The twisted tale of the missing 3rd well that blew at the Macondo Prospect

Art of Mass Deception–Part 2: The twisted tale of the missing 3rd well that blew.

By BK Lim

Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:45 AM EDT

1. Filling the critical truths in BP’s gapping official storyline and making sense of it all

On 10 March 2009 BP Exploration & Production Inc (BP) submitted an application to carry out exploration drilling on two wells (A and B) within the Macondo prospect; Lease OCS-G32306 Block – 252 Mississippi Canyon Area using a Semi-Submersible drilling rig (semi sub). The wells locations are:

Lat Long Easting (Lambert) Northing (Lambert)

Well A 28º 44’ 17.277” -88º 21’ 57.34” 1,202,803.88 10,431,617.00

Well B 28º 44’ 16.027” -88º 22’ 0.581” 1,202,514.00 10,431,494.00

TransOcean Marianas first drilled at Well A from 7 Oct till 9 Nov 2009. On 28th Oct 2009 Tony Hayward (CEO of BP) disposed 220,000 shares on the same day the Marianas reported some serious well problems which lasted till 31 Oct 2009. Ten (10) days later (on 9 Nov 2009) the well was officially abandoned due to damages sustained from Hurricane Ida. The total depth drilled was only 4,023ft (1,226m) below mud line (bml). On 17th Nov 2009, Byron E Grote another BP Director sold 150,000 of his BP share holding.

On 3rd Feb 2010 the Deepwater Horizon (owned and operated by TransOcean) was directed to drill Well A, by re-entering the previously abandoned well. BP has maintained that this was the only well drilled in February till the blowout on 20 April 2010. The well apparently took a total of 10.5 weeks to reach the targeted reservoir at 18,000 ft bml around 16 April; 6.5 weeks longer than expected. The Deepwater Horizon (DWH) caught fire in a blowout 4 days later (on 20 April 2010) which resulted in the worst ever mega-oil spill disaster experienced during peace time.

The mega disaster has not only killed millions of innocent wildlife and condemned thousands others to the ranks of the walking dead, it has also exposed the worst of human greed and reckless gambling of human lives and the environment by the irresponsible few who walked the corridors of power in the oil industry. This is the continuing untold story of the Art of Mass Deception (part 2) of the twisted tale of the missing third well that BP drilled and blew on 20 April 2010; killing 11 crews and injuring many of the 126 that were onboard DWH. It was a disaster that need not have happened, especially after numerous red flags and at least two near-misses.

The facts will show that the few who had been entrusted with the responsibility of managing BP’s exploration programmes, had been so reckless and had acted so selfishly for their own interests and ego, at the expense of the safety of the field personnel and the environment. It is no less than the crime of mass destruction. Since the accident till now, the efforts to stop the oil-gas gushes had been one lie after another; acts that were put up not to kill the wells but to deceive the world and to save their own skin.

On 17 Mar 2010, just a few days after the out of control well situation that nearly blew DWH, Tony Hayward led the pack by disposing off 223,228 shares (1/3 of his total holdings) just a month before the fateful DWH disaster on 20 April. Together with three other BP directors, a total of unprecedented 531,461 BP shares were disposed off in the period 17 – 30 March 2010. What triggered off the massive BP shares sell off which did not include shares disposed by other BP top executives and Goldman Sachs? See BP massive shares selloff. Did Tony Hayward know something ahead of others as he did on 28 Oct 2009 on the problems Well A had?

We were all led to believe that oil giants like BP had stringent safety policies and standards to prevent this sort of disaster. The congress hearings and investigations had so far shown BP to be seriously lacking in all aspects of any respectable level of standards. What you are about to read will blow your mind more than the actual DWH blowout itself.

2. Some Key Points from Part 1

In the “Art of Mass Deception – part 1”, we have already shown that Well A could not be the well that was drilled when the 20 April blowout occurred. We also showed that the 5,000 ft long riser string could not have fallen intact with the BOP still attached to Well A. If the riser was leaking oil-gas from Well A, the flow has to be from south to north to the leak point at S20BC. Yet all the video footage showed the gas-oil to be flowing from the north. BP cannot change this fact now. If the leaking pipe was already severed on the southern end at S20BC, how could the oil-gas still be flowing to S20BC in the north from Well A in the south ?

To those who still think that BP’s management had acted in good faith and responsibly, there is no need to waste your time by reading any further. To those knuckleheads at TOD who thought they had widely ridiculed and debunked my geohazards theories and diagrams, I am sorry to say the last laugh is on them. They had been the ones who swallowed “line and hook”, from BP without even a second thought on the reasonability of the lies presented to them.

Can they honestly call themselves experts in their own field of specialization be it drilling, reservoir engineering or petroleum geology (or whatever) if they can be so badly duped by BP? They can’t even see the forest for the trees. Yet they want to debunk a lowly shallow geohazards specialist from a third world country who could correctly predict “the well that never was” which blew up right in front of their faces. Readers please go to the TOD blogs and witness for yourself the intimate and lengthy details of supposedly intelligent discussions on how to kill the Zombie Well that refused to lay dead. Why? Because that Zombie Well (Well A) had never been drilled down to TD (target depth) or reservoir. No wonder it can never be killed. The depths of Well A and Well B had never exceeded 12,900 ft bml. Check BP’s drilling records.

Only “the well that never was” (S20BC) reached the reservoir and blew up. The reason there is still so much gas and oil in the gulf today despite BP’s denial, is because S20BC’s top hole was badly damaged by the second explosion 2 days later after the initial blowout that caused the fire on DWH. The initial blowout was caused by gas influx from the EGCP (extended gas charged pressure) that had built up within the GWSF (gas-saturated weak sub-formation) zone. See Why is BP’s Macondo blowout so disastrous & beyond-patch-up? The second explosion that blew off the BOP and broke the lower fifth of the riser, resulted from a sudden high pressure surge of gas and oil from the reservoir when the bottom cement plug finally kaput (breached) big time.

In the-mystery-of-the-april-20-blowout-revealed and in The-art-of-mass-deception-part-1., one can logically see that the riser string (5,000 ft long) could not have fallen intact with the BOP still standing on Well A, twisted and bent backwards at an acute angle standing (inverted V) 1500 ft above the seabed. Why did the Oil experts at TOD keep their intellectual silence at the blatant ruse being played out by BP in containing the 3 oil leaks on the seabed? Where are your moral obligations (so often quoted in your TOD blogs) to educate those outside the oil industry on the mass deception being perpetrated by BP?

