“OPERATE TO FAILURE”: How BP’s MO & The US Addiction To Oil Caused The Catastrophe Of The Millennium

And Why It Is So Difficult To Put This Genie Back In The Bottle

Really, why has it been so difficult to put this GENIE (Oil & Gas) back into the bottle (Macondo Prospect, Gulf of Mexico)? Or at least keep any more of him from coming out?

There are many reasons, on many different levels, but let’s start with BP and the culture of corporate superiority that has evolved at this multi-national behemoth since its founding in 1908. We’re talking about the granddaddy here – the Anglo-Persian Oil Company – which was the first to develop the oil and gas reserves discovered in the Middle East. Simply put, when you’re the biggest and the oldest in that neck of the woods, you get used to doing it your way, and ONLY your way.

Well, British Petroleum’s way of developing oil and gas throughout their planetary stomping grounds (Planet BP — a BP online, in-house magazine) is known to many insiders and outsiders alike by the catchphrase that goes like this – “OPERATE TO FAILURE”. This British Petroleum modus operandi has been confirmed by former BP employees and contractors, and verified by many insiders, deep contacts and whistleblowers throughout the Oil & Gas Industry. Much of this testimony was received directly by this author in the process of setting up interviews with CBS 60 Minutes, as they complete their production of a followup Gulf Oil Spill segment to the season’s last:


It doesn’t take much understanding or knowledge to apprehend the enormity and gravity of the potential consequences of such a standard operating principle in the oil and gas exploration and drilling business. Especially when you’re drilling 5000 feet underwater, and between 22,000 and 32,000 feet (they won’t tell us how deep) through the Earth’s crust and mantle. When you throw in the likes of Transocean and Halliburton into the mix, it’s not a matter of what, or if, or when, the greatest disaster of all time is going to happen. IT’S A MATTER OF JUST HOW CATASTROPHIC IT WILL BE FOR THE ENTIRE PLANET!

Incidentally, this piece in no way excuses the US Federal Government for their huge part in this global calamity. They have, in fact, variously acted as enabler, co-dependent and full-time accomplice in the execution of this crime against humanity and the planet, Herself. By its actions and inaction, the US Gov’t (EPA, Departments of Energy, Interior & Homeland Security, US Congress, US Judiciary and the White House) has been identified by many as an unindicted co-conspirator in this unprecedented crime against a whole region of the USA. Rather shocking, but true as the evidence which currently exists in the public domain bears out.

Back to the GENIE. He’s out in more ways than one and we speak particularly of the raging debate regarding the abiogenic origin of petroleum. Let’s let the real experts tell us the real story about where oil and gas really come from. Highly esteemed Russian researcher, Dmitri Mendeleev, is described as follows by Wikipedia. Perhaps we ought to listen carefully to him.
“Mendeleev made other important contributions to chemistry. The Russian chemist and science historian L.A. Tchugayev has characterized him as “a chemist of genius, first-class physicist, a fruitful researcher in the fields of hydrodynamics, meteorology, geology, certain branches of chemical technology (explosives, petroleum, and fuels, for example) and other disciplines adjacent to chemistry and physics, a thorough expert of chemical industry and industry in general, and an original thinker in the field of economy.” Mendeleev was one of the founders, in 1869, of the Russian Chemical Society.”

Here’s what Dmitri (credited with the creation of the original Periodic Table of Elements) has to say about the abiogenic source of hydrocarbons in his tract entitled THE ORIGIN OF PETROLEUM:

“The capital fact to note is that petroleum was born in the depths of the Earth, and it is only there that we must seek its origin.” (D. Mendeleev, 1877){{ref|Mendeleev}}
Mendeleev, D., 1877. L’Origine du pétrole. Revue Scientifique, second series, VIII, p. 409–416

Following is a very brief history of the Abiogenic Theory of Petroleum, which can be found at the following link:



“The abiogenic petroleum theory was founded upon several old interpretations of geology which stem from early 19th century notions of magmatism (which at the time was attributed to sulfur fires and bitumen burning underground) and of petroleum, which was seen by many to fuel volcanoes. Indeed, Wernerian appreciation of basalts at times saw them as solidified oils or bitumen. While these notions have been disabused, the basic notion that petroleum is associated with magmatism has persisted. The chief proponents of what would become the abiogenic theory were Mendeleev[5] and Berthelot.
Russian geologist Nikolai Alexandrovitch Kudryavtsev was the first to propose the modern abiotic theory of petroleum in 1951. He analyzed the geology of the Athabasca Tar Sands in Alberta, Canada and concluded that no “source rocks” could form the enormous volume of hydrocarbons (estimated today 1.7 trillions barrels), and that therefore the most plausible explanation is abiotic deep petroleum. However, humic coals have been proposed for the source rocks by Stanton (2005).
Although this theory is supported by geologists in Russia and Ukraine, it has recently begun to receive attention in the West, where the biogenic petroleum theory is accepted by the vast majority of petroleum geologists. Kudryavtsev’s work was continued by many Russian researchers — Petr N. Kropotkin, Vladimir B. Porfir’ev, Emmanuil B. Chekaliuk, Vladilen A. Krayushkin, Georgi E. Boyko, Georgi I. Voitov, Grygori N. Dolenko, Iona V. Greenberg, Nikolai S. Beskrovny, Victor F. Linetsky and many others.
Astrophysicist Thomas Gold 1 was one of the abiogenic theory’s most prominent proponents in recent years in the West, until his death in 2004. Dr. Jack Kenney of Gas Resources Corporation[6][7][8] is perhaps the foremost proponent in the West. The theory receives continued attention in the media as well as in scientific publications.”


“Within the mantle, carbon may exist as hydrocarbon molecules, chiefly methane, and as elemental carbon, carbon dioxide and carbonates. The abiotic hypothesis is that a full suite of hydrocarbons found in petroleum can be generated in the mantle by abiogenic processes,8 and these hydrocarbons can migrate out of the mantle into the crust until they escape to the surface or are trapped by impermeable strata, forming petroleum reservoirs.
Abiogenic theories reject the supposition that certain molecules found within petroleum, known as “biomarkers,” are indicative of the biological origin of petroleum. They contend that some of these molecules could have come from the microbes that the petroleum encounters in its upward migration through the crust, and that some of them are found in meteorites, which have presumably never contacted living material, and that some can be generated by plausible reactions in petroleum abiogenically.7”
The hypothesis stated above is founded primarily upon the following conclusive and quite compelling evidence:

Another important exposition on the matter comes from Samar Abbas, Institute of Physics, as well as the Dept. of Physics at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India and his paper entitled:
NON-ORGANIC THEORY OF THE GENESIS OF PETROLEUM, which can be found at: http://arxiv.org/pdf/physics/9610011v1


The following blog presents additional information which invalidates the conventionally held “fossil fuel” hypothesis. After having been artificially propped up for so many years by scientists, academics and especially oil and gas industry geologists, who have known the obvious truth about the source and nature of oil all along, the aforementioned Russian and Ukrainian scientists have debunked it with finality.


The blog below entitled “Abiotic Oil – The Secret of the BP Oil Spill” ought to have gone one step further to point out that all oil is abiotic in nature. And that those deposits found in the more shallow areas of the earth’s crust, where most of the drilling and extraction have been conducted historically, are not any different in nature or source because of their more superficial geological location.
The very notion of Peak Oil is also completely upended with this new understanding. However, it is very important that these discoveries do not cloud our vision for the future. Just because Mother Earth’s lifeblood is much more voluminous and readily available than previously thought, does not mean that we have any more license to steal it from Her.
Western Civilization, more than ever, must attain a vision of the future which respects Mother Earth with the utmost reverence and awe. Until this posture is assumed by every living thing, She will continue to teach us in so many dramatic and captivating ways.

***************** Abiotic Oil – The Secret of the BP Oil Spill *****************

“As usual, here is the place where you get the unfettered truth about what’s going on in the world, and today I will pull back the curtains on the BP oil leak and what will go down as one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century – that oil is abiotic – produced inside the Earth and is not simply rotting dinosaurs and old plants (aka “fossil” fuel).

The amount of oil seeping into the Gulf of Mexico, at this very moment, emerges from an *ocean* of oil that is almost as large as the Gulf itself! This ocean of oil didn’t appear there because it was a giant fish graveyard. It was not a prehistoric jungle 20 miles high and 500 miles wide. This oil is abiotic oil and is produced by geological actions in the earth itself. Abiotic oil is created by intense pressures on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur. The sort of pressures required to create oil are natural as one gets down a certain depth under the heavy crust and in the upper layers of the mantle. In some ways oil is the natural lubrication system for the crust and the upper layers of the mantle as it shifts and orbits the planet’s core.

