What is going on at West Sirius?

A New Drilling Rig at the Macondo Site?

– BK Lim
31 Oct 2010

In a press statement released on 19 Sept 2010, BP confirmed that “the well kill operations on the MC252 well in the Gulf of Mexico are now complete with both the casing and annulus of the well sealed by cement”.

This was BP’s 19 Sept Press statement
BP will now proceed to complete the abandonment of the MC252 well, which includes removing portions of the casing and setting cement plugs. A similar plugging and abandonment of both relief wells will occur as well.
BP will also now begin the process of dismantling and recovering containment equipment and decontaminating vessels that were in position at the wellsite.
~~~~~~~~~~end of quote~~~~~~

After that press statement, one would have thought the activities at the Macondo site would have started to wind down and the expensive drilling rigs demobilized from site as soon as possible.

This was again confirmed by BP’s 1 Oct Press statement

Since the Macondo well was finally confirmed sealed on September 19, BP has been completing the process of plugging and abandoning the well. This includes removing portions of the casing and setting cement plugs.
BP has also started the process of dismantling and recovering containment equipment and decontaminating the vessels that were in position at the wellsite. The cost of the response to September 29 amounts to approximately $11.2 billion, including the cost of the spill response, containment, relief well drilling, static kill and cementing, grants to the Gulf states, claims paid and federal costs.
~~~~~~~~~~end of quote~~~~~~

Contrary to BP’s press statements, the site activities did not die down. The number of vessels working in the area seems to have increased in recent times. Now forty-seven (47) days after the rogue well was supposedly “bottom killed permanently at 18000ft bml on 15 Sept 2010”, a new drilling rig (West Sirius) arrived at the Macondo site. Figure 130-1 shows the location of West Sirius at the Macondo Site. Figure 130-2 gives the location details of West Sirius which had been at location since 27 Oct 2010. If the West Sirius was meant to replace either one of the two earlier rigs, why are DD2 and DD3 still on site?

Both DD2 and DD3, commissioned to drill relief wells C and D respectively had been at location since May this year. With each drilling rig costing between 0.5 to 1 Million USD per day, why would BP want to have 3 rigs at site? It does not add up especially when there has been no official news of drilling new wells at the Macondo site. Would you need 3 expensive rigs just to drill a new well?

Both DD2 and DD3 should have demobilized from site weeks ago since they were not needed after abandoning the relief wells. DD2 reportedly did better than anticipated; reaching within tens of feet of its intercept target weeks ahead of schedule. But just when victory was finally within arm’s length, the”Bottom Kill from relief well C stalled”. It seems like eternity when Thad Allen announced in early Sept that the Final Kill had to be postponed again to mid October. No reasons were given. Just when the audience had given up hope and left the “theatre”, BP suddenly announced the well was permanently killed and cemented on 15 Sept 2010.

What gives? Why the sudden flip-flops when it is common knowledge every well operation had to be carefully planned weeks ahead? Sudden reversals are bad signs. Evidence of BP carrying out massive pressure grouting of the seafloor added more mystery to the story. Why would BP spend millions of dollars grouting the seabed if the Relief Well Kill from the bottom was going to be a “certain success”? Why had the activities increased instead of winding down after the permanent kill on 15 Sept?

There seems to be more questions than answers. What is DD3 doing so close to the foothills of the Whiting Dome, approx 5 n.miles 320º of Well A where DD2 is currently sitting? DD3 had been there since Sept together with Hos Explorer, Discovery Enterprise, Jean Pierre Lab and other vessels. And why is DD2 still sitting at Well A with Hos Iron Horse and Kobe Chouest? Well A had been capped since 15 July and “top cemented” since August. No drilling activities had been reported. So why waste money on expensive rigs hanging around?

Come to think of it very little was reported of DD3 at Relief Well D location. Located at the mid slope of the escarpment DD3 would have encountered similar problems as Well A and Well B. It would not be surprising for DD3’s inclined trajectory towards S20BC to be stopped dead before or around 13,000ft. This was the depth Well B had a previous out-of-well-control situation and was forced to abandon well. The “plug and abandon” permission was approved by MMS; as clearly recorded in the emails submitted for the congressional enquiry. That is why there was not much news on DD3 relief well effort. The less said the better.

