BP’s Macondo Disaster – A Completely Manmade Catastrophe That Never Stops Revealing Deeper Truths About Undersea Drilling

ROV evidences confirming Worst Case Geological Scenario in BP’s Macondo Disaster- Part IIa of Root Causes.

– BK Lim
5 Oct 2010

When The Root Causes Of BP’s Oil Spill & The Imminent Threat Of More Oil Related Disasters (Part1) was first published on 8 July 2010, 71 days after the 20 April 2010 blowout, I had feared that the root causes were very much deeper than the flawed site decisions, poor field performance or the infringements and improprieties committed at site, that were being paraded in the post-disaster investigation. Part III of the root causes describes the human greed, unscrupulous profiteering and professional rot that had set into the oil industry; rendering our geohazards site surveys totally ineffective in preventing adamantly reckless exploration managers from drilling into such high risk locations as the Macondo wells.

Part II describes the geological reasons why the Macondo wells were destined to end up as a mega-disaster and why the “genie could not be popped back into the bottle”. The high drilling risks evident from the seafloor morphology alone, were so obvious BP’s geohazards specialists could not have possibly missed them; short of being willfully negligent. It was as if BP had intentionally set its own course on a one-way journey to destruction. The 3 well locations (Well A, Well B and S20BC) were located in the worst possible geohazardous conditions to drill into a huge high-pressured oil reservoir. A mega disaster was inevitable even if the best efforts by the drilling crew managed to overcome the myriad of problems posed by the nightmare wells from hell. Even the best field performance, safety standards, advanced drilling technology and well design would be no match for such a disastrously monstrosity BP had awakened from the deep.

In this Part IIa of the series, we begin by presenting ROV evidences that confirm our worst fears; the worst case geological scenario as illustrated by my qualitative geological model in Why Is BP’s Macondo Blowout So Disastrous & Beyond Patch Up first written on 25 July 2010.

Even though BP did their best to distort the truth and fudged up the ROV coordinates, the ROV video footages are still useful evidences, albeit qualitatively. As the geological framework of the giant jig-saw puzzle had already been proven and set right, the ROV evidences merely fill in the data gaps. Our forensic investigation of the BP’s oil disaster was thus not led astray by the fudged ROV coordinates or other distorted truths deliberately planted by BP.

The following analyses are not presented in any particular order of events as ROV video footages are still being analysed. The purpose is however, to illustrate snap shot interpretation of the seabed or events that collectively corroborate with the geological framework in building a true picture of the disaster. Readers are encouraged to reexamine the various ROV video clips on Youtube to judge for themselves the legitimacy of my analyses and reasoning (based on basic fundamental geology and physics).

It is basic human instinct to lie to cover one’s crime just as one would refuse to yield information that is self-incriminating. Does this answer why BP refused to release the early video footages of the disaster, especially the ones observing the BOP at the blown well from 21 April till after the second explosion at 10:22hrs 22 April 2010?

Figure 121-1 shows the famous snap shot of the robotic arm from the ROV attempting to shut down the inclined BOP at 01:08:54hrs on 22 April 2010. The water depth (4926 ±10 ft) was suspiciously short of Well A’s promulgated depth of 4992 (±10) ft by 66±10ft. The reported second explosion 5000ft underwater could not have been observed at sea surface. It could only be observed visually at depth via the ROV video feed. See Conclusive Evidence Well A Is Not The Well That Blew Up On 20 April – Part 3 Aomd.

This means the video footage of the second underwater explosion exists. It also means that the video footage of the second underwater explosion is highly incriminating to BP. Is withholding incriminating information not a crime by itself?

Why were the ROV coordinates taken off in that snap shot of that BOP on 22 April 2010? If no coordinates had been set for that ROV, how could the ROV operator maneuver the ROV to the well location 5000 ft below sea surface? Without coordinates it would be like driving in total darkness without headlights. How else could the BP’s company man inform the coastguard that the burning DWH had “moved approx 714 ft NE” from well A location? 714 ft is not an approximation that could have been estimated (to that degree of accuracy) from any of the vessels’ radar in the area. It had to be calculated from coordinates. Where else could the coordinates be obtained except from that ROV attempting to shut down the BOP?

