An AUTOPSY of the BP Gulf Oil Well at the Macondo Prospect

Many have been asking about the current state of the previously gushing BP Oil Well at the Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico. The following questions have been coming fast and furiously since the well was capped.

Is it still leaking at the wellhead? Has the wellhead been pierced? Are there other wells leaking in the region?

Are there methane seeps in the area around the well? Are there other leaks in the area coming from this well?

Has the well been breached? Is it beyond repair? How deep are the leaks and breaches?

Has the well-casing been compromised? Has the well-bore lost its integrity? Did the methane explosion undermine the foundation of the wellhead?

Why was the cementing plan not executed according to industry SOP’s? Has the pressure (high psi) forced effluent through cracks and fissures in the cement?

Is BP considering a nuclear option?! Are the relief wells about this? If so, what are the potential consequences should BP execute such a plan?

What is the purpose of the upcoming top kill operation by BP, and will it work? What is the likelihood of success of the relief wells?

What are the prospects of this well ever being permanently sealed? Should BP have ever drilled this well in the first place? Why has so much gone wrong with the entire process of drilling, and then capping this seemingly untamable oil gusher?

For the first time we have received a pictorial rendition of what may have occurred over the several stages of developing the Macondo Prospect oil well. Full credit goes to BK Lim for publishing these revealing diagrams on alternative news websites. It is quite consistent with reports and assessments that we have received over the past three and a half months since the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon.

Again, we express our deepest gratitude to BK Lim for these diagrammatic portrayals of the well gone bad at the Macondo Prospect.

Dr. Tom Termotto, BCIM
National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)
Tallahassee, FL
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

Diagrammatic Illustration of BP’s Deepwater Horizon Blowout

By BK Lim

All diagrams created by BK LIM

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124 Responses to An AUTOPSY of the BP Gulf Oil Well at the Macondo Prospect

  1. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    This stuff is a great Primer, but we all need access to the Mud Logs and the absence of BP and the White House Village people from the DHorizon or access to ANY dangerous objects. Hey, I liked the Village People too but unless the Mud Logs and elbow room are supplied, these new drawings are just jack-off material. I might as well join the Hari-Krishna and get a lobotomy.
    Have a nice day and lets step up the pace. These idiots are delaminating the Gulf seafloor and that is a STUPID idea. Let it flow and carry it away in BP’s tanker, without their permission. Especially with oil that will invaribly seep for years. Go ahead and hate your mother if you want, but don’t destroy the earth. And don’t poison your mother illegally. Talk to a lawyer first to get it legalized. He can help with what ever problem you have. And if you like your mother like I do mine, get the best people available to close this thing off. Move. Make room for the pros.

  2. Doggybag says:

    How much was the bonus BP paid You for Your post, Dear Mr. LEWIS?

    • Howard T. Lewis III says:

      Reply to Doggybag. Sorry about your moniker, I had nothing to do with calling you that. Education is the key to mastering your own mind. Apparently you never heard that one. Take heed and remember that it is prudent to keep one’s mouth closed while acting stupid when opening one’s mouth will remove all doubt.

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  4. ghana serapis says:

    What happens to a fault line that gets over lubricated with oil and gas?

    • jkntx says:

      I’d be a lot more worried about what happens when someone tries to detonate a nuclear device on a grid point.


      • ghana serapis says:

        Where do you get your info? Why couldn’t or wouldn’t they KY the fault line to help with this “nuke” you know about? Why couldn’t they grease the skids and just shoot another burst down the relief wells and get it knocking without a nuke?

      • JKnTX says:

        Where do you get yours?
        This is about grid points, and time is relative to the observer. Learn about gem cutting, it will serve you well.


      • ghana serapis says:

        I get mine from common sense and history, not my ego. My question in clearer terms was; What are your credentials to spew what you rave about going on here? Look back at all your posts of apocalyptic fine gem cuttin’ to produce blah, blah, blah and nuclear detonation blah, blah, blah.
        Your projections on your crystal ball are as clear as your scrotum that you finger to guess their motive and it’s outcome!

        The truth seems to be the usual path. They are greedy scum who believe with their financial resources, dirty relationships and current technology that they can overcome any obstacle or dilemma they induce to their end and gain. Chevron is poised at 7,000 ft of water depth to begin drilling as the moratorium lifts. They created an all or nothing scenario with WAR in the ME and this resource in the Gulf MUST be tapped because the oil flowing through the Straits of Hormuz will be gone indefinitely. 25% of all oil currently ships through that Strait. There is where nuclear blah, blah, blah is more likely to be a scenario.

        As more and more crap is piled on the airwaves and webwaves about the coming collapse of modern civilization, the truth is it’s a natural resource played by all the different groups of upper class. They are split by the same wedges the lower classes are: racism and intolerance. Because of population growth and unsustainable resource depletion, the final WAR for resource control is beginning it’s escalation. I can hear the auctioneers in the market squares now, ” Who’da, who’da gonna gimme 3 silver pieces for this fine, pure, clean gallon of water?” This is my picture of the mentality of who we are dealing with. We the lower class must put aside egos and panic and re-develop a connectedness to each other and what is true about our survival. Their must be an initiative started in reclaiming our birthrights of clean water, air and food with no phucking lawyers, bankers or politicians involved! My apologies, if I have offended anyone except the liars!

  5. Kalif says:

    Was the rig vertically above the well ?
    And if so, how could it not have fallen
    right on top of the well ?

    • jkntx says:

      Because it is falling through water- currents, eddys, the configuration of the object itself all come into play here. There is no way it would ever sink “straight down”. Sunken shipwecks are sometimes found miles away from their last reported surface position.


  6. Wallace P. Shim says:

    KALIF; try pushing a string up fifteen feet in the air. The process (in reverse explains the actions of the platform and the riser pipe after the gas hit the surface

    GHANA SERAPIS; Yes indeed. We euphemistically refer to this as the “slippery slope” notion of Geophysics, or the KY factor in lubricating rock formations stacked and of differing compositions

    • ghana serapis says:

      Mr. Shim-shady,

      Who is “We” in your comment of a “slippery slope”? Will you expound on your Geophysics of a “slippery slope” situation and what “We” euphemistically might have occur as a result of lubing up rock formations stacked and of differing compositions?