So if Well A was abandoned around 13 Feb after the drill-string was jammed at 5000ft bml and Well B abandoned around 14 March after drilling 13,100ft bml, where could they have drilled the 3rd well? They definitely cannot go back to redrill well A for the third time. Thus they had to drill from a third seabed local which is 720 ft NW of Well A (S20BC). Simple as that and the shoes fit perfectly.

Relief well C was located on the flat valley, 0.12 miles south of the foot hill of the escarpment. This means DD2 would not have the same problems with the pesky shallow E-W fault. But it would have encountered the major NE-SW fault at a much deeper depth. If the rogue well (S20BC) had intersected this NE-SW fault just before entering the reservoir (as I had suspected much earlier) then DD2 would have even more trouble when the RW C trajectory closed in to S20BC. That is why DD2 waited from mid August till mid Sept. Actually BP had no solution in sight when they announced the postponement of the bottom kill till at least mid Oct.

But with the mid-term election fast approaching, BP was forced to hastily declare Premature Victory. The world was still hypnotized with the magic spell cast on capping the wrong well (Well A). Well A was leaking oil and gas coming from the EW fault which intersects the main NE-SW fault and Well B which had pierced the same gas reservoir as Texaco’s Rigel well. So even before Well A was capped, gas was already pluming at the foothills of the escarpment (see reported gas plumes 25 May, 31 July, 22 Apr and others). The top cap at well A only made it worse. With all these dynamics in play, no wonder the well pressure at well A never behaved and reached the pressure curves predicted for a Sealed Well.

So the plan was to grout and hold the ground (so to speak) until after the mid-term election is over. However, Mother Nature probably refused to play ball. Recent Rov videos (in late October) showed the grouted seafloor cracking up again. See Mother-Natures-Sos-Distress-Signals and Gas Oil Plume next to Well A. They probably could not postpone the mobilization of West Sirius any further. This could only mean very serious and urgent trouble.

But why not use DD2 and DD3 which are already at site? Why do they need three drilling rigs? I do not have the firm answers yet. Hopefully I do by the next posting. By my analyses, the present West Sirius location is a very hazardous location to drill from. If the intended trajectory is heading towards S20BC, the open well bore would be intercepting the NE-SW fault at a very low angle at the downthrown side of the fault. It would also have to bear the full brunt of the formation collapse forced in by the high pressured gas and oil. They would have the additional geotechnical problems of sealing the well to seabed level. Due to high permeability (from open fractures) and the presence of hazardous Gas-saturated Weak Sub-formation (GWSF) zone, the well annulus can never be effectively cemented and sealed. It will be another disaster in waiting. S20BC never had a chance with the gas influx from the hazardous GWSF zone above the 6000 ft bml. level. After months of sub-seabed erosion and cavitations, it will be worse than before.

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57 Responses to What is going on at West Sirius?

  1. anadianant says:

    Wow BK. Awesome work and such a shocker, yes?
    Off the front pages means game over. It’s almost like it was not the well being capped, but the public apprehension about the well.
    After that, it does not seem to matter if there is oil in seafood, tar on beaches, miles long sub-surface oil slicks, corexit all over, rains threatening, iron-fisted control over access, sick clean-up workers and doctors and activists.
    No sir, if Thad the Chad said done, whew!, he must be telling the truth….. right?

    Temporally, it all seems to add up coming to this extremely intense window over the next few weeks.

    Stay down and close.
    Thanks for the continued spotlight on this rather murky businessMr. Lim.


  2. The Viewer says:

    With BP, the Government, NOAA, and a litany of other liars, this well is far from “killed.” Liars don’t suddenly tell the truth, period. Liars can’t tell the truth because, lies work so much better for them!

    Corporations are based on lies. Using inferior materials in their products. Using deadly chemicals in production of products. Forging documents. Destroying documents. Paying people off. Our Government is also based on lies. Whatever deceitful, destructive, criminal behavior can be thought of, our politicians are involved in it all!

