BP Bottom Kills the Well from Hell; But Which Well Did They Really Kill, And Is It Really Dead?

Crooked ROV coords scheme foiled again by the lowly bathymetry – part 6 AoMD.

– BK Lim

(23 Sept 2010  hydrocomgeo@gmail.com)

~~~~ Reuter Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:58pm EDT~~~~~~~.

With a final shot of cement, BP Plc permanently “killed” its deep-sea well in the Gulf of Mexico that ruptured in April and unleashed the worst oil spill in U.S. history, the top U.S. spill official said on Sunday.

Some 153 days after the Macondo well ruptured, the U.S. government confirmed that BP had succeeded in drilling a relief well nearly 18,000 feet below the ocean surface and permanently sealing the well with cement.

“The Macondo 252 well is effectively dead,” retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, who has overseen the U.S. government’s response, said in a statement. “We can now state, definitively, that the Macondo well poses no continuing threat to the Gulf of Mexico.”

~~~~~~~~~~~quote ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A hollow victory speech indeed as even those who reported the official news do not really believe in the “good news” themselves. How credible can such a claim be, given the many lies that had been exposed? Could this “permanent killing” of the zombie well have been so simple and so fast to kill, all along? If it was, why had there been so much hesitation with so many postponements before this? Why could this “permanent killing” not be done sooner? Although the wish for a quick and permanent solution to this disaster is universal, it is just wishful thinking that such a disastrous runaway gushing well could be tamed so easily. But how are we to judge in the absence of verifiable technical data that BP holds so close to heart?

The answer is quite simple actually. The recently announced “permanent kill” is a farce and nothing more than a PR stunt.  Otherwise, why was there a need to deceive? Why would there be a need for the crooked ROV coordinates scheme to create a confused picture of the oil and gas seeps and well locations?

The crooked ROV coordinates scheme is another component of BP’s Art of Mass Deception, foiled once again by the lowly bathymetry data. With the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle in place, BP’s cloak of mass deception is as exposed as the Emperor’s invisible golden clothes ( HYPERLINK “http://www.jackherer.com/chapter16.html” Emperor’s new clothes – from Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tale).

Figure 120-1 shows the plot of some ROVs’ position with the date and water depth. The water depth is obtained by adding the altitude and the depth of the ROV. Figure 120-2 gives the tabulated ROVs’ details extracted from video footage or captured images available in the public domain. If this obvious falsification of data can be found in almost all of the video footage reviewed (picked randomly), there must be a lot more ROV video footage with falsified coordinates.

Video proof of  oil gushing out of casing at S20BC – the unreported third well that blew on 20 April 2010.

This and many other video footage publicly available from mid May till the first week of June, is the video proof of the oil gushing out of a sub-horizontal casing within a crater at S20BC location; the unreported and unapproved third well that blew on 20 April 2010. This is the only well (out of the 3 drilled) that reached the reservoir at 18,303 ft below mudline (bml).

This location was publicly revealed on 13 Aug 2010 in the diagrammatic illustration of the CSI of the  HYPERLINK “http://bklim.newsvine.com/_news/2010/08/14/4884549-dwh-blowout-csi-why-it-could-not-have-happened-as-reported-by-bp-” Deepwater Horizon Blowout (Why-It-Could-Not-Have-Happened-As-Reported-By-Bp). From the forensic analysis, S20BC location was determined to be approximately 720ft NNW of Well A. The coastguard log confirmed the location 9 days later; giving it a more precise location of 714 ft NNW of well A.

In one of the first video footages of S20BC reviewed for the article (HERC 6 ROV video recorded from 06:09:42 – 06:11:26 hrs on 29 May 2010) the average coordinates of the ROV is  E1,202,504 N10,432,303 with a water depth of 4,970 ±10 ft.

In figure 120-1, the water depths estimated from ROVs monitoring the “dispersant operation” at the vicinity S20BC vary from 4959 to 4965 ft. This agrees quite well with the contour value of 4950 – 4970 ft.

