THE BP GULF OIL SPILL: A Matter Of National Security?

Why does the US Federal Government continue to allow British Petroleum (BP), a serial criminal among oil companies, to control the biggest crime scene in American history?!

Why hasn’t the Barack Obama Administration (BOA) simply taken complete control of the situation, moved BP out of the way and capped the well, permanently?!  Instead, they allow BP to tell the US victims how and when to clean up BP’s very own crime scene (BP is part of the government-empowered unified command structure currently keeping scientists from doing their work in the Gulf and journalists from photographing oil slicks).

Everyone agrees that a very serious crime against the People of the USA has been committed by this corporate behemoth.  Many others firmly believe that it will soon become a crime against humanity, as the oil finds its way into the Seven Seas via the Loop Current, and then the Gulf Stream.  And, of course, the many environmental groups from around the planet observe an unparalleled assault and eventual aquacide against a major water body and ecosystem, the Gulf of Mexico.

How in the world did we get here?

We have to step back in time to those unsavory GWB years to really understand some of the root causes.  When George W. Bush and Tony Blair were negotiating their deal to commit an international war crime against Iraq, they had to come to terms, and quickly.  The end result of their cattle-swapping was an extraordinary concession on the part of GWB in order to secure cover from the Brits to illegally invade a sovereign nation (for their oil), as though the Blair Administration could offer legitimacy for anything.

The final deal gave BP an extremely generous and enormous stake in oil leases all over offshore America, especially in the Gulf of Mexico in those areas with the most proven oil reserves. BP also received extraordinary concessions to do drilling and exploration in high compression prospects, as well as the green light to drill at depths that the industry geologists knew were completely unsafe (i.e. the technology and equipment were simply insufficient to deal with the many likely contingencies).  

Herein lies the real megilla.  You see, the Gulf produces upwards of 50% of the oil and gas necessary to fuel the US military.  The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, as well as those being waged by proxy by the Anglo-American juggernaut in many other regions around the globe, couldn’t be waged without this vital source of energy.  End of story.

Well, not quite.  You see, BP, as a foreign multi-national corporation, can do things in the process of exploration, drilling and extraction of oil that US based companies can’t do.  What and why, you may ask, would a foreign national corp (short for corpse) with a track record like BP’s be given so much latitude?  How could they, of all oil giants, be the beneficiary of such permitting largesse, regulatory laxity and freedom of practice?

Well, first of all, they were permitted to drill at depths to which no one else could drill – legally – because of the mother lodes waiting at the tip of their humongous drill bits.   In the instant case we’re talking at the very least 50 to 100 million barrels of oil.  Also, by their convenient foreign corporate distance from the US Government, they were practically immune to various oversight regimes that are normally imposed on their US counterparts.  Wink, wink (|) (|).

The insiders have all weighed in on the matter of what is really going on when you drill between 22,500 and 32,000 feet (they won’t tell us how deep) into the crust, and mantle, of the Earth.  This is not only a HUGE undertaking technologically; the very mechanics and physics of the process occur with great untold risks.  This is, in fact, well known by insiders to be an extremely speculative procedure, which is so experimental in nature that BP should never have proceeded, especially given the deficient state of the art (technology). Even with every single precautionary measure and failsafe mechanism firmly in place, this kind of a disaster was just waiting to happen.

We now know that very few of these extraordinary measures were put into place.  And that those that were, were not always properly executed.  Nor were some critical SOP’s generally accepted by the oil and gas industry adhered to.  Even when couched in the mildest euphemisms, this conduct by BP, its various contractors, as well as other commercial entities involved, was, is, and will continue to be shockingly cavalier and grossly irresponsible.  Hence, we see a crime against a whole region of this nation … in living color.

But why, pray tell, is the oil well still gushing, and the US Federal Government seems to take only casual notice (from their actions, not lip service) of the latest BP failed attempt to cap it?!

Now were getting somewhere.  And that is the sacrosanct matter of NATIONAL SECURITY.  Given the political will to fight the aforementioned wars, as well as the desperate search to secure and produce massive amounts of crude oil to fuel those wars, the Obama Administration, as did its predecessor, has demonstrated a willingness to exploit reserves anywhere and everywhere they can be found.  Witness the pronouncement BOA made on March 31 to end the ban on East Coast and North Alaskan shore drilling.

