Houston, We Have A HUGE Problem ! ! ! (BP America is headquartered in Houston, TX)

Compelling Evidence Points To A Different Well Being Capped

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What would the world say, if the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico that gushed for 87 days, is not the same well location which BP identified to the world as the Gusher Of All Time?

BK Lim is a geohazards specialist who has dissected the entire “Macondo prospect gushing wells scenario” with penetrating forensic analysis and well-honed investigative techniques. He has broken down so many facets of this apparent deception that one is left with only one conclusion.

When a foreign, multinational corporation perpetrates a deception in the marketplace, it is usually considered business as usual and life goes on without so much as a bleep on the radar screen.

If the US Federal Government, and especially the current Administration which has enabled so much of what has gone wrong in the Gulf, was an accomplice in such a deception, then we have a problem. And, therefore, our friends in DC, and particularly BP will then have a HUGE problem!

We certainly have a problem that rises to a much higher level than a bunch of bungling burglars in a hotel complex known as Watergate, don’t we?!

Let’s get busy, shall we, and start holding the Obama Administration accountable for their part in the greatest manmade environmental catastrophe, and coverup, in American history.

If we allow this moment to pass without an appropriate response, future generations will rightfully label us as the nation who failed humankind … as well as the planet, Herself.

Dr. Tom Termotto
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference
Tallahassee, FL


The diagrammatic illustration that says it all.

by BK Lim

Within 4 days of publishing this article, Why is-BP’s Macondo Blowout so disastrous and Beyond Patch-up with this diagrammatic illustration, visits to my column shot up by almost 20,000%.

This diagram which had been pasted all over the world had been ridiculed as total nonsense, comical, garbage and many other terms which I will not post here.

Please judge for yourself the accuracy of this qualitative model and the predictions that had since proven to be true with recent events.

The label “Well Location” intentionally left out the alphabet “A” as it was intended to be the well that was actually drilled which forensic analyses of the seabed debris determined to be 720 ft NNW of Well A. This mysterious “well that never was” (referred to as “S20BC”) is still being ignored publicly by the Authorities, BP and all those involved in the cover-up to continue duping the American public and world at large. This damaged S20BC well is the real gusher and the vertical conduit draining oil and gas out of the giant reservoir at 18,300 ft below mud line; not the bogus capped Well A.

Well A was drilled down to 5000 ft or thereof. It had to be abandoned on 13 Feb 2010 due to a broken drilling rod string which was jammed in the well. One must ask why a drill string of steel pipes could be jammed inside the well bore. Recently we hear BP admitting the possibility of formation collapse. And how could the formation collapse into the well bore without pressurized fluid forcing debris and jamming the drilling rods in the open section of the well?

So my independent geological model was right. Dr Bea was right. Matt Simmons was right. So did millions all over the world who did not fall for the Bogus Press releases and the blatant acts of Mass Deception.

Well A could not be the well that blew up on 20 April 2010. At 5000 ft bml, the base of Well A is still 13,000 ft above the reservoir. Well A was already leaking hydrocarbon migrating through the faults, GWSF zone and the pervious flanks of the Dome or whatever vertical structural deformities. Well B was drilled to 13,100 ft.

The mysterious “well that never was” (S20BC) reached the targeted reservoir at 18,300 ft bml. It was this well that blew on 20 April 2010. This well had to stay hidden to hide the many dark secrets of the Macondo well. Credit must be given to the determined few who against all odds and the myriad of half truths, distorted facts and Bogus Press information, persevered to bring to the world the truth.

Drilling at Well B and S20BC only made a precarious geological situation worse, by acting as vertical conduits to the shallower 176 ft thick gas-charged siltstone bed discovered by the Texaco Rigel Well in 1999 and BP’s targeted giant reservoir at 18,000 ft bml.

As long been suspected, Well A was deviously capped to mesmerize the world into a hypnotic trance, diverted from the real environmental disaster. A 5000 ft deep Well A would explain the many unexplainable inconsistencies and mysterious evidence that are surfacing now in killing the zombie well that refused to lay dead.

This geological illustration that says it all was independently created on 25 July 2010 based on limited publicly available information, thousands of miles from the crime scene. It explains the need for so many cover-ups. And if these cover-ups are any indication of BP’s misconduct, integrity and credibility, we should be worried about Another Deepwater Production Platform in the Gulf called Thunderhorse at Prospect 778/822.

by BK Lim


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22 Responses to Houston, We Have A HUGE Problem ! ! ! (BP America is headquartered in Houston, TX)

  1. jim says:

    I’ve been following Thunderhorse, the rig, since Dennis
    and Katrina(also damaged Thunderhorse).

    Thunderhorse, both the rig and the field, have plagued bp
    from the beginning.

    Thanx for your enlightenment.


  2. Commander Z says:

    What B K Lim does not say and what PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW IS WHAT THE PRESENT STATUS OF S20BC is RIGHT NOW???

  3. Commander Z says:


    • BK Lim says:

      Commander Z
      BP is not showing any video or releasing any data on the open gusher. We can only guess it is still openly gushing oil from the reservoir and BP is still pumping Corexit at the hole itself to keep the oil from surfacing. There had been some video footage showing ROV dispersant operation in the crater.