Although the ROV was visibly stationary there was periodic “jumps in the coordinates” either due to errors in reading the coordinates from the video or navigation data noise. The largest distance moved is 45ft in 2 secs (7m/s). Over the 2 minute video, the virtual position variation is 0 to 45 ft. This is the magnitude of random data scatter that can be expected although the physical movement would be much less and much slower than 3 ft/sec (1m/sec or 3.6km/hr). Movement is perceptible even at a low speed of 0.5ft/sec.

Deliberate Shifting of ROV position by applying offset and bearing

In any positioning system there is always some noise scatter. In (1) we established the noise scatter to be less than 50 ft with a fairly noisy ROV video recording. In some stable ROV videos, the noise scatter on the position is much less. Noise by definition should be random. Deliberate human interference either by changing one of the digit in the 7 digit Northing coordinate or by range (distance in feet) and bearing (angle in degrees) input; produces a distinct pattern of change. Most importantly, as there is no actual physical movement of the ROV, the physical attributes such as time, depth, altitude, heading and speed do not change. Although the realistic corresponding variation in these physical attributes can be altered as well, it is more difficult to do this online without a complicated computerized system or programme.

In the 25 seconds video recording (from 15:01:26 to 15:01:51 hrs) on 29 May, the adulterated position of the ROV moved from the vicinity of S20BC (video shows oil gushing out of the sub-horizontal casing) 730 ft to just 248 ft NNW of Well A. See the track for 29/5 4959. The ROV moved at a speed of 1.1 to 17.3 m/s (4 to 62.3 km/h) within this short interval of 25 seconds or a total distance of 483 ft. ROV cannot cruise at 60 km/h through water and still record the same image of the seabed crater with the oil gushing out of the same sub-horizontal casing. The possibility of successive “random noise positions” moving progressively towards Well A is practically zero. The only other possibility is – human intervention by range (distance in feet) and bearing (angle in degrees) input. Even if the coordinates are plotted in isolation, the depth of 4959ft in the video recording would fall short of 30 ft (see point 29/5 4959 at bathy chart).

In the review of a second video (9 seconds long) from 09:43:03 to 09:43:12 hrs on 31 May,  the adulterated position of the ROV moved from the vicinity of S20BC 740 ft NNW to 200 ft SE of Well A. See the track for 31/5 4962. In this track, the Virtual Position of the ROV moved back towards S20BC in the reverse direction; at the same time maintaining the exact heading, depth and altitude. The maximum virtual speed was 260 m/s (936 km/h). Undoubtedly the automatic positioning of the ROVs had been manipulated. For what purpose, you might ask?

Falsified Northing coordinates –  by changing first 4 digits from 1,430,xxx to 1,432,xxx (2,000 ft)

An easier method of fudging the ROVs’ position is to change the fourth digit in the 7 digit Northing coordinate. Changing the first to third digits, would plot the ROV position out of range. It would be difficult to recover the true position and prevent the position from jumping erratically if the 5th to 7th digits were manipulated.

It is no accident that the fourth digit was specifically chosen and changed from 0 to 2. It was deliberate and intended to confuse. And confuse it did for if one were to diligently plot all the ROVs’ positions, it would make no sense. But out of the apparent randomness, a forensic pattern did emerge if the ROVs’ positions were superimposed on the bathymetry.

On 11 May at 23:33:46 and 23:33:53 hrs, the HERC 6 ROV was recording a gas seep between S20BC and Well A (497 ft NNW of Well A) at a point along the NW-SE fault passing through both locations. Its initial position E1 202 659, N10 430 092 was 1,532 ft SSW of Well A. But the recorded water depth is only 4963 ft; almost 120 ft short of the 5080ft water depth at this southern position. The seabed seep also looked familiar with another image at approximately the mid-position between Well A and S20BC. When the coordinates were corrected to E1 202 659, N10 432 092, the gas seep point falls between the 4965ft and 5970ft contours; a perfect match with regard to the bathymetry.