  7. bart says:

    LOL they said BLOWN HEHEHEHEH.

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  9. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    There are a vast array of incredibly dangerous nuclear devices. Over 2500 detonations were carried out over the past 67 years. Since my father had close access to updates on the construction of WTCs I, II, and 7, I was privy to the fact that these buildings each had a particular type of nuke buried under each apparently about 70 meters down. Their type was one that vaporized and liquified the stone to create a ceramic cup for each building to fall in once demolished with various grades of thermite, nano-thermate, whatever. This is insane, but they did it anyway. The N.J. and N.Y. Port Authorities demanded that these buildings would drop straight down if hit fatally by a tsunami, jet, meteor, etc. This was the approved solution. I kid you not. Silverstein developed building 7. He knows.
    This was standard policy briefly in the late 1960’s. If you peal back the sheetrock in the Sears tower in Chicago, you will find the demolition charges already set. Go ahead, sneak a look. The people who did the World Trade Center Demolition know this. I don’t understand why I have not read more about this. I was a busy teenager at the time and people said I was annoying them with such crazy talk. Talk to people who worked on these projects. They will tell you outright or you can catch them lying.
    The motive for intentionally blowing out this well surrounds a desire to maintain control by any means. The Queen of England and her Bankers know that if they don’t pull off some other big hoax, they are finished. Nobody needs that Old World Order B.S. anymore. Each nation could create and administer a new national currency agreeable to all. We need not sacrifice millions of lives. We know that the Old World needs war to prosper. The Queen of England and her Bankers also need to have a smile and a Coke and shut the fuck up instead of encouraging nonsense.
    Who is Robert Kaluza? Can he stop this run-away oil well? If he can, I want to help.

    • Doggybag says:

      “Nobody needs that Old World Order B.S. anymore. Each nation could create and administer a new national currency agreeable to all.”

      That sucks!

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  11. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    Interesting and correct information on WTC’s 1&2&7; I wish we heard more about the demolition nucs in the basement foundation; I too was in Civil Eng during college and did a paper on the WTC design; jet fuel was a sick diversion. Big difference between Thermite and Thermate cutting charges; Howard Lewis is right on Thermate use as well; now let’s hear from someone on why the jets disintegrated on contact. Try to explain the CFM-56 (737-300) engine at Church and Murray St too.
    7 BOP valves did not just fail by accident on Earth Day on top of an improper cementing, no relief well, no mud logs and all the fortuitous stock and short sales before hand. Nuking the well was always part of the plan to be used as an excuse for a Tsunami and/or New Madrid seismic event.

    • Anadianant says:

      Well said Howard.
      Anyone with “eyes” to see can tell that this has been the strangest, weirdest “calamity” in history.

      We have not heard the last of this. Not by a long shot. It’s like the bounds of our credulity are pushed, to see how “asleep at the wheel of our lives” we really are.

      Snoring in Deep REM is how I see it.

      The alarm clock is about to “Alarm” us. Tick-tock…


  12. Helen says:

    The great comments by Howard Lewis would have been taken much more seriously initially if he could have restrained himself from giving us a buckshot-style diatribe. If we really can’t be civilized with each other on the internet, whatever the level of our insider knowledge, consider that just maybe freedom is too precious a privilege to waste on those who abuse it. We don’t deserve our place in this beautiful universe. Our survival is very fragile.

  13. Marty says:

    It seems that all of the socialist leaders and bankers that have been caught on camera talking about an 80 to 90% reduction in the world’s population may well get a head start on their wish. Few things that happen in the world where conspiracy theorists scream “conspiracy”, are devoid of said same conspiracy.


  15. Robert says:

    Who is to say the oil flow was not already stopped by a nuclear device. Remember when the flow collection cap was put in place at the top,the flow was only supposed to be partially restricted for a short time to take pressure readings , then collection devices were supposed to be attached to collect the oil with tankers. Notice they were looking for a reading of 9000 psi but only got around 7500psi a 17 percent difference. Now they already knew the well bore was compromised because the top kill operation failed by their own admission because they were pumping mud into the geological formation (through the side of the bore.) Now just use your head to think using the information in this article. Oil and gas exists at many different strata. Do you think they know the pressures of each of these strata as well as which strata are feeding the well in order to calculate a figure (9000psi at the top of the well?) Also these pressures are dynamic and change as oil and gas is extracted, they are not constant they could rise or fall. So to deem a pressure off by 17 per cent of expected as an indication of a leak when the estimated pressure 9000 psi maybe wrong by hundreds of percent or more seems to me fiction. Also if you recall they said at the time the first relief well was within 10 feet of where it needed to be at the bottom. Why wasn’t this relief well used to do the definitive bottom kill with mud and cement, the solution they say is the gold standard. What was the point of waiting. How easy to use that relief well to insert a nuclear device at the bottom of the bore and seal that portion of the contribution in a glass lined cavity. Now notice that despite all the prior talk and assurances THE FLOW HAS NEVER RESUMED IN A MEANINGFUL FASHION THROUGH THE TOP COLLECTION DEVICE. They could open the collection device valves all they want but if it has been sealed from below no oil or gas would flow. So the new further bottom kill operations could be a sham or a real operations of some sort. In any case we should be happy the flow was supposedly stopped.

  16. T.s.W. says:

    gentleman up higher in the comment line asked about the newk deal.911 …..any*******way is said that skyscrapers are erected with cuttcharges built in case of plane impacts..ok?…it is extremely likely that wtc bldgs were erected with eventual demolition in mind for the purposes installed as law…..happened didnt it.. and for other bldgs to have built in demo-charges if they are counterfeit for show charges(likely) gives plausible deniability that WTC wasnt erected to eventually be demo’d…etc.. apparently they were made cheaply and were fallig apart (not the steel frame tho..designed to hold 2000% of its weight and keep standing apparently even with a whole side removed ..impressive..a little bit off the oil spill avenue …god bless

  17. Rev. Reggie Jackson says:

    I am not a geologist or a phycist; but from all indication; this damage of them blowing up the oil rig and causing all of this slow death of human life and animal and plant life will be judged by God on the Great Judgment Day!! And it will come much sooner than the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins think!! For they are preparing for larger wars to cull (depopulate) the masses so they will only have 2 billion people to put their zombie making and mind controlling mark of the beast chip into peoples foreheads or right hand. And if you take that chip; you will be forever in the lake of fire and brimstone. For it will mean that you have sided with and joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader son; and their antichrist beast system!! Read Revelation 13 and 14 and especially Revelation 14:9-11 !!