Simple logic dictates that if the 3 leaks on the riser were due to oil-gas gushing out of the punctured holes, the riser closer to source could have been cut to reduce the 3 leaks into 1 controllable situation. It is amazing to us common folks with only common sense to see that BP could have easily fitted the LRMP within the first month if BP had wished to do so. The only reason 3 containment domes were necessary is because the leaks were coming from the ground and not from the leaking riser as BP had wanted us to believe. Tsk-Tsk! It is excusable for us non-oil experts without 30 years of expertise in the oil industry to be duped by BP. But TOD, the top blog on expert discussion on oil matters? That is inexcusable; unless of course your silence was bought. In which case, you have waived your rights to comment and insult others.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Those three leaks that BP had reported initially and had sincerely wanted to contain using the 3 containment domes (until the hawks won over) were actually the three leaking wells drilled by BP. I don’t suppose you have the audacity to ask why? BP’s credibility and trustworthiness are already beyond redemption. If BP admitted to drilling 2 wells when they had claimed to be drilling only one, BP would be torn to pieces in the Congressional hearing. Now the whole world would be shocked that BP had been playing footsie with a third well that actually killed 11 and injuring others (?). Would that not be criminal? So why have you knuckleheads kept your silence at TOD? Are you not knowledgeable enough to voice up this obvious flaw for justice or does your silence speak volume of the bias towards the oil giant?

BP’s only sincere recovery effort in this whole fiasco, was the immediate response plan was to contain the gas-oil leaks at 3 seafloor locations using giant containment domes measuring 14 x 24 x 40 ft and weighing 125 tons. But by the time the first of the 3 domes was transported to site, that sincere effort had all melted away. The giant dome was parked on the seabed away from the spill area. On 8 May BP announced they had abandoned this containment approach due to the purported formation of methane hydrate crystals inside the dome. Efforts to place it over the main leak point were suspended at the weekend as a built-up of hydrates prevented a successful placement of the dome over the spill area. Excuse me, but how did the hydrates form inside the dome when it was not even placed over the gas leak yet? Isn’t this just a lame excuse?

It is criminally disgusting the way BP is allowed to carry on the charade and none of the Oilman expert at TOD (the so called vanguards of the oil industry) stood up to say a word. The thousands of Americans who spoke up against BP certainly have more guts than you guys at TOD.

BP would rather let the open well S20BC gush and poison the whole gulf with oil than admit its wrongdoings. BP would rather install the “busily travelling BOP” over well A and mesmerize the world’s attention to the gushing well while it sneakily poisons the gulf with Corexit to disperse the oil gushing out of S20BC, the well that never was. With Americans who would rather poison their own environment and condemn their own American citizens living in the gulf regions to the ranks of the walking dead, who needs Saddam Hussein as the enemy?

You should be ashamed of yourselves (Oilman experts at TOD) that a lowly shallow geohazards specialist from a third world country shows more concern about the gulf disaster and its impact on the lives of innocents. Despite all the evidence of fraud committed against the American people, you still unabashedly and blindly using your knowledge and expertise to drown out the voices of common logic and reasons against the atrocities committed by the selfish few.

How can the relief wells drilled down to 18000 ft bml, be the ultimate weapon to kill well A when well A was shallower than 13000 ft bml? Why must it take at least 3 months to drill each relief well when a normal well to 18000 ft bml took just 4 weeks to drill at S20BC (at an average rate of 580 ft per day)? See Mike William’s Interview with 60-minutes.

No, for all purposes and intent, the relief wells were drilled to kill the real rogue well drilled at S20BC, not Well A which many already suspected was the wrongly capped well. The proof is in the pudding. Just when the relief wells were tens of feet away from their target, BP’s top commanders are now dragging their feet on their “ultimate kill well” weapon. What happens? Were the relief wells just a diversion to buy time? In the hope the rogue “well that never was” (S20BC) would have depleted itself or at least died down substantially for the relief wells to work. It has been many months since any video footage of the oil-gas gush at S20BC was shown. Is the oil-gas gush still as strong as in day 1? What is the real story on the relief wells themselves? Was Relief D having as much trouble as Well A and Well B at the shallow GWSF zone? Was Relief Well C having as much trouble as S20BC at the lower part of the well? BP has to be more transparent to redeem itself.

Many who had correctly analysed BP’s illogical recovery efforts that appear to be stalling like a bumbling novice rather than the professional technological giant it is, knew and predicted BP’s relief wells were not what BP had made them out to be. They were all part of BP’s Art of Mass Deception. That was why Independent experts gave the Relief wells less than 30% chance of success in achieving their “bogus” objectives. Why were TOD’s experts touting BP’s official line that the Relief wells were the ultimate kill well weapons? That so many of our predictions had come true surely must vindicate our qualitative geological model shown in Why is BP’s Macondo blowout so disastrous & beyond-patch-up? So which of my predictions and geological models are comical, nonsensical or garbage as ridiculed by TOD oil experts in their blogs?

It is now clear whose professional reputation and credibility is at stake and on the brink of being totally annihilated.

Being Independent and giving valid professional opinions is definitely far more credible and professional than those TOD experts who had prostituted their high moral grounds and expert knowledge.

3. BP’s Seven Magical Attempts To Kill A Zombie Well that refused to lay dead.

If you think, you have been had with the above fairy tale version of “BP’s Seven Magical Attempts To Kill A Zombie Well”, then you are right. BP’s Art of Mass Deception is a Gulf Oil movie production brought to the world’s stage with millions of unsuspecting victims and this reality show is as real as it can get with millions of dead fishes and wildlife thrown in. BP would have proudly promulgated that “No person, animal or wildlife were harmed in anyway in the production of this movie” if not for 11 dead crew and the dedicated work of thousands highlighting the atrocities of BP’s Killing Fields of the Gulf. How the world got duped by BP’s Art of Mass Deception is another complete story by itself. It is almost unbelievable that one of the world’s largest exploration companies would indulge in such a charade. This following section will help you understand why.

Deception works well in isolation and modern advanced society is a perfect victim. The best technological minds would be too highly specialised and absorbed in their own field of work to notice the blatant deception being played out by the mass media. Like most animated movies, BP had the technological advantage to play the high tech game of “Hide and Virtual Reality” leaving outsiders lost and confused. Any piercing enquiries into the disaster would be blocked by the need to maintain technical and business confidentiality. BP’s army of bloggers is essential to out-blog and to drown out any threatening logical voice of opinion in the internet space, so that the public is kept bombarded with BP’s Bogus Press to keep the world numb to the realities of the disaster.

4. The Drilling Problems at Well-01 (aka Well A) in 2009

To understand why BP did what it had to do, we must go back to 2009. In the 2009 drilling campaign, the semi-sub rig (Marianas) drilled only 4023 ft in over one month from 7 Oct to 9 Nov. This means that the first well (Well-01 aka Well A) must have had a lot of problems in the GWSF zone since the expected duration to drill 18000 ft was only 3 to 4 weeks. Was Hurricane Ida a saving grace and a good excuse to hide BP’s huge embarrassment?

Surely the technological giant could have managed better than 4023 ft or 75% short of their target? In this high stake game of exploration, nothing is left to chance and achieving less than 25% is indeed a dismal record. Apparently the shallow drilling problems (within the first 4000 ft) were compounded by a NE-SW fault sub-cropping close to the seabed. Average drilling rate was less than 122ft per day.

