    Even if the burning DWH had sunk with the riser string broken at the lower section, the swing momentum of any inclined rigid steel string would have propelled DWH towards its anchor point. NOAA debris chart is the documented evidence of physical laws governing the dynamics of DWH sinking. There is no way DWH’s wreck could have landed at its present seabed location 720ft away if DWH’s riser (steel) string was anchored to Well A.

    The most likely anchor location of DWH’s riser string is S20BC. Figures 8a-8h show the likely sequence in the sinking of DWH following the blowout on 20th April 2010. The blowout was so powerful its upward thrust probably broke the lower 1/5 of the riser. The BOP with the broken riser tilted and fell to the seafloor bending the upper section of the well casing. Whether the BOP was later cut and removed from the well-head or whether it broke off from the well-head by the blowout, is open to question? This can be confirmed by unadulterated ROV operation reports.

    BP probably removed the BOP with the bent riser and installed it on Well A several weeks after the 20th April blowout. It was only after the BOP installation on Well A, were video footage of the leaking BOP released for public consumption. Irrespective of the BOP’s “travel paths or transit points”, Well A could not have been the well location drilled by DWH when the 20th April blowout occurred. Period!
    by BK Lim

  46. david says:

    My original writings in my notebook on this matter are that it is a hoax. I’ve wavered through the myriad of fed information and the looped video and the lack of public documentation.
    How can there be any critical thinking on the matter when the entirety of the production is managed and edited from a closed set, with one executive producer directing the play.
    The scenario of events such as the fishing closure, the air closure the image ban, it all shows to be staged and scripted, because there is no application of evidence or data to support any of the closures or images that are released. Non disclosure contracts to fishermen for cleanup work as they sit at home collecting money, not seeing a thing to disclose. Insurance money $401million was paid out to the rig owner around May 5th, with a balance outstanding to be determined. I wish my insurance was so prompt.
    So I support my original thought that this is a staged event to further remove the population of the area, devaluing the land of the Mediterranean of the Americas, so that it may be purchased by those more worthy, but not worthy enough to buy up great chunks of land people want to live on.

  47. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Was a group of Russian mini-nuke specialists shown the mud logs? And they said, “Won’t work.” Then went home? Please advise.
    The jets into the WTCS only looked phony because CNN issued at least 2 phonied up video productions. The airplane-wing with light weight secondary structure of the WTCs allowed for complete penetration by the jets until they hit the extremely dense elevator core structure. The vertical panels covering the WTCs’ exterior were folded aluminum to counter the extreme pressure and torsion stresses of high wind. Commercial grade, high temperature nukes were in WTC 1, 2 and 7’s basements. Word was that WTC 1 and 2 were losing big money, businesses moving out, asbestos everywhere, no fibre-optic communications wiring and they were falling apart from Al-Fe corrosion problems. See 9-11 sites for recent revelations.

    • Brigitte says:

      Indeed there was a problem of galvanic corrosion at the twin towers because of the aluminum skin and the steel structure met at certain points, plus the structural joins between roughly the 7th and 25th floor were failing after all theses years of wind sway and there was no way to repair. Plus many other problems such as asbestos and decommissioning the towers in compliance with EPA would have cost too much.
      For details on the galvanic corrosion there’s an interesting first person account by an architectural photographer named Tom-Scott Gordon who was contracted by the tower’s owners back in 1987 to do a study and witnessed a lot of strange goings on…
      I never read any commentary about his account and theory of the case, which to me seems valid.

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        Brigitte Again thanx for the input and article referral. It seems the bad guys have blasted your reference to the AL falling off the bldg at wtcs. Pleze e-mail again to apeman250@hotmail.com. Sorry about the snow.

  48. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Was a group of Russian oil well blow out specialists shown the mud logs? And their response to mini-nuke suggestions was ,”No way.” And they turned around and went home? Please advise.

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  51. Was a group of Russian mini-nuke specialists shown the mud logs? And they said, “Won’t work.” Then went home? Please advise.

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