Digging Under the Macondo Tombstones

By Gulf Rescue Alliance

As of April 20, 2012—the 2nd Anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster — we have a backdrop of recently published scientific studies[i] indicating sick and dying dolphins, coral and other sea life; bacteria laden tar balls washing onto beaches, an intoxicated Gulf food chain and a Macondo geohazard risk zone over a mile below the surface that some experts say has the potential of releasing toxic gas and oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the next 25 years.  Behind this deepwater curtain, there are still many unknowns about the BP Oil Spill events and response.

While a federal trial is still pending and BP settlement talks with the Department of Justice and other stakeholders are on-going, the public are still waiting for a revelation to settle the many open questions associated with the largest oil spill in history.

One unexplained fact generally not known is that oil did not begin to spill into the Gulf of Mexico until 22 April, coincidently and squarely on Earth Day.  The large quantities from the Macondo Reservoir only began spewing into the Gulf after several unexplained detonated explosions.  The explosions leave open questions since the top well blow out that killed the 11 men was brought under control.   Continue reading

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Conclusive Evidence That BP Misrepresented Gulf Oil Spill Sent To Congress


Conclusive Evidence That BP Misrepresented Gulf Oil Spill Sent to Congress

Gulf Rescue Alliance (GRA) has just sent a briefing package to the Attorney Generals of Alabama and Louisiana which presents evidence they believe has never seen the light of day concerning the how and why of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster and subsequent release of toxic oil into the Gulf—oil that is still gushing from various seabed fractures and fissures.
The evidence provided therein clearly indicates:
• The unmentioned existence of a 3rd Macondo well (the real source of the explosion, DWH sinking and ensuing oil spill)
• The current condition of this well being such that it can never be properly capped.
• The compromised condition of the seabed floor being such that there are multiple unnatural sources of gushers continuing to pour into the Gulf, with Corexit dispersant still suppressing its visibility
• That the highly publicized capped well (Well A) never occurred as reported, and in fact was an abandoned well, hence it was never the source of the millions of gallons released into the Gulf.

GRA’s special report (a comprehensive compilation of research released by insiders and experts through confidential internet sources) has been forwarded to Congress in advance of BP’s upcoming trial on Monday, February 27th in New Orleans, LA.  Entitled An Expert’s Analysis of ROV Film Footage Taken at the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster Site, it has also been submitted to the appropriate federal, state and county authorities, plaintiff attorneys, and environmental and health advocacy groups who have a stake in the outcome of the trial.   Continue reading

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Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable, Fractured, Spilling Hydrocarbons

Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable, Fractured, Spilling Hydrocarbons

Oil and gas are still seeping unabated, says expert. Toxic leakage poses significant public health risks.

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
October 10, 2011 

The Gulf of Mexico disaster has not gone away. In fact, it has grown exponentially since the main stream media stopped talking about it. According to the Gulf Rescue Alliance, an organization composed of scientists, medical professionals and seafood industry professionals, among others, the problem cannot be simplified to the damage already caused by the oil spill. It is worse, much worse.

Pools of crude oil float on the surface of Gulf of Mexico waters at the site of the sunken BP/Transocean oil drill the Deepwater Horizon on April 27, 2010. Getty Images

The Real Agenda received exclusive information regarding the current state of the ongoing emergency in the Gulf of Mexico. The latest assessment performed by the Gulf Rescue Alliance reveals not only that the oil spill is still happening, but also that the Gulf of Mexico’s sea floor grew more unstable since the explosion in 2010. Additionally, analysis provided by experts like BK Lim, shows that the geohazards developed that derive from the rolling leakage of toxic matter, combined with the on-going use of the highly toxic chemical dispersant called Corexit will most likely result in the permanent decline of marine life, while posing out-of-control public health risks, just as it did after the Exxon Valdez spill where the same chemical dispersants were used resulting in a rapid decline of the marine life until, for example, the Herring industry completely collapsed and has never recovered since then.   Continue reading

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Ian R. Crane Named Co-Defendant in Lawsuit Against Deborah Dupre

Ian R. Crane Named Co-Defendant in Lawsuit Against Deborah Dupre

Ian R. Crane Named Co-Defendant in Lawsuit Against Deborah Dupre

Suit Alleges Conspiracy to Commit Character Defamation/Assassination by Libel and Slander

Ian R. Crane has recently been named a co-defendant in a $10 million lawsuit being filed by the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (GOSRC) against Deborah Dupre. The lawsuit alleges that Ian R. Crane and Deborah Dupre conspired to conduct a highly coordinated campaign of deliberate and malicious character assassination against the some of the most out-spoken members of the GOSRC, an International Citizens’ Initiative.