There is no prize for guessing how many discrepancies (lies or inconsistencies) can be found in the few preceding paragraphs. If BP cannot be trusted to tell the truth even in this short time frame, 2 days after the disaster can BP be trusted in the months after, when BP’s survival hinges on the brink; pending the full magnitude of the disaster?

Yet prominent men of importance all around the world, heads of government and global corporations openly applauded BP for their “conscientious efforts” in finally killing well A for good on 19 Sept 2010? The defender of a Liar is also a Liar!

~~~~~~~Quote from http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/richard-adams-blog/2010/may/13/video-deepwater-horizon-oil-spill

After considerable pressure from the media and government agencies, BP tonight finally released a brief video showing for the first time the gushing stream of oil and gas leaking from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig into the Gulf of Mexico. The video released by BP shows oil spewing from a broken pipe 5,000 feet (1,500m) below the surface. The stream of crude oil is interspersed with lighter-coloured natural gas. The video was first posted on YouTube on Wednesday night by the Deepwater Horizon Incident Joint Information Centre, which said: “This video is from the larger of two existing leaks on the riser. This leak is located approximately 460 feet from the top of the blowout preventer and rests on the sea floor at a depth of about 5,000 feet.”

~~~~~~~~~end of quote ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The fact that BP had to be forced to release the first ROV video on 11 May 2010, 20 days after the disaster first struck, speaks for itself the dishonesty of “supposedly honourable men” like Tony Hayward and his exploration managers.

~~~~~~~Quote from BP Caught Lying While Deepwater Horizon Burns Part 5 Aomd

I have commented many times that the investigation into the disaster is the biggest joke of the century. In any financial disaster, the CEO and the ones most likely to be involved in the scandal would have been sacked or at least suspended pending investigation. In the BP’s oil spill disaster, not only were the companies under investigation placed in charge of recovering the evidence, the CEO and all those who had recklessly driven the exploratory well to a disastrous blow-out, are still in control and have more than 4½ months to shred every piece of incriminating evidence.

~~~~~~~~~end of quote ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The “oil leaks” must have been far more extensive, more complicated and uncontrollable than just 3 simple leaks on the twisted and fallen 5000ft riser itself as reported by BP. It is incredible how BP could even think that intelligent humans could even fall for this absurd lie. Yet incredibly, the government of the most powerful nation on earth did. One must not underestimate the persuasive power of money and vested business interests.

The release of this first video footage raised more questions than answers. If this leak (the larger of the two leaks on the fallen 5000ft long riser) is 460 ft from the BOP, then there could not be another leak on the riser further away from the BOP since the video clearly shows the “riser” (looks more like a severed casing of the well head) being severed at one end. More importantly, why would the “riser” that had fallen onto the seabed be buried at the bottom of a crater that seems to be at least 1 metre deep? Why would the “broken riser” assuming it was bent, twisted and sheared before breaking, still maintain a solid circular shape with sharp angular cuts at its open end? It is so inconsistent with the highly bent leaking riser at the top of the BOP? The fact that there is a slight visible bend on the “riser” suggests 2 important points:

a.     the “riser” at S20BC leak point is not made of the same material as the “flattened and bent riser” still connected to the BOP.

b.     the angular cut in the “riser” at S20BC leak point, had been made manually; not flattened and broken off by the impact of the fall through 5000ft of water column.

Since the oil appeared to be freely flowing out of the open rounded end of the severed “riser”, any leak closer to BOP would have been very insignificant to be worthy of mention. In The Art Of Mass Deception Part 1 Ballistic Analysis Of Dwh Riser Wreck and many other videos of this major leak at S20BC location, the “riser” is clearly severed on the southern end (see video, heading 117.1º with casing dipping sub-horizontally northwards). Thus the oil had to be flowing from the north to south. But Well A where the “BOP was supposed to have been standing intact after the second underwater explosion” is 714ft to the south of this leak crater (S20BC). How can oil and gas be flowing from the BOP at Well A 714 ft south, when there is no “riser” connection from Well A to this leak location at S20BC?