Would a technological and market leader like BP admit defeat at the hands of Mother Nature? After spending probably more than 50 million USD, a public admission of failure would open a floodgate of enquiries on BP’s incompetence and ignorance, not to mention a big dent to BP’s ego and share value. Could BP publicly announce that it had spent more than 50 million USD and not even drilled beyond 4000 ft? If the shallow drilling problems had been so severe, why had BP not seen it coming? So either BP had not conducted a shallow geohazards survey or had totally ignored the shallow geohazards warnings? Either way BP was in the wrong. If BP had diligently followed the geohazards assessment, BP should have sued the geohazards contractor for the mistake. So why did BP take the tab silently?

It is as if BP had gone to Las Vegas and gambled away 50 million USD of their exploration partners’ and shareholders’ funds. Like all gamblers, with all commonsense knocked out of them, BP or rather the key prospect managers or directors needed to win back the money with one more throw of the dice. BP had to drill that damn hole at whatever cost even at the risk of lives. In this game of confidence, BP cannot afford to let any of the “cats out of the bag”. Chances are well-01 (the real Well A) would not have been properly sealed and abandoned in the rush to escape Hurricane Ida. That was why the drilling campaign in 2010 was destined to end as an utter failure. It had all the makings of a “mega disaster waiting to happen”; see my first article on Newsvine; The Root Causes of BP’s oil-spill back in 8 July 2010. The best drillers in the world could not have prevented the blowout on 20 April from happening.

5. Third Strike And You Are Out.

BP’s disastrous blowout at S20BC on 20 April came after 2 near-misses at Well A and Well B. Even for the most stubborn gamblers, these two near-misses should have warranted a thorough reassessment of the battle plan instead of an obsessed bulldozing drive to a certain head-on collision. All international safety policies require a thorough investigation and review of project operation plans before proceeding. I can quote no less than 20 major projects where such a Halt-Review-Reassess break of opportunity had averted disasters in the nick of time. I can also quote a few which had blatantly ignored accurately predicted geohazards that ended in disasters.

Was the need to cover individual mistakes of the past, selfish greed and pride, the fundamental cause of BP’s evidently very bad judgment and incessant drive to drill that damn Macondo well, come rain, hell or sunshine? See for yourself the evidence contained in the following timeline of key events leading to the disaster. No one until recently realised there was a third “well that never was (S20BC)” so “well B” was assumed to be the last well that blew on 20 April 2010.

Most Likely possibility #1 – to be confirmed with operation logs of vessels & DWH (but be aware of adulterated logs)

Date: Location: Observation (italics – remarks by BK Lim)

3 Feb10 Well 01 (Well A)

(Good possibility Well A was re-entered ignoring the earlier problems encountered by Marianas semi-sub in 7 Oct – 9 Nov 2009.)

3 – 13 Feb10 Well 01(Well A)

Extract from

They attempted to plug Well #A. There were some extreme problems with it for 10 days, then it blew out the BOP and the well pipe on February 13. The BOP held back the pressure and saved Deepwater Horizon. At that point, the new purpose for moving Deepwater Horizon into Well #B position was to drill a relief well. …. Almost the entire crew did not continue on to the drilling at Well B.

The writing Shop – by John Schettler

Apparently the first well (A) was abandoned when a drilling tool became stuck in the well bore, and cracks emitting methane complicated operations in February of 2010. Bloomberg reported: “The company attempted a “cement squeeze,” which involves pumping cement to seal the fissures, according to a well activity report. Over the following week the company made repeated attempts to plug cracks that were draining expensive drilling fluid, known as “mud,” into the surrounding rocks.” BP reimbursed the maker of the tool for the cost and then moved to site B, the ill fated well that sunk the rig.

17 Feb10 Well 02 (Well B)

(Good Possibility DWH moved to Well B (300 ft west of Well A) without informing MMS.)

17 – 23 Feb10 Well 02 (Well B)

BP reported cracks in well casing and leaking of hydrocarbons into the surrounding rock formation. It took BP 3 attempts to fill the cracks with cement before the well control event was brought under control.

(probably the same thing happened with Well A in Nov 2009 as due to GWSF ).

02 -05 Mar10 Well 02 (Well B)

BP reported another well control event that took 3 days to bring under control

08 -14 Mar10 Well 02 (Well B)

BP reported a well control event that took 7 days to get under control. A series of BP internal emails released by Congress showed the surrounding rock formation actually collapsed on the drill. BP was then given special permission to cement the well at a shallower depth than normally required because the hole caved in on drilling equipment. Another BP email released by congress showed that unnamed MMS official at 11 p.m. on March 11 gave the special permission to insert the cement plug about 750 feet above the bottom of the hole.

(depth drilled on 10 March was 12,900 ft in 21 days average drilling rate of 614 ft per day)

16 Mar10 Well 03 (Well S20BC)

BP moved location first before submitting application 1 month later on 15 April 2010, 5 days before the blowout. New location was NAD 27 E 10431702.91 N 1202802.89 . Required Spud date was 16 March 2010.

(proof that BP moved location although coordinates were given in NAD 27 X-Y, probably in error)

04-07 Apr10 Well 03 (Well S20BC)

Well control event took 3 days to bring under control.

(same drilling problems as in well A and B, due to GWSF hazards in the first 4000 ft bml)

20 Apr10 Well 03 (Well S20BC)

Application for Permit to Modify – API 6901, Well 01, Rig – DWH, Status (blank), Permit Type “abandonment of Well Bore”, Permit Subtype “Temporary Abandonment”; Date commencing 4-18-10. DWH blew up at 10pm.

(it was easy to let guards down after finally reaching reservoir oblivious to the fact that trouble was brewing at the GWSF zone.)

20-22 Apr 10 Well 03(Well S20BC)

At 0400hrs 22 April ROV made 3rd attempt to shut-in well by cutting umbilical cord to activate BOP Ram. BP reported DWH had moved by approx 714 ft NE and was still connected by marine riser to BOP.

At 10:22hrs 22 April 2010 a second explosion caused DWH to sink after burning for 2 days taking with it a riser pipe which remained attached to the BOP.

(above extracted from Coast Guard operation log in communication with BP personnel during the rescue and search operation)


Possibility #2: BP could have drilled Well B first followed by a shift to re-enter Well A after problems at Well B developed. Irrespective of whether Well A or Well B was drilled first, the final third well location was S20BC which was consistent with the forensic analysis given in The-mystery-of-the-april-20-blowout-revealed as well as in The-art-of-mass-deception-part1.

Possibility #3: BP could have drilled Well B only and did not re-enter Well A. After 13 Feb blowout, BP sidetrack from the same seabed location at Well B (a worse option given that the problematic GWSF zone was within the first 4000 ft). On 16 March, Well B was finally uncontrollable and had to be abandoned. DWH then moved to S20BC which was the final 20 April blowout location.