Now let’s fast forward to April 20th, and the day “They Literally Punched A Hole Into Hell”. (See link below)

But what does this have to do with national security?  As far as a war-mongering Administration is concerned, everything.  And although they will not tell us, their “out”, at the end of the day, will be national security.  We are just too close to the crime scene in both time and space for them to hang their top hat on such an explosive disclosure.  Perhaps the American population that domiciles throughout the entire SE quadrant of the US would take a little too much offense?

When the Departments of Energy, Interior, Homeland Security and the EPA all completely fall down on the job, before and after the gusher blew, they obviously have a problem.  Actually, it may very well become the biggest PR problem in US political history, as evidenced by the testy relationship brewing between Robert Gibbs and the Washington Press Corp.  The press corps knows they’re being lied to.  They just haven’t quite yet connected the dots.  And since the Faustian bargain between Bush & Blair is supposed to be verboten for all time, especially within the MSM, what can really be said.

Make no mistake, this whole saga does speak directly to the complicity between BP and BOA, and therefore both will be held accountable in the end.  Truly, BP could not have gotten away with this crime, especially in broad daylight, were it not for the accomplice, BOA, setting up the crime scene in advance and giving cover during the cover-up.  Environmental terrorism and ecological genocide, regional economic destruction and financial collapse, and the inevitable deterioration of the social fabric on this order and magnitude could only have taken place with the blessing of this Administration, as well as the full backing of the Military-Industrial Complex.  The US military and Big OIL do, after all, just about own the Gulf Coast, as well as many of the economies of those same bordering states.

But, really, did the US Federal Government sacrifice an entire regional economy, environment and way of life for a single oil well?  As the Enabler-in-Chief, this president has most unfortunately shown a readiness to advance an agenda that is perfectly consistent with that of his predecessor.  Remember, a quite nefarious back room deal was made (not on his watch), but he appears to be sticking to it come hell or oily water.  The BOA apparently does not realize that too big to fail now translates to too big not to fail, particularly in light of the looming and awesome consequences to this nation, as well as to the world at large.

Given the enormity and gravity of this catastrophe, it will eventually come down to the same timeworn and patent excuse from the politico-speak crowd, as well as “corroborating” and limp explanations from the military-industrial complex word merchants, known as national security.  And then the American people will be forced to contemplate: At what price?

Dr. Tom Termotto, National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)

June 21, 2010

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30 Responses to THE BP GULF OIL SPILL: A Matter Of National Security?

  1. edward brand says:

    Fatal, capital crime in every catagory of the delusion called Angelo American enterprize; yet, the perps walk, talk, and act as though there is no such force called consequence. And, why not? For them, there apparantly is no retribution. Until now, perhaps. If the BP & BO Gulf Oil Crime doesn’t transform the people’s rage to actions up close and personal toward these criminals nothing never, ever will. Is there no one with a uniform, a trunchon, an injunction or indictment who will seize the moment and the architects of this disaster?

  2. O'Dell Keefe says:

    This data has to move to Media outlets immediatly, via movie, music, etc, Celebrity personality status, Savage radio talk show host, Fox-News and a ‘funding’ for major Movie; e.g., Avantar with the reality being portayed.. I believe a source of funding
    will be available if presented as a complete package to Funding entities. I may have
    the right entitie that would support the project with the required Capital. O’Dell

    • A comment for O’Dell Keefe, please – RE funding to get the messages out?
      That the Gulf eclipses most other issues is understandable. Although I am puzzled by responses from environmental groups – do I miss something here?
      Other issues (on my own radar screen) are the pollution of North American air
      and waters from PCB and “banned” pesticide uses in developing countries. How can we unravel the toxic legacy of POPs – Persistent Organic Pollutants?
      Please see &

      Any ideas on funding “Cold, Clear & Deadly – On the Edge of Life”, please?
      Because that pretty much describes the aftermath of the Gulf, eh? Chris.

  3. Stegiel says:

    The failure of nerve among the Gulf Coast population to strike out for their own survival is not at all remarkable. It is the legacy of a population trained into servility and obedience as surely as any “Prussian.” Thomas Jefferson once wrote that a nation that wants to be ignorant and free wants what never was and never will be and in the Gulf we can readily understand how ignorance is lethal. While it is understandable that it is not in BP’s interest or the Federal interest to actually work to resolve the crisis in an intelligent fashion unshaped by crony capitalism, only deep ignorance can explain the passivity of the population waiting to sicken and die. Where is the anger thrown into action? Why tolerate the lies of BP? How is it possible to accept Federal orders that ratify the lies? Is the pious hope of life after death so strong as to justify this apathy?