In any case, if the oil was flowing out of the “BOP at Well A through the riser 460ft away” (as claimed by BP) would it not be much simpler and more cost effective, to cut off the riser at the top of the BOP at Well A where the LRMP cap was to be placed on anyway? Either the world must be crazy to accept this huge BP’s lie or expediency simply knows no bounds.

In this video dated 23 May where the ROV was injecting dispersant into the oil gushing out of the “riser” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=590-3CAGpYU&feature=related) it is very clear the “casing with the gushing oil” is no “riser that has been covered with sediment”. It is a casing that had been bent over and manually cut. Now what casing strings would be rising out of the ground other than from BP’s blown-out well? The “sediment” in the vicinity of the crater is no natural clay sediment but a thick layer of heavy drilling mud. Natural clayey sediment forms a colloidal suspension on disturbance. That is why the water is always murky and never clear at mud flats and river mouths heavy with sediment. Heavy drilling mud however settles down quickly leaving the water clear as shown in the ROV video.

Natural light clayey sediment would have long been dispersed by the intense ROV activities around the crater. Only heavy drilling mud could have remained in-situ. One must again wonder why would BP dump hundreds if not thousands of barrel of expensive drilling mud just to cover a “sunken riser” so that the dispersant can be carried out more complicatedly?

Replacing a surficial clay layer with heavy drilling mud cannot be done overnight or over a few days. Imagine a lake with a few metres of soft clay layer. Dumping a few hundred barrels of heavy drilling mud into it would create a small mole hill within a wide depression instead of uniformly replacing the original clay layer. In order to have such a uniform replacement, the heavy drilling mud must be “leaking out at a higher pressure than the existing hydrostatic pressure” from beneath the surficial clay layer. Is this not another conclusive evidence that BP had been drilling in the vicinity of the “unreported illegal well” (S20BC) weeks before the blowout occurred on 20 April 2010?

Where did the reported massive drilling mud losses go to? Obviously, they must have found their way up to the seabed in the vicinity of the “unreported illegal well (S20BC)” during drilling. The presence of thick layers of drilling mud at the seafloor also confirmed our worst fears; that the fragile geological condition in the Macondo prospect is indeed broken.

Having established BP’s need to lie incessantly since day 1 of the disaster, we can now interpret the ROV video with a clearer logic, free from the totally obfuscating influence of The Oil Drum (TOD).

…. to be continued in part IIb of Root Causes.


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13 Responses to BP’s Macondo Disaster – A Completely Manmade Catastrophe That Never Stops Revealing Deeper Truths About Undersea Drilling

  1. anadianant says:

    Awesome analysis.

    And funny thing, I got booted from TOD for posting this:


    A call to GOM residents to help themselves. I thought that was totally weird.

    Once again Mr. Lim, penetrating work. Do you get paid to do this?


    • BK Lim says:

      You cannot search for my name now at TOD. But if you use other search you can still see some comments on me.

      No I do this entirely on probono basis. I thought my expertise could be put to great use. For too long the ones in control of exploration had been getting away with murders. There are reliable methods of assessing the drilling risks but most oil companies bypass them or simply water them down as in BP’s case.

  2. BK Lim says:

    Do we have to wait till the water is knee-deep before we confirm the boat is sinking? How to restore the Gulf if oil and methane are still leaking out through the faults? When the lying stops real healing can begin.

  3. 322skull says:

    Excelllllllennnnt………Only in the deep DARKNESS can …………..The Great Work Be Done………………..[or not]……………Homo homini lupus…………..word for word……………A fortiori……………322

  4. C.Dodds says:

    Thanks for the valuable insights. Is the second well still gushing? How much? To what extent are other plumes in the Gulf leaking? How much oil altogether is leaking into the gulf now? Can you estimate?

    • BK Lim says:

      It is actually the 3rd well S20BC. I saw an ROV video with gas seeps further north of S20BC. I suspect the leak is coming out of a northerly fault passing S20BC and well A. It is not a question of killing the well, how do you kill a leaking fault?

