Are Shallow Earthquakes Associated with the New Madrid Fault & BP’s Mega Oil Spill?

Shallow Earthquakes Associated with the New Madrid Fault & BP’s Mega Oil Spill.

by BK Lim
23 Feb 2011

Is there a common factor between the quake off Fort Morgan on 18 Feb 2010 and the recent swarm of quakes occurring in the vicinity of the New Madrid Fault zone? You are right if the BP Mega Oil spill and the Deepwater Horizon blowout on 20 April 2010 come to mind.

They are all quakes similar to the disastrous 22 Feb 2011 quake that occured close to Christshurch in New Zealand. Their shallow epicentres are off the main tectonic (or intra-plate) main fault lines. There are significant differences though, especially in magnitude and tectonic plate settings. The recent NZ disaster was more devastating than an earlier quake 11 times more powerful with its epicentre on the plate margin.

Since the 2 Aug 2010 quake at Louisiana, we have been warning of more occurrences of such shallow low magnitude quakes. See figure 145-1 which shows some of the hidden series of NW-SE strike-slip fault lines typical of intra-plate movement. The fault chart (prepared in August and updated only with annotations) was only published on 10 Nov 2010, Update On BP Rigs Location & the Fault Connection. The consequence of the continuing corosive erosion along these faults by leaking hydrocarbons from deep reservoirs (not only from the Macondo prospect) is the release in stresses between the upper and lower crust; resulting in shallow quakes of generally low magnitude. This was mentioned in a recent article, first written on 14 Feb and updated 20 Feb 2011.

~~~start of quote~~~Silencing The Independent Voices Of Truth On The BP’s Mega Oil Spill GOM

For millions of years, the southeastern part of the North American tectonic plate (south-east of the New Madrid Fault line) has been thrusting in a northeasterly direction while the western half of the plate has been moving south along the San Andreas fault line. This is the main reason for the present gulf seabed morphology.  

The resultant torsion tension is reflected by the fault pattern illustrated in a previous article, BP’s Rigs Location & Fault Connection. Besides lateral stresses, vertical stresses also developed between the upper and lower section of the tectonic blocks due to differential upper and lower slide movement. The abnormal occurrences of hundreds of shallow and low magnitude earthquakes since the Macondo blowout are the direct consequence of the continual release of these pent-up stress zones. FEMA recently sent out RFI (request for information) to identify vendors for the emergency supply of food rations, various fuels and hydration in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault system for a survivor population of 7 million to be utilised for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. Is FEMA responding to privileged information of an impending disaster in the New Madrid Fault area, 9 months after the BP’s Mega-oil Spill disaster?

~~~end of quote ~~~~

What is the area extent of these continuing leakages of hydrocarbons along these faults , vaporisation of methane hydrates due to warming effect of these leaking hydrocarbons and rapid mass depletion caused by continuing sub-seabed erosion? Judging by the number of reported quake-swarms, we are pretty close to the point of no return if we have not passed that point yet.

So far the quakes had been low magnitude between 2 to 4 on the Richter Scale. FEMA is expecting a major quake disaster similar to the recent Christchurch Quake in New Zealand. As we have seen, the shallow quakes are more devastating than a deep one at the base of the crust. The New Madrid Fault is an intra-plate tectonically stressed zone. It behaves very differently from the tectonic plate margins.