Two other points at 03:45:57 hrs and 03:49:15 hrs on 19 July, showed the same matching results with the bathymetry. With the “adulterated” southern position (2000ft south), the depth of 4944.2ft and 4943.9ft seemed out of place between contour 5040-5050ft. By correcting 2000ft north, the depths matched with the 4950ft contour shown in the bathy chart.

The “correction of 2000ft north” on all the three points confirmed that the original ROVs Northing had been tampered with a 2000ft shift to the south. But apparently the recorded ROV depth and altitude were left unchanged. Perhaps they did not realise anyone would notice the little discrepancy in depth.

With the general bathymetry sloping 3º to 5º southwards, the water depth should increase not decrease. This proves once again the lowest denomination of the exploration world (the lowly Bathy) to be the mightiest of them all ( HYPERLINK “http://bklim.newsvine.com/_news/2010/09/07/5063017-the-little-mole-hill-that-is-really-a-mountain” The-Little-Mole-Hill-That-Is-Really-A-Mountain).


The two methods of manipulating position data (for whatever reasons) are fairly common practices that had been exposed time and time again, during the many QC review of past geohazards assessments. Many errant survey contractors used them for a variety of reasons. It just means that BP is no better than the errant survey contractors caught manipulating their data. Is it any wonder that disasters like BP’s oil spill occurs?

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23 Responses to BP Bottom Kills the Well from Hell; But Which Well Did They Really Kill, And Is It Really Dead?

  1. Commander Z says:

    This is more than most people can digest. Bottom Line?: The blown out well is still gushing oil and the Corexit dispersant is still being mixed at the aperture or hole in the ground? How long can this go on without being noticed? Will they put a Corexit pipeline in place with a direct connection to a Corexit plant on shore?
    If this is the case then this mass death will have to spread to the Atlantic.

  2. GAILLOT ERIC says:

    Je suis 100 % d’accord avec vous. Bonne continuation.

  3. Joseph Kline says:

    thank you, on the 22nd of this month i took a plain from PHIL. to TEXAS and saw with my own eyes the oil still in the gulf. they would not allow me to take any pictures. but if any body wants the truth…..fly over the gulf and see for them self. again thank you, and i posted this to my profile on face book.

  4. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Established as fact by Congress is the idea this well was recklessly stabbed into an unstable formation guaranteed to heave a vastly huge amount of oil and poisonous carcinagenic gasses over the land and population of the South and Southeast United States. This contamination is slowly killing a large percentage of Americans while Pres. Dover’s NOAA and collaborating state agencies are talking kids and morons into self-destructing by consuming obviously tainted Gulf seafood products.
    The violations of the American people domestically and abuse of our troops overseas is being carried out by psychopaths and traitors. The only explanation is war against the U.S., this Gulf oil being predated by the WTC planned demolitions. The Sears Tower was loaded as it was built, as were the WTC’s. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE VERIFY WHAT I SAY ABOUT THE SEARS TOWER?!! I know of no other buildings preloaded like this. I don’t understand the Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth claims as being other than an expression of fear of retaliation 9 years late. Sounds pretty chicken-shit, doesn’t it. The crew who carried out 9-11 are the same who did the DH well disaster. You can bet the escaping gasses will keep killing local residents for years from cancers and such.
    A&E for 9-11 truth are running interference for the perpetrators. Any simpleton knows it would be imposssible to load over 280 floors of 3 office buildings with enough directly applied thermate or nano-thermate to vaporize that much steel. And do it secretly after demolishing walls, applying the explosives, and rebuilding the walls and repainting them before folks showed up for work in the morning, not expecting a thing. JUMPING JESUS!! USE YOUR SENSE!!
    Combine the above with the U.N. money lenders /English Empire/CIA participation and you have a concerted attack on the United States. Throw in the C.F.R. orchestrated election of president whatsizname and the recipe is complete.
    Flies lay eggs and the maggots eat away at their host’s rotting flesh. These people lay eggs and their young feast on the blood of American aggression. I am glad they are a small minority with the confidence born of a criminal past. We have a constitution. As elegant as any on the planet. Let us use it. The world is on our side.