  18. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    And thank you for the warning Rev. Jackson. Many imbittered people leave a path of seeking righteousness because they feel God has deserted them and their loved ones. This is the motive of hooking people on hard drugs and the swine torturing innocent Middle Easterners at Guantanamo. I weep for them and pray for this homosexually motivated sadism to end, and I am vocal about it.
    The legally recorded reason for the placement of these charges in and under the WTCs was to ensure a controlled demolition more for accidental or intentional structural trauma to these buildings. Apparently the records were all removed before they carried out the deed. And like I said, the Chicago Sears tower is likewise set up. If the nuke is still in the basement, I don’t know. Go ahead and take a peak. I am sure a court order would be granted. If not, legally peel back some sheet-rock and take a peek. The Israelis setting off truck bombs around the WTCs and filming are a different story.
    The 737-300 engine came out of a Boeing 737-300. Two transfers of passengers occured, one at Newark and another at Cleveland. The crash-pit in Pennsylvania was a gravel pit for many years and had a bomb and some debris dumped into it on 9-11. The real crash was maybe a few hundred yards away in the woods so FEMA would find it and control the information that these were the people from all four jets. Arab names were removed from the passenger lists by other FAA personnel within hours to protect these Arab families from compulsive retaliations . I used to have these lists. Many traffic control recording of the events were destroyed. Likewise FEMA was on-site in N.Y.C. a day early to provide doctored Geiger counter readings. The workers who gazed down into the glow received visual contact with the stuff. All suffered. For what? Corruption. Turn the other cheek is bullshit. Use sparingly.
    The evidence is extensive that FEMA has been running dope for the SandBs for 30 years. Not all of FEMA, just part of the production. Their camps are to put political and social activists in who protest. Later, others who don’t suit the criminal fancy. Just like during WWII in German concentration camps. The same eugenically obsessed American industrialists were at work there.
    Spread the word. Download and copy everything. On paper if possible. And avoid any hacking. These pigs are so coked up that they do everything out in the open. And they are only half as bright as they think. And they can now take down the net any time they want.
    People in general, above all, want to be with the winner. And sacrifice their soul to do so. Lesser false churches use faulty logic to facilitate this by saying God forgives all.
    Poor fools. Gotta stop sinning first. All we can do is strive to improve. Or else.
    The police guilds need our attention. The bad guys have been net-working for centuries and all citizens need to help true police officers with fighting crime without getting in their way. Our economic system and government are so messed up it should be legally dropped like they did the WTCs. But with our sick Supreme Court, I am afraid a militarily sponsored delousing and all-new free elections with European simple computerized voting machines or paper ballots or mechanical machines used is the Antidote.
    The people blew it. Too much TV. Too much horse-hockey Council on Foreign Relations propaganda-lies as news. Too many diversions. Not enough home gardening. Too much mewling (Mewling is what the head of the oil-spill oversite committee does on TV instead of blessing us with shutting his pie-hole and yielding the floor to someone competent. Or what you do when your lovely best friend wife points out that you forgot that it was your anniversary. Mewling.)
    Who to believe? Rense, Rivero, and Jones. The Florida Oil Spill Law Center, Phoenix rising from the Gulf, all good for starters. I right now am surrounded by self-important no-talent upper middle-class twits who do not give a shit about who suffers for their comfort. These are the people who host the pigs. And shall continue to. At our cost.
    All the money lost in the stock market is being rechanneled to where the ‘in-crowd’
    satanists can covertly flourish in style. The Big Island of Hawaii is one of those places. Looks like south New Zealand is another. And they are reading this as I type it. And though I may walk through the valley of death……
    And to all, sorry but the root cause of this is all societal and therefore requires wordy descriptions beyond physical evidence.
    And to Helen, don’t you have something to do besides picking on me? Go harass Kagan and the crooks who put her in office. She has as much right to be on the Supreme Court as I do practicing brain surgery for giggles at our local hospital.
    Justin Mueller with did a short, genius cartoon about something that works for successful activism. Please everybody watch it.
    My coffee is empty. Got to go. Next one will be much shorter.
    Damn, there’s a line.

  19. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    It could well have been that the “50 stories or taller” rule was an excuse to install charges here at this symbol of consumption. This policy held for less than two years. Only a few buildings were affected. I mentioned the ones I know of.
    The jets seemed to disappear into the WTCs because all of the planes real structure is in the lower half of the body. The WTC 1 & 2 were constructed more like an aircraft wing than your standard universal post and beam. What is CERTAIN is the fact that a relatively thinnly built airliner (or military built stand-in) penetrated numerous structural steel vertical members made of STEEL at least 2 inches thick and left a cartoon-like hole. The thermate there was probably fused independently of the computer controlled charges. If you watch the video close ups, you can see the charges went off along the entire floor. And the collapse begins after the top 10 or so floors bend over a bit.
    Back in 1990 or so I spent a few hours in the Seattle Boeing aircraft plant video production center. To keep me out of his way, my friend put me on a simple 747 flight simulator that trained for eyeballing distant landmarks and training proper aircraft control to attain correct position relative to the landmark. I could soon run into the ‘landmark’ if I wished.
    This is probably how they accomplished the cartoon cutout hole from the jet. Otherwise much of it would have hit the street below.
    One of “the dancing Israelis” filming from across the river had been camped out with many other people on a vacant floor in the WTC close to the site of impact. He was an explosives expert and was on an Israel TV show shortly thereafter to say they all were on assignment. But did they do the Gulf oil well ? Hell, no.
    Do their bosses know who did? Yup. Is there a CONSPIRACY? Yup, like dogs feeding on their prey. Why are they doing this? Hunger. Why don’t they tell a therapist? Would’nt be prudent. Are they done? Nope. Why doesn’t somebody do something? The CFR has been the sole major news source, nationally. Relatively few take responsibility for themselves. Many more grunt like pigs on a regular basis. Are they conspirators? Guilt by association has been established in every sense of the word. Now what do we do? Duck at the appropriate times.
    Does anyone ask if I think I am Jesus? Hell no, I cuss too much and I work on my cars just like the Dalai Lama. And I talk too much.