  4. Thank You very much for this piece which I’ve just recommended to my readers.

    Maybe You can use this somehow (published three days ago on my website):

    Open Letter to The Killer

    Dire Mr President,

    I am a loving father of two kids, and I know of Your programs, worldwide, to have anyone killed who gets in the way of Your pervertedness and the greed of Your likewise insane masters.

    I am not afraid of Your death squads, anyway.

    Even now, that You have surpassed Your predecessor in murderous lust, openly piling uncharged Americans on Your list of worldwide homicide, I, that’s for sure, shall not cave in.

    Nay, I am Your Teutonic nightmare.

    Whereas Mr Bush was beheld as the open warmonger, who he was, You still dream of some fate to be differently judged in the end.

    That dream won’t hold.

    Your mismanagement of the oil disaster alone, to put it euphemistically, will stamp the seal on Your doom.

    Let alone the wars in which You have young, dumb patriotic Americans fighting for Your mentor’s Brzezinski and Goldman Sachses’ causes, and their likes of shills that are with You: You’re doomed.

    You deem some misled stupido multitude will help You out of this in one great thrust?

    That Your AIPAC “friends” will give a darn damn for Your arse in the end?

    Or even intelligent folks?

    I not only doubt it, I know that all three won’t spare one fart, no matter who of them wins or looses out in whatever way.

    If I were You, I would try to get very sick very publicly very soon.

    This shouldn’t be too difficult a task, as You obviously already are.

    Rest wishes from Germany


    A gusher of greetings

    Magnus Wolf Göller

    Sheepsgate 1

    97762 Ramsburg

  5. Lamb Chop says:

    Oilgeddon – The Beginning of the End…

    You’ll laugh to your grave — literally.

  6. Offering an Effective Solution to Close this Borehole
    ‘Verdonian ‘Backstop’ Method’

    BP Oil Spill Update:

    BP “top kill” oil plug fails, new “cap” scheme next
    A bump in the road to stop the oil gusher in the Gulf

    We have not heard back from White House. Perhaps the Obama Administration being inexperienced does not know how to best use a solution for their political agenda so they will have to discuss for weeks or months to decide if a solution is in their best political interests.

    With and estimated 80,000 Barrels per each 24-hours or an equivalent to apx. one-Barrel (*51-gal) of Crude Oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico every SECOND. Most everyone is concerned with ‘Cleaning’ the Spill but nothing is being said as to how to Stop/Plug the Leak…

    What if the Gulf Oil Spill is being used as a Trigger to propagate Obama’s friend George Soros to set-up an (Economic) Advantage over US Based Petroleum Companies (BP for example), in order to Leverage his Heavily Vested position with Brazilian Petroleum Company, BPR.? Soros is said to be offering Bids to Lease Most if now All of the currently based US Offshore Oil Rigs in order to move them to Brazil. The truth about what is really happening with this calamity, is that Obama is in bed with George Soros to develop a Ploy to Close all US Deep Water (+500’) Oil Well Drilling in so Soros can Improve his Interest with Brazilian Oil who by the way, the White House just loaned $2B of US Tax Payers Money to…

    Obama and Soros interest is not to Stop the Gulf Oil Spill but to Use it to Soros’ best advantage for Brazil. Washington cares only for themselves and absolutely ‘nothing’ for The People Richard. If you find this difficult to swallow, Look it up…

    Washington’s position with this BP catastrophe is to, “Never let a good Disaster go to waste.” and of course they didn’t when appointing a Washington Insider to delegate BP $20B Escrow over the next 4-years. Carlos is inundated with work from which his priorities dictate however, the description of the Inverted Umbrella Design can be easily evaluated and Designed by Engineers. You only need to bring this Plan to the Table. They are very eager and ambitious to Stop the Source of this Oil for which the Cleaning-up Phase can then become their secondary plan but as yet, this Well needs to be Capped from Underneath.

    I suggested that we (all) try to contact BP Directly as it makes better sense to Close this Well in order to save BP $Billions. You’ll know how and who to present this Project to but I can tell you Richard, Time is of the Essence and every hour that passes is costing Everyone considerably more than Money. Whomever is able to present this Device will certainly become a Hero both Direct and indirect exposure and countless side deals from solving this Problem….