    • Concrete man says:

      I know what you mean about the 911 Truth movement being infil-traitored. I do not know enough about the technical aspects to say whether thermite or micro nukes or preplanning was involved, and it is a moot point


      The 911 architects will NOT talk about Mossad involvement in 911. Neither will Alex Jones or any other number of “patriot” radio hosts.

  5. WRAY EDWARDS says:

    Will somebody please make a definitive statement about what the portent of all that navigational data and its apparent manipulation means!!! Is there, or is there not an open well head or or giant pothole in the sea floor which is gushing 40/60 radioactive petroleum with a high volume Corexit nozzle dangling over it to camouflage the nasty reality??

    With respect Mr. Lim, we would like to know, so that we can make life or death decisions about the safety of our friends and families. It’s OK to analyze the co-ordinate data of the various BP drillings at the Mocando site ad nauseum, but you stop short of telling us the net result every time.

    We are left to speculate whether or not the disaster is still happening and whether or not we should take up our relatives’ kind offer to come stay with them in Oregon until after there is absolute proof one way or the other.

    You appear to be certain that the most recent “solution” to the problem announced by the government was fraudulent. If you would just pull out your personal Occam’s Razor and slice off a nice, accurate conclusion…we would be most grateful.


    • BK Lim says:

      Mr. Edwards:
      The formation is fractured with faults. Even if the gushing well had been “cemented kill” now, oil will flow out thru new pathways that had been eroded for the past 4 1/2 months. BP knew it would be impossible to kill the well. So they were hoping to “fool the world” by capping the wrong well and the oil coming out elsewhere as “natural seeps”. The 22-mile long corexit-oil river and numerous reports of oil contaminated sediment, massive dead fishes are the results of this oil spill. It is a mega disaster by any perspective. But the govt & BP are trying to downplay it for obvious reasons. The oil will continue to spill until the reservoir is depleted which may take years. There is also the risk of submarine landslides and formation collapse the longer the unnatural oil seep is allowed to continue.

      How will it end? We are geophysicists, not a geo-magicians. We need more data which BP is not willing to divulge. By the trend of things, these data would never be released, and the top executives & directors responsible for the fiasco will never be criminally charged. This will encourage others with the same unscrupulous and reckless management style to continue with the prospect of another imminent disaster.

      If we cannot stop the flow, the next logical thing to do is to deplete the reservoir as fast as possible before the oil flow into the unstable formation. We can do this by drilling from safe surface locations into the more stable seal sections of the reservoir. We may need multiple wells depending on the size and nature of the reservoir. It may not be economical to have so many wells but at least the oil can be recovered safely to partially offset the cost. It will also mean the demise of BP as BP can no longer be trusted to carry out the recovery operations safely and diligently.

    • anadianant says:

      Greetings Wray,
      While no authority on anything compared to Mr. Lim, I’d say you should move.
      The bigger the lies, the bigger the problem those lies are trying to hide.
      If it comes out all in a rush, there will be a rush to leave. Re-member Katrina?

      All the very best.

      This is what I wrote on July 4th, if it is of any help.


      We are all in this together.