  20. jkntx says:

    “Who to believe? Rense, Rivero, and Jones. The Florida Oil Spill Law Center, Phoenix rising from the Gulf, all good for starters”.

    I’ll pass on both Jones and Rivero, thanks. Alex was outed as a socialist change-agent long ago, while Rivero’s fawning over the O-man prior to his “selection” in 2008 still leaves me disgusted.

  21. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    One more short comment for awhile. A.Jones and company have taught me a huge amount of new, relevant, vital info available no where else. He, like Michael Moore, draws a line after which they do not tread. This is called street experience. I have been shot at and had a loaded gun (hollow-point ready to go) shoved in my face by a multiple felon on parole and when in such a situation, it is no longer your show. There would have been no witnesses.
    So criticize Alex Jones. Alex. Have a smile and a Coke and shut the fuck up. Or an organic fruit juice. But please be back on duty by the third sip to continue what I see as positive, outstanding service to the perpetuation of our liberty as the United States of America. Many vocal critics believe successful activism ends at letting their own bodies being consumed by dogs as martyrs. I would rather have you, Alex Jones, watching my blind side in an alley fight than any of them. And the NWO has people beaten in alley ways.
    Lets get back to the business at hand. Watch for snipers.

  22. jkntx says:

    “Have a smile and a Coke and shut the fuck up”

    You might try taking your own advice first. Again, I look at people and their record of providing “information” or in many cases disinformation.

  23. jkntx says:

    “A.Jones and company have taught me a huge amount of new, relevant, vital info available no where else”.
    1. Not true.

    “He, like Michael Moore, draws a line after which they do not tread. This is called street experience”.

    2. No, it is called being an Intel “asset” and nothing more.


  24. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Dear JK,
    So far you are merely an unknown sniper.
    You are trying to tell me…
    There is no relevance in satanic ritual to the demented mind set of the Old World Order?
    The Bilderbergers, and other elitists do Not want it all?
    The CIA does not sponsor acts of murder and other carnage against Americans and others for their masters in the City of London and Buckingham Palace? It is all hopeless? We should all lay down and surrender to the blue blood superiority of the old world butt-pirates? MSG is good and Monsanto is GOD!!?!!!
    Hey!! Could you loan me $10.00? Pay ya Tuesday.

    • jkntx says:

      Hey sir,

      You bet!
      The only snipers I have ever met that bothered me were the ones I run into on fleaBay once in a while.
      I am trying to tell you no such thing. What I said was that … … … are likely assets of the Company based upon their actions and writings.
      Remember that the very best disinformation always contains a great deal of the core truth within it. It would be impossible to get people to accept it otherwise.

      Best wishes!


  25. Lou says:

    An exemplary set of comments on a thought provoking article. We awake if somewhat slowly and late.

    I add my two bits. IMO all this is more or less proven.

    o Daddy Bush and Klinton have in the past and may now be running illegal drugs.
    o The only way the illegal drug transaction paper can be recycled is thru the banks and large Corporations. Any DEA agent with half a brain KNOWS this. Corporations are allowed by law to deposit tens of billions of cash a day into banks.
    o Our Federal Government was long ago functionally subverted and now works to destroy the USA.
    o 9/11 was of course an inside job.
    o Homeland Gestapo is an instrument for our destruction.
    o Two of the most prominent tools of the NWO are “Terrorism” and “Vaccination”.
    o H1N1 is only a phase of our political pandemic. It will continue until killing time. No NEEDLES until we have a half way honest government.
    o Our ONLY chance is to wake up to reality AND vociferously SPREAD the word.

    • jkntx says:

      You forgot the Internet. It continues to astound and amaze me that the majority of people have no idea that the “web” was (supposedly) first created as a military communications tool, by Uncle Sugar and later he just gave up all rights and control over it and it morphed into what it is today.
      The ‘net was from the beginning created as an information gathering and control tool by the Spooks- it is still so today. All the input of the ‘net is monitored, gathered, sifted, and the relevant nuggets sorted, categorized, and filed for future use if needed
      . It “belongs” to the people of the world? Get real, it belongs to Uncle and his handlers and they can shut it down anytime they please.


      • Lou says:

        True BUT it is a gem for dissemination of TRUTH NOW.

        Yes AND DISINFO.

        Yes you will be put on a list for speaking against the powerful murderous cowards subverting this grand country. Let 100 million of us be on the list.

  26. Hey Guy & Gals,

    This is supposed to be a BP Gulf Oil Spill blog, not a blog brawl about every living conspiracy under the sun. And, yes, most conspiracies are TRUE, so let’s get that straight.
    Can we just focus on the matter at hand?! Can we keep it civil, too? I’m in Tallahassee and have been working this conference for 3 & 1/2 month. What I have learned from the best and the brightest in the Oil & Gas Industry, as well as those peripheral but also in the know, is really quite alarming.
    Just how serious am I? If I was only motivated by self preservation, I would move my family from Tallahassee this very day. The underlying geological formations of North Florida are deeply connected to those of the Mississippi Canyon … …
    The fate of humankind really does lie in the balance. The very future of this planet is being determined by our group (human race) consciousness, and collective will, at this very moment.
    We’re looking for solutions, insights, inside stories, outside the box perspective, whistleblower accounts … … …
    Let’s get busy!
    The Blogmaster

    PS BTW, for anyone interested in a sobering account of the “Environmental and Health Impacts of the BP Gulf Oil Spill” go to : –> Let’s keep its comment section focused on E & H Impacts.

    Contact info:

    Dr. Tom Termotto, BCIM
    National Coordinator
    Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)
    Tallahassee, FL
    SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

    • jkntx says:

      All too true.
      The real danger of this event has nothing to do with the oil- it is with messing about upon a grid point which is a prime one. Hit the diamond with exactly the correct amount of force with the correct tool at the proper instant and you get a priceless gemstone- fail and it is worthless carbon. That is what is going one here. The Brotherhood is well aware of this, make no mistake about it.