    Everyone appears to be thinking from the Top of the Well by looking for a solution by placing a “Cap” over the ‘Top’ of this Well. This is not what is needed… The Only way to Effectively Close this Well is to Implement the ‘Verdonian ‘Backstop’ Method’ by inserting an “Inverted Umbrella” through the Center of the Well and Open it at the Bottom at the Source of the Oil. The Pressure will Deploy the Umbrella and Seal it from the Bottom of the Well with enough strength as to allow the remaining Oil from the Wells Core and to be Replaced by Cement.

    There are several capable Engineers who can effectively Design this Deployable Inverted Umbrella with enough Strength to allow Cement to be poured into the Well’s Core. With your help, we may have the ability to contact several Government Officials in order to present this Strategy demonstrated by Carlos’ Automated Design. This “Inverted Plug Deployment System” can be Built fairly quickly in which NASA could possibly have one if these available from one of their Collapsible Satellite Antennas.

    This is the only plausible approach in order to effectively stop this Oil by approaching a Solution from the Bottom of this Well and not from where everyone else is looking.

    Congratulations James and Thank you for representing Millions of people just like you, who actually Do Care about what the People are Truly Capable of…

    You will also find the following Information quite useful…

    1) This is an accident and a disaster.

    2) The oil is abiotic oil, from deep within the earth. It is not the fossilized remains of long dead life. This oil is produced within the earth, and the earth is full of it. The Russians discovered abiotic oil, and are now the number 1 exporters of oil in the worls; but they had the good sense to drill for the stuff on land. Lindsey says the text books on how oil is formed will have to be rewritten. From this Source, he stated there is no such thing as Peak Oil.

    3) The oil is gushing from the well at pressures between 20,000 and 70,000 pounds per square inch. Lindsey indicates the wells in Prudhoe Bay, AK, came in at about 1,500 pounds of pressure. He says 50,000 pounds of pressure is beyond our technical ability to contain. I think this means that it would have blown the safety valve, even if it had not been defective. Lindsey indicated that the oil is gushing out at the rate of about 4 million gallons per day, but that the gent speaking knew he’d be quoted, and Lindsey suggested that you could put the actual figure much higher.

    4) There is no hope of stopping the spill short of a nuclear weapon. It will take months to put this device (bomb) in place, as there will have to be an angle well drilled, and the bomb placed in it. I think this well then would have to be back-filled. In theory, the detonation would crush the existing well and well casing, and stop the flow of oil. Here’s the problem. Lindsey said he heard “fear” in the voice of the person furnishing the information, who then added that if this technique did not stop the flow of oil, it could actually fracture the rock strata and make it impossible to ever contain. A fractured rock strata would then produce other leak sources. (Note, there are already rumors of other leak sites apart from the Deepwater Horizon site, meaning a mad genie may have already been unleashed).

    5) And the worst part (probably) is that there is more than just oil gushing from the seabed. It is accompanied by volatile hydrocarbons which are poisoning the area, and are bubbling to the surface where they can be blown ashore. He mentioned that one of these was benzene, a known carcinogen, and a potent one. Lindsey’s tone was that if this were just an oil spill it would be one thing, but these volatile hydrocarbons put the disaster in a whole new league.

    6) The American people are not being told the truth, and workers in the area are not being told the risks of exposure they face. Lindsey went on to say that in several decades, exposure to the airborne pollutants could produce a health emergency among exposed people.

    Obama appears to be more concerned with collecting money from BP now then seeing a Solution in order to Stop Oil Sludge from escaping this Well while an ‘estimated’ 60,000-80,000 Barrels (2+million gallons) or more of Crude Oil pour out of this unstoppable Hole.
    Obama told a Reporter on Monday, “What am I suppose to do.? U can’ suck it up with a straw.” He doesn’t care because no one has either a Plan or a Solution while Families whose Lives depend on the Gulf are Suffering without an Income. Seems a lot like Bush after Katrina. Washington just doesn’t care about its People and the Stupid/Ignorant People still doesn’t understand the Gravity or Magnitude that this disaster is and will continue to have.
    Remember, just one Liter of oil spreads over 250,000 square-meters of water. Since the Gulf of Mexico covers just 600,000 square miles from which a minimum estimate of 40,000 barrels (2.2 million gallons) of oil sludge is being released into the Ocean every 24-hours, within just 50-days after this catastrophe first began, Oil and Sludge has already covered over 2,000 square miles of surface water. Considering that it takes an estimated 30 days for oil from 5,000 to reach the surface, the amount of Crude Oil that will find its way to the surface will nearly double the amount that has surfaced since this disaster began if they can find a way to stop it tomorrow. If they cannot cap this Well, the Gulf of Mexico will be completely covered in Oil in approximately 300 days. We are already in Day-54 with just 6-times equal to the amount of time since the explosion, oil will completely cover the surface equal to the Gulf of Mexico.