This lawsuit further alleges that this conspiracy was carried out by the systematic practice of character defamation through both the posting of libelous articles, newsletters, emails and comments throughout the internet, as well as by the slanderous radio interviews conducted by Crane and Dupre over the past 6+ months. The lawsuit is requesting both compensatory and punitive damages in the amount of $10 million to be paid to all injured parties.

The GOSRC has already indicated that the full amount of the compensatory and punitive damages adjudicated by the court will be used to establish a BP Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Fund. Most of the proceeds from this fund will be utilized toward the creation of a professional organization dedicated to scientifically determining the numerous medical conditions, health problems and wellness issues directly caused by the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

Several parties, completely outside of the GOSRC, have likewise been injured in numerous ways by the two individuals named above, as well as by the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors (GCBD), an organization co-founded by Deborah Dupre and her sister, Delia LaBarre. The lawsuit further alleges that the GCBD has been a primary platform from which much of this premeditated character assassination and consequent defamation of character has been launched.

New evidence has been received by the GOSRC which adds to Ian R. Crane’s open admission that he secretly taped the National Coordinator, an illegal act in the State of Florida. In an exchange of emails between the GOSRC and Crane, the following statement was issued by Ian Crane in response to this illegal taping of the telephone conversation: “You would of course also need to file for Extradition!” (Per Crane’s email dated April 2, 2011)

A recent Crane email to the GOSRC indicates, not only a threat to release more purposefully, defamatory material onto the internet, but also insinuates a strong intention to continue these unlawful character assassinations whenever it serves his purpose to do so. The GOSRC has made overtures to Crane to learn the truth regarding the great number of falsehoods which he, himself, is illegally disseminating.

The GOSRC has made it clear that the choice is now his; he can cease and desist his criminal behavior or suffer the consequences in the appropriate courts of law. For our part, please be advised that those of us who have been profoundly harmed by the behavior of both Deborah Dupre and Ian Crane, we will henceforth defend ourselves and our ongoing conference with great vigor and legal prowess.

An Important Message to Each Defendant:

Deborah Dupre, due to the imminence and gravity of the forthcoming court case, it is required that a full retraction of the relevant libelous article and subsequent comments (both written and verbal) which began this entire saga. Only through this necessary act of good faith on her part will the GOSRC nullify all future legal actions against her.

As for Ian R. Crane, only an immediate cessation of all factually incorrect and defamatory posts related to this matter, as well as a full retraction of his false statements made to impugn the aforementioned characters will release him from the upcoming lawsuit and all future litigation. Also, unless this recommended response is acknowledged and acted upon, an extremely aggressive internet campaign will be geared up which will be proportionately upgraded to include all of those other individuals who have likewise suffered from his highly dubious and reprehensible behavior.

CAVEAT: The internet campaign, which has only recently been initiated to implement this defensive strategy, will evolve into a multi-faceted, multi-media platform which will be used as a model for many other good people who have suffered the same fate on the world wide web. Should any reader possess additional information regarding this case, please feel free to email @

Submitted by: Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference
Date: September 3, 2011

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Ian R. Crane Poses As Gulf Oil Spill Advocate

‘Journalists’ Ian Crane & Deborah Dupre destroy Gulf citizens’ movement

By Sheila Samarski

Just who is Ian R. Crane and why does he, together with the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, persist in destroying the Gulf Oil Spill citizens’ movement?  Why does a Britisher suddenly appear on the scene of the greatest environmental catastrophe in US history hawking his wares and conspiracies?

Ian R Crane hawking his Gulf oil spill products online

After many months of investigation of this British citizen – Ian R. Crane – we can report the following facts about his business, his mission and his “journalistic” practice where it concerns the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).

It is very important to note that this foreign ‘journalist’ lives in the United Kingdom not too far from London, admits to being an ex-Shlumberger oilman, and makes his money from selling internet conspiracy theory (which may be true or false) about the Gulf oil spill.  The point is that this is how he earns his income, by selling videos that purport to explain away all things related to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

The following headline has appeared on many of the internet’s alternative news sites over the past 6 months:

 Ian Crane, Ex-Schlumberger Oilman, Illegally

Tapes Former GOSRC Coordinator

Here is one of the Gulf Oil Spill news sites where it can be found:

The first question anyone would ask is: Why was Ian Crane illegally and secretly taping a member – the National Coordinator no less – of the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference?  What was his purpose?  Continue reading

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Ian Crane, Ex-Schlumberger Oilman, Illegally
Tapes Former GOSRC Coordinator

The Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference, an 11 month-old International Citizens’ Initiative, is filing criminal charges in Tallahassee, FL against Ian Crane, a former Schlumberger oil executive.  The GOSRC has forwarded the original email to authorities in which Crane admitted to taping the former National Coordinator without his knowledge or consent.  Crane’s subsequent suspicious actions and dubious correspondence concerning the Gulf Oil Spill have caused many throughout the GOM citizen’s movement to question his motives and agenda, and therefore compel us to file these charges.