Since these shallow intra-plate quakes had been unleashed by the drilling and blowouts at the Macondo prospect, it makes sense to monitor closely the seafloor and the continental shelf edges. Mapping the gas vents in the vicinity of these faults and shelf edges would go a long way to making accurate predictions of what to expect in the vicinity of the New Madrid Fault zone. More powerful need not necessarily be more devastating but one thing is for sure, the disaster has not ended yet despite what you have been told. Christchurch was hit by a hidden fault (???)

~~~ start of quote ~~~~

New_Zealand_Earthquake_Science By ALICIA CHANG, AP Science Writer–Tue Feb22, 6:10pmET

No one died in that early morning quake — which was 11 times stronger — mainly because it was centered farther away, about 30 miles west of the city center. It was also twice as deep as Tuesday’s aftershock. Shallower quakes tend to be more damaging.

LOS ANGELES – The latest New Zealand earthquake was a deadly combination of distance, depth and timing. While weaker than the one that rocked the area last September, it did more damage and cost lives, primarily because of its location. Tuesday’s magnitude-6.3 quake was centered about 3 miles from the populated hub of Christchurch, toppling buildings, killing dozens and trapping others. It was also only about 3 miles deep and occurred during the middle of a workday when commercial buildings were filled with employees.The jolt “is squarely beneath the city itself,” said seismologist Egill Hauksson of the California Institute of Technology. “All the old historic buildings are being shaken more violently than they were built to withstand.” Scientists classified it as an aftershock of the powerful magnitude-7 that struck last Sept. 4.

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32 Responses to Are Shallow Earthquakes Associated with the New Madrid Fault & BP’s Mega Oil Spill?

  1. anadianant says:

    BK, excellent work again. It all looks like the “stressers” that were in play back in April 2010 are back. I’m speaking literally and metaphorically. there is an all around sense of pressure build up (middle east, clearly oil is THE factor there), the threat of WAR in the ME….

    And the epicenter of all this is of course the US, again literal and figurative. And the New Madrid fault line runs almost centrally in the US.
    So while the tectonic action sub-dermis is clearly picking up, so is it above ground.
    Not good. Not good at all.
    Thanks for the courage and clarity.


  2. aj weishar says:

    Another factor in the tremors is underwater oil exploration. The geologists tow 30-40 seismic air guns behind a ship. Each gun sends a 250 db. pulse into the ocean floor every ten seconds. This goes one for weeks at a time in one area. These ships operate over fault lines and the edges of tectonic plates. Scientists in New Zealand believe oil exploration near the intersection of the Indian and Australian plates triggered the deadly earthquakes and tsunamis.
    The science of oil exploration is too single minded and ignores the possibility of causing earthquakes with various types of waves. They also seem clueless about the effects of drilling and emptying large caverns far below the surface.

    • Boxer says:

      Oil reservoirs usually consist of porous rocks. Typically sandstone. The hydrocarbons exist in the intra-grain pores (porosity) and can be extracted because they can flow between the pores (permeability). Think wet sand at the beach, only the grains are cemented together with a mineral cement, say silica, forming a porous rock. As the hydrocarbons flow to surface the underlying water flows into the pores to fill the void. There are no underground caverns in this case.
      However there would be an alteration of the vertical pressure gradient from before the to after extraction proportional to the mass of hydrocarbons extracted times the depth. Also there is the dangerous practice of drilling into unstable structures…this is called ‘overpressure drilling’. I think.

    • Karen Lorentzson says:

      Near beebee ark they also were injecting some chemicals very dangerous ones into the ground, there’s specilation that this injection of saltwater is nono, also all these generations we could have been using HEMP OIL which the ford diesel was designed to run on more efficent cleaner and no problemas! also 90 percent of electricity produced with diesel generators could have been using HEMP OIL and saving our planet! wake up people! haarp chemtrails weather modification american stonehedge read about! God Bless!

    • Valerie Ames says:

      The Earth needs it’s oil, I believe. Soon she’ll shake us all off for being so greedy. I truly believe and see the correlation between deep water drilling (shame on humanity) and the
      earth quakes and tsunamis.