      • Lou says:

        As with most of these LARGE multi-year planned events involving many trillions of dollars in impact there are SEVERAL objectives.

        IMO here are some

        o Discredit drilling in the GOM which may hold over 2 – 5 trillion barrels of oil. Unlimited in human terms is how it was put to me. The entire world has used about 1 trillion barrels in the last 100 years. This immense source of POWER, the game is power after all, CANNOT be allowed to be tapped.

        o Keep the USA dependent on imported oil. This long term goal extends back at least to the putting of the 1 trillion + barrel Alaskan North Slope oil off limits in the 1970s.

        o Set up a plausible scenario to allow the chem-spraying of extremely toxic materials that just happen to be components of hydrocarbons, ie. benzene

        o Set up a plausible scenario to allow oh say a nuke to be detonated in the area. This is setting up well with the salt dome methane bubble rumblings ongoing.

        o Your favorite goes here

  27. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Not seeking social dominance here. This site attracts folks most concerned with stopping this insanely destructive monument to self-destructive greed. Site master, You may be assured of our gratitude toward your coordination of this site.
    Our government’s false image of omniscience has the public fooled. Our top leaders likewise have proven themselves devoid of good sense towards the best avenue of procedure without differing authority. If to lose face is to lose all, their rank provides them with dominance , even an escape underground. If preservation of face is their goal, acknowledgement of BP’s inadequacy is indicated. BP and Halliburton’s removal and assembly of a more qualified crew would seem mandatory
    This was no attempted gem cut, This was a cluster-……….

  28. jkntx says:

    “This was no attempted gem cut, This was a cluster-……….”

    On the contrary, this was a very carefully planned and executed operation. The Keystone Cops elements are part of the distraction. If you think it is all merely due to incompetence, you are much lesss likely to look deeper.


  29. jett says:

    fyi—Matt Simmons mysterious death, on yesterday——on this subject,oil

    • jkntx says:

      IF he was whacked, it was most likely done to re-enforce his viewpoints, which included the hoax known as “peak oil”, rather than oppose them. An “expendable” in the jargon of the Spooks.


  30. jkntx says:

    “As with most of these LARGE multi-year planned events involving many trillions of dollars in impact there are SEVERAL objectives.

    IMO here are some

    o Discredit drilling in the GOM which may hold over 2 – 5 trillion barrels of oil. Unlimited in human terms is how it was put to me. The entire world has used about 1 trillion barrels in the last 100 years. This immense source of POWER, the game is power after all, CANNOT be allowed to be tapped.

    o Keep the USA dependent on imported oil. This long term goal extends back at least to the putting of the 1 trillion + barrel Alaskan North Slope oil off limits in the 1970s.

    o Set up a plausible scenario to allow the chem-spraying of extremely toxic materials that just happen to be components of hydrocarbons, ie. benzene

    o Set up a plausible scenario to allow oh say a nuke to be detonated in the area. This is setting up well with the salt dome methane bubble rumblings ongoing.

    o Your favorite goes here”

    Perfect, couldn’t have said it better myself.


  31. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    That ‘peak oil’ was based on the belief of a biological origin, falsely by Mr. Simmons through his own doing or belief in faulty research and lies, the fact remains that deep oil is much more radioactive and we should limit efforts to get to it. And drill for it on dry land only. These fools destroyed the gulf and are fatally poisoning millions of nice folks.
    Unfortunately, the American military officers who engaged in treasonous conduct on 9-11 were all promoted way up. Few citizens took note.
    It would be of the bad guys’ benefit to make a martyr of their own Mr. Simmons if the new 4million gallon x 110 day and growing radioactive oil puddle in the western hemisphere did not rule out the possibility of ‘peak oil’. Documents now world wide say the leak is still there. This oil is radioactive and our own military leaders fawn and prance for further promotion by the N(Old)WO who do not have a clue how to stop this thing. I would puke for all eternity in hell if dragged down into one of their “survival caves” . And it appears that this is where they, in their specialness, intend to go. They are letting the leak exhaust itself or trying to convince us that they are while allowing the TVset worshippers to coast. Who is running the show? This well was made to blow-out.
    Were the Lot Lease Documents falsified to be found by conscientious researchers?

    • jkntx says:

      “This well was made to blow-out”.

      A wise and truthful statement. The diamond cutter always studies the stone in question most carefully before he attempts the strike.


  32. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I have a lifetime of hanging around commercial construction jobs and about two years of experience on industrial construction jobs including Oregon’s Trojan nuclear plant and building Alaska Pipeline pumping station modules for the Jack Parson’s construction company (Check out who he was. It is relevant.). I also have been an auto mechanic for 25 years and an ASE Certified one for 15 years. Believe me, and you folks seem to be brighter than average, this well was made illegally, sloppily, and in a senselessly dangerous location. There was absolutely no genius involved and these mental defects who did it need to be put down. Whether they did Matthew Simmons is central and vital to consider. He angered them. He caught them at their soul talent. Lousy back-stabbing. And murder. With no statute of limitations.
    I believe a mutiny against the CFR installed leadership who were placed while the CFR was controlling all network news and key voting machines was part of the plan. If it did not happen, all the easier to continue the ruination of the U.S.A.. By prolonging the leak, they are buying time and creating civil desparation. Extortion.
    Remember, the N(Old)WO is obsolete. THEY NEED THIS. The U.N. aims to show up and ‘save the day’. They pre-positioned 100,000’s of temporary coffins. Hundreds of U.N. busses and prisoner railway cars. All this is on tapes. Take your pick. Down load and record. The facts are undeniable. They are playing out an evil game that you did not sign up for. When your mama told you that you were safe, she lied.
    Watching the rhesus monkeys knock each other off the rock at the peak of Monkey Island at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is illustrative. These guys need manual labor therapy. Lots of it.

  33. jkntx says:

    To the Illuminati, nothing happens without a reason. These people have had hundreds of years to perfect their craft of illusion and deception and they are absolute masters of it. They are human, and thus make errors, but they are far from the run of the mill of mankind.