The best think-tanks have known this for several decades now and have kept it hush hush to keep prices of oil high and help the oil industry. This was necessary because oil companies have huge assets and those assets are put to good use in infrastructure, research and development in more than simple oil production. Capitalism requires that certain commodities be given a value above and beyond the cost of procurement. Now that we have a leak which will not be able to be plugged, it’s time to prepare and explain what exactly is going on with the Deep Horizon well and why it is almost impossible to cap that Genie back in the bottle.

The underground oil oceans are under far more pressure than their ground well brethren and contain much more oil. At the depth of the Deep Horizon well, one mile under the sea, the per inch pressure is 2640 pounds per square inch. The ocean floor in these locations is very dense and can contain the underground oil oceans. Even so, in the Gulf, an Exxon Valdez size amount of oil naturally seeps into the Gulf every year. This under crust oil is seeping into all the oceans, but the Gulf, due to its size and geographic position, makes the seepage measurable … …

The typical cures are not working and they will not work. Think how much pressure this underground oil must exist with to support the thin crust between it and the ocean! The odds are the Gulf’s underground oil ocean exists between 15,000 and 30,000 psi at all points. Most oil equipment is not made to handle the upper end of this pressure spectrum. So caps blow off, plugs fail and almost nothing can stem the flow of oil now merging an ocean of oil and the Gulf of Mexico.

The two relief wells now being drilled are probably not a good idea, because, unlike a ground well, this may not “divide” the pressure and create 3 wells with manageable 5,000 psi flows. In fact, depending on the size of this ocean of oil, twenty or thirty relief wells might still only bring the psi down to 10,000! So the relief wells may just create 3 leaks where there was one before. If this is the case, BP seriously needs to fire their current geologists and hire some of the Russian abiotic oil scientists to assist them in corralling the flow from this oil ocean. Watch the news, and hope that BP actually understands what it is dealing with because the relief well option illustrates some of the senior geologists at BP do/did not think the oil is abiotic. If, in August, when the relief wells are finished and we have 3 leaks in lieu of one you will understand why. After reading this you will know more than the BP geologists … … …”


Although the following link is not for the faint-hearted, it is not fear-based and does express in no uncertain terms what must be done, with all deliberate speed, at this defining moment in human history. Humankind is compelled to act, and act now because:

“They’ve Literally Punched A Hole Into Hell:
We Need A Crash Alternative Energy Program Now, Assuming We Even Survive”


“The suggestion that petroleum might have arisen from some transformation of squashed fish or biological detritus is surely the silliest notion to have been entertained by substantial numbers of persons over an extended period of time.”
Fred Hoyle, 1982
(an English astronomer noted primarily for his contribution to the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis)

In conclusion, petroleum is clearly not a fossil fuel as we have been taught by our modern science classes. Nor is it created in the manner that we have been led to believe. Peak Oil is a product of the Oil and Gas Industry whose agendas are outworking throughout the planetary landscape with awesome consequence and, in many cases, non-remediable global environmental damage.

The $64K question is, “What in the world are we going to do about it?” And do fast, before it’s too late!

Dr. Tom Termotto
National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)
Tallahassee, FL

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40 Responses to “OPERATE TO FAILURE”: How BP’s MO & The US Addiction To Oil Caused The Catastrophe Of The Millennium

  1. MorningStar says:

    None of this could have happened without the final say from the U.S. Government, lobbyists and politicians looking for bribes (financial contributions). It’s just another case of the USG not being able to govern (Katrina, illegal aliens, BPspill).

    When the government fails then the citizens lose confidence in the government. That’s when it becomes scary.

  2. watchmanonthewall says:

    Fossil fuels. Ha Ha! Great post. Thanks for the critical info. It shows how Rockefeller oil money has influenced academia and the media in the US for 90 years. It is being used for the global warming scam the same way.

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  4. Art Massucco says:

    When I first started my career in industrial chemistry in 1959, the biotic fossil fuel model always puzzled me. But since my knowledge of geology was elementary, I accepted the biotic explanation, with reservations. I wondered if any geologist had attempted a material balance analysis to estimate the amount of organic matter over time it would take to generate an oil deposit taking into account the growth dynamics of plant and animal life. How is oil related to coal and peat? How do we explain the depths and pressures of oil deposits in relation to a biotic origin? Have petroleum products been synthesized in a lab from cellulose? Have any intermediate petroleum deposits been found that show a transition from biotic material to oil because I would think it to be an ongoing process to some degree. This article has certainly stimulated my love of science. Thanks.