      In the next posting, I will also present rov video showing a long track of continuous gas seeps. This is again another fault I was mapping passing close to Well B and Well A. There were other ROVs showing this in between Well A and B and beyond well A. So this is very confirmative.

      Well B, although plugged, left behind almost 1000 ft of open well bore at the bottom. The emails confirmed stringers ( gas lenses) that made it difficult to cement. That’s why MMS let them off. If you leave an open chamber in a gas reservoir, what do you think will happen? Gas influx into the open well and up the annulus between the last casing and formation. Since the formation is fractured and faulted, the gas will eventually find pathways to the fault which obviously cut the open 1000 ft of the 5000ft Well A. That’s why Well A was leaking gas furiously. The Congress inquiry got it right when they suspected that the “well had accidentally tapped into the Rigel Gas resevoir”. They thought it was well A that drilled through it but no it was well B but since they are both connected by the WNW-ESE fault the pathway is quite clear.

      Normally by the time I get to this stage, I am already 80% right with just some missing details. It is almost impossible for all the observations to fit the geological model. Now if we can get the mud logs and high resolution seismic data, we can proceed to work out the quantitative model.

      Sorry if this is long winded but it cannot be explained any shorter.

      As to the quantity of oil seeping out – I would think it is about the same with the open gusher – but now it is distributed into the network of fault lines. Brine plus gas can erode and make new pathways, even through faults passing the impervious shale beds. How? Also the hot oil would warm up the upper hydrates that had been stable until now. If you ask me, I would say the situation is actually worse but less spectacular than gushing out an open well.
      At least the gushing well do not allow the pressure to build up.

      Just wait for my next postings. There is so much to tell but little time to work on it.

      • C.Dodds says:

        BK Lim,
        Thanks very much for your reply. It seems from what you write that too much oil continues to build up in the gulf. This is of great concern.
        Rumours abound that corexit is still being sprayed. More worries!

  5. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Is the Maconda vicinity open for an independent survey to assess the seafloor for recent methane and oil release sites? Is anyone doing an independent discovery effort? I am betting that further release of gasses and liquid contamination was and is part of a destructive plan against citizens of this area. And I only bet when I have ZERO doubt. The lethal and slow-to-exhibit MAJOR INESCAPABLY LETHAL symptoms of this poisoning allows the false claims of safety from Pres. Dover and the foreign entity in charge of BP and the White House and CFR to have a negative impact. America has not found a friend in the position of authority concerning this matter. God gave men brains and The Word, and men printed the Bible with varying measures of respect for the Word.
    Men also print lies as news and broadcast lies as news on publicly owned airwaves with permission of the U.S. Supreme Court and the guns backing it up. Legally, public endangerment be irrelevant UNTIL EACH CASE IS PROVEN. DON”T put trust in these agencies until this decision is rescinded. This recent Supreme Court decision created a tool to destroy and kill. It was a BAD DECISION. IT WAS MANUFACTURED POORLY. Such should seem obvious.
    Here in Hawaii, no concern for much of anything off-island is ever exhibited. The news media has been blacking out the seriousness of 9/11/2001 and this Gulf mess and calling it business as usual. It is not healthy. These events were carried out by the same group.
    I still want to see architects and engineers who know or want to know the truth to grow some and realize and vocalize that the charges in the WTC’s were set during construction. This was mentioned in a few newspapers and trade journals way back when. The Sears tower was likewise set up. Some of you people on the mainland need to go verify this. At once. PLEEEASE! I can only be so loud. And I could not be more correct.
    THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE FOR THIS TASK TO HAVE BEEN CARRIED OUT IN ANY OTHER WAY!!! Particle rays and sneaking in the middle of the night and repairing the walls before workers showed up the next morning? GROW UP MAGGOTS!! People have been doing shitty things to each other for ever! These swine are not supermen, they are just pigs who work outside the community decency that holds supreme in our day to day dealings. Even chimps in the wild cheat and kill each other when the going gets too rough, or out of boredom.
    The decent folk who fled Europe to establish something better in America have frequently had their efforts dragged through the mud by the pigs when moral vigilance is neglected. Times like now. Interpersonal violence and messy behavior. These are the pigs’ bailiwick. Even the skinny ones eat too much.
    Now I deserve a beer.