Note on DWH location at the time of disaster:

How did BP personnel onboard the vessel, know so precisely that “DWH had moved” 714 ft? If the position was extrapolated from one of the Rescue Operation Vessel’s GPS, DWH’s offset position could not have been so precisely determined; maybe to the nearest 50ft. If that location had been determined from the ROV sent down to manually shut down the BOP, then that location must have been the seabed location of the well DWH was drilling. It was not the surface location of the burning DWH which was 120 ft south of the S20BC seabed location – see The-mystery-of-the-april-20-blowout-revealed. The CoastGuard log was only received on 23 Aug 2010 (sent by Jack Todd) 9 days after DWH CSI was published.

DWH never moved 714ft NE as reported by BP to the Coast Guard. BP had to come up with something to explain why the burning DWH was in that location. The sea was calm and DWH had no power to move. This further confirmed DWH was sitting on top of the S20BC location as correctly predicted by the seabed debris forensic analysis. BP had to move the fallen BOP and placed it on Well A in the aftermath of the blowout. This is one of the many reasons BP cannot release the video footage of the BOP immediately after the second explosion blew off the BOP and broke off the bottom fifth of the riser string as detailed in The-mystery-of-the-april-20-blowout-revealed and in The-art-of-mass-deception-part-1.

6. Conclusion

If BP’s exploration management had any safety consideration and common sense, they would not have directed TransOcean DWH to reenter well A which they already knew was a nightmarish hole. Even if BP had directed the drilling contractor out of sheer ignorance, the least they could have done was to highlight and caution Transocean’s drilling crew the expected problems, hazards and precautions based on their month long nightmare experience at well A from 7 Oct to 9 Nov 2009. If Transocean had accepted the assignment after all the safety cautions (as per required safety pre-drilling briefing) then Transocean had to accept some of the blame in drilling a hell hole.

In typical BP fashion, they “conveniently forgot” to inform MMS that BP was drilling from new surface locations at Well B and Well S20BC. It would not have mattered if there had been no disastrous blowout or fire onboard DWH that killed 11 crews. Things would have been quietly covered up as before. With billions in the cost of disaster recovery and litigation hinge on the balance, BP had no choice but to cover-up and hide the truths. In doing so, BP had willfully obstructed justice and violated many laws of the country in addition to those committed prior to the disaster.

Having drilled the wells without proper authorization, BP had to keep up the charade especially since the only escape joint liability clause in the joint-venture partnership with Anadarko & Mitsui, was “willful negligence by BP”. Many would question why BP did not abandon the wells despite the numerous red flags. Would a gambler refrain from throwing his last dice in the futile attempt to win back his lost fortune?

In the next installment of the “Art of Mass Deception” series, we will examine why the relief wells were never meant to bottom kill Well A or Well B which had never been drilled down to reservoir level. Only well S20BC reached the oil-gas reservoir at slightly over 18,000 ft bml. Was it a coincidence the 3 leaks on the seabed coincided with Well A, Well B and the “well that never was-S20BC”. S20BC is the largest and most difficult to control since it was the only one with the direct vertical conduit (well) to the reservoir. Oil from the reservoir flows to wells A and B through a myriad of pathways. In addition, all the three wells probably had continuous gas supply from the 176’ thick gas-charged, low-permeability siltstone in the Rob E-age target, reported in Texaco’s Rigel Well. There are several more leaks through the NE-SW fault line passing through both Well A and Well B locations. See figure 112.1.

BP’s “Seven Attempts to Kill A Zombie Well” were all part of the stage play in the attempt to buy time in the grand finale of “Now you see Now you don’t”. Stay tuned.

By BK Lim

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48 Responses to The twisted tale of the missing 3rd well that blew at the Macondo Prospect

  1. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    B.K. Lim, the shadow you could cast in the halls of Congress would have them scurrying for cover. But shamelessness is in vogue these days thereabouts, so you may be greeted by a swarm of vampire wannabees unaware that they should have resigned a long time ago. Money can do that to people.
    The fact that the oversight chair is only able to oversee his own vanity and refers to concerned industry pros and other people seeing the destruction and murder of a huge section of America as being “obsessed” with something that they “perceive of as a problem” shows how the management of this disaster is not interested in immediate success. Markey has attained the rank of “Most Totally Ineffective Overpaid Drone” in American history. The look of innocent wonder on his face during this news interview screams out the fact that he has no idea that this Gulf mess is not a TV show.
    Please tell me that BlackRock, FEMA, Halliburton and BP are being removed from the scene. This group has been systematically, cabalisticly and consciously pillaging and burning America for the past 30 years, with the CFR running media interference.

    • Jbao says:

      I reckon after Matt Simons, they will be going after BK now.

    • BK Lim says:

      Sorry I have been a bit late as I was really occupied with researching the BP’s oil spill disaster. Would like to personally thank you, Sir for your kind comments and support.

  2. Emery says:

    The tale of two or three wells. Something stinks in Denmark and this may be what they are so desperately trying to hide. I mean you don’t call in DHS and cordon off the area under the guise of national security unless you really want to hide something. Maybe the swat teams were just a ruse. At first we thought BP was just trying to hide the damage (which is certainly true) at $’s per barrel and wildlife fines add up. But perhaps this is really what they want to hide and the Obama admin was in on it so they need to hide it too. Because you know BHO is an environmental president right? Right? Did you know Vanguard handles all his money and they were involved in the big BP oil stock sell off – but they did not sell the green stocks and carbon trading that will make them rich when they pass Cap and Trade. But you know Obama, he’s for the little guy…….

  3. C.Dodds says:

    It is quite clear that BP is trying to hide something. The government is allowing and obviously complicit in this, because they could stop the spraying of dispersants and the confusing obfuscations but did not. Are the leaks from this accident too big to plug, causing pressures which cannot be counteracted with our current technology? Would the public panic if the truth was told? Could they cope with the evacuation of millions? Is money the prime objective, with lives meaning nothing? Their obvious deceptions and corexit spraying were in not justified. Very puzzling! Are they still spraying?

  4. JKnTX says:

    “BP’s “Seven Attempts to Kill A Zombie Well” were all part of the stage play in the attempt to buy time in the grand finale of “Now you see Now you don’t”. Stay tuned”.

    Of course, They aren’t called “The Masters of Illusion” for nothing.


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  6. C.Dodds says:

    I think the ”Masters of Illusion” have totally failed in their act. Nobody I know believes them anymore. They have earned our deep disgust then put their heads in the sand, too afraid to look at the arms of the Law reaching out to put them where they belong. One can hear with one’s inner ears the jeers and booing of the audience. What should the punishment be for those who injure hundreds of people in order to make or save money?

    • JKnTX says:

      Not so. These people have had millinea to perfect their craft and they are by no means so easily dismissed. Read “The Art of War and “The Prince” if you haven’t already.


  7. Mark says:

    More great work. Thank you.