    “There was absolutely no genius involved and these mental defects who did it need to be put down. Whether they did Matthew Simmons is central and vital to consider. He angered them. He caught them at their soul talent. Lousy back-stabbing. And murder. With no statute of limitations”.

    Not true, the individuals who planned and executed this operation are brilliant. Idiots don’t plan and execute operations of this order and magnitude.
    Simmons was an “expendable”; he is worth more dead than alive- it is that simple.
    Stop them? Good luck, you will need it.


  34. jkntx says:

    Typing has never been my strong suite! Should be “execute” there!


  35. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    A coward dies a thousand deaths. Humanity and God want these knuckle heads put down ASAP. We need the publics’ help.

  36. jkntx says:

    Indeed so, but it will never happen. Read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” if you haven’t already.
    The people who do things like this know human nature to the nth degree, and they play it like a fine instrument. They got away with putting the whack on JFK in Deeley Plaza on that November day in 1963 (just as one example among many) and they will get away with this also- it is already a done deal- watch and see.


  37. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    The internet provides instant, round-the-world detailed coverage of facts without the filtration and B.S. like the CFR TV nonsense. Internet is much better, which is why the major CFR media outlets are all going belly-up (YAY!!). The people have had it with these little wankers trying to whip up fear in all of us.
    The Dallas newspapers printed plenty to prove conspiracy within a week of JFK’s assassination. The control of the national news syndicates by you-know-who kept this news in Dallas. Such is not the case with the DH oil well blow out. The most comprehensive, detailed coverage is on this like stink on a skunk and they are not going to let go. And it is world-wide and immediate.
    It is the duty of all engineers to get involved. Get on it. Victory in November.

  38. JKnTX says:

    You’re missing the point. It won’t happen, the story is already contained, winding down, and dying. The Spooks control the ‘net, always have and always will- no question about it. November 2010 will be more of November 2008- no more and no less. These people are not as stupid as you seem to think they are.


    • Howard T. Lewis III says:

      Any fool can be destructive. Even monkeys deceive and steal and commit acts of murder. These punks were born on third base and believe they probably hit a home run. And obviously are too full of hate to think clearly. They just don’t get it.
      Little wankers trying to whip up fear….
      Check out the Obama Administration. Where’s the talent? Not an honest soul in the bunch. His entire campaign was a big lie. His appointments , like himself, represent an agenda designed to humiliate, not successfully perform. I voted for McKinney. I worked full time for J. Carter.
      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
      Destruction such as DH well is the workings of sick minds. And judging by the cocaine and pornography and booze parties, a considerable amount of behavior modification was going on.
      Who has the Mud Logs?

      • JKnTX says:

        Why in the world anyone would ever think Jimmy Carter was anything but an incompetent boob just as the O-man is, is one of the true mysteries of the universe.


  39. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Annapolis proved J. Carter was sharp and could handle complex military issues and applied nuclear technology as a reactor operator and ship’s officer. His service as Georgia governor benefitted that state. D.C. proved he was vulnerable to attack as president.
    I sure appreciate more info about progress toward resolution of the gulf oil disaster. I am trying to arrange help along the lines of portable O3 air cleaners and what else may be a proven need along the way. If my input has put my comments along a dead-end spur of discussion, I could easily cease further input to learn whatever updates Phoenix Rising from the Gulf may have that I am now missing out on. Cheers.

    • JKnTX says:

      Carter was/is an idiot of the first rank and order. His complete failure to order the defense of US soil (the American embassy in Iran) helped lead directly into the current mess both in the Middle East and here.


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  41. unless you know that the Gregorian calendar is a brain washing device created to keep the masses in a stressed and frustrated and bio-rhythm heart disconnected. Our human hearts have a mini brain that is exersized by following the thirteen cycles of our moon around the planet every orbit(year).

  42. Stay heart connected, they really do not know what they do (the masses). You can be sure the elite banksters and co know about the power of thirteen and the cycles of time, everyday is ground hog day to them, in other words the can predict the future knowing the true cycles of time, please google kiwiallegiance, law of time, 13moonz, 2013andthemysteryqueen.

    • JKnTX says:

      Of course! They have always known that. If you understand the Past, then the Future is easy to read.
      There is an old saying among my people:

      “The Past has a nasty habit of sneaking up on you and becoming the Future”.

  43. JKnTX says:|htmlws-main-n|dl1|link1|

    That’s nice. Wait until his skin starts peeling off and he begins to look like a rerun of the last days of Michael Jackson.
    Pure political posturing, nothing more. Try and cover the wife’s Spain trip you know!
    They didn’t show you the “security team” up on the beach with their hands on their side arms and their leader on the bullhorn:
    BLEEP! You get down in that water right now and make it look like you enjoy it!

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  45. Lou says:

    I certainly hope this horrible vision I keep returning to is but a nightmare. HOWEVER

    o 1999 an exploratory well is drilled about one mile from the 2010 location of well B. Using slant drilling this “well” could have been a series of slant drills to explore the weak formation the three “wells” were drilled in. This information is used to plot the formation and exploit its weak positions.

    o 2009 Well A is drilled. Again a series of slant drills could have been made or perhaps a single well drilled. In any case explosive device(s) are planted. Well A is abandoned with the explanation that a broken drill bit prevented further drilling.

    o 2010 Well B explodes when a laser strike ignites the diesel fuel stores and sinks the drilling platform. IT is possible no explosives are planted in well B. Quien sabe?

    We now have the situation of the WTC in the year 2000. The explosives are planted awaiting the event that will allow their detonation. What else besides a hurricane?

    The objective is to blow a fractured rupture in the formation allowing massive releases of crude oil as well as any gasses trapped in the formation. The ultimate aim is to affect the gulf stream and alter global weather if possible and to scare the hell out of mankind if nothing else. There will be no more deep drilling on their watch. The gulf FEMA relocation team also needs a workout.