    Remember boys and girls, what goes around comes around! Lies are temporary. Truth is forever. A reputation based on lies, has no honor! A reputation based on truth, is eternal!

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  4. Dallas says:

    So… does anyone still think there are any well heads still leaking oil?
    Is BP trying to redrill the well for profit?
    Are they just still trying to kill and finish the last one.

  5. randhir singh says:

    Dear Mr Lim,
    I sure as hell, hope you are wrong! But, yes by the look of it and your very detailed analysis- all along- it looks all’s not well at Macando. Why more rigs? why tamper with a sealed well? The only thing i do not understand is the gusher-seems to have stopped. How do u account for that? or is it that they just aren’t showing it? why are we rushing into this environmental catastrophe. America needs to wake up. Life is more precious than wealth and oil.

  6. Kate says:

    Looking forward to your next post. Keep digging for the truth!

  7. Carl says:

    The well they showed originally was the first one they drilled and supposedly capped, they never showed the second one that was damaged when the rig blew.

    Where do you think all the cr*p on the sea floor is coming from? Why do you think they are still spraying the Corexint continually? They have problems, they are trying to seal the well and the leaks still but the sea floor is weak and they are on a fault line thus it keeps escaping. They are like the little kid sticking their fingers in the dyke but they cannot stop it.

    I am waiting for the cat to be let out of the bag one way or the other, they are trying to keep this quiet until after the mid terms at the very least. Mother Nature may have other ideas though.

  8. Sum Dum Goy says:

    Isn’t Sirius the sun behind the sun,and isn’t the west gate where you go through when you die?Do they know how in our face this is,or is it a coincidence?Just in case google HR 11654 it might help you get some answers.Ahhh my popcorn is done.

  9. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I must know, of every oil field engineer who can truely find error and a cavelier attitude in BP’s operation to seal this damage to the stoneless seafloor and is remaining quiet instead of LOUDLY DEMANDING BP AND HALLIBURTON’S REMOVAL FROM THE SCENE, do all of these non-BP engineers plan an easy way out instead of surviving? Do they have a place in “the Big Cave”?
    I would much prefer that they stand outside the Senate Office Building in loud vocal protest and warning to the mewling little suckers in charge.
    Imagine altering or delaying the process of sealing up this mess to accomodate some
    fucking election. The U.N. and the New World Order swine are worse. They built facilities to hide in after the progressive damage causes a big enough blow-out.
    I need reassurance that our lives are not being ended by The Village People meets Chucky and Talking Tina. I have personally met 5 U.S. Congress men. The big ones try to be immediately personally dominant and the small ones didn’t talk much. I have never met the fool overseeing this mess, but he has proven himself to be suitable for a head shave and prison garb for believing all problems can be solved by “keeping secrets” and accessory to murder. A few million counts by now.
    America is under attack, dogs. Turn off the TV set.

  10. QuantumUS says:

    Since DD3 moved to it’s new spot 2 oil skimmers have been skimming around it. You can click on the tracks of the MISSISSIPPI RESPONDER and the
    VIRGINIA RESPONDER that are zigzagging all around DD3.

    Also the well is still leaking as shown in this videos taken off of BP live video feeds.

    There is no way this well is killed. The BOP still sits on it and there are still numerous leaks. So much for the bottom kill.

    Still jetting hydrate buildup on the BOP from the leaks on the well.

    Pipe valve leaking on the well.

    Possible cement squeeze leaked out around mud line at well.

    Leaking at the mud line.


    Leaking at the mud line.


  11. I would love to use this info in a video on YOUTUBE. I left my website address for you to visit. I am giving full credit to this website for the research found here.
    Peace & Blessings-ENDTIMESWATCHER

  12. BK Lim says:

    I took a live tour with the Saipem Innovator 14 last night. I had discussed a lot on grouting at ATS. If you want to follow the full discussions you can go to http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread619957/pg1

    Thanks to Eth for the reminder on Discoverer Enterprise:

    “Yes – just checked number of vessels still there – plenty activities still on going. Noticed now that discoverer enterprise and devl driller 3 (together) and – 5 miles from devl driller 2. Wonder what is up now.”