  5. JB says:

    From my analysis, abiotic oil does not discount the reality of Peak Oil. Peak Oil and its impact on energy and civilization has to do with the available supply of oil, not what is residing in Earth. If the surface wells are tapped and are depleting with slow replenishment from deeper abiotic fields, and deep abiotic fields are to difficult and risky to get to, then we will face diminishing resources and a peak. If what I am saying is accurate, then we have already crossed the threshold of Peak Oil. Resource wars over oil are happening now. BPs Deep Horizon well proves that drilling options are limited and oil is in short supply. Why else would they choose such an unstable location and dangerous area? Yes, an abundance of oil is there but they cannot extract it without catastrophe from the extremely high pressure. The Earth may continue to produce “new” abiotic oil over the centuries, but humanity’s rate of consumption will exceed what becomes available, ready and feasible for exploitation. Again, abiotic oil does not mitigate the reality of Peak Oil which in all probability has already happened.

    • Ed Hunter says:

      Your position holds little logic. What the Russians have done and are doing have proved you wrong. While you’re certainly correct that refining capacity, safe routes to market, geopolitical developments and other factors may occasionally constrict the flow of petroleum based end products, those are variables and deficiencies in a supply chain and hardly equate to so-called “peak oil”

      Abiotic sources and (at least the Russian’s) ability to tap them safely moot the argument of this crowd and sooner or later they’ll have little choice but to come around. We’re only beginning to understand what’s possible here but these guys seem more worried about being just plain wrong. They are, but really who cares?

  6. D.B. Keller says:

    A sense of true activist unity is needed above and beyond mere
    remedial BP moniker of “oil spill”. ( They only WISH was happening . . . )

    Tell the world at http://www.9-oil-11.com

    We’re right there with you and all your readers, Phoenix.
    – God Bless.

  7. John Spiziri says:

    A famous Marine General by the name of Smedly Butler, I believe, was quoted as saying “War is a Racket”!

    I say that too Big Govenment is a racket, deception, evil and Legalized Theivery, an affront against all the good people of this great country. The GOM catastrophe is one of many signs of this and in my mind, does so much damage….it makes me ill to think about it.

    Emotionally, I think that All people in the chain of responsibility should be relieved of everything they have and only be allowed subsistence jobs to live………I’m really pissed at these people….do they ever think far and wide enough about consequences? I can hear them now, “I was only following orders”….Seig Heil.

  8. Dumb Me Down says:

    Anyone who believes this ‘extinction level event’ is going to just go away (like the depression, foreclosures, job losses, political corruption, one world government etc., etc., etc.) needs a quick wake up call — or really hard punch in the face. Actually, both.

    So here YOU go…


  9. Dave says:

    BP will not be going bankrupt,they are the largest of the oil companies and they are essential to the British pensioners and are partly owned by a Rothschild (who have great influence in our federal reserve policies).

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  11. mike says:


  12. DD says:

    JB, British petroleum drilled so far off shore, because the environmentalist maniacs have made drilling on land in the U.S. and close to shore virtually impossible. I also agree with Ed Hunter. The Russians have proven that deep oil oceans can be reached and contained on land. The Russians don’t let environmentalists run their energy policy and threaten the survival of their economy. This is why a total change in our Congressional members and white house must begin in 2010 and be completed in 2012. Our economy will collapse if we shut off the use of oil and depend only on the rays of the sun and corn fields. This must be a gradual transition and not immediate if made at all.

    • Maniacs you say? A third of the ocean is #$%^&^&&* dying and we’re in the wrong? BS you moron! There has to be limits that are enforced by the will of the people not the greed of the oil companies or through payoffs of government officials.

    • Scott Brown says:

      Ridiculous. Anyone still laboring under the delusion that their vote is worth spit in the face of the true Powers That Be should be sent to their room to do their homework. At least until they’ve learned enough of actual financial and political history (no, not the crap taught in PTB-created and -owned schools), and how it feeds into actual current events (and no, not the crap fed to us by PTB-owned and -controlled MSM) to be permitted back to the table to discuss with educated grown-ups.

      Regarding “environmentalist maniacs,” many of us have been arguing for incrementally reduced dependence on oil for over 35 years. Three-and-a-half decades should have been plenty of lead time to avert this disaster, wouldn’t you think? But of course back then we were considered “environmentalist maniacs,” don’t you know. I’m not exactly offended at your accusation, but it does piss me off when uninformed ignoramuses consider people like me the maniac in this equation. In effect, you’re saying that people concerned with protecting and preserving our once beautiful and bountiful nation forced greedy bastards like BP to say “Oh yeah? Oh YEAH? Well, screw you! We’ll just take our toys out into international waters and put the whole damn planet at risk! So there, smartypants!”