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  9. J.Mac says:

    If you think that Eric Holder will bring criminal charges against BHO, or his co conspirators, you are dreaming. In case you haven’t noticed, the government has declared victory in the oil spill the oil is gone, and no more problem. And the state run media is obediently ignoring the rest of the story.

    • JKnTX says:

      You are dreaming if you think that any such will EVER be filed. It won’t happen, nor will BP’s assets be siezed. The O-man is by his own admission a British subject, and therefore a servant of Her Majesty, the Queen of England.


  10. 322skull says:

    Excellllllennnt………3 is the MAGICK number……..word for word…………….A fortiori……………..322

  11. Jimmy says:

    The real scary part is how our own so-called “government” , and I mean from the bottom to the top, are all part of the on-going crime. The chances of prosecuting any of them are slim to less than none. After all, if you allow one to fall then that theoretically could mean that any of them might have to take the heat.
    If you know what’s good for you. At this point I’m not sure a revolution, peaceful or otherwise would be possible. Thank you Rothschilds, you really are a piece of work, all of you.

    • JKnTX says:

      There will be no revolt. The Masters of Illusion long ago saw to that. The House of The Red Shield holds ALL the cards here. And if you have never studied Grail mythology, NOW is a long time past time to learn it- and who really runs YOUR life.


  12. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Some of the most successful churches subjugate the masses as they lie about where the church’s power comes from. Subjugation and exploitation is the goal. Stand apart from people who have been subjugated by a church instead of Christianity as a moral teaching.
    The world is full of decent people. China, Japan, and India are no longer under European domination and we as Americans are feeling the shift to attempts to enslave us instead. Check out where most of the U.S. foreign aid goes. The pope and CFR and the rest have been trying to make the masses feel helpless using all the tools available. See Callahan, U.S. congress 1917 on his group’s exposure of the CFR’s stated efforts to control the minds of Americans through a growing media-wide propaganda effort.
    Remember H.G. Wells ‘The Time Machine’ where a fellow makes a device allowing him to travel forward in time. He ends up teaching a future culture, called the Eloi that they don’t have to be slaves and food for their Morlock masters.
    Mr. Jimmy, get with it and realize that YOU HAVE THE POWER and your ACTIONS are the key to better government. Too many people are buying crap and calling it cuisine. You are not helpless against this trend. If you see a congressman mewling and sucking up to somebody, especially yourself so they can avoid explaining their uselessness, call them on it.
    When I was working on a 220 foot long cod trawler ship, at dock, I found that if I applied constant pressure against the side, I could move the entire ship sideways against the wind. I really had to push, but eventually, inertia was overcome.

  13. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Jmac, look again, NOAA, et al , are retracting their previous statements. Call up Eric Holder’s office and tell Eric Holder or his secretary what a derelict peace of nothing he is by allowing BP to skate. BE A TIGER.
    Then help put some sense into admiral Thad. He still is focused on assisting BP’s engineers who are payed to cover for their boss.

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  16. Brigitte says:

    The actions of BP can all be chalked up to the mandate of every CEO to make the share price rise AT ANY COST. They, in upper management, are all under pressure to perform and if they fail to deliver the expected share price increase they are fired or demoted. That’s why Hayward sold his stock when he smelled trouble, being acutely aware of the consequence of a hiccup on the stock price.
    I am by no means making excuses for him or BP but the uppermost concern of all public corporations is the same, they have millions of greedy, grubby hands waiting for the coins to fall in, government funds, pension funds, hedge funds etc. so they place their responsibility to the shareholders ahead of their responsibility to the public, even tho all shareholders, direct or indirect, are also “the public”.
    This is the downside of capitalism: The environment be damned. The competition doesn’t allow for such niceties as abiding by laws and regulations.
    Another great article BK Lim, many thanks!

    • BK Lim says:

      Thank you too for reading my articles and showing concerns for the real problems that remain unsolved and hidden from public view.

  17. jabedshoeb says:

    We build custom designed WordPress blogs.

    Here’s what’s enclosed and what I love…

  18. Joseph Kline says:

    I think now is the time that, “WE THE PEOPLE” need to all come together and make a stand! If I am going to fight for something, I am going to fight for what’s right. I’d rather die right, then to live wrong. it makes me sick to think that I’ve just brought two children in to this world, and in their hole life here on earth, they will not be able to fix what we have done to this world. we have done so much damage to this planet that i don’t see how man will ever fix it. I am ready to make this stand, for my children, and for this planet and for every on this earth…what do “WE THE PEOPLE” . how can i help? what can I do? I don’t just want to talk about this any more, I am ready to fight for what is right. I am ready to stand before our government and do what’s right. cause as we all can see that our government isn’t doing what’s right for our country, or the people.

  19. ltj says:

    Great Work!!

    I do believe the logs were tampered with. If you look at the date 12/28/09 – when according to mms well activity lists there was no work performed after IDA Nov. 09 until Feb. DWH. Notice too, it’s out of order. Also note the 10/21/09 Status Borehole Sidetracked. Were they issued a permit to sidetrack early in the drilling ops? These logs definitely do not add up.

    3-10-2009 BP Initial Exploration Plan Mississippil Canyon Block, OCS-G 32306 They originally planned to drill two exploratory wells, Well A and B. Well A to be completed by July 09. Well B to be completed by April 10. Original rig was Marianas.

    5-13-2009 – Application for Permit to Drill New Well – API Well # 6900, Well Name 001, Rig Marianas, Location (Longitude 88.365934), water depth 4992

    9-28-09 – Revised Application for Permit to Drill New Well – API Well # 6900, Well Name 001, Rig Marianas, Location (Lon: 88.365934), Water Depth 4992;

    10-15-09 – Revised Application for Permit to Drill New Well – API Well # 6900, Well Name 001, Rig Marianas, Location (Lon: 88.365934), Water Depth 4992;

    10-21-2009 Application For Permit to Modify – API Well# 6900, Well Name 001, Rig Marianas, Status “Borehole Sidetracked.” Permit Type: “Information”, Subtype “Surface Location Plat”, Date commencing work 10-22-09, Permit Type Information, Status Borehole Sidetracked;

    10-29-09 – Revised Application for Permit to Drill New Well – API Well # 6900, Well Name 001, Rig Marianas, Location (Lon: 88.365934), Water Depth 4992;

    12-28-09 – Application for Permit to Modify – API 6900, Well 01, Rig Marianas, Date Commencing work 12-28-09, Status Borehole Sidetracked, Permit type: “Other operation” Permit Subtype “Describe Operations”;

    11-1-09 – Transocean report – unlatched BOP from well head, preparing to pull riser – Shear Rams on Yellow Pod Failure (problems began 28 Oct 09 through 31 Oct 09);

    11-1-09 BP email – confirms BOP being pulled and cementing 18″ casing. Shear rams cannot be functioned from Yellow Pod. Additionally, lower annular will not close and upper annular was stripped through during a “well control event.”