Ian Crane currently poses as an advocate of sorts whereby he often places the full responsibility of the BP Gulf Oil Spill at the feet of BP’s Robert Kaluza. Crane’s former employer, Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company that worked on the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, “says its crew left the Horizon on the day of the fire”. As an ex-oilman, Crane has adopted a pattern of behavior in which many sincere Gulf advocates, who do not wholeheartedly join his cause, have become subjected to completely untrue and unwarranted derogatory statements, as well as a continuing barrage of ad hominem attacks.

By several accounts Ian Crane has teamed up with an internet writer, Deborah Dupre, who has likewise used her writing platform to vilify and persecute some of the most courageous heroes of the Gulf Oil Spill.  Dupre writes for which began a partnership with Thomson Reuters in the City of London, England.  Reuters corporate headquarters is located approximately one tenth of a mile from BP corporate headquarters in London.  Crane’s media outlet is located in Devon, England.

Dupre and members of her family also reportedly take stipends from oil transport companies which run pipelines over their respective properties in Louisiana.  She has followed a very similar pattern of conduct to Crane in which those with whom she disagrees become the object of her libelous articles and slanderous radio interviews.  Countless members of the vast network of BP oil spill have been shocked and mortified by her many unsubstantiated and groundless allegations which are found in her many ludicrous articles.   Continue reading

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The Gulf of Mexico is Dying

A Special Report on the BP Gulf Oil Spill

By Dr. Tom Termotto

It is with deep regret that we publish this report.  We do not take this responsibility lightly, as the consequences of the following observations are of such great import and have such far-reaching ramifications for the entire planet.  Truly, the fate of the oceans of the world hangs in the balance, as does the future of humankind.

The Gulf of Mexico (GOM) does not exist in isolation and is, in fact, connected to the Seven Seas.  Hence, we publish these findings in order that the world community will come together to further contemplate this dire and demanding predicament.  We also do so with the hope that an appropriate global response will be formulated, and acted upon, for the sake of future generations.  It is the most basic responsibility for every civilization to leave their world in a better condition than that which they inherited from their forbears.

After conducting the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference for over seven months, we can now disseminate the following information with the authority and confidence of those who have thoroughly investigated a crime scene.  There are many research articles, investigative reports and penetrating exposes archived at the following website.  Particularly those posted from August through November provide a unique body of evidence, many with compelling photo-documentaries, which portray the true state of affairs at the Macondo Prospect in the GOM.   Continue reading

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Are Shallow Earthquakes Associated with the New Madrid Fault & BP’s Mega Oil Spill?

Shallow Earthquakes Associated with the New Madrid Fault & BP’s Mega Oil Spill.

by BK Lim
23 Feb 2011

Is there a common factor between the quake off Fort Morgan on 18 Feb 2010 and the recent swarm of quakes occurring in the vicinity of the New Madrid Fault zone? You are right if the BP Mega Oil spill and the Deepwater Horizon blowout on 20 April 2010 come to mind.

They are all quakes similar to the disastrous 22 Feb 2011 quake that occured close to Christshurch in New Zealand. Their shallow epicentres are off the main tectonic (or intra-plate) main fault lines. There are significant differences though, especially in magnitude and tectonic plate settings. The recent NZ disaster was more devastating than an earlier quake 11 times more powerful with its epicentre on the plate margin.