    • BK Lim says:

      Howard T. Lewis III
      If we can run an independent survey of the seafloor using Multibeam, SMS and high resolution sesimic, we can have more than enough to hang Tony Howard and his exploration gangsters. Many other questions can be answered as well. I am so very surprised this is not done or ordered by Congress. It is as if they are also afraid of the truth.

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        They only fear losing face. One man’s confusion is another’s “Case closed… Next!” The oversight committee was chaired by a person terrified in that he did not understand ANYTHING about materials science or the vitalness of other people than BP stopping this disaster as soon as possible. Others could do it quicker. I could go on with a less than flattering description of why their inadequate response to this leak occurred. I am sure you could guess yourself.
        Who is going to do SMS, multibeam and high resolution seismic? I suggest it be done very soon. We have a whacked out bondage freak in the White House. And the powers who put him there believed these were positive attributes to instill in him for his presentation to the American Public. Any one who would have a positive impact on the country and the world was ruled out, immediately.
        Now it is up to those who stuck to their books in school and sold out to the pigs to HAVE THEIR BELIEFS KNOWN. A coward dies a thousand deaths. This anxiety is a self-indulgence which benefits no one, usually. Nobody is going to lock up top engineers in the United States of America for informing Congress of their error in trusting BP and Pres. Dover. The public would prefer that Congress was locked up. As well as BP and the Pres..
        But Congress must be told, if they don’t know already. I could only swear at them. I am not the one able to relate the facts.
        But we need to wake these puppies up ASAP after finding out the true condition of the sea floor ASAP.

      • Paul Kidman says:

        I don’t mean to sound rude, but of course it isn’t being requested by Congress, because either they are in on the crime and are choosing not to get involved (most likely through blackmail) or they are ignorant. Congress or Government is the Corporation and the Corporation is the Government. Both the same. 9/11, the London Underground bombings, OHC bombings, Bali, Waco, Ruby Ridge, USS Liberty and on and on. It’s one grand assault on the People. Someone get a sub and go see what’s up. Great information by the way. Good Job.

  6. Pingback: "Top Kill" (Gulf of Mexico oil leak) Has FAILED, officially - Page 160 - Stormfront

  7. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Your info also is correct and your recognizing it as a mess with the possibility of a horrific outcome apparently well within your grasp. Your parents weren’t slobs. I congratulate you on your choice of parents and your good use of the mind y’all raised.
    Civics was eased out of high school curriculum. The constitution and the accompanying Bill of Rights which cost over 1,000 colonists lives to have added to the constitution is ours as well and the public has been trained to ignore it as relevant. The CFR did this on TV.
    Now what? I may suggest backing up one step, preparing, and presenting the Berkeley DH situation study group with information requests or reference requests to see what their unsurpassed influence is up to these days. The group coordinator’s last name is Bea. I do not want to bother them any more than necessary, but my sense of world history and warfare tells me that they may appreciate others knowing the pressure they may be under to keep silent. Serious personal threats may have been made. Maybe not. All of this info SHOULD BE AIRED.
    Maybe the multiplicity of avenues of seepage lowered the escape pressures to where it will soon ‘scab over’. Maybe not. Gotta have the mud logs. Gotta check and compare seepage locations, Must see how the sea floor has been heaving and receding. This government demand to believe in lying street trash public figures (Wall Street, garbage can alleys, its the same street) and top-of-wedding cake ready newsreaders is an insult to us all.
    Markeley, the “oversight chair” referred to inquiring citizens as “obsessed”. Like geese looking at themselves in the reflection of a shiny hubcap for days on end, the masses aren’t capable of the critical analysis in the mature, wise and almighty geniusness of the committee of Markeley. This punk never indicated to me that he had the slightest understanding of the 3-dimensional world beyond campaign contributions. I see he still does not GET IT.

    Where can we find out what Mr. Bea, et al, are carrying around?

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