  3. Barack Obama says:

    Gary, you say “bushomma” but what about Obamma-omma? Has he brought back our military from Iraq/Afghanistan? No. He is pushing the war into Pakistan. Bush, Obama, no difference.

  4. SMITHIO says:

    Increased tectonic plate movements are being driven by the approach of Planet x also known as Niburu on its 3600 yr orbit scheduled to pass between the earth and sun by 2013. For proof beyond any doubt, go to

    • Candace says:

      Nibiru and the ZETA’s is a black operatives project as a cover story for the earth changes and all the shit they play, just blame it in the end on “nibiru.” It is NOT due for 1600 years, it was last here as your “star of bethlehem” 2000 years ago, and was a major reason for Christ’s timing of his visit. Planet X is not Nibiru either, its a dark body that ever solar system has. It is what moves our solar system around Alcyone every roughly 26,000 years. It never comes crashing thru the solar system. The destroyer likewise is NOT here and Star Fleet would move it if it was anyway, so it doesn’t matter and as well, since this planet is not to be hit and destoyed, they will handle any comets etc all.

      Yea ones are being lied to. Most of our current earth problems are related to all the drilling activities and “nibiru” is just a nice cover story for the thugs’ intended destruction of this world. They won’t be using any of those nice underground areas they have been building to survive the problems they have created either. Soon they are going to be removed.

    • Karen Lorentzson says:

      theres also the comet Elian the big star Betelgouse the star Aldebaran theres alot going on in our galaxy and universe as we progress into a field with massive amts of astroids, comets, and whatnot! Biggest solar flares of our lifetime in the next 24 months!

  5. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:


    • Karen Lorentzson says:

      we could have been using solar to produce electricity and end another monopoly and corporation the electric company but people will not wake up! also there is no clean coal its enviromentally corrupting as is all fossil fuels we could have been producing electricity with hemp oil run diesel generators! your vehicles could have been running on hemp oil read people I am telling you the truth the only real terrorist are the oil cartel corporations and nwo crownd, the inbred so called elite that have run the planet by way of the vatican why why because you and I allow them! think of the trillions of dollars being stolen as I speak! and put into secret acts in the vatican, your leaders have accts there! think of the millions put into nasa that builds tech to destroy you, your family and the planet! yes they do some good as well… we do need some oil yes but there were so many alternatives that are earth friendly would create jobs and advance the world global economy for the good of all life! nuclear has been a disaster and the aging plants are leaking and chernoby is still hot hot and what do they do with the waste product use in bombs that are destroying life in me and causing dna damage forever! think people you can take back your planet and run it more successfully then so called leaders!

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  8. Nobu + says:

    Hello BK’

    Geomagnetic stresses’ caused by Sunspot and Corona activity’
    A good chuck of the Northern Hemisphere is lit up’ with pink streaked golden fire’ Aura Borealis’ We are experiencing at this time solar maximum’ and have been rocked by shock waves from our Sun for quite some time now!
    This G2 Geomagnetic storm that has hit us (this one’ 1st March) could go over 30-50% higher than the Geomagnetic storm of 1958! (to re-member also of what happened to the consciousness of a large group of the population some few years later during the 60’s :)))
    Along with all the damage to the fault lines from these wells’ one must add the stresses of the Geomagnetic storms we are and have been experiencing!
    These can cause massive storms and of cause earth quakes’ tectonic plate shifts at accelerated rate’
    Never seen the Aura this far south in any of it’s cycles and storms we pass through of space weather’ but we have taken and are taking a good one now’ So this shall accelerate everything’
    Just thought to mention all of this’
    Thank you’
    Also this stuff is obviously known by those that drill these oil and gas wells’ and the rest of the non-civilians etc’

    Be Well!

    Nobunoni +

    • Karen Lorentzson says:

      all this time we could have been using hemp oil to run our diesel motors and produce electricity along with hydro, the air car, the fact hemp alone could have supplied us with all the replacement for fossil fuels and plastics is unforgivable that