Since the 2 Aug 2010 quake at Louisiana, we have been warning of more occurrences of such shallow low magnitude quakes. See figure 145-1 which shows some of the hidden series of NW-SE strike-slip fault lines typical of intra-plate movement. The fault chart (prepared in August and updated only with annotations) was only published on 10 Nov 2010, Update On BP Rigs Location & the Fault Connection. The consequence of the continuing corosive erosion along these faults by leaking hydrocarbons from deep reservoirs (not only from the Macondo prospect) is the release in stresses between the upper and lower crust; resulting in shallow quakes of generally low magnitude. This was mentioned in a recent article, first written on 14 Feb and updated 20 Feb 2011.

~~~start of quote~~~Silencing The Independent Voices Of Truth On The BP’s Mega Oil Spill GOM

For millions of years, the southeastern part of the North American tectonic plate (south-east of the New Madrid Fault line) has been thrusting in a northeasterly direction while the western half of the plate has been moving south along the San Andreas fault line. This is the main reason for the present gulf seabed morphology.   Continue reading

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Silencing the Independent Voices Of Truth on the BP’s Mega Oil Spill, GOM

by BK Lim, et. al. (14 Feb 2011, updated 20 Feb 2011)

Three things you can’t hide: The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.” ~ Buddha.

All that is needed for evil to succeed is that decent human beings do nothing. – Edmund Burke

No Nothing is what it seems in the BP’s Mega Oil Spill disaster.

Perhaps it was the 14 Jan political overthrow of authoritarian president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali who ruled Tunisia with an iron fist for the last 23 years and the ensuing popular uprising in the Middle East uprising against tyranny, misrule, corruption and highhandedness. Even the world’s 10th largest military could not suppress the civilian uprising which has until today lasted 17 days. President Hosni Mubarak who had a tight control of the Egyptian armed forces is expected to step down any time soon. (He stepped down 2 days after this article was written).

Perhaps the lies and cover-ups of the Gulf Oil Spill disaster are bursting at the seams. Like any cancerous terminal illness, it is no longer possible to cover the lesions and symptoms with “cosmetics”. The only escape hatch is to spin and muddle the pool. With sufficient willful ignorance in the world’s populace, the perpetrators of the BP’s Mega-oil spill disaster could escape scott free just as in Project 911 Disaster. 911 served as the main reason for the War on Terror; triggering the Afghan & Iraqi wars, Homeland Security and Patriot Acts etc which not only affected the US but the whole wide world. Today after more than 10 years, you cannot air-travel as freely without being groped and probed.

Despite the many “hanging and disturbing” questions, PYSOPS were used to put the blame on innocent parties while the masterminds behind the disaster reaped enormous economic windfalls from the “fallout” of the disaster. Americans and the world are still paying the real costs. Project 911 Disaster was so successful there was no question of an encore which had to be bigger, longer and more devastating to generate even bigger windfall. The world was ripe for climatic changes. Gradual climatic changes are non-destructive and do not generate windfalls for those in the know. Catastrophic climatic changes do. Carbon Emission and Global Warming schemes exploit climate change. Instead of conservation, splurging is encouraged so that our excesses can be taxed profitably. Mega-disasters are the new trends in generating mega-windfalls with sinister motives in case you have not noticed.

Project Gulf Disaster

What better way to herald the onset of a global catastrophic climate change by triggering an already precarious world with an apparently accidental mega-disaster? If Project 911 disaster was planned prior to Bush being elected in 2000, then Project Gulf Disaster must have been planned soon after 911 was successfully executed. It was planned to explode in October of 2009 within the first year of the new president. It would have been the new president’s 1011 to further erase persistent doubts that Bush’s 911 was preplanned.

Would they risk the success of Project Gulf Disaster by the growing independent voices of truth in the Mega-Oil spill? The answer is NO.

Stamping out the independent voices of truth.   Continue reading

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BP and Oil Commission Reports Misrepresent The Facts, Distort The Truth

Physics of Impossibility – A Critical Review of BP’s & Oil Commission’s Blowout Investigation Reports.

– BK Lim
31 January, 2011

Distorted facts, half truths and omissions do tell a story by themselves; especially when they occur so coherently across supposedly independent investigation reports. This article will not delve into the objectives or detailed analyses of these discrepancies found in these reports. A book had already been compiled on them waiting for publication.

This succinct outline of discrepancies illustrates the physics of impossibility if the analyses and conclusions of these official investigation reports are to be trusted, even partially

Why did the investigations ignore so many obvious impossibilities? Stripped bare of technological jargon, it is blatantly clear even to the layman, the disastrous blowout at Macondo MC252 could not have happened as reported and analysed by BP or the Oil Spill Commission, not unless the laws of universal nature (laws of physics) are revised to accommodate the erroneous conclusions contained therein.  In general, both reports are long on  technical intricacies but short on the fundamental issues that mattered.

Were 3 wells or 1 well drilled?  2.5 months (76 days) is a long time to spend on a single exploration well which normally takes from 2 weeks to 3 weeks to drill. Exploration wells are normally budget for 2 to 3 weeks of actual drilling with another 1 to 2 weeks for testing a strike well. Eleven weeks, excluding the 4 weeks spent from October – November 2009, was definitely excessive by any exploration standard. What happened in the 11 weeks and why were the reports “loudly” silent in this critical area of investigation?

Were the persistent rumours of 2 or even 3 wells examined in earnest, especially in the face of the unexplained documented lies by BP officials at site that the Deepwater Horizon rig (DWH) had drifted 719ft NW in calm weather with 0.69 ft/s (0.05 knots) current? See conclusive evidence: Well A is not the well that blew up on 20 April

Did the blown well deviated (by-passed) or drilled vertically through the troublesome gas formation at around 13,000 ft BML?  If indeed the blown well was deviated (as reported in the Well Activity Report) should this not be examined closely for possible direct causes of the blowout?  Why was this issue omitted in both investigations?  If there was no deviation and the blown well was drilled vertically (as shown in both reports) then BP could not have possibly drilled only one well in the absence of the phenonemal “Physics Of The Impossible”. Were legal improprieties and even criminality involved in drilling these additional wells with blatant disregard of authorized exploration procedures?   Continue reading

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