      Of course, our maniacal interest in this was preserving Earth for ourselves and future generations (what could be more naive and misguided!). The interests of the oiligarchy were financial and, ultimately, population control. As they have been for over a century.

      And to those who would argue that even if the US went green, the rest of the world won’t… Can anyone seriously argue that if we successfully harnessed wind, solar, geothermal, and other sources of cheaper (or “free”) energy which have been available to us since the days of Tesla, that other nations would NOT follow suit? (Trick question. If you say no, you must face reality. If you say yes, you must go to your room and study up on the history of the Rothschilds, European banking, the Rockefellers, Standard Oil, the Federal Reserve, and Nikola Tesla, and alternative energy, for starters, before being allowed back to the table.)

      PS: You can actually do a great deal of this on the Internet…well, for now, at least.

  13. todd f says:

    I think the reason to limit oil production and artificially cap the outflow with convenient theories like peak oil is ultimately, the worlds population is highly correlated with energy production. The desire to control this force multiplier and the self appointed stewardship these people have granted themselves is the reason all may be lost. Divine intervention or help from little green men may be our last chance out of this…

  14. Jeff Ray says:

    Four and a half years since I bought gasoline. Compressed natural gas could break America’s addiction to gasoline. That’s not the plan though, is it?

    Natural gas is clean burning and plentiful.

  15. TSGordon says:

    As far as I know, the [sic] “Patriot Act” states that it is considered an “act of terrorism” for me to release any chemical agents against another person in America. However, (and if just for the sake of ‘logic,’) it’s as if ALL of the guilty parties named above were dumping liquid/crystal cyanide from the heights of all the tallest buildings, laughing with glee, and flaunting an inpenetrable right of impunity.

    ..Has Tony Hayward proven Ken Lay to be little more than a rank amateur?

    • David Keller says:

      Mr. Gordon:

      I couldn’t agree with you more . . NO ONE has brought up violations
      of the “Patriot Act” whatsoever in light of this agonizing catastrophe;
      meanwhile all the excuses, pronouncements and/or delays BP puts
      out are for the benefit of their STOCKHOLDERS, not the American
      people and wildlife who are being brutally victimized by all this, let
      alone what’s yet to come with the first REAL hurricane that paints
      the whole Gulf Coast BLACK, starts the real chaos, and banishes
      ‘the Florida star’ from Old Glory, just for STARTERS.

      Two Questions:

      1) Why wasn’t The Queen here to apologize for BP at the United Nations ?

      2) Why would BP “Corexit” their profits if this whole thing wasn’t PLANNED ?

      A whole new thread can start right here on this one !

      – D.B. Keller

      • Scott Brown says:

        Simple. BP is 40% owned by the US, primarily Goldman Sachs (so I’ve read) and another major stockholder is Rothschild.

        As for the Corexit, two points to ponder:

        1) It hides the true extent of the damage for as long as a year, shoveling sh*t into the tide, as it were.

        2) Gosh, they had an awful lot of that deadly stuff (outlawed in Europe and Mexico) on hand, didn’t they? Over a million gallons so far.

      • D.B. Keller says:

        Well, if it was America who just so happened to destroy the Holy South Coast of England and all it’s royal wildlife and sealife the same way, and then we magically visited and addressed Parliment and somehow forgot to mention what we just did to THEIR COUNTY, their wildlife, their sealife, and the WHOLE DAMN ATLANTIC OCEAN (and then tried to ‘hide it’ from the world public right on international TV), that would be quite an international oversight, wouldn’t it ?

        As for the Corexit Populist Death Scam – – hiding WHAT OIL on daily/hourly network TV, let alone the entire the entire Internet ? How many minutes to you think they could fool the public with that ?

        Did you know it just RAINED OIL up here in OHIO and we can’t get it off our windshields without major detergent?

        – D.B. Keller

  16. Fred Sinclair says:

    No one will ask the most important question of all.
    What is the purpose of the oil under the earth? Every thing on this earth has a reason for being here.
    Is it remotely possible that the oil under the earth, especially deep oil, is here to lubricate the movemnet of the tectonic plates that make the earth a living panet?
    If it is and we take that oil, we will turn this earth into a lifeless rock.

  17. Government has to be destroyed if we want to live on this planet. Government has already proven that it is the same as a heroin addict when it comes to oil and war. That oil is there for a reason. Remove that oil and we have no idea what will happen globally to the plates that the nations rest upon. We cannot keep going “uh-oh ‘scuse me.” National governments have to be put to death, they cannot be controlled and there are better ways of dealing with laws and regulations through the people themselves. Again this is proven by the Obama Administration AGREEING to let more oil companies drill deep dangerous wells in the ocean with NO CONTINGENCY PLAN!!! We don’t need the middle man ruining the planet for us in their incompetence. We need to form a new system and remove all governments from power.