    So the actual well drilling capability is now 5 since the DE had dual drilling capability. Whatever they were planning to do, was already planned in mid Sept when they declared the hollow victory.

    Now coming to a question on grouting? We now know that the Macondo Wells were drilled on the sides of an old lava volcano or salt structure (will be writing on this shortly but I was kept busy with current development) that was already leaking gas (or occasionally asphalt, the gas is certain but the asphalt option is still there pending more info). Why gas? Because once you have faults and leaking gas reservoir, the gas will eventually find its way to the seabed. With gas-salt water fluid, you have mud volcano. Mud hardens without the water, and hard clay on contact with water, turns into mud slurry and gets spewed out through the faults or vents. But these natural seeps are not massive or continuous as they need to build up pressure to soften and force the harden clay filling all the cracks. The mud flows flowing the mud expulsion (explosions) were therefore periodic.

    The 4 wells (once in 2009, and 3 in 2010) with their massive drilling losses actually activated the whole system again. See my first few articles where I introduced the concept of delayed blowout as opposed to instantaneous explosion on contact with a gas pocket. So the problem has been building since the first day they drilled into that little mole hill. By my reckoning BP with all their expertise (many times over my little knowledge) knows this very well. So why tempt fate? Only the Arrogant and Bravely Ignorant Powerful would. Why? Because they think everything can be handled “under the counter” since buying (read corruption) has been their standard practice in the 3rd world countries ( Russia included, so maybe now US too). Nothing stops them since their Buying Power is enormous. Unfortunately they cannot buy Mother Nature.

    So since they cannot plug the gushing well from the TOP and from the Bottom, the only way is to fool the world. Since Well A was also leaking they used that to show that they had successfully capped it. Last night I saw a rectangular “cement plug” sitting in the middle of the seafloor near to a grouted crater. I guess this must be S20BC anchored-plugged. But capping all the 3 wells locations (A, B and S20BC) would only force the escaping Oil and gas out through the faults and crevices in the rocks and from the seafloor. So they have to seal these open fractures and faults with high pressure grout. You can see some pictures of the grouting operations at ATS forum.

    But recent rov inspection of the seafloor shows that the grout are not holding (just as the drilling cement did not cure and seal). The whitish heavy pieces that get thrown up and fall rapidly down are fragments of these grout. Don’t mix them up with the feathery floaties which are recrystallised flakes of hydrate. In last night ROV feature film, BP even marked the venting spots with marker ropes and buoys. The situation is worse than I thought. I can suspect what is their next move (with 5 well drilling capability) but nothing is confirmed yet until I gather more info.

    Hopefully it will be forthcoming from some insiders with conscience. BP is like the Rat being asked to repair the leaking bag of grains. It will be worse when they are thru repairing. In GOD we trust. In BP, well that is something else….?

  13. xdrfox says:

    I did some reading early on and the area is a mudslide zone and subject to earthquakes and a slide could lead to a tidal wave, Mad Dog and Crazy Horse drillers are the only ones that would attempt this well with a quake being there in 2006 and not on our Gov. EQ site but is on another not Gov. related. Simson talked about a meeting at the Whorehouses where the one well BOP was found a good distance from the well head, so if true the well that blew is still there and leaking ? as a open hole to the sea.
    Has anyone seen any satellite photos of that area since they put the NO FLY in affect and still is to this day, After the flight that flew over and release the video of the Saratoga leaking oil into the Gulf and a huge ship dumping what appeared to be Corexit into the waters stirring it with the props that shut down the area to Fly. Last week the put more security and added 750 ft. buffer zone to the area. Simson said there was a huge gaping hole down there and not sure if it was well B or and anomaly in the sea bed. I saw a large open crevice on a Rover live Cam and it was puring oil larger area then the BOP leak and the one I saw was on the sea bed. I posted it on B4itsnews on July 15th, the cam turned away before i could see the where ever the end was,,, it may have been a crack so the length I do not know. and size was not able to tell having no reference to compare to. but the cam pulled away and showed a different shot as if there was a cam on back of the ROV. that was switch to.
    I know this is not over, recent posting on B$its news I had found Alaska oil spill news and as bad as that was in its day and the way Exxon acted I know this spill is 1,000s fold. All the water is contaminated, sinking the oil has suspended all the poisons in the waters for all time in our time and our children and grandkids.
    If news of any more with out financial state in the country all hell will be the order of the day.
    One relief well keep having cave In’s so the material is very unstable down there.
    If it is close to or at a salt dome the sea waters may be having play in this.
    Like many I want it to be sealed but I think we will have more problems with this area and sadly the Gov. may not give due warnings like if they want to use a nuke to seal the one the Simson spoke of to seal it. If the seabed is fracked badly it may be curtains for so many and the Gov. may claim ” We didn’t Know. The whole mess is just that. Cluster f k !
    Anyone seen any satellite photos of the Gulf as of late JUNE That is the answer to it’s still leaking down there somewhere..