  46. LeBaron says:

    the correct proverb is “better to remain silent and appear a fool than to speak loudly and leave no doubt”

    those who you have lied to for so long are “on” to your lies so in that regard the more you tell them the more proof you give them;

    those who never were and never will be fooled by your lies see through them the moment you speak them so in that regard the more you tell them the more proof you give them.

    you saboteurs have become so stupid you sabotage yourselves, and whoever is paying you to spread lies to cover up lies is quite possibly dumber than even you are

    trust me it comes back to you

  47. Mother Earth is spewing out the venom and is very sad.
    Look around the globe at the realities of “Better Living through Chemicals” Not
    As a Medical Professional I have seen first hand what this is doing to people, look into their eyes and let’s make this about solutions. I am tired of the hatred.
    Lets put the human back into humanity and reach across the desk, or the boardroom, or talk and respect the people on the street.
    I am just one small cog in a Giant Wheel and all the hateful bashing of each other further serves to divide us. What is done is done, let us open clinics for the people that are sick down there and do the right thing for those who have lost everything.
    With the ticking of the clock, we lose precious time with our arguments. Spewing venom at each other, does not make people well, it only furthers to divide us.
    I have had a the unfortunate gift all my life of watching the consequences of man upon man, Man upon earth, mans misuse of what the Earth Gave us.
    We had better wake up and find some kindness, because in the end…..we will not be able to eat Money.
    A bit of acceptance and tolerance is in order, some respect is in order. I just want to find some benefactors to help us open clinics, so that we can get these people well.
    They are sick and are going to die….if we do not accomplish this mission.
    These people could be your father, mother, sister, brother. Wake up because no amount of arguing is going to get them well.
    Help Tom to get some clinics open, I have been up there and it is a military state…plain and simple.
    Trisha Springstead RN

  48. JKnTX says:

    ” ghana serapis says:
    October 25, 2010 at 8:38 pm
    I get mine from common sense and history, not my ego. My question in clearer terms was; What are your credentials to spew what you rave about going on here. Look back at all your posts of apocalyptic fine gem cutt’n to produce blah, blah, blah and nuclear detonation blah, blah, blah.
    Your projections on your crystal ball are as clear as your scrotum that you finger to guess their motive and it’s outcome”!

    Marvelously funny, and just as juvenile. You want to talk about egos, you’d best take a good introspective look- you are tripping all over yours here. Ball is in your court.



  49. ghana serapis says:

    Come on JKnTX! Who are you? What do you do? You seem to know “stuff”? You seem like me; to be close to the Gulf, you seem educated and maybe “connected” in some way? Answer my question. Who are you and how do you know what you know? I’m looking for grains of truth on a beach of lies. Help me believe your version or outcome.

    I claim no authority to “know” anything, I believe I wrote from opinion and was pretty clear about that my view of things. You seem to “know” more, why and how do you know?

    My humor is expansive and yes can be even sophmoric or juvenile if I decide, but it got you to jab a testicle from chuckling during your prognosticating and pondering… both hands on the keyboard… my friend? I would happily contine this privately as we establish a relationship of some kind if youre interested? I am scared.

    • ghana serapis says:

      As you can tell my fear is growing do to the lack of spell checking before publishing. My bad.

    • JKnTX says:

      We reach my friend. Always better a friend than an enemy to have, these are harshest of times. I suspect you know as much of these matters as I.



    • JKnTX says:

      You are not alone in being scared, so am I.


    • JKnTX says:

      I’m just an old man who has spent his life in the study of the esoteric and sometimes what is called the “occult”. You will find that most intelligence agencies operatives are exactly of the same school. The people who carry out operations like this do not use the common human logic base, instead they employ the so called “volumetric logic” system best embodied by if a question requires a yes or no answer, you will get “Definitely maybe” in reply.
      Part of my mother’s ancestors were American Indian (Choctaw) and some were “medicine people” or seers I would guess they would be called.
      The fact that I am still alive at all and typing this indicates to me that I am of some interest to the Company in what way, I currently don’t know.


      • ghana serapis says:

        Thank you for sharing! Are you open to answering questions from me here on this forum concerning the company, your sort of biography and foresight(?) as it unfolds?

  50. ghana serapis says:

    Jk are you in Texas? I’m near SA. My brother currently lives in Rockport and spends every day not hampered by weather on and in the water. I’m concerned for his and our health… are you considering moving soon?

    • JKnTX says:

      Well, I guess he and I are in the same boat. I’m in SW Houston, about 60 miles inland from the Gulf. I wish I could leave sometimes, but I was born not a dozen miles from where I now am and it is hard to leave your roots, you know? I hope your brother is ok, I haven’t been to Rockport in many years. SA is nice this time of year.


    • JKnTX says:

      I did forget to tell you that be sure to tell your brother you love him and are with him in spirit always, this is a deadly poison to the people/entities that cause all this BLEEP, they cannot stand it.


      • ghana serapis says:

        I am learning this everyday! Love is the key! Learning to distinguish the face of love that needs to be displayed at any given time for that specific person and situation I feel compelled tending to is the classroom of life I find myself struggling in/with? I become swept away with the passion of it…

  51. JKnTX says:

    “Thank you for sharing! Are you open to answering questions from me here on this forum concerning the company, your sort of biography and foresight(?) as it unfolds”?

    Sure. I don’t know how much good that is going to do any of us, but I figure I am going to get tagged, bagged, and dragged sooner or later anyway so what the heck?


  52. Hmm this interesting….The Kangaroo Court Letter. Holey Cow, they had a way, to bio-remediate that water, now is it irremediable?????

    Click to access epakang.pdf

    I am still asking the question……When did Corporations come into control and the people who run them lose their souls????
    Trisha Springstead RN
    I am near the Gulf in Brooksville, looks like we are looking at a mess here also. My partner in Calif called and asked us when we were going to leave Florida, my husband said “Where in the hell are we gonna go Hungary???”

    Call me pollyanna but I haven’t lost all hope. Forgiveness is…..losing all hope that we can change the past.

    Yes to everyone on this post we are in it all together……we can never tell the people who are in our lives that we love them enough. “Beyond this exit there is an Entrance door.”
    Light and Prayers to All,

  53. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Don’t get sad or depressed opposing these monsters or you become an easier target for their propaganda. When bright people sell out to them, they gain the power which the bright people only can provide. And only through education can we control our own minds.
    We are not being given the option to give up because to give up is to perish.