    1-12-10 – Revised Application for Permit to Drill New Well – API Well # 6900, Well Name 001, Rig – DWH, Location (Lon: 88.365934), Water Depth 4992; search for sidetrack

  20. ltj says:

    One more thing that has bothered me.

    When SHR wrote an article on Godlikeproductions regarding the leaning BOP – I often wondered what ever became of it.

    If you look at the coords in the pictures of the leaning BOP they are:

    E 1203030..
    N 104308…

    With other coords that didn’t match well a or b.

    Click to access The_BP_Deepwater_Horizon_Macondo_Well_Blowout_and_what_we_are_facing_in_the_Gulf.pdf

    Apparently something was going on at these locations.

  21. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Thank you, Itj. Any further word on descriptions of the striata drilled through and sonar and whatnot findings?

  22. ltj says:

    As I have contended from the beginning it is apparent that all BP, Govt is doing is biding time, which leads one to suspect that: 1. At present there is no solutions to the problem and hoping a. they stumble upon one or b. the well depletes, as luck would have it according to Dr. Bea has happened in the past.

    If the reality is as BK presents a nuke is of no use and they’ve already reached that conclusion.

    Howard, I don’t know if you’ve seen this but a poster from Godlikeproductions had this to say:


    I will not reveal who no matter what. Take it for what it is, I assure this information is accurate.

    If you feel the need to raise the BS Flag, so be it. I won’t battle you shills and nay-sayers any more.

    First time I heard from them in a while since the last time I posted.

    Apparently there is a huge fissure running parallel with the well. This fissure was purposely created to gain access to the reserve below. The drilled passage is not 100% steel pipe tip-to-tip. The last several hundred feet utilizes the fissure as the source.

    The fissure running parallel to the well is spider webbing near the surface. Where the steel pipe meets the fissure deep into the formation is eroded open. When the well is left open most of the pressure is released through the steel pipe. When the well is capped the pressure is surging oil outside the steel pipe and into the rock formation.

    But it isn’t so black and white. There is still oil being pushed through the formation when the well is open. This is why the BOP was opened up at the top, hoping to prevent the oil from spreading in the rock formation.

    The fissure that runs parallel to the well severely complicates any use of explosives to pinch the well shut, including nuclear explosions.

    At the present time there is no real solution to the issue.

    Any use of nuclear explosions could easily spread the fissure from the reserve to the sea floor and cause a blow out so massive it will dwarf any natural disaster known to man so far.

    Primarily they are mapping the formation below in greater details to aid in designing a solution.

    In short, they don’t have a solid planned solution yet.

    And he/she still highly recommends NO TRAVELING this summer.

    end quote:


    • Howard T. Lewis III says:

      Itj, a million thanks for this additional material. I do not profess to know better than BK Lim and Mr. Bea. I know these gentlemen are the finest available with the best understanding of the nature of the problems with stopping the destructive effects of this psychopathic stab into the earth.
      What persists at bugging me is the “prayer” which includes the line, “and help me accept the things that I cannot change.” I am a practicing Christian of sorts but I have always felt that this line of crap was pushed on humanity to keep them under the thumb of the Kings of Europe, the bankers, and the pope. This is NOT the prayer of the American inventer. This is NOT the prayer that put us on the moon. This is NOT the prayer of the people who are going to heal this wound. And a ‘Can’t-do’ attitude rules the day here. Enough of these pawns!!! Send them home. Remove ALL perpetrators.
      You inform me through other sources that a fissure or gash excavation was added to this drilling effort to facilitate flow? If so, it can’t run far. If it was meant that this problem includes an incidental fissure, and the formation is all shales and salt, multi-levelled pumped cement with nonnuke pulverizations to close up may be more appropriate. I’m not obsessed with explosions. Not knowing what striata is involved renders ANY proposals less than good.
      If BP has not handed over all drilling records and material and equipment authority to the non-BP and non-FEMA personnel by now, there is need for a U.S. Marshall’s office and the U.S. military to make the heads of BP and
      FEMA a deal thay can’t refuse. Repeated requests in a helicoptor hovering 15 feet up will work. Don’t wait for a warrant from the WRONG judge. At least 75% see the negative impact of moral decay and will help. Ask around. Don’t ask Georgetown or the White House.
      President Obama and his vices have overstayed their welcome. “Our combat troops are out of Iraq.” What a lying piece of shit. How many billions of our dollars and innocent lives have they sacrificed already for their demented spawn? While the American public sat and watched. Now our ‘leaders’ are allowing the surrepticious and open colonization of the U.S. by the men dressed in red who march in a straight line. Evidently, Europe needs them even less than we do. See it on TV. It is being done openly.
      If the flow of methane and oil has been securely stopped already, start with the arrests of those who did this. If anyone whines or mewls that we can’t do this, slap them or wash their mouth out with soap. And blame the lying swine who drove me to my present state of rage. And arrest them too. At least make them hire a lawyer. A greedy lawyer. No public defenders or government funded defense attorneys. Traffic-court type trials will suffice.
      Pomposity be damned. They spent it all in the GOM.

  23. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    If they hadn’t filled in the “well” with cement, pressure could be channeled away from the fissure and a non explosive nuke-melt applied? What kind of rock in what sequence and dimensions of layers are present? How many relief wells are present? What are their diameters pre and post cemented lining?
    At present, there exists the best, most expeditious solution, we just haven’t found it yet.

  24. ltj says:

    This is long but worth the read by yogi3939, and the question is – with all the methane probably leaking into surrounding formations – is this possible?

    First I have to give you some information in a way you can understand it without an engineering degree so bear with me and when you read through to the end you will have a good understanding of why this particular well is so dangerous.

    The really scary part is how much methane is coming up with the oil. I have seen estimates that the methane volume is several times the oil volume. While liquid under pressure can cause problems, gas under pressure can be very dangerous even if it doesn’t explode.

    In fact the difference between how gas and water act under pressure is taken advantage of when a new pressure vessel is tested to make sure it is safe. A new tank is tested at two to three times its safe rated working pressure. But how do they do that safely when a pressure tank blowing up is like a bomb going off? What they do is fill the tank with water and then pressurize the water to the test pressure. The fact that water cannot be compressed also means that if the tank pops a seam the pressure drops to almost nothing as soon as little of the water leaks out and VOILA no explosion; just a short lived spurt of water.

    But ALL GASSES can be compressed with various degrees of difficulty. Some can be compressed to a liquid, but that is another matter altogether and presents much less danger from a failure of the pressure vessel it is stored in.

    As to the compressed gas and what happens when the pressure vessel it is in pops a seam or some similar catastrophic failure; the internal pressure of the tank does not drop fast enough to prevent that pressure from ripping the tank to shreds. And it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to be dangerous.

