Geohazards Specialist BK Lim speaks for all workers who have been challenged by the BP Gulf Oil Spill

BP, you can cheat and lie, but the facts you can’t hide.

– BK Lim
20 Oct 2010

(dedicated to the brave souls who had been tormented by their conscience but cannot tell)

For months we have all suspected that BP had not been truthful at all about the oil spill disaster. What does it take to prove that BP is lying all this while? Understandably, BP would lie on the amount of oil spilled to minimize the financial repercussion.  But why would BP even lie when there is no necessity to lie at all.

Table 123-1 shows the listing of ROV details on 10 Jun 2010 during a ROV inspection of the tilting BOP.  For most of the 2 minute video, the position of the BOP at Well A was “erroneously” displayed at E1 203 000, N 10 430 792. Then at the last 10 seconds, it suddenly jumped to E 1 202 779 N 10 431 600, a distance of 820 ft in less than one second (900 km /hour).  Chart 123-2 shows the graphic display of the respective positions with respect to Well A and Well B.

Figures 123-3a to f, show the images captured from the video footage obtained from Alex Higgins’ blog at

The ROV was inspecting the tilting BOP at well A. So why was the position of the ROV deliberately offset 850 ft SSE of Well A. Towards the last 10 seconds (from 22:40:13) the position jumped instantaneously to just 30 ft West of Well A. But with the same heading 290º to 325º and the camera looking ahead at the tilting BOP, the ROV should have been east of Well A and not 30 ft WEST of well A.

You might ask why this is important. Relative positioning is important for the ROV operator sitting 5000ft above to control and navigate the ROV. Both camera screen (showing the direct ahead vision) and the position screen must show consistent and accurate information. The position screen would be similar to the chart shown in chart 123-2. The chances of bumping and losing the multimillion ROV are very high if the position screen tells you the seabed is clear of the well head (being west of it) but the camera screen is showing BOP just 10ft ahead. It is like flying a fighter jet with your altimeter and GPS position out by 800 ft. Even the most capable ROV operator would have crashed the ROVs.

Thus, by all reasoning the ROV coordinates (from acoustic positioning system), gyro heading, depth and altimeter sensors must have all been functioning accurately. The information on the “live video feeds” was however distorted.

We all know where Well A is and the BOP at Well A should have been (well logically) be on top of Well A’s positon. So why would BP have to even lie on this. In fact, if the ROV working on the BOP at Well A did not have the same promulgated position as Well A, it would definitely arouse suspicion.

It is the same story with the apparently Censored Gulf News that Human Body Parts were washed up but workers had been told to keep silent.  The last thing the perpetrators of a crime would do is to attract attention to another crime, like ordering the workers to keep silent, when it is criminal to do so. Obstruction of police investigations, hiding or destroying evidence and obstructing justice are crimes punishable by law in many civilized countries of the world. Maybe, it is not currently applicable in the US. The origin of the body parts does not incriminate BP at all. But to obstruct justice and a police investigation does.

On the other hand, with so many of these tell-tale incidences it is hard to dismiss the “clear message being sent”. It is reminiscent of the many kidnapping, spy or blackmail cases where the victims cannot tell (for fear of repercussions) openly for they had been ordered not to. Thus without openly defying the orders from above to keep silent, the inconsistencies in the actions, the information and even scenes of seafloor that were not supposed to be seen, were sent out almost daily. After months of deciphering so many different data sources, the coded message is unmistakably clear. BP’s top management lied and bullied their way through from day 1 of the disaster and the majority of the workers want no part of it. The only problem is they cannot tell but the inconsistencies are invariably crystal clear. Please remove the masterminds of this Crime of the Century and set us free from all this mental jailhouse, which is 100 times more tormenting than Guantanamo Bay.

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7 Responses to Geohazards Specialist BK Lim speaks for all workers who have been challenged by the BP Gulf Oil Spill

  1. BK Lim says:

    Perhaps we should call the BP’s Macondo Well as “The Haunting Well from Hell”. Will make a good horror movie especially with the reported “body parts” thrown in.

  2. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Those that truly control the Obama White House are in cahoots with those that did the DH on us.
    I imagine that some state university oceanography departments with undersea gear could be interested in doing an independent survey of the sea floor ASAP. It may be considered an ‘expensive venture’ but it seems safe to say that any state accredited oceanography department should lose all department funding for refusing to take part in an honest and independent survey to provide a rational follow-up strategy to seal this mess permanently.
    We do not need Pres. Dover’s permission and if the Supreme Court issues an injunction banning independent inspection, their execution by firing squad for treason and mass murder would prove inline with tradition. It has been done on various scales and the lives and welfare of Americans are being lost through foreign aggression in the form of a violent invading corporation. The shoe fits.
    My perspective comes from exposure to prolonged but not intiment contact with
    various satanists and their ilk. They do strange destructive bullshit for the glory of it. Granted a glory that most all of us do not appreciate. But THEY enjoy it. The contrariness of the act and the negative impact and resultant pain and chaos are the reward for the sacrificial ritual.
    We can either stay home and help mom do the dishes or get out and regain that which we lost through misplaced trust in our fellow humans. The mess gets worse day by day. The dishes can wait. Kill your TV set.

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  4. Sum Dum Goy says:

    Its all been lies, even the fortune cookies. History was a waste of time and now this.
    I’m beyond giving a flying #@%& aren’t you?

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  6. First off I have been talking to some people at the National Geology Division. I have submitted your work. I just found out about a call for papers and here is the link, provided we live long enough to go to this meeting:

    We have all been Duped and after I take the Metametrix course I really think it would be a good time to organize and Demonstrate. A group of us have spoken and here is a great proposal, this will kick these &$%#^%#@$ers asses.
    After a long and hard look at the lies that we have been told, I propose that we pick a day and a Congressionsal person or Senator for a couple of weeks, that is in the Gulf Region. Every day….we pick on one, All day long Everyone call and email one at a time and tell em the Gig is up. I would be absolutely willing to set up phone numbers, direct emails and a schedule of who to call on what day.
    Oh and let us not forget The President and all his men. If we play this like a concerted effort as war. We strike force with emails and phone calls and Annihilate them one day at a time with our words of protest and enraged phone calls. We work together as a Coalition for Change and tell this Government just who they are entrusted to protect.
    We do not give this information out as to who we target to the General Public but only the trusted ones who we as a group nominate to be part of this. I can think of at least 100 friends and family members that I know. We are the patriots that want our country back from these demonic seeds. We want our voices heard.
    Tom and BK know how to contact me.
    I say……LETS ROLL.
    Trisha Springstead RN MS

  7. PS….We Want our World Back.

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