    A Senior BP Worker alarmed his superiors of the failure if the “Safety Plug” which was ignored to save money but according to Scientists, the amount of Pressure reaching 25,000psi, would have caused this Plug to Fail regardless. Now they are considering an Atomic Weapon which most likely, will open an enormous Hole and Release a Massive Wave of unstoppable Oil Sludge along with a Highly Flammable, Toxic (Poisonous) Methane Gas. The Greed from Bribes paid to US Govt. Officials in order to allow Deep Well Drilling since Clinton, has compromised safety measures needed to prevent this.

    What will then replace the Oil and Methane Gas once it has left this immeasurable Vacuum.? Sea Water…
    Remember, with Every ‘SECOND’ that passes without being able to Stop this Oil, is equivalent to another Barrel (*51-gal) of Crude Oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.
    We ‘all’ need to participate Together and Help to Stop this Oil from Destroying the Lives of whom we all depend upon…

    For additional information, please contact us directly

  7. George Matthews says:

    Someone please explain about the dispersants? What do they do? From what I’m hearing this stuff is so toxic it will destroy everything. Does it make the oil disappear? I mean how can it work. For something to make oil vanish it would have to be potent. It seems to me it would be easier to clean up the oil than to have this stuff making the oil become very thin where you can’t clean it up.

  8. Jon Voight calls out Barack Obama

    Jon Voight: Obama False Prophet

    Jon Voight Slams President Obama On The “Factor” – Interview after his Speech…

    Glenn Beck and Jon Voight Speak About Obama

    Jon Voight on Glenn Beck Show

    “Joe the Plumber” Calls Out Obama as a Socialist

  9. Realnews says:

    This article seem to have nailed the facts very well,
    But considering all the viable solutions, cures, and help that has been refused
    it is clear evidence that not only was this planed, but far from done.
    and not to be interrupted.
    The world is watching in disbelief as is the people in the gulf (first hand)
    watching BP cover up the mess, make it worse with dispersants (more harsh chemicals)
    and basically destroy the Gulf, while Obama and all the government agency’s
    do absolutely NOTHING!!
    There are no shortages of things that can be done, but they have been repeatedly
    refused and denied. IE anything that will work and or would be better
    for the gulf will not be allowed!
    That makes this “Leak” look like a small piece of a larger picture.
    I can not stress this enough, this is premeditate and being manged to make it even worse than needed.
    The fact that Goldman made millions on the stock market, Tony Hayward sold
    his shares, and Haliburtion made millions too, eludes to a more sinister agenda,
    with Obams full and complicit support.
    One thing has become very apparent, BP, Obama, and numerous other Government
    agencies will not stop this disaster,
    So who will!!

  10. Gary says:

    Um! can we um now attack and um! slaughter them and finish 1814

  11. Den says:

    Come On – BP drilled that well at the behest or in collusion with the Obama administration (and the prior administration) because they needed that well ON-LINE and pumping crude before this weekend (6/11) when the US and Israel attack Iran. This very deep abiotic (and quite endless) oil reserve is the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a now soiled rainbow and is meant to replace the oil we’ll loose when said US and Israel attack on Iran shuts down the Strait of Hormuz.

    Oh yes, and if you aren’t one of the “IN CROWD,” this oil well and this war is going to make Obama, BP and other NWO types filthy rich when the “supply” part of “supply and demand” moves to the Gulf and away from the Arabs and the Middle East.

    These very deep wells hold the potential of being endless supplies (bad news for the global warming crowd) – Thomas Gold (astrophysicist) speculated before his death that there might be enough deep abiotic oil to last 500,000 years (pot ‘o’ gold!). The bad part about this oil from deep wells is the possibility that it is radioactive and laced with bacteria of a type we don’t know a great deal about (the bacteria lived of the energy in the methane).