  6. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Dear Mr. BKLim, your perspective demands a much larger audience. Congress obviously must follow guidance of the truth and out of personal and mutual dealings in Congress, truth be damned. The C.F.R. was founded with its stated intent being to “control the minds of the American public”. This group now controls ALL U.S. television national news and by recent Supreme Court decision, are not legally obligated to broadcast the truth. Even over public airwaves. Which is conspiring to commit fraud on the public. They use this decision every chance they get. And the record of power behind the CFR’s history is bursting with examples of waging genocidal wars to control natural resource exploitation and thin populations.( See Sen. Callahan, 1917, et al.)
    We need to get you in front of a Congressional hearing ASAP. I believe strongly that 90-100,000 p.s.i. oil/methane is rotting out the floor of the gulf which will expedite a blow-out next to or because of the high pressure seepage damage because of the cemented well. If there exists new oil/methane plumes within a mile or ten of this problem site, the problem is not solved. It is worsened.
    It took 9 years for a group of architects and engineers to gather in a large enough number to risk losing face over whether there were charges set in the WTC’s.
    Unfortunately, most of the American people wear ignorance around like a chimpanzee wears around a stolen top-hat. And for money, do what they are told.
    We can not afford to wait this long for reason to prevail over self-pity. You have much more experience with these sort of proiblems then I ever will. But unlike most folks, I have been violently mugged at night without witnesses present and if not for the fact that I was carrying a weapon, I might be dead now. I recheck my info and thoughts daily and it is my unavoidable conclusion that the U.S. is under a concerted attack with most assailants openly destroying America from their positions of power in Washington D.C. President B.O. is OBVIOUSLY a cheap shill and the CFR news controls the public’s mood and information received through televised broadcasting.
    We all need to find a Congressional sponsor for you at once. The Berkeley group would agree, I am sure. I just am not qualified to bother them. Though I certainly would like to hear their view. If a government entity swore them to secrecy, that government entity should be tried for murder and treason. But after the Berkeley group tells what they know, after we all are hired as assistants vital to the effort.
    We need to be vocal and MOVE faster than the criminals in office. I believe that the military would not support the destruction of the Southwest U.S., even if Adm. Thad or other recent appointees might. Impeachments are long overdue.

  7. nwqfk says:

    Thank you for the investigative work in the name of the HISTORIC record.

    No matter how many smiley Ads BP runs on prime time television CLAIMING they’re one of us, the Joe and Jane on the street isn’t buying it.

    I believe as of the 27th of September, there is still a no fly zone over the area (please correct me if I am wrong.)

    One thing the ROV did show at one time was Corexit being pumped into the sea. By the nonstop pumping of Corexit into a never ending flow of oil, BP is creating A NEW chemical compound on a scale never before unleashed on this planet.

    How many ‘red tide’ false reports will it take before the house of cards comes crashing down, not only on BP but, ALL of the liars aiding and abetting the lie?

  8. WRAY EDWARDS says:


    Thank you for your advice and encouraging words. That is a really big decision which must be made with all available evidence. Am leaning towards leaving here. A whole life of property, friends, business income and good will down the drain if we do leave to start anew elsewhere. Will keep everybod posted.

  9. michelle says:

    It is obvious for anyone left with a soul that a military operation is taking place in the gulf. Young officers, like myself, left the military years ago, due mostly to all the vaccines that were being forced. Any invasion is preceded by taking communications – ie media blackout, propaganda, etc. The corexit is a neurotoxin, similar to used in vietnam, but way worse and more sophisticated when mixed with other chems and bios. But the attack is not one dimensional. Not against a nation that bears arms, especially rednecks, always considered the best soilders in military, easily trained. No, another 9/11 event will happen probably before nov elections, possibly two. One could be this fake alien disclosure, another could be a dirty nuke, small nuke, or better known as suitecase nuke. Many have bben positioned throughout us and canada. U have been shown, those that r awake, terrorists r really cia ops, trained sometimes in us even, so … the higher plan, that most officers, who have their spirit still intact, is problem, action, solution. Meaning, operation blackjack was a real clue. The existing govt, which MSM & alternative media help educat even the retarded on, is extremely corrupt, meaning everyone wants them gone – proposed action or direction for the cattle to go when pushed. So, problem will be exposed, obama and crew will be thrown under bus, mob will revolt when attacks esculate and economy completely fails and revolt, killing govt, and yes that means u police (try reading a history book for once mr. GED), action will take mob to seek stability again, solution, one world govt led by entities not exposed yet (not rockeffeller, rothechilds, warburg, etc. – still scapegoats) no, something more evil and powerful than them, whom they worship. a man for the world – your so-called antichrist. he is in europe and eager to take control. hitler killed his brownpants (cops) moved in supermen (SS, occult adepts) cops r stupid, not adepts, try talking to one, you’ll see. Night of the broken glass, the long knives, vaccines, trauma based programming – they’re insane. But wait, there is, even in the higher circle, what is called the x factor, the unknown variables. during this revolt comes chaos, opportunity, not just for the adepts, but for the other side who sleep. That is where the NSA comes in, looking vigilantly for these potential leaders of good. They r everywhere, mostly unaware right now, even though there is a subtle voice speaking to them, sometimes mind control via GWEN towers and the such, others from the real thing. Yes, God, the Source mind. uh oh, the one who tore down all their precious civilization of long ago that they are trying to rebuild from, ie. Atlantis, Lumeria, etc. Hense the great architect (Lucifer, god of the Masons, the builders. yes, and I mean a big uh oh, the big secret they do not want u to know about. Something well beyond trivial ant, or little bee planning, the source of all energy in what they call the unified field, the source of time itself, or what we percieve to be time. This x factor is crucial, will the Source allow man to take care of business, is there even enough worth mentioning or saving, or will there be a need for total destruction by these godly forces, a need to revitalize its internal system. This planet is like a cell in that system that has cancer, that is why scarcity exists, building dead matter all over the planet by killing. beelzebub means: destroyer of planets. This is who they worship, above the so called aliens. See cult of LAM, alistier crowley, scientology, masons, occult, secret societies, read what there high powered remote viewers report. So yes, they r killing the gulf, amnkind, the planet, and themselves, they are, like psychology points out, projections of something more evil and powerful than them, in other words, ultimately they r suicidal, mad, abandoned. Their power is short and limited, but they do work off of fear. This is a military operation larger than one can imagine, but the their opposition is unbeatable, they r behind enemy lines, so to speak. And they, like us, r being watched. can u feel it? Peace. Spread the truth, if u will.

  10. michelle says:

    oh, one more thing, they r having a hard time pushing the people to revolt, that’s what they want, (the elite) because of all the years of fluoride, pharam, etc. that’s why u have agents like alex jones, glenn beck, giving u all the surface news, to encite, but all the androgenous types whine and retreat and ignore – a minor setback for the elite. but they will eventually get what they want: revolt, whether the bmw driving yuppie thinks so r not. by the way, yuppies and secular types, u have no allies here, bad r good, read georgia guidestones. i really don’t think u r a druid supplicating around the antichrist in a belgium castle, or underground somewhere, so wake up from your fantasy. u will be fodder for the mob, that’s the design. p.s. sorry about grammer and such, in a hurry. bye.

  11. DumbMeDown says:


    That’s all you need to know.

    What will you do is the real question.

    Not much is the real answer.

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  13. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    To Concreteman ,et al. I have known for just over 40 years that explosives to drop the WTC’s I, II, and 7 and the Chicago Sears tower were loaded by agreement between the bankers, contractors, developers, and the rest of the in-crowd. High x-ray yield mini-nukes were placed in the basements. This is not debatable. This happened with at least these 4 buildings in the late 1960’s. Bloody insane. My father, who taught me about things like prestressed concrete, these explosive charges, and other facets of commercial construction. and true Masonry of following the teachings of Christ of virtue in cooperation and caring for your fellow workers’ safety on the job in the guilds’ tradition as opposed to the phony Masonic guilds would say that who set up the charges is not a moot point. True, the major concerns surrounding the 9-11 implementation and insurance pay off are zionists. Look at it. And being a zionist is fully legal. Being a criminal is not. And Talmud law does not cut it in these United States. Nor will it ever outside some of the shadows. Cockroach law be damned.
    Nor should it. What I have read is too full of predjudice toward non -jews to have any creative use. Maybe if they threw out the bullshit. But that is another subject.
    Right now, we need to contact different Congressmen, and impress the dandys that the floor of the Gulf is DAMAGED and needs non-Village people-wanker-bullshit consideration. Regardless whether these idiots still have a huge gaping hole in the ground at the DH site and/or delaminated sedementery slop. The damage probably is spreading and it appears the prsident is literally being worn riding around on somebody’s ‘authority’ since childhood like other cult members. His real father’s name is Frank Davis. An American. Check out his rap-sheet. Check out the cult. Google George Bush satanism, Brownsville Texas,Jack Parsons, Alestaire Crowley, etc.
    I saw THE HEAD OF THE EPA say the massive use of corexit was still not OK with her this week. And still BP sprays it nightly. This is by definition failure of government. This is by definition, proof that the present administration is being held hostage. Safe to say that the repair is NOT COMPLETE . THERE IS A PATTERN OF MOTIVE TO DESTROY AND KILL by these people and it sure manifests itself here.
    The compulsive nature of these destroyers will be their downfall. But fall they must before they carry the rest of us off to Benny the Rat and satan in their orgy of self-destruction. This numerology stupid spoiled-brat non -productive dreamland deluded self-indulgent grandiosity needs proper direction to enable creative venting. Their inner-child needs healing. I need a beer.