    • James Street says:

      Howard: It isn’t education that allows us to control our own minds but our decision to do so. Our decisions are necessarily set in a moving foundation supported by provisional truths always subject to revision by further research by ourselves and our peers. As an example, Ptolemy was a great scientist and his research was invaluable for future generations. But his theories were false. That fact doesn’t make his life work less valuable but it sheds light on the process of finding the truth.

      I would change your statement to “only through a dedication to finding truth can we control our own minds.” It probably sounds like a quibble but it might make all the difference for people who find themselves mired in falsehoods and become discouraged, including some of our benighted leaders. Knowledge is provisional and relative but truth is a moving ideal.

  54. Lou says:

    “We are not being given the option to give up because to give up is to perish.”

    Will you sell your soul for a little attempted comfort? I doubt most can achieve even this. We who understand the evil which is enveloping this world have NO choice. We must play the hand we have been dealt.

    I work in the health field. There has been an ongoing “debate” about the cause of Autism. The constant chant from the “Medical Industry” that there is no PROOF that vaccination causes autism.

    Here are a few facts about Autism

    One in about 68 of our young VACCINATED boys in the USA is AUTISTIC. Less than one fully UNvaccinated boy in 30,000 is autistic.

    One VACCINATED child in 38 has Autism Spectrum Disease, ADD, ADHD ect. Less than one fully UNvaccinated child in 20,000 has ASD.

    One VACCINATED child in 10,000 in JAPAN has autism. Japan does not often vaccinate babies and has taken a somewhat rational approach to the barbaric practice of “vaccination”. Japan banned the deadly MMR “vaccine” wisely in 1992.

    One VACCINATED boy in 3 in the UK who lives downwind of dirty coal electric generating plants in the UK has Autism Spectrum Disease.

    One VACCINATED child in 10 has Asthma. Less than one fully UNvaccinated child in 500 has asthma.

    One VACCINATED child in 6 has a Neurodegenerative disease. Less than one fully UNvaccinated child in 200 has a neurodegenerative disease.

    Per capita for every TWO VACCINATED children that DIE one fully UNvaccinated child dies.

    So the net result of “vaccination” is a bountiful harvest of Autism, ASD, Asthma, Neurodegenerative Disease and death. A little more “progress” like this and we as a society are done. Finishing us off IMO is the whole point of “vaccination”. Clearly “vaccination” has not improved the health of our children. IMO by weakening their immune systems and inducing auto-immune diseases, it is setting them up for the coming political pandemic.

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  60. Talk, talk and talk. Where are the people who like to DO something about this and other mad things in the world. Me and my Company Lenergy International do have the solutions for the Guld of Mexico but NO ONE listening to us. I wonder why? Do not people know how dangerous we live? Stop all the drilling, what so ever, and anywhere.
    With Floating Energybarges it´s possible to take care of the WHOLE Globe with energy. Listening, it it later day by day by day…

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  72. Claudia Gale says:

    this is shameless…..the predicament….and the needless banter.

    we need to come together to find a solution or solutions. blaming and name calling does nothing but waste precious time and energy.

    i am a quasi-educated moron who studied cultural anthropology, classics, art and eventually acupuncture. i know nothing of these scientific theories or phenomena. my best friend is an astrophysicist and i look to him for answers, though most of our discourse is spiritually based.

    my question is this:

    i read some time ago, (less than one year, i believe) that some species of mushrooms (i think it was an article that i read in a National Geographic periodical, while waiting for a Dr.’s appointment) have an incredibly complex underground maze, interconnecting what is above the ground….for miles and miles.

    when these mushrooms they are put into oil spills, they are not only able to “drink” up the oil….but somehow are able to reconstitute it (or whatever the term is)….so that the mushrooms do not retain any of the oil…..and can still be safely eaten by humans.

    i wonder why this is not something that the scientists are looking into.

    if any of you know anything about this, or how to get the information to people who might be able to look into it as a solution….other than that i’m afraid we’ll have to count on some alien race to come to our aid…..

    thank you. and may the force be with us.

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  80. Lou says:

    “I wonder why this is not something that the scientists are looking into.”

    Humanity’s problem is that true science is now under almost TOTAL NWO political control. Poison is being put in our drinking water with the full blessing of the FDA. The toxic less than worthless “Seasonal Flu Shot” is recommended by the CDC for EVERYONE including seven month old babies when the CDC KNOWS all that is required to obviate the seasonal flu as a health problem is a vitamin D blood level of 50 ng/ml; the USA median is perhaps one half this at best.

    The CDC MUST TOTALLY oppose sunshine and thus vitamin D because a USA population with a vitamin D level of 50 ng/ml, a level we exceeded when we lived in the sun, would get sick and die FAR less often. Yes you heard right. An unspoken HHS mandate is population control through active means such as engineering a low average vitamin D level in the USA population.

    The good scientists who work for CDC and HHS KNOW this but they are as powerless as you and I are at changing depopulation policy. The vitamin D scientists are absolutely outraged. The politics practiced with vitamin D are beyond comprehension if you do not understand that HHS is a Rothschild/Rockefeller captured organization. HHS who spends over one trillion dollars/year supposedly to make the USA more healthy is actually doing all it can to depopulate the USA.

  81. the entire US government is owned by a global banking cartel presided over by the Rothschild family. the american chapter, largely located on Wall Street, which the taxpayers just bailed out, made record profits last year. people still think that the POTUS is the top of the power structure, and this canard goes unchallenged. the US regime, and the system that underlies it is graveyard dead and has been since it’s birth. the history that is CLEAN demonstrates this unequivocally. gods, guns and flags. the painfully sick ideologies of religion and patriotism will see this country to it’s grave. it’s taken generations for the wealthy elite to turn the american public into a forest of treestumps, and if we had THE ENTIRE MECHANISM TO REPAIR THIS TRAGEDY, IT WOULD TAKE GENERATIONS TO RESOLVE IT! humankind doesn’t have that much time. think it’s a joke? google up “THE REECE COMMITTEE” of 1953, and then off to YouTube to listen to the late Norman Dodd describe how the elite accomplished the dumbing of america.

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