      This is why we are very concerned. I suspect there are natural geological faults that can carry the oil and gas far away from the S20BC which now acts as the vertical conduit to the reservoir and dispersing the oil and gas at the shallower level. They were hoping that by mid Aug the S20BC well would have depleted itself or reduced sufficiently for the Relief well to work. So if they are still stalling with the Relief Well kill even though it is less than 3 1/2 ft away means that the gusher is as strong as day 1 or the Relief Well had already intercepted but did not “successfully kill” S20BC. Either way they cannot tell but to continue with the delaying tactics.

      The hole should be where it was when it blew up. They have not been able to move that location. Hope that answers your question.

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  5. Gonzo says:

    …As Commander Z says, BK Lim did not explicitely said it so, but he does say that the capped well was not the rel gusher so the only conclusion appears to be that the real gusher is still gushing out as it was on day one, or maybe it has gotten worse?.

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  7. 322skull says:

    Excellllllennnnt……………3 is the Magick number………….word for word…………….A fortiori………………..322

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  9. Tyler says:

    Matt Simmons murderers must be found and hung. Thank you for your report.

  10. Kalif says:

    The most famous Motto in the oilfield business is “Cover thy Ass”.
    Of course this implies to use whatever deception neccessary to
    evade accountability. I would not be surprised at all if the claims
    in this article are true. More chances are that they are.

  11. Dave says:

    The really menacing well could blow up its entire LMRP and we would never know about it due to its depth and due to the feds/BP collusion in keeping the sheep pacified for the elections and BP profits,of course.
    I guess if that happened,we would eventually realize it with oceans of oil washing up all over the Gulf.

  12. ehswan says:

    At the oil drum site today I saw a cute little crab and a fish pictured by a rov on the sea floor near the “damaged” well head and wondered how that turf could be so unpolluted as to sustain life?

  13. D Miller says:

    Folks, we need to start preparing for the worst-case scenario that has been slopped on our plates. Reports of vegetation damage from the contaminated rains, seeded by this disaster, are the real issue we must start focusing on. As normal weather patterns channel these toxic showers North to Northeast they damage to our valued farmlands will be devastating. The food shortage speculation by many of late will be a vivid reality as shelves remain empty and the price of anything available becomes staggering. Obviously the enormous amount Sea Food and industry support markets will completely crumble in the next few months leaving a whole lot of families/people in very dire straights. As we well know by now BP and the Government will keep lying to us to the end. The longer they keep the wool over the eyes of the sheep, the longer they’ll go on with this insane charade. Believe me when I say the ones manipulating events now won’t care a lick about normal people. They’ll be heading for their bunkers and hideouts as millions are overcome by deadly situations spawned by this Gulf Tragedy.

    Solutions will not be easy. Large protected green houses would be needed along with erection of a vast fresh water reservoir system of recycled uncontaminated water. MONSANTO NOT ALOWED! These projects would require billions to initiate. These funds should come from BP by freezing and allocating their assets to take charge of our frail future. You know, as well as I, this action cannot be accomplished by violent revolution decent, or voting. The only way for the corrupt government leaders to be ousted and control returned to the people would be a Military take over as no other power will be effective enough to compromise the current power structure. We need to start thinking out side the “Blame Box” and realize just how bad this situation is. God Speed USA

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  16. WRAY EDWARDS says:

    WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE?!?!?!? I see no great big, gummy oil slicks on the surface at present. If there still is a gusher, they must be blasting it with COREXIT right at the volcano. Something has changed and we do not know what is actually happening. Are we still waiting for the other shoe to drop with martial law and evacuations. The first Cat 5 hurricane should separate the men from the boys.

  17. willow says:

    Matt Simmons said BP waited for the real gusher from the gaping hole to be depleted.
    That’s what all the stalling was about. That’s why they killed him. Read below.
    I cut and pasted the article and link.

    “Matthew Simmons has been saying the spill is worse than anyone admits for weeks, and he hasn’t been wrong yet.

    Today he tells Bloomberg we’ve now killed the Gulf of Mexico.

    Simmons says the leak is much bigger than the cameras show thanks to a big gushing hole around ten miles from the sunken rig:

    “What we don’t know anything about is the open hole which is caused by the drill bit when it tossed the blow-out preventer way out of the hole…and 120,000 minimum of toxic poison has now covered the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. So what they’re talking about is the biggest environmental cover-up ever. And they knew that that well, that riser, would finally deplete. And then they could say it’s over. And unfortunately, we now have killed the Gulf of Mexico.”


  18. shekhar says:

    great post !!! keep sharing… 🙂

  19. Thank You all for the science and your absolute clarity on this situation. At this writing I have been contacted by people on the East Coast of Florida, the spraying is continuing over in Daytona and Ormond Beach.
    Some very sick people are contacting me…..one man told me that he has been watching this go on and now dead birds were on the beach. When he saw the dead birds he went to his condo to get a bag in order to preserve the evidence, by the time he got out to the beach the DEAD BIRDS WERE GONE.
    Dead birds on a beach do not just disappear within 20 minutes, they think we are dumb.
    Yikes, the plot thickens by the day…
    Trisha Springstead

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