  18. Incriminally Sane says:

    There is MUCH more going on here than meets the eye!

    The global planning for the hegemonic dictators are trying to make ALL Governments around the world look SOOOOOO Incompetent that eventually the majority of the people across the entire planet will be BEGGING for what their ultimate goals are, which just happens to be a push towards…………………

  19. DD says:

    Yes, there are environmental maniacs who don’t support a balanced approach to energy sources, and they are the morons. Again, these morons are the people who forced the oil companies to drill off shore and far off shore in dangerous situations.So, obviously, they are part of the blame for the Gulf being polluted. I personally don’t want to see this country fall to the status of a second or third world country. However, if we follow your hatred of oil that is what will happen. We already see a rise in food prices due to farmers dropping their production of many crops in order to produce corn for ethanol. Compressed gas has its drawbacks as well. Until we find a fuel that is efficient as petroleum it should remain our main source of fuel. I believe that the environmentalists are helping the New World Order come to power by hindering the US in its attempts to be 100 percent energy independent. They stop us from developing our on land oil deposits that could make us energy independent. This provides cover for the NWO to get involved in foreign wars by saying that we need the oil of other countries. The truth is we have all the oil we need right here in the US, but the environmentalists keep us from getting to it. If you are anti war, then let us drill for our oil in the US. Then the NWO would have no excuse to go looking for oil overseas. If they did, it would expose their true plans, but the environmentalist maniacs keep providing cover for them with no drilling bans and the false fossil fuel peak oil theory. As bad as this oil spill is, it DESTROYS the peak oil theory. Abiotic oil is abundant and infinite (continually produced). All we need to do is find where it is seeping up in our country. This leads to NO oil wars. We have enough oil now in reserves to last us until another cleaner fuel is developed. So enveironmentalists get out of the way and let us have our own oil and PAX Americana.

    • todd f says:

      I think it’s a misnomer to say that the greenies forced us to drill so far off shore. I think the reason the macondo well, first of it’s kind for western oil companies (from what i understand) was deliberately located off shore was to keep it away from prying eyes. You see, concealing a well of this magnitude in the continental US would be difficult and would have changed the ball game regarding oil production and geology from a western standpoint. keep it off shore and keep it obscure…

  20. James Arthur says:

    Yes, a new world government is about to take over the earth and it will never again be run by politicos and money grubbers. We have proven beyond question that the majority is always wrong and shouldn’t be allowed to empower (sic) leaders in the first place.

    BP’s penetration of the mega-pressurized labyrinth of methane gas and oil will not be stopped by capping or by (sic) relief wells (additional outlets). Not anymore than you could silence a raging volcano with a radiator cap. They have tapped into forces that are beyond our ability to control. Their continued efforts will only serve to mitigate the problem.

    By now it should be obvious that oil doesn’t come from animal or plant decomposition as the schools of higher learning have told us. Like most of their teachings, it was all part of the matrix-like, dumbed down, artificial existence we have come to accept as “the way things are.” Most people have never come to the realization that there is a parallel world right here right now that is not limited to the (sic) wisdom of our pathetic world culture. Read “Babylon is Falling! Is Falling” (ISBN 1-4208-9727-6) for details.

    Would that this event were the end of our destructive march into the inevitable paradigm change but the chickens of arrogance and stupidity are all coming home to roost now. If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, fasten your seatbelts, secure your tray tables and get ready for a rough landing.

  21. DD says:

    Unfortunately, the NWO will temporarily prevail because the communist and fascist infiltrated gov’t’s of the world(they control both) and the green movement(which they control) will provide them cover, but the final and eternal gov’t will be run by Yahweh and his son Yahshua who will descend from heaven to save mankind from the NWO and the anti christ. Read Revelation 8:8 and see if it sounds like what is happening in the Gulf and will spread.
    Until their descent, it will be a bumpy and deadly ride from this point on. We will not have PAX Americana or peace throughout the world until their descent.

  22. James Arthur says:

    Wow! DD I don’t know who you are but you sure hit the nail right on the head. We all need to realize that there is a higher authority with knowledge that surpasses our own and we would do well to shut up and listen. Your comparison to Rev. 8:8 is spot on. Man’s technology is bringing about our final cataclysmic demise. Thankfully none of these episodes are suprising to Yahweh…He foretold us they would occur. May His government come quickly.