      the corporations that own the world along with the vatican will sacrifice all life for profit greed and their endless insanity! wake up people!

  9. Nobu + says:

    For proof beyond any doubt, go to Zeta’

    Yes’ These bods are a nasty piece of work’
    If you no believe me’ go and speak physics Astro-navigation and astrophysics and geomagnetic storms’ sunspots etc’ with them’
    Ask em where the story came from’ cos it is no in the Sumerian texts’
    See what happens’
    There would seem to be as mentioned a “Project” to spread of fear and chaos’ to cover some really nasty geoengineering experiments and blame it upon a rock 4x earth’ with moons’ lots of dodgy pictures and folks no knowing’ (in the general public that have swallowed this stuff’) “Forewards from behind’ or left from right’ when viewing the sun’ Every little comet’ or image shiver (due to magnetic disturbances) is called PX’
    The bods who are taking these images’ it would seem’ are also tampering with the images’ I have 3 fantastic forgeries’ of which i am told came from the bods that speak with Zetas.:) The images where also archived by the bods that took the images from the satellite cameras’ but where subsequently removed from the archives just after quite a few people downloaded the originals’ and believed them to be authentic”
    Spreading of fear and propaganda’ just another “tool” of psycho-warfare!
    And i must say’ if you can no see through this charade’ then it is time to change your inner mirror world’ so your outer mirror world can change and accommodate your “True” self perspective’ Good tip here’ Do your own research’ and no eat stuff spoon-fed to the sheeples’
    Excuse me for getting sidetracked upon your post BK’
    Thank you for all your work’
    Kind Regards’
    Nobunoni +

  10. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Thank you for not turning to drink Mr. Lim. How are lobbying efforts going ? Favorable responses from some? Are some other folks from the oil industry expressing apprehensions about onsite conditions? An uninterrupted survey and full private access to Boots and Cootes for their uninhibited comment should, ideally, dispel justifiable fears. At this point, since the objective was to uncontrollably tap this high pressure reservoir, and the result was anticipated we need to know if sanity reigns or are Boots and Cootes forced to do BP and Halliburton’s dirty work, or else.
    Again thank you and take care and find professional support not afraid of losing their job.

  11. bk lim says:

    Howard, the response from oil industry professionals aren’t good at all. Only a few are willing to come out to openly express their support. The rest are too comfortable to risk losing their job. The response from the general public is fantastic but we need to move on beyond this revelation stage.

  12. Delve Deep says:


    It is highly likely that recent & current SEISMIC EXPLORATION
    for petroleum OIL, GAS & minerals (including invasive techniques involving drilling, the use of dynamite, REFLECTION SEISMOLOGY, and inducement of seismic waves & so-called “artificial earthquakes”) within New Zealand & along the coasts (near Canterbury Plains and within the offshore “CANTERBURY BASIN”) have contributed to these weird Christchurch area earthquakes rupturing supposed “new faults”
    (Sept. 4, 2010 and Feb. 22, 2011). Among the MAIN FINANCIAL PLAYERS [Canterbury Basin oil exploration] = ORIGIN Oil co. (Australia), notorious ANADARKO drilling Inc. (Texas, U.S.A. – of catastrophic oil spill infamy/Gulf of Mexico), and OTTO MARINE corp. (based in Singapore) which is providing the SEISMIC technology ships that are pummeling the Canterbury Basin with sonar/seismic waves right now! —-

    Remember the strangely ‘coincidental’ vast numbers of beached whales around the times of both the Sept. 2010 & also the Feb. 2011 earthquakes exactly within these oil exploration areas of the New Zealand coast!

    See crucial info. =>

    Click to access ACB11_2D_-_Maritime_Notification.pdf


    see additional links ==>


    (inland & off-shore operations), DEEPWATER DRILLING,


  13. dublinmick says:

    Of course the New Madrid is going to go. Too much gas and oil has been pumped out of the earth and it is very unstable. Of course we have had warnings of this 5oo years ago. Russian scientists have recently mentioned the polar axis has been shifting towards Russia at about 40 miles a year for sometime but has recently sped up dramatically. Records of the last shift, are vividly recorded in the cuneiform tablets of the mideast. Man of them are in the Berlin Museum detail what we know of as the deluge.

    Interestingly I was at a native American pow wow in Florida today. The general consensus was they know a pole shift is coming and why not today, why not now.

    There are other problems also that could affect the Florida and Atlantic coastline.