    The company I worked for before I retired used steam vulcanizers to cure the rubber they put on the printing press rollers they were making or rebuilding. One time in the New York plant before I came to work for them the company owner started up the gas burners under one of the units and forgot to add the 35 Gal. of water needed to protect the bottom of the tank from the heat and make steam. He started to smell something from the hot metal of the tank and realized what he had done so he turned on the water valve to put the water in and walked away for something while he was waiting for the meter to show that he had the water in to the right level. The fact that he walked away is what saved his life. When he let the heat build up in the tank wall without water in it, it got so hot that the water started to flash immediately to steam and do so faster than the safety valve could handle. The pressure built to the point that the bolts holding the door on popped and the unit filled the immediate area with enough live steam to cook anything, or anyone, in that area. And then the steam propelled the tank through the wall of the plant and into the plant next door through their wall as well. Luckily it was late enough in the evening that the employees from both plants had gone home for the day.

    You see, water turns to steam at a ratio of about 1000 to 1. That means that every gallon of water that turned to steam became 1000 gallons of steam and under tremendous pressure in the case of the overheated tank in the example above. But let me give you a little example of what just a little pressure can do. Let’s say that you have a tank with a diameter such as to make the end plate of it have 10 square inches of surface. Think a hollow cylinder and we are just looking at the effect of the pressure on the end of that cylinder. Pressure is rated most commonly in this country in pounds per square inch or PSI. A cylinder with 10 PSI of internal pressure and a 10 square inch end will have a total of 100 pounds of force being applied to the end.

    I am considered by many of my colleagues to be one of the top experts on steam vulcanizers and their operation. So let’s convert the knowledge above to numbers I had to work with every day. The vulcanizers we used were cylindrical tanks 4 feet in diameter and 12 feet long lying on their side on legs with a controller regulating the burners underneath to maintain the desired temperature and pressure. The door of the vulcanizer was one end of the tank that had a bolt flange to match a similar flange on the tank. When the vulcanizer was fully loaded the door would be swung into place on its gantry and bolted through the flanges with a heat resistant gasket in between them. The vulcanizers we used were operated at about 60 PSI and 275 degrees F. (For all you engineer types, don’t go running for your steam tables. Since the system started out with air in it and air changes the dynamics of the system your steam tables are useless here.)

    Ok, let’s crunch some numbers. The vulcanizer was 4 feet in diameter and that means the door was also 4 feet in diameter. A four foot diameter circle works out to have just a fraction less than 1810 square inches of surface. With the unit operating at 60 PSI that means that every square inch of that door had a push on it of 60 pounds. So the total pressure loading of just the door was 60 X 1810 or 108,600 pounds. And that is the force the bolting system of the door had to be designed to withstand.

    As you can now easily see it does not take a lot of pressure in PSI to generate some tremendous forces over a large area. And with a gas the compression factor means that if anything in the containment system, in the example above that is the vulcanizer, were to split a seam you would have one heck of an explosion even without an explosive gas to ignite.

    OK, now it is time for your patience to pay off…

    I am going to do this part in bullet points in hopes it will maintain some clarity.

    * What has already happened is that the drill has penetrated an oil AND GAS reservoir at about four miles under the ocean floor.
    * Some estimates I have seen put the pressure at that point as high as 160,000 PSI. Referring back to the example above that means that every single square inch of that reservoir has a pressure loading of 160,000 pounds of force. Even if the lowest figure for the pressure in the reservoir that I have seen of 20,000 PSI were accurate you can now see that the forces involved in a 25,000 square mile (estimated) oil AND GAS field are almost beyond human comprehension.
    * Some of the people close to this disaster feel that at least a part of the well casing that is designed to contain that pressure as the oil AND GAS are channeled to the surface has ruptured. The important question now is how much has ruptured and how close to the surface has the casing lost its integrity.
    * Let’s hit you with one more simple concept. When a new pressure vessel is designed the wall of the tank has to be thicker for higher pressures than it does for lower pressures. This is one of those things that are obvious but sometimes not thought about much until pointed out. So what bearing does this have on the current disaster? Simply put, the thicker the ocean floor over a deposit of petroleum or gas the more pressure it can hold back. Keep this in mind as we move on.
    * Now to look at the possibilities involved in the rupture of the well casing. Wherever the casing is leaking pressure it is leaking it into and/or between the various strata of rock it is passing through. One of the claims in the above video is that the ocean floor is bulging tens of feet. If true, that would mean that that area is being pressurized from the leakage of the oil AND GAS.
    * Lets look at it this way. The deep reservoir they tapped into is like an air compressor tank with a lot of pressure in it. The well casing is like the air hose coming from that tank. The strata of rock near the surface is like a balloon the nozzle of that hose is stuck into. If you keep blowing that balloon up with the high pressure eventually it will go BOOM. But we aren’t talking about an air tank, hose and balloon. We are talking about a high pressure and very deep oil AND GAS reservoir, a well casing, and the near surface ocean floor. The only thing that will be the same if all of the above is true will be the BOOM.

    So as you can see, if any parts of that video’s claims are true we are seeing just the very beginning, and by comparison inconsequential, part of this disaster.

  25. ltj says:


    Here is another of yogi3939 posts – many points which “experts” claim impossible, but here it is along with nice diagram of casing.

    What you see above is a normal casing. It will keep all the oil and gas inside the well even under great pressure.

    Now what happened to the BP well is that they ran into an unexpected and unusually high pressure gas pocket while drilling with lighter water in the bore, as ordered by BP executives, instead of the much heavier drilling mud that should have been in the well. The mud MIGHT have given them a chance to control the pressure or fire off the BOP before things got out of control.

    There is now pretty concrete evidence that the well casing is totally destroyed at the bottom where it penetrated the gas and oil deposit. BP also knows that there is some major damage to the casing much closer to the surface of the sea floor. They found that out when the tried to use a 30,000 HP pump to put drilling mud back down the pipe in what is called a “top kill” procedure aimed at stopping the gusher. They were able to pump the mud into the well but it was leaking out as fast as they pumped it. That is an indication that the well casing is cracked, or even shattered, very close to the surface.

    Now everybody is afraid that if they do try to cap the well and hold the pressure in it will just leak into the rock strata under the sea floor and cause a pressure explosion that will first lift a large section of the sea floor and then drop it back down with the results being first a tsunami with the potential to scour the entire gulf coast clean of all life for 20 to 50 miles inland and the second thing is if that happened it would destroy whatever is left of the well head and casing and let the gusher increase exponentially. There is information coming out that the sea floor around the well area has already bulged up tens of feet from the pressure leaking into the rock strata from the well even without capping it. If true then the explosive lifting of the sea floor may be on the way to happening anyway, just a bit slower. BP is, at best, in a desperate race against time. And capping would only allow the pressure to build up more. Kind of like when you try to stop the water coming out of your garden hose by putting your thumb over the end.

    Many now believe that the only hope of gaining control of the well is to drill down alongside of it to nearly the depth of the deposit and set off a small nuclear bomb in hopes of sealing the well by fusing the rock at the bottom with the heat of the nuke. Kind of like when a doctor stops the blood flow from a broken blood vessel by cauterizing it.