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  15. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Concrete man, Who owns or controls the CFR? Vermin. Coked up vermin. A type of vermin satisfied with wrong answers.

  16. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Has any group of honest people done a survey of the DH 7 mile radius this month? Have any WTC builders come forward with the truth? Remember people. They purged all files of preloaded demolitions at the WTCs before they set off the charges. And the Sears tower is still loaded. And our families and neighbors are still being murdered.
    If somebody tries to tell you that the charges were installed after the WTC’s were completed, wash their mouth out with soap.

    • BK Lim says:

      I can’t post the pictures here but You can link to http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread619957/pg12

      To be frank I am a bit disturbed at the recent video postings from mid Oct onwards especially this one. In normal cases when we see gas bubbling up (say like a pot of hot chocolate), the bubbles “pop” leaving circular depressions which then smoothed over due to the liquidity of the molten chocolate. In soft marine clay, the depressions remain because of its cohesiveness and strength > 20kpa. In the video above, the light followed by dark shadows are “pimple-like” relief spots while the dark grey shadows followed by light reflected faces are grooves or depressions (opposite of side scan interpretation).

      This is important as I am making the assumption that the color of the rov video had not been inversed ie white light inverted to dark grey. If the seabed is more like “pimples (+ve relief)” (as opposed to pockmarks or pitted –ve relief), then the clay-rich pimples had been left behind from the evaporation the methane calthrate making-up the mass of the clay-methane calthrate superficial (top) layer.

      If it is the other way around, ie the seabed is pitted rather than pimpled, it means the superficial layer (top) comprises predominantly clay and the evaporated gas (from below the layer) forces their through the clay layer to pop up as depressions. This is the normal case we see on most seafloor in surveys around the world but not in this case from this video.

      It is disturbing to see gas (methane) evaporating from the sea floor. It can only mean that the naturally stable methane calthrate at the present seafloor level is no longer stable and evaporating, leaving behind spots or pimples of clay-richer sediment. The large flat shallow depressions suggest that these patches of seafloor had already evaporated off. Eventually the clay-richer pimples will also disappear as the clay disintegrates and disperses.

      The other videos show some wires on the seabed and a coil hanging upright. Not sure what they mean but could it be some kind “electromagnetic” thing? Funny the white bubbles seem to be flowing laterally (or could the ROV be moving?). To me it appears as if the bubbles were appearing out of nowhere (methane gas separation from the water crystal structure?). I cannot be sure. Perhaps some chemists or physicists can help us out.

      Regarding the larger wavy white “thing” turning colour and disappearing; it reminds me of:

      A will-o’-the-wisp or ignis fatuus (Latin, from ignis, “fire” + fatuus, “foolish”), also called will-o’-wisp, corpse candle, jack-o’-lantern, friar’s lantern, gunderslislik, and wisp, is a Folklore depiction of ghostly light sometimes seen at night or twilight over bogs, swamps, and marshes. It resembles a flickering lamp and is sometimes said to recede if approached.

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