    Click to access La_Palma.pdf

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  17. Nobu + says:

    Just one little thing to add here:-

    Electro-Magnetic Scalar Weapons’

    All of these major earth quakes are being manufactured by certain factions with “Scalar Weapons”
    The Russians have had this technology for many many years’ America has played catch up’ in the “Weather Manipulation and Earth Quake” business’

    GOM planned so as to alter the global climate and re-direct the Gulf Stream/Jet Stream’ and use planet earth as a weapon’ through weather manipulations and creation of massive waves and tectonic plate movements with “Scalar energies” and strategically placed nuclear devices! (as was with the DWH GOM)

    All of this makes “One” no feel very proud to be part of the human race’
    N’ we now have the weapons power to destroy the earth in one hit!

    Macondo = Will to Power’

    Isis the “Water Bearer” in the “New Age of Aquarius”

    Certain factions are pushing extremely hard to get their game plan in action for the coming new age’

    Masonic Lunatics!

    Thank you’

    Nobunoni +

  18. Nobu + says:

    MEG (Magnetic Electric Generators) Free Infinite energy’ shall put these “Fat Cat Oil Companies” out of business !!
    Also make Nuclear Fuel obsolete’

    Blowing something up in order to harness energy is so primitive’ no better than man burning wood on a fire to stay warm’

    Early May 2011 “New Madrid Fault Line” FEMA is ready to mop up’ just like “ChristChurch” NZ’

    Japan refuses to go into the western monitory system and manufactures MEG’ and gets hammered by “Strategically placed Nuclear Devices” and “Scalar Weapons”

    WW111 has already begun’ and it is being fought with GAIA as a weapon’

    And all these Masonic Lunatics are giving sacrifices to their “Gods” the same “Gods” of the Egyptians’
    NASA is in real “Deep” awaiting an ELE from a body from the “Taurid Stream” Hollywood plugging films of mass destruction from “Comets/Asteroids etc’

    Would appear the so called elected powers that be have gone power crazy! And are “Slow Culling” the populations of the world’

    Zion Logo is on the coinage of England ready for the big scam of 2012 Olympic games’ Aliens’ Craft’ and all’
    Crushing of the Muslims and Uniting of Christianity and Muslims under a new faith’ Spirituality’
    A world wide struggle for survival has ensued’

    Thank you’


    Nobunoni +

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  20. dublinmick says:

    Geologist Jack Reed also talks about a hidden fault line. There is speculation a huge gas pocket was the cause of Atlantis sinking. It stretched from Florida to Greece. The drilling in the gulf is also right around the area the plates separate, and what do we have under the gulf? A huge gas pocket.

    Zeta talk is a bunch of baloney but that does not rule out Sumerian cosmology, the cuneiform tablets, Mayan cosmology, the native American world view, and yes the Navajo language is pure Sumerian, Greek mythology=winged globe, and virtually every natural world people on the planet. The Chinese red dragon is nothing more than Nibiru the fire dragon gripping the earth and yes planet X and Nibiru are the same. Yes and it is due much sooner than 1600 years.

    It is always interesting when someone can casually dismiss virtually all of planetary history with no verification or as simply the zetas are phoney.

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  22. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    A manifold attack against the U.S. including the Maconda prospect disaster is being carried out using recent fantastic electrionic technologies and religious themes to create an adapt or die mood in America, and elsewhere. The Fukushima construction back in the late 1960s was a ‘build to fail’ project concurrent to the WTCs and was overseen by the same White House criminal cabal as the one overseeing the installation of explosives including nukes at the WTCs and Chicago Sears tower. A contiinuation of this psychopathic endeavor was undertaken at the Maconda prospect with the intentional construction of this seeping, oozing mess designed to destroy downwind biology. Same little group did all three, ladies and gentlemen. Check it out. Then brace yourselves for what comes next.
    See and ‘Angels don’t play these harps’. Also find Activist Post: Architects and Engineers Question… Comments section to see what is KNOWN about who preset the explosives in the WTCs. Chris Bollyn documents why nanothermate showed up along with the older technology thermetic materials confirmed to have been utilized to drop these structures. Think Rothschild and Grand Patron of freemasonry, queen lizard alliance as Israel’s boss to understand this horror.

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