    Some of the same people who warned BP about the danger of drilling in this particular spot are now warning that the pressure is so high that relief wells will blow out too and the only real chance is to nuke it.

    But there is a major danger there too. The Russians have successfully nuked some blown wells but they were in remote areas on land and they believe that the pressure in the gulf disaster well is too high for that to work anyway. If so a nuke could lead to an even worse disaster than all the other scenarios combined.

  26. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I witnessed a multiple car exploding gastanks multiple fatality car crash in a tunnel near Mobile Alabama in 1968. I was impressed. One of those was more than illustrative.
    Thanx for the info.

    The same pinheads who intentionally stuck this weapon into the high pressure reservoir hold the key to stopping it. All efforts so far seem to be based on saving BP and Halliburton profits at the earth’s expense. True, the hole diameter will increase and the mess will become more ‘cataclysmic’. The presense of the pipe may be a hinderance to a successful plug. I don’t know.
    The entire drilling record is necessary to diagnose and plug this thing and you all have no reason to believe that BP and Co. have changed their minds about anything. Non-BP professionals are the only people who can get these records. BP and Halliburton (Virtually the same company) got where they are with this mess with self-indulgent behavior modification and a desire to destroy it all. I suggest a reciprocal program of personal growth to counter this stupidity before this disaster worsens exponentially. God is giving you the chance.
    A simple yes or no. Do Dr. Bea and group have all records available for their use?

  27. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Imagine a multi-tipped type of nozzle, first a concentrated focused stream of gasoline shooting 30 feet. It would shoot right through paper and soon blow a hole through a cotton towel. If you change the head to a multi-stream tip, the kick of the hose is greatly reduced as the flow is decreased. A paper towel placed over the flow lasts much longer and a cloth’s resilience becomes a matter of chemistry. A further reduction of flow to a mist adjustment greatly increases the paper’s resilience to failure and the gasoline’s affect on the cloth is purely chemical. The application of a cement becomes reasonable.
    If a cement is poured onto sand, the flow can be permanently stopped by stuffing the mister into the puddle of cement, given a cement with a high enough coefficient of cohesiveness.
    Just trying to help.

    • BK Lim says:

      I have just joined this discussion forum recently and if you guys don’t mind I would like to add my 2 cents worth.

      Any kill solution from the top would aggravate the situation. BP has that figured out. They are now very skeptical of their chances of success using the relief well and are waiting for the runaway well to deplete further. That is why they are hesitating with the relief well kill. It also means that the runaway well is not depleting as fast as they had wished. It is their only last bullet. The charade at Well A is to buy time.

      We have to think outside the box. If we can’t kill it maybe we should bleed it. If the oil is not allowed to enter the upper fragile strata, there would be much less environmental damage. BP should drill several new wells from safe surface locations to deplete the reservoir in the fastest and safest way possible. The economics do not matter now.

      It would be unsafe to use the 2 relief wells now. I suspect they would also be suffering from the same “erosion” effects that had happened with all the previous wells drilled through the hazardous Gas-Saturated Weak Sub-Formation (GWSF).

      All our current well technology works on the assumption that as the well progresses, the backside of their casing (annulus between casing and formation) are well cemented to prevent hydraulic connection between strata. ITJ – I guess that is pretty much the same thing you were talking about your pressure containment discussion.

      If the top hole is sealed, there is no flow and every gas/fluid pocket is contained within their breaking limit, then the well is safe. But if the top hole section had been compromised and not completely sealed, even the minute leakage would cause the gradual erosion to enlarge the wellbore outside the casing. For further details follow the link

      The recent delayed blowouts at Pittsburg, Indiana Township, Montara in Australia and increasingly others, are the results of more advanced technology which had been able to suppress blowouts at shallower depths but did not take care of the “erosion” at the top hole section caused by GWSF. Eventually these shallow leaks will come home to roost. It just postponed the disaster to the next level with more disastrous consequences. That is why I termed them DELAYED BLOWOUTS as opposed to those that occurred the instant a gas pocket is encountered. If you like to read more see

      BP’s oil disaster is really beyond any patch-up remedy. It shows the need for a more comprehensive approach, not piecemeal band-aid solutions like what BP is currently doing. On a much larger issue, if we do not do it right, then we are in for more troubles ahead. If America can show the lead, The Concept, The Technology and The Rejuvenated Resolve in handling this mega-disaster the right way, will make America great again. If not America will be just like another aging leader of a pride of lions, on the way down; waiting to be overthrown by another younger male.

  28. ltj says:

    Thanks BK

    In regards to “If America can show the lead, The Concept, The Technology and The Rejuvenated Resolve in handling this mega-disaster the right way”

    Big IF – so far All Show ………

  29. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I tried to speak of the shredded damaged well apparatus as being an impurity with the formation itself being the medium for flow adjustment. Along the 4-mile stretch, does there exist non-sedementery rock and stretches of marketable well. 6 spacers indicates no marketable well, just sections of one.
    I have been on this problem since I guessed and verified that BlackRock was involved in this. I have downloaded and read dozens of technical articles and dozens of video presentations. They knew how to turn off the WTC buildings.

  30. ltj says:

    BK, Steve:

    From your comments I thought you might be interested in the interview Jim Puplava – did with Nicole Foss (theautomaticearth) on this weekends financial sense newshour. Very worthwhile for those who believe our energy, financial, economic structure is about to undergo a dramatic transformation.

    small excerpt:

    And I think over the next few years, finance is going to rewrite the energy debate. Which is not to say that, you know, I in any way deny peak oil. Obviously, I think peak oil is a fact, is a given, but I think that the way finance is going to interact with peak oil is absolutely critical. And I would say though that you can look at peak oil in two ways, you can look at the finances of peak oil, which is what I used to do at The Oil Drum when I was editor at The Oil Drum Canada, and what the whole Oil Drum site has always done, you can also look at it as a phenomenon of human herding behavior, which is completely divorced from the science, this is people’s perception of oil supply, of relative scarcity versus glut.

    And if you look at the price maximums, the price maximums of oil are driven by perception. Those are not necessarily reflective of the science at any given time. And I was saying at the time when we saw oil at $147 a barrel my view was, our view at The Auotmatic Earth was that we were about to see oil prices fall off a cliff, because of what was about to happen in finance, and that’s exactly in fact what happened.

    And I think the runup we’ve had secondarily, I think we’re going to see the same kind of thing, I think oil prices are going to fall a long way because we’re going to see demand fall as we move into depression. But demand collapse is going to set up a supply collapse. While it buys you time initially, so that finance is the driver not so much energy supply, because you still have energy supply geared to a previous higher level of demand, so that really will drastically undercut price support. However moving forward, low prices are likely to mean no investment, no exploration, no drilling, no maintenance, and all of these things are going to set up a supply collapse a few years down the line.

    So what financial crisis does, while it buys you time initially, it aggravates the situation with peak oil in the longer term…..

  31. BK Lim says:

    Thanks Itj for the link and comments.

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