    You’d expect oil prices to drop on such news of endless supplies, but don’t hold your breath, because as you should have realized by now, it’s all about the money. The Government and BP are betting that all will be forgiven when they get the well under control and deliver huge amounts of oil & natural gas to the US, helping us switch away from Middle East Oil for good.

  12. Sources? says:

    Sources please?

  13. Dave says:

    The writer of this piece is a clueless in a couple ways.
    First,neither BP or the government can “cap the well”,the well casing is destroyed some length of the way below the sea floor(which is why the rig blew up),perhaps over 1,000 feet below,so even if they could install a nice,shiny new valve at the BOP they don’t dare as that would just divert the flow to undermine the sea floor possibly allowing the entire LMRP to collapse.
    Secondly,the government can do nothing more than what this company is doing,as much as BP is hated,they know volumes more about how to handle their own equipment than bureaucrats.
    I’ll never understand this pathetic tendency for people to run to the government when things get bad,it’s the worst thing that you could do.

  14. Brian says:

    Walk out into the ocean with a 5 gallon bucket of oil, start dumping it and watch what the feds will do to your ass. You’ll most definitly pay dearly and even see jail time. Something stinks, and its not just the oil.

  15. Tim Dowsett says:

    I live in Australia. I have friends in New Orleans and Florida. I have been following/finding, stories/articles/videos on this gusher in the gulf for the past three weeks. Mainstream media here is useless … mostly doing it’s job of keeping sheeple in the bubble cloud. My friends in the Gulf area have known very little of the horrific truth, the magnitude and the armageddon-level consequences of this crime. I’ve sent them every useful link I’ve come across. My impression is that they don’t really want to know the full extent of it all … I think it is just too shocking, too destabilizing, too big for them to really face up too. From all I’ve seen , they would be wise to get out of there a.s.a.p. But then I look at myself. I generally try to focus on the positives … solutions etc … but really I should be feeling total utter outrage … and part of me does … I just know that staying in that place is not useful … I’ve been channeling that rage and anger into positive change for many years. I live in a bubble here in Australia … in no immediate apparent danger … but this thing is going to affect everybody … the point I’m wanting to make is I know we have all been subjected to so much brainwashing and dumbing down for so long that there is a part deep down that … insane and life-threatening as it is … says , “it’s ok … they are allowed to completely destroy everything , the environment … our future … our childrens’ futures … all that is most precious to anyone with a heart and soul … let me just retreat back into my shell, ‘mind my own business’, enjoy my next shopping experience and pretend all that stuff ‘out there’ is not relevant to my life”. . I don’t buy into this line … I’m just saying I notice that it has been installed in the collective consciousness … like someone feeling very tired in the snow who just feels it’d be really nice to lie down and take a rest … even if that means dying. The onslaught we’ve all been enduring for years with war after war, constant bad news depicting the worst aspects of humanity thru the mainstream media, the mind manipulation attempts on all of us via political BS, advertising and vested interest-controlled media … has taken it’s toll. We have all been so desensitized and feed BS for so long. I watch and read very little, if anything, from the mainstream media here. I source most of my ‘news’ from the net. I think most people here are very in the dark as to what is really unfolding in the world right now. Australia is a police state, ‘Democracy’ here is a total bad joke. Folks only wake-up and realize that fact when they step a little out of line … lines that only a few years ago didn’t exist … lines to do with actual freedoms. Same story all over the ‘western democracies’. Insidious, creeping fascism. Corporations controlling Governments and dictating their own selfish, greedy agendas … no matter what the costs to the environment, the rest of us and the future.
    I’m on a range of channels on the net … many of the ancient prophecies for these times are playing out right before our eyes … a recent warning came from the Mayan elders saying that there will be an event in August that will shock the entire world and for us to be prepared for it. More shaking up and waking up. Already I see truth leaking out all over the place and nothing can stop it. Everything is pointing to massive changes over the next 18 months . Patently obvious to anyone awake with a finger on the pulse.
    I’m very grateful for the freedom of the internet and the positive opportunities it offers us all to inform and be informed.
    Things to do: Put our own ‘houses’ in order … i.e. get right in all our relationships. Get spiritually connected in whatever way works. Pay attention to inner guidance, intuition, gut feelings. Try to move into an environment where life is possible into the foreseeable future. Store some food, and grow your gardens. Connect with the earth. Get more connected generally with like-minded souls, family, friends and community. Help others to wake up. Know there are millions more of ‘us’ than ‘them’. Know there is a massive shift in consciousness now taking place … and for those able to go with it .. it’ll be one increasingly out of the head and into the heart … paying more attention to feelings and not rationalizing them away with the intellect. All the old power structures , money, politics and religion are right now in process of failing. We’re going to have to work together and help one another more to our mutual benefit and for survival.
    Good luck to everyone in the Gulf Region , in the US generally and in the entire world … we’re all going to need all the luck available and more that that … we’re going to need to open up and ask for help from every benevolent spiritual source available. Peace.