  23. ducq says:

    It’s nice to hear someone overtly mention Revelation 8:8, because usually writers use a subtle reference on account of the fact that no one actually reads that stuff to understand it on a regular basis. (Looking it up to see what it says doesn’t count, especially if it’s after the fact.)

    Before the second trumpet (R 8:8) there is a first trumpet. Before that first trumpet, there are 6 previous seals (the 7 trumpets occur in the 7th seal). Even if it’s the first time you look at these writings, you’ll realize that there is no way we are there yet.

    This could be a nice warning though. The events of the 6th seal and the 1st trumpet could easily open up cracks under the ocean that destroy a third of it with abiotic oil.

    Note also that after the 7 trumpets, there are 7 bowls. The 2nd bowl is similar to the 2nd trumpet; the same thing happens, only this time absolutely everything in the entire sea dies, not just one-third.

    Read up, guys, it’s interesting. And possibly quite informative.

  24. Using petroleum for fuel is ok. letting the petrochemicals byproducts saturate our ecosystem is not ok.

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  26. msg says:

    the most interesting question in this are – how many months will it take to ruin the life on the planet? Are most of humankind destined to die a slow and painful death from lung cancer and hunger now? How many will even survive?

    Is it rational to commit suicide now and escape the coming apocalypse?

  27. Dear Sirs!

    Prevent a catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico can not only collecting donations and distributing them in distress.
    Win a catastrophe can only be applying the most advanced technologies. In an unprecedented catastrophe must be an adequate response. With this proposal we are writing to you.

    The only way to preserve life on the planet Earth and protect its environment is to switch to new technologies which would allow humankind to reimburse Nature for what we have been taking from it during the last 4 hundred years or so. Today, the media, we hear that the bad ecological situation is a payment for the comfort that we provide the current technocratic civilization, and no other way. This is a lie. Today, technology has reached a level at which each country can have a sufficient number of quality food products and energy. Unfortunately, existing in the world economy technological structure and financial flows do not give change the situation in the economy and ecology for the better.
    Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico are not just an incident; it is a world catastrophe which will affect most of the countries on the planet. Thereupon we have set up in London, Great Britain, the Independent Public Commission and invited a number of international scientists on board. Their research works can, from our point of view, liquidate both the catastrophe itself as well as its consequences in mid-to-long-term timeframe. The aim of the Commission is the search for and introduction of breakthrough technologies, which could solve current global problems in energy, food, medicine and the environment and reduce the risk of industrial accidents and natural disasters.
    Below you will find a description of various technologies and projects, selected by the Commission, which could quickly stop oil leaking from the well, liquidate the oil slick spill in the Gulf and help prevent or minimize the risk of similar events happening in the future.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dr. Tamara Voronina Mark Jeffery
    Great Britain, London Great Britain, London
    E-mail: info@tvrejuvenation.com E-mail: markjeffery@resortlands.net

    Our suggestions are based directly on research carried out during the past decade. The continuing disaster in the Mexican Gulf shows there is nothing more important for governments and energy companies to consider at the moment. In order to understand these methods, it is necessary to change the thinking about the existing world.


    The resolution of the disaster in the Mexican Gulf needs to be considered in 3 parts:-

    I. Cessation of oil entering the sea from the bore-hole.
    II. Dealing with the consequences of the oil spill in the Gulf area.
    III. Avoiding future global catastrophes by adopting the proven resource of fuel from water.

    Point 1.
    At the beginning of the millennium, experiments in the correction of the trajectory of hurricanes in the Mexican Gulf were held. The experiments were carried out under the leadership of N. Levashov. Levashov managed to put an energetic barrier in the way of hurricanes which diverted them back into the open ocean where they dispersed. In 2007 N. Levashov dismantled energy barrier. More information can be found on the site http://www.levashov.info , to switch to English version site, you need to click the mouse the English flag. In the section “articles” there are articles «Taming The Intractables: How to Make Hurricanes Behave» and «The Drought». These studies described some studies made by N. Levashov.
    The basis of N. Levashov is its ability to work with “dark matter”. Levashov developed equipment – generators, allowing him to control the “dark matter”, which, as you know, 90% of the universe. In essence, N. Levashov, restructure their generators, could increase the viscosity of oil around the geological horizon. The density of oil increases, and the pressure in the geological horizon falls. All together it will stop leaking oil from the wells. At the same time reorganizing his generators, there is a chance to annihilate all oil pollution on the water surface. Now N. Levashov is waiting invitation and supposes to make business in some days.
    This may sound fantastically, but it is true. See our report ‘ Strategy of global survival.’ Exactly such projects will save the world.
    Unfortunately, thirst for absolute power in the world thus having control over all technologies, doesn’t allow the majority of projects to start. We’ve proved that even now every country has a proper and qualified amount of food and sources of energy. But the world’s ruler directs the process. Natural disasters will soon smash the majority of this civilization, if the rulers of Mankind won’t change up their mind in the nearest future.