  14. Concrete man says:

    Coverup of an Environmental Catastrophe: Reappearance of Huge Plumes of Oil


  15. Concrete man says:

    BK wrote:

    “By my reckoning BP with all their expertise (many times over my little knowledge) knows this very well. So why tempt fate? Only the Arrogant and Bravely Ignorant Powerful would. Why? Because they think everything can be handled “under the counter” since buying (read corruption) has been their standard practice in the 3rd world countries ( Russia included, so maybe now US too). Nothing stops them since their Buying Power is enormous. Unfortunately they cannot buy Mother Nature.”

    Anyo hasayo, BK.

    Well, that about says it all. Your analysis is astounding, and terrifying. I had put this nightmare to the back of my mind concentrating on the collapsing economy. Which may end up a minor footnote if this hole in the ocean floor is not solved.
    I was recently reading about the ideas of the philosopher Arthur
    Schopenhauer, who according to Tom Sunic writing in the Occidental Observer, “is a crucial source in understanding the psychopathological impact of religions, myths and systems of beliefs.” I am especially interested in Schopenhauer’s “denunciation of the will to political power” and how it relates to issues of science and technology.

    According to Sunic:

    “We all live the hyperreal, as the French philosopher Rosset writes; we all crave
    for the Double—be it in its negative or the positive form. We all wish to be
    something we are not; the duplicate of ourselves. “In place of the world as it is,
    we invent a ‘duplicate’ or a ‘double,’ a parallel universe which functions as a
    phantom rival to the existing world.”
    The disadvantage of living in the real world is that life in it is drab,
    frightening, or boring; the advantage of the “doubled” life lies not only in the
    fact that such life does not exist, but that such life doesn’t even have to exist in
    order for us to believe it to be true and real! In other words, this desire for a
    spectral world is not so much a desire for something different, as it is a desire to
    get rid of the real world. ”

    I think this is a profound point that goes unquestioned 99 percent of the
    time. Ironically, as the world becomes more technologically advanced, the
    destruction of the natural world is occurring at a parallel pace. Are we getting rid
    of the real and replacing it with a virtual, hyper-reality? The answer seems to be,
    “yes.” Is this a wise path? In my opinion, the answer is “no.”

    Juxtapose our technological utopia of cell phones, computers, virtual reality and the coming transhuman paradise with robot hookers with this brilliant and frightening article by Tom Termotto:
    Why is the world rushing headlong into Environmental Armageddon?

    I wrote a polemical essay about these issues some time ago:

    May God Save Us.

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  18. Concrete man says:

    Thank you. Please do forward it far and wide. I can’t really believe I wrote that, my brain has slipped considerably in reverse since those enthusiastic days of research.

  19. Concrete man says:

    PS: Not to get too high on my horse but if this site would like to re-publish the article that would be fine with me. It needs reformatting though and I could do that if you would like. Otherwise, no worries!

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  21. QuantumUS says:

    Whatever is going on with Development Driller 3 it involves an oil leak. Since it moved off site about to weeks ago to this spot there has been at least 2 skimmers with it skimming 24/7. Yesterday it had 3.

    The Mississippi Responder/skimmer tracks

    The Virgina Responder / skimmer tracks

    The Gulf Coast Responder / skimmer tracks

    From this site.


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  24. fortifying says:

    Keep digging for the truth!

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  27. dublinmick says:

    We should all be concerned with the Gulf.


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