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  17. The government is just waiting for the right moment to turn millions of people into refugees under government control. I am more and more convinced that Katrina was just the experiment, the first stage. These events bracket the beginning and first stage crescendo of the foreclosure crisis. Soon the government will own everything and everyone. Someone needs to organize militia groups in the Gulf Coast so that the people can take care of themselves. It is very, very ugly what the Government-Oil-Financial Oligarchy under Obama is doing. First Katrina, then the Foreclosure crisis, now BP. The failure of nerve among the Gulf Coast population to strike out for their own survival is not at all remarkable. It is the legacy of a population trained into servility and obedience as surely as any “Prussian.” Thomas Jefferson once wrote that a nation that wants to be ignorant and free wants what never was and never will be and in the Gulf we can readily understand how ignorance is lethal. While it is understandable that it is not in BP’s interest or the Federal interest to actually work to resolve the crisis in an intelligent fashion unshaped by crony capitalism, only deep ignorance can explain the passivity of the population waiting to sicken and die. Where is the anger thrown into action? Why tolerate the lies of BP? How is it possible to accept Federal orders that ratify the lies? Is the pious hope of life after death so strong as to justify this apathy?

  18. Dawn says:

    This is the first time I’ve encountered this website. There simply aren’t the words to describe what I am feeling…such intellect, civility, etc…an absolute pleasure.

    I must say to Tim Dowsett, this awakening has become so intense and quickened within me for the last two years I wish I could write a book and share with the world. It is utterly amazing to come across other individuals that are so much like myself…pretty much all my life people have considered me “different”…many times I get teased as a wierdo because of the things I say…

    Reading your post touched me very, very deeply. I simply felt (strongly) compelled to let you know….

    • Tim Dowsett says:

      Thank you Dawn … it is very nice to know you relate to what I was saying. There are many who are awakening and experience the ‘shift’ right now. You might like to check out Kiesha Crowther-Little Grandmothers videos … beginning with ‘One With Nature’ and then ‘Return of The Ancestors’ they are all available here:
      Once that site opens up you will see a ‘videos’ link on the left hand side of the page.
      There is now a tremendous amount of connecting up going on all over the world via the internet and such mediums as Facebook. I personally have appreciated experiencing a wonderful expansion in my own consciousness and heart thru such connecting and sharing with like-minded souls. I am being fed and inspired daily and of course have the opportunity to contribute to the collective ‘soup’ .. haha.
      There is much of an inspirational nature and many good links here as well:
      Take care, have fun, all the best. Tim.

  19. D.B. Keller says:

    The pressure loads at that (drill) depth are so high (that which powers the oil volcano), that the incoming (2) relief wells are only going to provide ‘relief’ for BP

    That way they can continue to profiteer throughout the crime scene, as the ‘third’
    well (the culprit well) continues to spew, while BP continues to profit !


    This situation is so fantastically insane as to even baffle Satan Himself.
    (Don’t be surprized if some new cult religion isn’t born out of this.)

    “The Spill Worshippers.” ?

  20. Stegiel says:

    I think the situation is not well understood in it’s advancement of other agendas having very little with pollution and death. Millions of people can sicken and die and the State with a stony gaze will be indifferent. After all, nuclear weapons were used in the Balkans as DU and are used in Afghanistan and Iraq as both DU and tactical battlefield weapons and the State does not care that this afflicts all life. In my opinion the objective is to empower and facilitate what for lack of a better phrase I conceptualize as a global Raj. To do this regional blocs must be created and ecology and eco-catastrophe is but one more way, as trade and immigration are others.