    Point 2.
    In 1998 – 2001 the group of Russian scientists from Telos-Technologies group is working in Great Britain, particular in Middlesex University, on the problem of cleansing water from oil pollution.
    The first technology allows to remove oil products from the water without chemicals (dispersants). It has been done in closed reservoirs, for example on ships collecting oil from the ocean surface.
    Secondly, the developed technology allows to stir up the activity of oil oxidizing bacteria 6-12 times more in water and soil. In the case of lack or absence of corresponding oil oxidizing bacteria, technology allows change the phenotype of the presented in the water or on the soil oil not oxidizing bacteria and they start discomposing the oil. After finished work, bacteria are transferred back to their phenotype, according to the corresponding command. These are the closed technologies of a double destination. There are reports, which prove that it is possible to use this method with a great benefit for the environment, in the case of oil spilt. All the documents can be attached.

    Point 3.
    To avoid similar global catastrophes the industrial world should embrace a new energy resource – fuel from water. This already exists and can be produced to any scale.
    A new kind of fuel, based on special structure of water was developed in Russia. This fuel is the most promising one as it is cheap and environmentally friendly. At the core of it lies the so called “special structure of water” effect. It takes around 90.0%-99.5% of plain water and just 0.5%-10.0% of any other combustible materials (vegetable oils, including rape seed oil, spirit, crude oil, residual oil fuel, diesel fuel etc.) to produce boiler fuel alone. Combustion heat of such boiler fuel is comparable to that of propane gas, and so notably exceeds similar qualities of diesel fuel.
    Transition to such special structure of water-based fuel would fully replace and save non exhaustible raw materials, such as hydrocarbons, for future generations. It would also enable us to make Earth atmosphere, polluted by combustion engines, thermo and electrical plants, much cleaner. Performance characteristics of such substance exceed almost all known kinds of fuel. The Ecological aspect of the new fuel is particularly important. Exhaust products of such fuel, are negligible – CO and emissions are times smaller than in any traditional kind of fuel. That is why transition to the suggested fuel will sharply decrease carbon dioxide emissions into the Earth atmosphere and will hence significantly contribute to solving global warming problem, which has been a great concern for the humanity nowadays.
    The know-how of these sorts of combustible substance, i.e. special structure of water-based fuels is rooted in utilisation of vortex and cavitation processes energy. It is aimed at defined transformation of water inner-molecular interactions with a wide range of hydrocarbons, i.e. already existing hydrocarbon fuel. The production costs of such fuel are another of its immensely important characteristic – when mass produced it shall start at 15-20 USD per tonne. The production equipment of such fuel could also be used for recycling and utilisation of various kinds of liquids, such as liquid radioactive materials, industrial and household waste, agricultural fertilizers, automobile liquids (engine oil) etc. Considering the latter it is clear that manufacturing of this sort of equipment becomes a rather relevant issue for a wide range of world ecological problems.
    Special structure of water-based fuel has already passed the trials and is currently being certified both in Russia and abroad. Production principles of special structure of water were published in the open press. It has also been expertise by such notable foreign certification centres such as Swiss company SGS, South Korean State Institute of Petroleum Quality and other world certification bodies. Technology engineers have undertaken rounds of talks with business representatives from the United Kingdom, South Korea, Israel, Switzerland, Chile, Republic of South Africa and India. These talks were aimed at furthering launch of the first boiler fuel production facilities. Representatives from energy companies in question were demonstrated new fuel production unit, as well as given fuel samples for subsequent analysis. Documentary films were also made.
    Economic community was presented by a unique chance to provide the world market with a finished high-tech product. This product combines previously mutually exclusive fuel properties – extremely low production costs and exceptional ecological parameters.
    The move of the industrial world in the direction suggested would completely obviate ecological accidents such as the one we are currently dealing with in the Gulf of Mexico. Licenses for the production of such fuel should be offered equally to all member states of the United Nations.
    The developers of the new type of fuel are prepared to hand over to the United Nations the basic right to produce such fuel.

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