  21. Dear Tim Dowsett & Dawn,
    Your observations are as poignant as they are timely. Here’s some additional insight as to where we are and when we are as a human race.
    We are in the last phase of Galactic Creation Cycle (GCC) of the Mayan Calendar. The Long Count is a 5125 year period that defines chronologically the Kali Yuga, aka the Iron Age, and it began with the death of Lord Krishna at about the year 3113 BC. Because of Gregorian Calendar manipulation, it is almost impossible to know for sure what year we are actually in. However, we can extrapolate by the carefully assessing the degree of time compression that exists in our own lives, as well as by the acceleration of karmic blowback that is occurring with major, and minor, events around the world. The parallel between the predicted outworking energies of this final phase (of the GCC) and the realities on the ground are quite telling. And since 3113 BC plus 5125 equals 2012 AD, we know that the Shift of the Ages has already begun in earnest, regardless of how sacred December 21, 2012 is in actuality.

    As we do approach the Universal Creation Cycle (UCC) it will become quite obvious that we are moving quickly through 4th Density and into a 5th density reality. The space time continuum that defines our current 4 dimensions (3D) will have “turned inside out”, as the UCC will eventually place us in the NOW.
    In any event, your perceptions are correct that we are all in for the roller coaster ride of our lives. And that only those who are truly in touch with their Highest SELF will be able to skillfully navigate the very interesting times ahead. The BP Gulf Oil Spill is but a vehicle, particularly for us in the Gulf, for us to ride quickly through the many cultural samskaras, that remain deeply embedded, during this uniquely powerful period of spiritual transformation.
    All of the apparent chaos and turmoil in the world is a direct reflection of the dissolution of the global control matrix. Who among us would argue that the financial/economic control matrix is in a free fall collapse. As is the planetary political matrix in the process coming unglued (Has there been even a single election anywhere recently that hasn’t been followed by screams of fraud, being stolen and the peoples’ will subverted?).
    As a metaphor, I might point to Arjuna on the battlefield as described in the Bhagavad Gita. Each of us in an “Arjuna” on this battlefield of Planet Earth. We are being called by our inner Krishna, or Christ, to rise up and perform our dharma (read duty) no matter what the perceived outcome. No matter what the difficulty or sacrifice required. And, we are each challenged to perform our special role with the detachment and dispassion of the Buddha.
    Back to the future, and especially our joint ability to fashion one that is not as dire as it appears to be shaping up. Through our collective intention and will, we are quite capable of co-creating a much more smooth glide into the oncoming reality. Devolution is never going to be a pretty picture, but we are always able to determine our attitude toward the illusory breakdown.
    Moral of the story: Everything happens for the best!

    With every good wish,

    Tom T in Tallahassee
    Dr. Tom Termotto
    National Coordinator
    Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)

    • Tim Dowsett says:

      Thank you Tom I relate entirely to what you have shared above and particularly appreciate the positive twist in the tail your last paragraph ends on, i.e. “Back to the future, and especially our joint ability to fashion one that is not as dire as it appears to be shaping up. Through our collective intention and will, we are quite capable of co-creating a much more smooth glide into the oncoming reality. ” I totally agree.
      Also appreciate all that is stated on the website:
      Thanks again. Every good wish to you too. Tim.

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  24. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I am overjoyed to see thoughtful comments from real grown-ups.
    This mess was intentional. Biblical overtones have been tuned up. Control is the game. Abbreviation of the life spans of local residents leaves more for those out of harms’ way. Shortly after the start on April 20, Matthew Simmons and others in the know of such problem/solution situations stated that a high temp-low velocity nuke would be necessary to pinch and glass seal this well. The Russians have used this technique several times, but not out of joy. It was the only solution available. Any other efforts by the government, Halliburton or BP would be to accomplish these techniques or provide theater for the masses.
    Judging from the behaviour of BP and Halliburton towards coastal residents, it seems clear that the government and forces behind Halliburton and BP intend to give the American public and Mother Earth a thorough mugging. If you have never been violently mugged, have a friend demonstrate on you. You VERY soon realize that a stranger may be about to kill you during the real thing. Immediate action may be necessary, sometimes the only way to save your own life.
    Almost all of Obama’s staff was chosen for another agenda. To humiliate and not necessarily perform well. Check them out as personal entities. Most all have one thing in common beyond lack of talent and experience.
    You have been had, America. And you are still under attack. Any protocol has been abused to death.

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